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Kallistrata Pellaia
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Kallistrata is an Kallisto clone of shrouded origins, accepted to be mutated by the warp by official logs in the Union of the Insane. Hence Kallistrata does not exactly look alike her original base. Whatever the truth, Kallistrata has both the skillsets and most of Kallisto's personality. Some, both from the outside and from the inside, have suspicion that Kallisto was up to something fishy: after all, Kallisto did send what is claimed to be a diplomatic mission consisting entirely of clones to Bridgeport.
Name Kallistrata Pellaia
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Genie icon.png Genie
Education and Employment
Video Game Developer career icon.png Lead Designer
Union of the Insane
Parents None
Sibling(s) None
Romances None
Child(ren) Chrysanthema Pellaia KinnamononaAdopted daughter, Aristophanes Pellaios (Simbotson
Trait Insane small.png Insane
Trait Genius small.png Genius
Trait Computer Whiz small.png Computer Whiz
Trait Eccentric small.png Eccentric
Trait Loner small.png Loner
Trait Bookworm small.png Bookworm
Hidden traits
Trait Pyromaniac small.png Pyromaniac
Trait.png Genie
Zodiac sign CancerLN.png Cancer
Lifetime wish
LTW Monster Maker.png Monster Maker
Fav Custom.png Custom
Fav Stir-Fry.png Stir-Fry
Fav Turquoise.png Turquoise
Hair color Eye-custom.png Cyan
Eye color Eye-custom.png Cyan
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
5 stars
Social group
Nerd social group.png Nerd
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Heptanomis
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Kallistrata Neapolita
Kallistrata steps into the new frontier: while Kallistrata in her glorious skills and achievements will stay with the Ecclesiarchy, it seems like not even time will bar a town from the Ecclesiarchy. Pictured with Hyperion.
Name Kallistrata Neapolita
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Education and Employment
TS4 Career Tech Guru.png Start Up Genius
Sibling(s) None
Marital status Single
Trait TS4 Loner.png Loner
Trait TS4 Geek.png Geek
Trait TS4 Creative.png Creative
Trait TS4 Quick Learner.png Quick Learner
Trait TS4 GymRat.png Gym Rat
Aspiration  Nerd Brain
Hair color Eye-custom.png Cyan
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes.png Blue
Skin color Skin-light.png Light
Body shape Thin Average
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Willow Creek

Kallistrata Pellaia (alias Callistrata of Pella, grc: Καλλιστρατα/Καλλιστρατη Πελλαια), created 20th of July of 1991 at Pella, is the effective right-hand character to Kallisto in the Big 6. Kallistrata is introduced to the playing field at the time of the aftershock of Romance Heresy, entering Sunset Valley right after Lysistrata and Stratonike left the Union of the Insane due to strained relationships. Kallistrata is also a key character, helping Kallisto create her codex and one of the three involved in enacting the codex (other one being Hypatia) Kallistrata's unique factor is 1) her complete lack of music skils whatsoever (Stratonike had 1 point in piano, Kallisto 1 in guitar, Eurydike 2 in bass, and Hypatia 4 in guitar), 2) Her completion of various challenges, including all challenges for the Invention and Painting skills, and 3)being innately immortal, not requiring the age freeze potion whatsoever. Kallistrata has mastered Writing, Painting, Sculpting, Inventing, Handiness, Nectar Making, Mixology, Martial Arts, Athletic Skill, Cooking, Fishing, Gardening, and Logic, and has no other skills. Kallistrata is of blood type B just like Kallisto from whom Kallistrata is cloned from.

Laconic version here.

Genesis and Introduction[edit | edit source]

Kallistrata's origins is actually a mystery: although Kallistrata has been confirmed to have been derived from Kallisto, it is not known how and by what entity her creation was attributed to. Only thing known about Kallistrata's creation is that it took place in Pella at July 20th, although some conspiracy theorists believe that it was a doing of Kallisto, since Kallisto would codify the active practice of what was called the Alexandreian faith, and since July 20th was one of the two possible dates of the birth of Megas Alexandros.

