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Katie Romanov is a living Sim in my copy of The Sims 4. She resides in Newcrest with her husband Oliver, daughter Jessica and son Nicholas. The family rule Newcrest with an iron fist. Oliver is at the top of the helm.

Early Life Edit

Katie’s mother, Jessina, died in a pool fence accident when Katie was just a baby. Her father died when she was a teenager, of old age. Until her teenage years, she resided with her mother, father and sister in Hindenburg (They’re Timeline hoppers). Her sister died in a famine aged just 13. Katie never knew about her death. When she got a home in Newcrest, people began to idolise her. She later found out she was the ruler. Her surname was changed from Allston, to Romanov. Oliver Mason, a teenage sim from an unreleased neighbourhood, Windenbourg, began to take interest in her, and eventually moved in with her. She later married him.

Married Life Edit

Newcrest had become hers. All Newcrestians we’re now the puppets of her and her new husband, Oliver Romanov. She recounted that he was “so hot” as a teenager, and always will be hot.

New daughter? Edit

They decided they needed a little boy to take over when Oliver died. They attempted, and when the baby was born, it was a girl. They named her Jessica.

A son!! Edit

When Jessica was a toddler, Katie and Oliver tried for a baby again. When the baby was born, it was a boy. They called him Nicholas, after Oliver’s great grandad.

Future of the realm? Edit

Nobody in Newcrest knows what will happen. Many Willow Creek inhabitants say they should hold a revolution when Nicholas gets older. Another baby could be born, nobody knows yet.

The German Family Edit

The house Katie bought at first was later inhabited by the Von Happsburgs, who moved out on account of PlantSim issues. The Romanov family got the house back later.

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