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The Sims 4

Karissa Gallagher

Karissa Gallagher Young Adult.jpg


Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Education and employment
Alma Mater School.png High School
Grade B
Career TS4 Career Business.png Office Assistant
Family/Families Gallagher family
Parents Lawrence Gallagher,

Maggie Gallagher

Siblings Dennis Gallagher Brother
Marital status Dating
Romances Jared ParkerBoyfriend
Children Brody Parker Son, Nicole Parker Daughter
Traits Trait TS4 Dog Lover.png Dog Lover
Trait TS4 Good.png Good
Trait TS4 Bro.png Bro
Trait TS4 Animal Affection.png Animal Affection
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Friend of the Animals.png Friend of the Animals
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair.png Brown
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes.png Brown
Skin color Skin-medium.png Medium
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Willow Creek
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Karissa Gallagher is a young Sim who lived in Willow Creek for most of her early life. Her family includes her parents, Lawrence and Maggie Gallagher, as well as her older brother, Dennis, who lives with his family in Oasis Springs.

Karissa is initially described as being very eager to grow up, much to her parents' dismay. However, this dream becomes a reality when Karissa gets pregnant while she is still in high school. While her parents kick her out of the house for getting pregnant, Karissa is able to seek refuge with her boyfriend, Jared Parker, and his family. Eventually, she gives birth to twins, Brody and Nicole Parker, and she is able to graduate from high school on time.

Life History[edit | edit source]

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

Karissa is born to Lawrence and Maggie Gallagher while they are living at Bargain Bend in Willow Creek. Karissa also has a much older brother named Dennis. Growing up, Karissa has always displayed an eagerness to grow up, which worries her parents. Karissa then receives a dog, who she names Barney. Barney's adoption is supposed to help Karissa to not be as eager, but it doesn't work. She is still eager and Barney seems to support her whenever Lawrence and Maggie don't.

One day in her senior year of high school, Karissa meets Jacob Parker. She instantly becomes friends with him. Their relationship increases so quickly that Jacob tells Karissa his secret that he identifies as a woman. Karissa is surprised, but she keeps it a secret. However, she heads to the Parker home the next day to get more of an explanation from Jacob. Over a game of basketball, after Jacob explains his situation a little further, Karissa suggests that he tell his family sooner rather than later. Then Jacob heads inside for a shower, and Karissa meets Jacob's twin brother, Jared. Karissa also immediately hits it off with Jared and they become instant friends.

In fact, Karissa feels a crush forming for Jared and she decides to ask him on a date. He accepts and she meets him at the XP Mont while she remains unknown to the fact that her father, Lawrence, will also be there, spying on her. On the date, Karissa learns of Jared's obvious crush and then after the date, he kisses her. She then decides to make it official with him and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Karissa has yet to tell her parents of her new romance, but she doesn't know that Lawrence already knows about the romance.

One Saturday evening, Karissa receives a call from Jared this time to go on a date at the XP Mont, which she accepts. After they eat, Jared promises that she'll be his only love as long as they date and gives her a promise ring to show it. Karissa accepts the ring and kisses him to promise him that he'll be her only love as long as they date. Jared also tells her that he wants her to meet his parents. Although surprised, Karissa says that she'll meet his parents soon. However, she doesn't know that Maggie knows about the promise ring and the plan to meet his parents.

A little while after the date, Karissa receives a call from Jared with him asking her to meet his parents that day. Karissa agrees, but she is scared and saddened that there's a chance that Jared's parents will hate her. Jared reassures her that it'll be the opposite, which boosts her confidence. She then hears his younger brother, Jordan Parker, crying and goes to take care of him. That is when she meets and instantly hits it off with Jared's mother, Joanna Parker. Karissa later meets his father, James Parker, while she is still caring for Jordan. Although Karissa leaves while wondering if Jared's parents liked her, she is confident that they indeed liked her.

Karissa eventually receives a text the next morning from Jared that says his parents liked her. This results in her being happy for the rest of the day. She later goes over to the Parkers that same day after school to do homework with Jared and Jacob. As they do just that, Jacob asks her and Jared about how and when he should come out to the rest of the family. While Jared recommends that he should wait to come out when he's good and ready, Karissa recommends that Jacob should come out right now so he can get that weight off his shoulders. However, the conversation ends when Jackie walks in, causing Karissa and Jackie to meet for the first time.

Some time later, on an unusually warm fall day, Karissa is invited to the Parker home. After seeing Jared be embarrassed by his mother and his aunt, Karissa is reminded by him that she already met his family and wonders when he'll meet her family. Karissa replies with a soon. Jacob later pulls her aside to ask her advice in gaining confidence so he can come out to his family. She explains she isn't the right person to be asking, but she suggests that he should come out to his younger siblings first if he's having trouble with his parents. Karissa learns that Jacob took her advice when he tells her and Jared about it on a freezing cold fall day.

On another day after school, Karissa calls Jared to let him know that she plans on telling Maggie and Lawrence about their relationship. However, when does that, she gets yelled at by both her parents after they say that they already knew about her secret relationship. Maggie tells Karissa that she is too young to be dating. Lawrence also tells her that she will break up with Jared immediately. Angered, Karissa demands independence, saying that she can't be kept a child forever before she storms off into her room. Karissa decides to call her brother, Dennis, and ask him how their parents reacted when he told them about his relationship with Maria. Dennis says they reacted normally and advises Karissa to do what she thinks is best.