With all that aside, Kallistrata uneventfully (surprising since her relations, real or imaginary, with Kallisto gave her a 5-star status right from the beginning) migrated towards Sunset Valley, moving into the house right next to the abode of the Union of the Insane, which was about to implode.

Paving the Road[edit | edit source]

Although Kallistrata moved alone, for some reason Kallistrata decides to get a body of retinue. Kallistrata proceeds with the plan, gaining for the retinue who would be collectively called the Mathetai, or disciples. Despite their incredibly fast relation building and skill development, the time the retinue spent under Kallistrata's tutelage was minimal. However, Kallisto found this an interesting phenomenon, and soon looks to this case as a shining example of an organized academic discipleship system outside school. Kallistrata plays an important role in the development of the current Ecclesiarchy by shaping the core academical class structure which ended up being similar to the European guild system, having the Big 6 as the equivalent of the master guildsmen (paideutai), the other core members playing the role of the journeymen (technites/sophistes), and the peripherals as disciples (mathetai).

As for the extrovert facet, Kallistrata's first contacts were with the Alkmaionidai, and Kallistrata was pretty close to the head of the house Kleisthenes. Despite this, other members of the Alkmaionidai who remained were indifferent, some of them believing Kallistrata to be another "overskilled" insane sim, even though having Eurydike provided the family with some perks (however, this feeling was understandable, because most of the perks were not yet realized). Thus without the movement of the Alkmaionidai to take in Kallistrata, Kallisto seized the chance and scouted Kallistrata, eventually taking Kallistrata into the fold of the Union of the Insane.

Settling in[edit | edit source]

Even in her initial adoption to the great faction, Kallistrata started out as number 3 in the faction known for its prodigious erudition, surpassed only by Kallisto and Hypatia. Kallistrata's clean record prompted her to be a watchdog against more romances, although that position proved to be moot since the members that went rogue in the Romance Heresy grew much more resistant to it after the travesty. However, given the sheer number of skilled sims, Kallistrata seemed to be at the middle: while Kallistrata was #3, Kallistrata hasn't found a unique field in which Kallistrata excels: Kallisto was the head, and Hypatia had been the tutor even before Kallistrata was.

However, Kallistrata found a niche: In the day of the opening of the public Amphitheatron and the party, Kallistrata was invited to Thornton Wolff's house at nearly the end of the party: Kallistrata was already a good friend of Thornton, and Kallistrata believed that it was a time of proselytizing even when the role of missionary was with Eurydike. Thornton was quite amused by Kallistrata, but when Kallistrata offered skill lessons, Thornton learned at an alarming rate thanks to both the Vampiric vigor and Kallistrata's Skill Professor challenge: it was so fast (Thornton gained 5 points in logic and 4 points in mixology in less than 2 hours) that Thornton was impressed, or to put it in better words, enthusiastic about the new religion and became the first convert to the cause. Kallistrata was too eager to use the new convert to divert the kids from the main Union household, because Kallisto and Kallistrata wanted Lysistrata and Stratonike back into the house. Morgana eventually returned, and Kallistrata attempted to do similar things, although with much less success, even though Morgana was definitely happy about the idea of children in the house.

Kallistrata eats Ambrosia for the moodlet.

Kallistrata is also the head of the nectar production in the family, having a good combination of life fruits, fire fruits and a condiment, often a pomegranate, that Kallistrata calls the Nectar of the Throne of Pella, many of them aged well enough to reach the 1000 simoleon bracket, and the primary producer of Nectar in the neighborhood, as well as the chief gardener of Union of the Insane. Kallistrata also is an active evangelist, particularly among vampire population of Sunset Valley.

Kallistrata is not pleased.

