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Lavisha is a place for most people whether your normal or ... not so normal. Be careful though, under the beauty are some mysteries and tension are happening...
Name Lavisha
Game(s) Sims 2
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Lavisha is a nice place with many families living in the main section and the suburbs. However, despite the calm appearance, there are many mysterious happenings and tensions under the surface which never ever show up as people desperately want to be like everybody else.

Suburbs Edit

Families Edit

Playable FamiliesEdit

Virginia Redwood, Jamie Redwood, [[Virginia is causing a stir... She is having an un-obvious affair with a local womanizer who also happens to be Harry's new father in law. What will happen now?
It is only a few weeks until Sarah's wedding to her fiancee Jason and things aren't going well. Her best friend stropped off in a jealous huff, her father died and her ex Robbie comes back swearing undying love for her. Will the wedding be a success?
Robbie Miller
Robbie regrets his affair everyday of his life and wishes he could undo it. Will her ever manage to win Sarah back?
Angela Storm
Angela failed. Her plans were found out and now no man will touch her with a barge pole. Now her daughter's moved away, Angela just... sulks'
Buttercup Morrison
Buttercup is a loner who paints incredible things which people pay millions for. She paints what she dreams but what she dreams turns out to be real. Could her paintings unlock the secrets of some mysteries like Bella Goth and more importantly, Elsa Gold?
Seth Takitani
Seth had a fiancee. A career. A life but now that's all gone, thanks to a warlock. And his fiancee is now someone else's.
Billy Noel, Stella Noel, Cupid Noel
Stella still has no idea about her husband's magic but her son does. Daddy is teaching him all the tricks of the trade!
Pete Tse, Candice Tse, Terra Tse, Max Tse
Terra and Max are now responsible adults but they refuse to move out! Why???
Laura Rhodes
Laura really hates Sarah right now. Sarah is rich, succesful and is married to that cute Jason. Laura can't think of anybody she hates more. And she's married too (that comes up again)! Life sucks
Chester Gieke, Maureen Langford, Sally Morrison, Georgia Morrison, Jamie Gieke
Sally and Georgia are now teens but trouble is afoot! Chester is being overworked with his career and Jamie and Maureen has fallen out with a brother she loves! What will happen to this family now?
Jamie Hunter, Alexa Hunter, Jane Hunter
Life hasn't been kind to Jamie. First his wife dies in a tragic accident involving flies, then his daughter marries the son of Pete Tse and finally both of them died in a car crash. Now Jamie just sulks and looks after his grandchildren.
Anna Fi, Joe Fi
Anna and Joe haven't been here long and don't plan to. They have a big secret, They are not who they seem... (They are BANK ROBBERS!)
Sanjay Ramaswami, Priya Ramaswami, Zahra Wamaswami
Although married life started badly, with a miscarriage they are now back on track with a beautiful baby girl. Can life always be so perfect?


To be added soon...

Dceased SimsEdit

Downloadable LavishaEdit

Lavisha IEdit

I am currently creating the first version of Lavisha. In this one there will only be a few families but it will grow in time.

  • Hargreave family
Joseph Hargreave, Emilia Hargreave, Alina Hargreave, Loretta Hargreave
Joseph is a succeseful rich family man with a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. He is completely normal unlike some other neighbours... Nothing can ruin this image of true perfection...
  • Kendrove family
Henry Kendrova
Henry is the most eligible bachelor in town. Every inch of his house screams single and looking for love. Shame nobody has ever even caught his eye...
  • Dormiste family
Lolita Dormiste
Lolita is a little odd... She used to have a husband but after a fight, Mr Dormiste became the late Mr Dormiste. People enter her house never to be seen again. If the police ever come nobody can ever resist the adorable Lolita. Don't mess with her...
  • Smith family
Harold Smith, Jacqueline Smith, Norman Smith, Isaac Smith, Maria Porta:

Harold always dreamed of riches but sadly never got a lot. Now he is an elder he just sits and counts his average savings while his young wife makes tea and his sons court the beautiful Hargreave Twins.

  • Deren family
Charlie Deren
Charlie is the town idiot apparently. I mean who ever could believe that Aliens live among us? His sightings must be a lie because there is NO SUCH THING!
  • Delotta family
Rodrick Delotta, Carmen Delotta
Rodrick and Carmen should be highly normal except for the facet that they are almost invisible to everybody. Nobody ever sees them,, curtains always closed although people who have seen it claim it is normal inside. Strange but probably nothing...


  • The Lavisha project is on hold due to problems with my computer.
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