The next day, Karissa decides to invite Jared over to introduce him to Maggie and Lawerence. Although, Karissa yells at Maggie and Lawrence when they rudely speak to Jared. She then suggests to him that he should leave before things get worse. Later that evening after dinner, Maggie mentions to Karissa that she and Lawrence will be going to a costume party for Spooky Day. Karissa simply ignores her, which causes Lawrence to yell at her again. Lawrence's yelling causes Karissa to become even more upset.

On Spooky Day the next day, Karissa realizes she can throw a party if her parents aren't home. She does just that, but has to send Jared home several hours before the party because he thought her parents weren't home all day. A little later, Karissa pretends to care about her parents' costumes when they show them to her. Eventually, Karissa is left alone when her parents leave for their party and her party finally begins. She compliments Jared's attire, has a couple conversations with some classmates, makes out with Jared, and a has a dance off with Jacob. As the party goes on, Karissa dresses up as a cheerleader and seduces Jared with it. This causes them to have sex with each other for the first time. Karissa's party is a sucess and she feels well when her parents remain unaware. However, a couple days later, Karissa isn't well and she realizes that she is pregnant.

Karissa tells Jared first about her pregnancy. He is shocked and asks her what her plan is. Karissa wishes for Jared to keep it a secret until after she tells her parents. She decides the best time to tell them is during her grandparents' anniversary party because most of her family will be there. After the anniversary dinner, Karissa decides to pull each one of her relatives into her bedroom, starting with Dennis. She asks him if their parents ever talked with him about the fact that he was born while they were in high school. He says they never did and advises Karissa to tell their parents sooner rather than later. Karissa then tells her Aunt Sylvia about the pregnancy and asks some advice from her. Sylvia tells Karissa that all she can remember is Leroy and Gladys being furious with Lawrence because it made Sylvia look like the perfect child. Sylvia then apologizes to Karissa, saying that she isn't the best person to ask about Maggie's pregnancy. Lastly, Karissa tells her grandparents, Leroy and Gladys, about her pregnancy and asks them about their reaction when Lawrence got Maggie pregnant. They both confirm Sylvia's recount to Karissa by saying they were furious with Lawrence, but they eventually forgave him. Leroy and Gladys also both assure Karissa that Lawrence and Maggie will do the same thing. Karissa thanks her grandparents and takes their advice to heart, but she doesn't tell her parents during the party.

Some days later, Karissa gets a call from Jared where he asks her if she told her parents yet. Karissa says that she decided to tell them at Harvestfest, but seeing as her whole family knows, she chooses to tell them sooner. On a family dinner at the XP Mont, Karissa fails again to tell her parents. She eventually enters her second trimester, making it harder to keep the pregnancy a secret. She finally decides to tell her parents at that moment, which is swiftly met with anger. While Maggie seems more disappointed in Karissa, Lawrence is furious and goes on a rant about how Karissa should've known better because they didn't know better. Lawrence then kicks Karissa out of the house, something which Karissa can't believe.

Karissa runs off to the Parkers and tells Jared that her parents kicked her out. As he is comforting her, Jared mentions it might be time to tell his parents about the pregnancy. Karissa agrees and they tell James, Joanna, and Jackie. Karissa also adds her being kicked out to James and Joanna, which prompts them to allow her to stay as long as it's needed. Jackie gives her bedroom over to Karissa to stay in and later that night, Karissa is ired when James and Joanna say that they will speaking with her parents. Karissa, along with Jared, are told about the meeting the next night and how Karissa is forever banned from her home, which prompts James and Joanna to let her stay as long as she wants. James then tells her, despite the pregnancy, that she should focus on her school until she decides what to do with the baby. Karissa declares she's going to keep it and says yes when Joanna asks if she's certain about it. The next morning, while she is still mad at her parents, Karissa comes up with some baby names with Jared and helps out with Jared's younger siblings by bathing Jenna and changing Jordan before school.

By the time Harvestfest happens, Karissa enters her third trimester. For Harvestfest itself, she pleases the Gnomes by giving them a future cube. She also texts her whole family, except for Lawrence, and wishes them a Happy Harvestfest and to tell them about her being kicked out, causing unknown implications. She later enjoys the Harvestfest dinner and is thankful for the Parkers for taking her in.

Half a week after Harvestfest, Karissa goes into labor on the way home from school. While Jared freaks out, Karissa simply remains calm and wishes for a home birth. Joanna finds and cleans some old bassinets for her and Karissa surprisingly gives birth to twins. She and Jared name their children, Brody and Nicole. One day following her twins' birth, Maggie visits Karissa. Maggie apologizes to Karissa and explains that she and Lawrence divorced. Karissa accepts her mother's apology, but refuses to go home with her because of Lawrence and requests Maggie to take care of Barney. Maggie promises to do so before asking to see Brody and Nicole.

Despite everything that has happened, Karissa is able to graduate on time with her boyfriend, Jared, and her same old friend, Janet. She says goodbye to Janet before she leaves with Jackie to Oasis Springs. Karissa also says goodbye to Jared's younger sister, Julia, before she leaves to attend a school in Windenburg.

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