Mercantilist Movements[edit | edit source]

Although Kallisto was the one promoting the idea of mercantilism in the house, it was Kallistrata who spearheaded it as the vanguard: Kallistrata's work as a nectar maker, a field that was neglected within the Ecclesiarchy before, expanded even more as the Ecclesiarchy purchased 3 more Nectar Makers, quadrupling Kallistrata's production capabilities, and continued to expand afterwards (by the time the Big 6 were trying to redevelop Hekatonschoinos, Kallistrata had 15 of such devices ready). In addition to that, Kallisto and others supported Kallistrata's pursuit by sculpting nectar racks. In matter of days, production jumped from merely few bottles a week to hundreds of bottles of nectar, drastically increasing the income derived from Nectar. To support the increased production capabilities, Kallistrata personally oversaw the expansion of the Life Fruit production, the main ingredient in the Greek household's brand of nectar. In fact, Kallistrata would soon oversee all aspects of gardening of the Headquarters, and ensured that the disciples had some experience in the field as well.

The Union Sims upgrading the nectar making facilities.

Kallistrata's nectar however did not generate much income back then, since most of the money came from old nectar that aged quite a lot. Nonetheless, Kallistrata spearheaded the movement and continued to experiment, galvanizing others to produce more. This would later result in the March of the 500k, where the Union of the Insane (not yet Ecclesiarchy) would make +500k in merely 6 days.

However, Kallistrata's drive didn't stop there: noting the decline in the quality of the nectar after the expansion due to the lack of perfect fruits, Kallistrata first purged the Union inventory of all nonperfect fruits, and further expanded the garden as the chief gardener, inventor, teacher and Nectar maker of the Union of the Insane. Once that was completed, Kallistrata saw even better quality than the pre-expansion nectar, and Kallistrata carefully managed her assets to ensure top quality wine for sale. All while that was happening, all the other core members devoted themselves to making top quality paintings and sculptings, making many masterpieces left in the household to fetch good prices.

Kallistrata near a Pomegranate tree.

Kallistrata once again demanded to have a disciple, and urged others to time travel in search of a kid, and despite numerous attempts at it and expansion of the time travel equipments, the search for the kid was in vain, and only success came in some cash and tomes. Fed up, Kallistrata decided to adopt a kid and named her Chrysanthema Pellaia Kinnamonona, and strived to train her as a core member unlike the others who went short.

Kallistrata deemed the nectar producing capabilities not enough, and sought to expand it even more, increasing the number of nectar making devices from 4 to 10, increasing production capabilities theoretically by 150%. Kallistrata's obsession with mass production has led the others to help out with the gardening, which helped Lysistrata and Antigone some, since they had not mastered gardening. With the Tiberium income at a high tide, Kallistrata started to worry about the inability of the Union to actually use the cash, and came up with the...

Palace of Versailles Pella-Syrakousai[edit | edit source]

Kallistrata's plan was to create the ultimate palace to further reduce the discontent and scandals. Kallisto and Kallistrata had in mind to burn the cash in some way, and Kallisto saw this plan as a gamble, but the growing wealth levels was a greater enemy, and so Kallisto agreed to Kallistrata's plan to construct a palace with all the splendor of an exclusive lounge with none of its exclusiveness.

Kallistrata's Palace would initially start out with a lavish fountain moat, main courtyard connected to it by a bridge. The courtyard would feature some life fruits and other decorative amenities, leading to the atrium with some partying devices.

Hekatonschoinos, Unicorn, China, and Ascent to More Power[edit | edit source]

Kallistrata was one of the 4 core sims to move into Hekatonschoinos and establish the main chapter at the said place. Like Kallisto, Kallistrata was very eager to acquire the unicorn, since they believed that the Unicorn's blessings will do them much good. While they continued to scan for the Unicorn, Kallistrata took personal responsibility to construct the Second Palace of Pella-Syrakousai to serve as the center of public entertainment, while also coming up with the idea for the Ergasterion Demoutikon, a public workshop for all the residents to work and improve their skills. As they have expected, immigrants came by droves to occupy the sparsely populated land, and along the drove came the Klerouchoi, whom the Greeks found quite useful in ensuring the land stays under the hands of the Church.

Eventually, Kallistrata overcame the requirements necessary for a Unicorn: Kallistrata circumvented it by simply using telepathy to persuade the Unicorn. The telepathy was not unique: Stratonike also demonstrated such abilities in China, teaching Pyrrha across the living room bordered by the kitchen.

