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Lee Flood
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Lee Flood
'Lee has it all, a nice house, a good income even though he's unemployed and all the women love him, but a hidden secret lies hidden in his muscly chest...'
Name Lee Flood
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Ghost icon Ghost
Flood family
Parents Toby Flood, Jennifer Flood
Romances Vera Mint Romantic Interest
Child(ren) Amy Mint Daughter
Trait Athletic small Athletic
Trait Vegetarian small Vegetarian
Trait Commitment Issues small Commitment Issues
Trait Natural Cook small Natural Cook
Trait Handy small Handy
Zodiac sign LeoLN Leo
Lifetime wish
LTW Master Mixologist Master Mixologist
Fav Indie Indie
Fav Autumn Salad Autumn Salad
Fav Blue Blue
Hair color Haircolor1-TS3 Blonde
Eye color Eye-brown Brown
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Pale
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Meteor
World Riverview
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Lee Flood was the last legitimate and legal member of the Flood family, after his mother and father drowned in a pool, due to its early closure. Lee Flood had to make it through his life as a teenager alone. He made a living out of selling his family possessions and writing for a living. He lives in Riverview, after moving from Bridgeport with his ex-family, he is known as a "Lone Ranger" and the "other" local womanizer, he is friends with Don Lothario. Please note, the end of this biography deals with mature aspects of adult life, and if you read on, read with your own caution.



Lee was born in the Bridgeport hospital to Jennifer Flood with his father watching. His parents cared for him as a baby, renovating a room in their uptown mansion into a large baby wonderland, full of toys and décor. When he had his birthday into toddlerhood, his parents were very encouraging towards him, and made him feel like he could improve his skills easily. He fully fulfilled the toy box skills and the xylophone skills and lived a prosperous life as a toddler. His room was an endless room thanks to his imagination, from the minute he was born, his parents knew he was special. He had a wonderful birthday party which was cut-short by the passing out of one of the maids at his house. As a child he received great grades in school meeting lots of knew friends. He was the life of the party and super-popular with over 20 friends at school. As a reward for getting onto the honor roll, his parents bought him a bicycle and a toy stove in so he could home his cooking skills, being a natural cook.

He passed from childhood to being a teenager in a breeze, his parents noticing he had a special trait for athleticism bought him an exercise machine. With so many things in his family mansion, their household funds were in the 40,000 simoleon levels. Receiving grade A's, Lee's life couldn't be better, when disaster struck. His parents went out for the night to go swimming and didn't return, the next morning they were found dead, they'd drowned. Lee's grades started to drop and the family funds dropped from 50,123 simoleons to 523. To regain money, Lee started to sell all his parents wealth and furniture and renovated the house into a small annex-type bungalow. He started to write and he got to the stage where he earned 4,000 simoleons a week. Teenage life passed into adulthood, but not without disaster, Lee had been stained.


As a young adult, Lee moved to Riverview into the old Abandoned Fire Station after its previous owner had died. It was the perfect place for a bachelor, double bed, small kitchen and a balcony with a barbeque. He became known as the "other" local womanizer and had flings with several ladies along the way, one particular women, Vera Mint fell in love with him and became pregnant with his illegitimate daughter.

After attending a mixologist course at the local bistro, Lee knew what he wanted to do with his life. He bought a dive bar counter with his money and started to practice making drinks. He slowly worked his way up with his mixology skill while working part-time at the local grocery shop. After working his way to Level 5 of the Mixology skill, he dropped out of his part-time job and declared himself a self-employed writer at the local city hall. He mastered up enough money to buy the local bar, The Water Hole Juice Bar, and renamed it Lee's Watering Hole. He slept short nights and worked on his writing skills as well as his mixologist skills at his bar. He slowly worked his way up to level 10 of the mixology skill and was so happy with his life that he went traveling to China, where he met inspiring locals who allowed him to learn the Martial Arts skill, Ai Pei, became best friends with Lee and often comes to visit him, Lee saved the town of Shang Simla against an old emperor that had been living as a mummy in the Dragon Cove for over 500 years. After returning home, he received news that his daughter, Amy Mint had been born.

Though Lee no longer spoke to Vera, who he had found out to be cheating on him, he kept in regular contact with Amy, juggling his self-employed day hours as a writer, whilst filling in as a mixologist at the only bar in Riverview, Lee's Watering Hole. On the day of Amy's birthday, Lee visited the Mint household, located in the poorer area of town. He went to ring the doorbell, only to find a note scribbled on the door. It read:

I'm so sorry, Lee As I write this note now I know it will be the last time that you hear of me. I have realized my lifetime dream has changed and I now want to be an Actor, there is no Movie Studios in the surrounding hamlets of Riverview, so I and Amy are moving to the big lights, Bridgeport. Thanking for giving me a bundle of joy in the form of Amy. I hope one day you will forgive me, With love, Vera...

It had been several days since Amy and Vera had gone, and Lee felt like a chunk of his heart had been taken out. He withdrew himself to his home, eating, sleeping, working. He had become a shell to everyone. His friends started to abandon him and were no longer good friends, simply Old Friends. In order to try and make himself feel better, he got on a plane and flew to Shang Simla. This didn't help, in fact it made things even worse, he found out that Ai Pei had died of old age in his sleep, and his family shunned everyone who came to pay condolences. So, Lee did the same routine everyday in his holiday home, eat, sleep, eat, sleep.

After this. Lee's life changed for the better, he received a phone call, asking if he would fish for a rare fish hidden in the Springs near the mountains. He immediately saddled up on his scooter and rode to the Springs, bringing with him a rod, some bait and his overnight bag. Immediately, Lee had found something that he loved, he spent days fishing, then eating the fish, exercising, sleeping and following the same routine day after day for 21 days, until he left the serenity of, Shang Simla.

Lee returned home and rekindled old friendships, holding parties, every night at Lee's Watering Hole, schmoozing with the high-flyer's and getting friendly with celebrities, Lee finally earned himself two more celebrity stars. His business grew so successful that his bar brought in 50,000 a week in tabs and costs, and his publisher sent him over 30,000 a week in lotteries...

Just over three weeks later, Lee had turned into a fully mature adult and had reached the million simoleon mark. He built a house over looking Riverview in the surrounding hills, calm, peaceful and clad in white. It was also near the fishing lot. Lee's life was perfect until he received a phone call from Bridgeport's hospital department. His ex-girlfriend and daughter had been in a large house fire and didn't make it.

Attempted Death and True DeathEdit

It had been over a week since the phone call, and Lee no longer wanted his life, he had bouts of depression, feeling very unhappy and lonerish and sometimes feeling high and outgoing. It was on the Monday, at 12:00 when he tried to drown himself in the pool, building walls around it and diving in. But due to Lee's athletic prowess, he did not get fatigued swimming and the pool and simply climbed out. One unsuccessful suicide. He tried and tried again, electrocuting himself, setting fire to himself, starving himself for days at at time, when he realised there was no use.

But, one day fishing on the lot by his house, a dark black shadow formed over his head. He looked up and saw nothing, the sky blocked out by a large, jet black object flying down towards him. He could have run, but what would be the point, he braced himself and smash, impact...


  • Lee is a 4-star celebrity.
  • He is Athletic skill 10.
  • He is Writing skill 10, receiving 5,000 in royalties every week.
  • He is martial arts skill 9.
  • He is cooking skill 10.
  • He gets lots of money from his bar because his mixology skill level is 10.
  • He is fishing skill 8


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