What most people didn't realize however, was that Kallistrata was already aware of Tessa's sibling, and this was why Nicole constantly felt sleepy and not just Tessa: Kallistrata selected the Swanson sisters to be the guinea pigs for the said project from the beginning (i.e. when Tessa was taken to China and were given lessons, along with boring words which were actually mind reading. So some suggest that Nicole was actually being influenced (or outright mind controlled) to rejoin Tessa, since they were estranged in the first place), and thus projecting psychic waves on both of them to make them more conductive to Kallistrata's (and her origin Kallisto's) psychic manipulations.

Despite Kallistrata's love of experimentation, Kallisto and Kallistrata both cared quite a bit for the Swansons, and despite their frequent experiments on them, they ensured that they were accounted for: Kallisto and Kallistrata were all too happy to tutor them in skills, and soon both Tessa and Nicole had the skills necessary to pursue the career that fulfills their lifetime wish. In fact, the development of telepathy to influence their decision was to keep the Swansons from falling into heresy, which they believed to be a critical issue especially since Kallisto and Kallistrata knew that they were weak-willed (or more fittinly, open-armed) to romance. Knowing that the psychic waves constitutes a drain on the recipients, the Kallisto and Kallistrata gave the Swansons plenty of time to recover before subjecting them to more experiments.

Power. UNLIMITED POWER!!! Flame Fruits. Unlimited Flame Fruits.

While at it, Kallistrata developed a penchant for pyrokinesis, and caused two fires in the house because of it. Meanwhile, Kallistrata soon took inventory and removed unnecessary gem (that included Stratonike and Kallisto too), and raised nearly 300,000 simoleons just by disposing of unused gems and metals. Furthermore, Kallistrata took to the consignment stores some of the aged nectar, even before that having a value of somewhere near 200,000 simoleons (and thus more than most households), and churned out 250,000 simoleons from the first series of products sold.

Soon, Kallistrata prepared the mobilization of the Church, and it was Kallistrata who made the second revision to the Palace at Hekatonschoinos, adding the Eastern Orthodox style icons. In addition, Kallistrata was using the Church resources to find more agents for the cause: Kallistrata was a firm advocate of the plausible deniability as well as black operations, and Kallistrara was all too happy to use subvertive methods against dissident factions, and wanted to expand the Church's (to be more exact, Kallisto's and her own, as Eurydike and Lysistrata were excellent speakers) access to excellent practitioners of speechcraft, and thus Kallistrata also sought to absorb Demetria into the fold, since Demetria stands out in Hekatonschoinos as the most charismatic. Like Kallisto who had Esomena who was very compatible with Demetria in terms of traits and affinities, Kallistrata also sought resources that would appeal to Demetria. Kallistrata withdrew all Church assets from Appaloosa Plains, and decided that the Swansons were unfit to spy on the town with dangerously heretic elements. To Kallistrata, Demetria was the shortcut. However, Kallistrata was well aware of Demetria's records, and while making such moves, sought to take on the art of speechcraft, while seeking more potential agents to be trained in the art. Kallistrata further expanded the life fruit production, as Kallistrata would attempt to use Nectar culture as a secondary arm against the apparent romantic plague. Kallistrata's broader plan was to produce euphoric nectar full of life and heat in order to lure the people out of romance, while the sharper stroke would be dealt by missionaries, now evolving from a role reserved for powerful members into a role of increasingly common agents alongside that of a kataskopos.

In terms of managing the internal matters of the Church, Kallistrata made the knowledge of cheaper loans a public thing around the faithful. However, the ones that wanted the loans were not initiate members as Kallistrata wanted to believe, but rather the Klerouchoi, who despite the blessings of the Church had difficulty settling in for the most part: the Kang family eventually found a footing, but the Kagawa family mostly worked as merchants: a poor choice, due to low population of the neighborhood to a point where the elderly Iori took a job as a Test Subject. Kallistrata was also a firm supporter of centralization to a point where Kallistrata championed the idea of a consolidated core household, and to do away with the resident disciple system. Kallisto and Stratonike however disagreed, and the resident disciple system and the multiple main chapters would remain.

Surprise Visit and the Quest for the Omni Plant[edit | edit source]

Kallistrata, like all the other members of the Hekatonschoinos Chapter, visited Sunset Valley in a surprise that had already compounded with many other happy events in Sunset Valley. From the records, Kallistrata soon figured that the primary limiting factor for the mass production of ambrosia had been the lack of death fishes: despite the fact that the harvesting of death fishes by the Church (or any sim in the fanon history) was at all-time high, Kallistrata and the others knew that it still was the primary limiting factor. However, Kallistrata hit the tomes recording the history of the fanon universe, and hit upon an entry written by Hypatia in the first timeline, when the Scholars' Alliance was created. Hypatia noted of some plant that took as an input things, including death fishes and life fruits and yielded several more, and on top of all that, the plants did not perish.

Kallistrata knew that the plant was the way to maximize the efficacy of Hypatia and Eurydike's revival business that had been very effective in turning public opinion in the favor of the Church by eliminating the need to constantly catch and store a stock of death fish (asides from one to feed the plant). Conveniently enough, Kallisto was contacted about raising cheese plants: Kallistrata had surfed the web like how Stratonike surfed the web and gathered information about the Death Flower, and it was Kallistrata who personally led the project, despite the Church's disdain for cheese. The Omni Plant's lack of lifespan was also desired by Kallistrata: Kallistrata was not happy about continually having to replant important stocks of fruits such as the life fruit (to the point where Kallistrata maintains a stock of 400 on her, and Kallisto et al. also have smaller stocks) that is the heart of Kallistrata's Nectar industry. Having an solid supply of life plants would allow Kallistrata not only to keep producing the fruits needed to maintain the nectar output, but also Kallistrata's plan to apply the similar logic used to create a Simbot to create a vessel for Megas Alexandros: after all, they had cloning technologies and succeeded in restoring recently deceased sims: who is to say that the Church cannot bring old figures back to life?

To the zenith: The path to Deutarchontes[edit | edit source]

"This is Hellenic territory now!"

Epicharis, the first artificial human made from scratch.

Kallistrata has served as a beacon of the mercantilism and production-oriented economic policy of the Church, and with the extra fund, Kallistrata was able to pretty much become self-reliant outside any Church support. Kallistrata as such was able to fund her own research will her own money, now having earned nearly a million simoleons via nectar. Having said that, Kallistrata decided to take a step further in terms of artificial population, deciding to pursue the art of creating a sim from scratch. With research and gene collection, Kallistrata eventually was able to do just that, creating Epicharis Alexandreiana, named such as Kallistrata had the enlightening experience in Alexandreia (not the city in Egypt (nor countless others in the Near East, such as Alexandreia-Eschate) which was also named that, but rather the town with the demotic name Geda/Gida). Having succeeded beyond measures (Epicharis was created with skills), Kallistrata felt confident and proceeded to work towards creating a vessel for Megas Alexandros: Kallistrata believed that would be the ultimate testimony to the power of Greek science, should Kallistrata be able to pull it off. Meanwhile, Kallistrata also presided over other fields, such as fully providing a way for the Church to move freely between the second timeline and the third timeline, allowing them to administer Hekatonschoinos without having to reside there. Alongside the Choi family that Kallisto won over in her trip to the Third timeline, Kallistrata was able to prepare for subjugation of all Asian factions, which would allow the Church to overpower the opposition in the second timeline.

The creation of Epicharis had been a huge boon for Kallistrata: from there Kallistrata planned the creation of few more, each specialized in an aspect that Kallistrata believes is useful to the Ecclesiarchy. Epicharis was a generalist, an all-rounder according to Kallistrata, and Kallistrata believed that specialized Deutarchontes would serve the Church well: as such, Kallistrata decides that making her primary residence in the Third Timeline would be more beneficial due to a lack of significant opposition, and Kallisto approved of it. With Epicharis came a new organizational principle of the Church: official formation of the Lochos, the Byzantine Lochos of 8 sims (fitting an household), and a larger Enomotiai, which would in practice mean an occupational force at around 40 sims. Of course, Kallisto had not a significant body of followers, and even considering allies won from her diplomacy at the Third Timeline, Kallisto could not form a full Spartiates Lochos of 640 sims: The population of Hekatonschoinos was just over 40 sims, and there were a bit more than that on the Third Timeline Hekatonschoinos. However, Kallistrata's artificial sim project changed all that: Epicharis would be the first to be massively cloned at a paramilitary scale, allowing for mutations to Epicharis's original gene sequences as to promote progress as dictated by the Church doctrine of Polemic Progressivism. With that, Kallistrata's intention was for Epicharis to form a half an Enomotia, striking not at Bridgeport but rather the unwary town of Starlight Shores, taking it into the Ecclesiarchal sphere of influence, while Kallistrata herself works on other Deutarchontes specializing in a specific art, leading to the creation of Helle Mechanepoieta and Attalos Nomadonarchos, specializing in engineering and mobile warfare respectively.

Kallistrata summons the two newer Deutarchontes.

Then Kallistrata decides to use from her massive pool of Lifetime happiness (by then, Kallistrata had stored around 190k) to buy a lamp: Kallistrata wished to have a Genie as a Deutarchon, especially since the Genie is an Arab folklore element, which would strengthen the Greek ties with the likes of Al-Dar, as well as the more moderate Arabic sides. However, when Kallistrata rubbed the lamp, Kallistrata did not get a typical Genie: it was female with a non-Arabic name. In fact, the Genie in the lamp was as far away from a genie that Kallistrata had expected to meet.

Kallistrata: Genie, Y U NO ARABIC?

Kallistrata ran the personality scan and found the Genie at the state unfitting to serve as Deutarchon. However, Kallistrata found the Genie useful, since Kallistrata wished to emulate the Genie powers. In fact, at her commendations, Kallisto was led to get her own lamp, hoping for an Arabic genie. Even if that is not the case, Kallistrata still could salvage the genies, and result in Kallistrata (et al.) ascending to even more power.

Egyptian Turmoil[edit | edit source]

Given the setting, Ayham's refuge status in Sunset Valley meant one thing: a state of revolution in Egypt. As Stratonike began to draw out a layout for a Greek apoikia at China, Kallistrata also had sights on Egypt, most notably on Alexandreia, which was left in ruins in the Egyptian Civil War in which the government fought against those who were usually similar to the Al-Dar (although some were of other ideological standings, such as anarchism, socialism, etc.). Kallistrata also had her eyes on the site of Rhakotis as well, as Kallistrata had in mind a standing Greek (and other pro-Ecclesiarchal ethnic) minority in the Arab world to further secure Ecclesiarchal hegemony. Of course, the Greek population that made the core of the new Papal state was small at best: so Kallistrata wished to supplement that with the pro-Ecclesiarchal Asians of the third timeline: they did get the Kang family, which was then the patriarchal family of the Korean segment, to settle in the second timeline Hekatonschoinos: Kallistrata had in mind an influx of Greek and Asian population, as well as to foster a mix of the locals to integrate the seemingly foreign culture with the natives there.

Kallistrata refused to neglect on getting to establish an apoikia in Egypt either: Kallistrata actively supplied the rebels and the governmental forces from behind, and sooner or later got the Papal State to sponsor a cease-fire between the said factions. Although the most radical of the fundamentalists and the nativists had problems with the Ecclesiarchy's acquisition of development rights at both the old site of Rhakotis (which was the Egyptian quarter of the said Alexandreia) and the ruins of Alexandreia, the Al-Dar sooner or later came in to the scene showing support for the Papal State, squelching the opposition with ease, and Kallistrata immediately started the construction of Alexandreia.

March of Million[edit | edit source]

It was Kallistrata who started the idea of Ecclesiarchal mercantilism, and Kallistrata kept the momentum high, demonstrating the mercantilist momentum by raising almost a million simoleon in a single run. The shock and awe associated with such an enormous sale rattled the Hekatonschoinos community, as well as Kallisto herself. On the other hand, many families, including the Kang family, were on financial support given the unwise spending, a lack of incentive for job progression, and huge bills associated with relatively lavish lifestyles. Kallisto had subsidized the people, but now seriously considered an expansion of Hekatonschoinos, specifically to cater to the lower-class people: Kallisto and Kallistrata had undertaken the Ptochoi project on the Persis road on the Lower Nome, but that wasn't enough. Given the lack of affordable housing, Kallistrata had in mind another renovation...

Enter a New Frontier[edit | edit source]

A byproduct of the time warping technology that the Ecclesiarchy possessed, Kallistrata had an alternate world version of herself in the name of Kallistrata Neapolita, alongside the nearly identical counterpart to Hyperion. Settling in the southeastern side of Willow Creek, they had become initially monklike, preferring the presence of each other to the townsfolk out there, effectively replicating the Alkmaionid policy when they first entered the Time Paradox storyline.

However, this isolationist and academic policy couldn't last long given Hyperion's career choice of Secret Agent, meaning socializing with the townsfolk was necessary. In the process of socialization largely geared towards having Hyperion promoted, Kallistrata herself also met up with several people. Kallistrata's first contact with the outsiders began with the visit to the gym, where Kallistrata would meet with several people like Don Lothario, Malcolm Landgraab, Eliza Pancakes, Marlon Langley, and Kendall Sexton, of which only the last 2 would remain contact with the Hellenis.

This initial encounters with the foreigners would further expand, making room for more xenoi such as Shauna Person, who would eventually become Kallistrata's first good xenos friend and thus an eligible candidate for proxene title. While Marlon and Kendall found Hyperion the guy to associate with (after all, Hyperion needed the friendship), Shauna was closer to Kallistrata than she was to Hyperion, although Shauna was a friend of Hyperion nonetheless. The wondrously skilled Greeks doing feats like launching rockets into space gathered a lot of attention, and eventually, sims outside the original Willow Creek started to flock towards the Greeks. One such outsider, named Jeanette Dupree, would become a houseguest.

List of Games created as Kallistrata Neapolita[edit | edit source]

  • Platon and Turing's Gay Voyage (Mobile App)
  • Ideological Clash at Praian (Video Game)
  • Greek Fist of Homosexuality (Grc: Πυγμή Ἑλληνικη της Παιδεραστιας/Pygme Hellenike tes Paiderastias) (Video Game)
  • Greek Fist of Homosexuality Ph (Video Game)
  • Tosei no Ken: Achilles' Wrath (Grc: Πυγμή της Παιδεραστιας: Ὀργη του Αχιλλέως/Pygme tes Paiderastias: Orge tou Achilleos) (Mobile App)
  • Dosei no Ken: CWC's Downfall (Mobile App)
  • Dongseongaeui Gwun (KOR: 동성애의 권): Birth of Korean LGBT Rights (Mobile App)
  • Tóngxìngliàn quán (Hant: 同性戀拳) (Mobile App)
  • Unrivalled Fist of Greece (Video Game)
  • Oscar Wilde's Fabulous Ascent (Mobile App)
  • Unrivalled Fist of Greece 2 (Video Game)
  • Unrivalled Fist of Greece 3 (Video Game)
  • Hellas: Total War (Video Game)
  • Euangelion tou Phaidrou (Grc: εὐαγγέλιον του Φαιδρου)

Skillset[edit | edit source]

As the original Kallistrata Pellaia[edit | edit source]

Image Skill Level
Advanced Technology skill icon.png Advanced Technology 8
Alchemy skill icon.png Alchemy 10
Professional Sports career icon.png Athletic 10
Bass skill icon.png Bass 0
Bot Building skill icon.png Bot Building 10
Charisma skill icon.png Charisma 3
Culinary career icon.png Cooking 10
Drums skill icon.png Drums 0
Fishing skill icon.png Fishing 10
Gardening skill icon.png Gardening 10
Guitar skill icon.png Guitar 0
Handiness skill icon.png Handiness 10
Icon invent cog bulb.png Inventing 10
Logic skill icon.png Logic 10
Martial Arts skill icon.png Martial Arts 10
Mixology skill icon.png Mixology 10
Nectar Making skill icon.png Nectar Making 10
Painting skill icon.png Painting 10
Skill photo photography camera.png Photography 0
Piano skill icon.png Piano 0
Riding skill icon.png Riding 10
Science skill icon.png Science 10
Sculpting skill icon.png Sculpting 10
Writing skill icon.png Writing 10

As Kallistrata Neapolita[edit | edit source]

Image Skill Level
Skill TS4 Charisma.png Charisma 5
Skill TS4 Comedy.png Comedy 5
Skill TS4 Cooking.png Cooking 10
Skill TS4 Creative.png Creativity 8
Skill TS4 Fitness.png Fitness 7
Skill TS4 Handiness.png Handiness 10
Skill TS4 Logic.png Logic 7
Skill TS4 Mischief.png Mischief 3
Skill TS4 Mixology.png Mixology 1
Skill TS4 Programming.png Programming 10
Skill TS4 Rocket Science.png Rocket Science 8
Skill TS4 Video Gaming.png Video Gaming 10

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kallistrata here is a sim depiction of my first original character, which has its limitation. As an original character, Kallistrata is a full android with the biological-looking arm on the right and mechanical-looking arm on the left. Also, Kallistrata has no chest region at all. The OC Kallistrata is not a genius, although Kallistrata does maintain a facade of it given high data-processing skill and more so due to Kallistrata's ability to learn and adapt.
  • Kallistrata's log states that the type of food that Kallistrata had prepared the most was the Ambrosia.
  • Kallistrata's sales reach nearly 2 million simoleons, and the log records more than 1.7 million simoleons in nectar sale. However, the most noted product, the Inflammatory Rejuvenation Nectar is of Kallisto's design, not Kallistrata's.
  • Kallistrata is the only sim in my Sims 3 play history to have ever completed the Flavorful Feet, and the first one to have completed the Skill Professor Challenge, later to be completed by Kallisto and Hypatia as well.
  • Kallistrata's now almost completely flat-chested, along with just about every member of the Union of the Insane! Celebrate! YAAAAAAY!!!!
  • However, given that mods were required to do this and the limitation on minimum breast size on Sims 4, Kallistrata as Kallistrata Neapolita doesn't sport glorious flat chest, although she still sports minimal size. Thanks to the Breast Augmentation mod, Kallistrata as Kallistrata Neapolita finally sports the flat chest that is an essential part of her character!
  • Like Lysistrata, Kallistrata can also be transliterated Kallistrate, although like Lysistrata the -a ending is of better use since Pella had been of Macedonia, predominantly influenced by Doric and later using Koine Greek. (It does beg the argument of the current time period, but then, Koine Greek and Attic Greek (of which the latter was according to Toynbee made official by Phillipos II, although Koine was the language of choice by the time of the Successor Kingdoms) is favored by the Big 6 due to the presence of Eurydike and Stratonike)
  • Under the Sims 3 Kinsey Scale, Kallistrata rates -100 in affinity level for both sexes, set that way as a setting. This is shared with Kallisto, while Hypatia, Eurydike, Stratonike, and Lysistrata share a lower absolute value in the same direction. Now the Kinsey scale rating has gone up to -50000, and it became standard for all of the Big 6.
  • Kallistrata was the only Fanon Sim to link to WooHooium , and one of the 3 pages that does link to WooHooium. However, the addition of Gwendoline Dee has broken this title.
  • While Kallistrata has a negative view of romantic relationship based on heterosexuality which can be partially attributed to the Ecclesiarchy's understanding of Platon's Phaidros, Kallistrata is much more favorable towards (particularly male) homosexuality. However, Kallistrata (and the other members of the Big 6 for that matter) has a rather distorted understanding of modern homosexuality, as Kallistrata's imagery is derived from part more humorous gay shippings, similar to say Taric x Ezreal and part Ancient Greek pederasty and part the said understanding of Platon's text.
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