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Kallisto Syrakosia
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'The Technician of the Beauty 4, Kallisto has demonstrated greatest mechanics in Sunset Valley. Kallisto's affinity for the color Turquoise is so great that even the hair and eyes bear that color. Having the intellect, Kallisto wishes to pursue the task completed by Stratonike, and take it a step further. However, Kallisto horribly lacks in social fields, some saying that Kallisto was overcompensated for that with natural talent for machines. However, Kallisto would be destined for much more, with more like-minded Greeks pouring in as well as a temporary guidance by Hypatia, Kallisto forged a path like none other to create the Papal State.'
Name Kallisto Syrakosia
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Genie icon.png Genie
Education and Employment
Alma Mater Schole Paidiske Syrakouson
Business career icon.png Power Broker
Parents None
Sibling(s) None
Romances None
Child(ren) Lilian SyrakosiaAdopted daughter, Stephanophoros Syrakosios (Simbot) Son, Antigone Syrakosia daughter, Esomena ProtogenaAdopted daughter
Pets Boukephalos Syrakosios
Trait Insane small.png Insane
Trait Genius small.png Genius
Trait Computer Whiz small.png Computer Whiz
Trait Eccentric small.png Eccentric
Trait Loner small.png Loner
Trait Handy small.png Handy
Hidden traits
Trait.png Genie
Trait Immune to Fire small.png Immune to Fire
Zodiac sign PiscesLN.png Pisces
Lifetime wish
LTW Monster Maker.png Monster Maker
Fav Custom.png Custom
Fav Stir-Fry.png Stir-Fry
Fav Turquoise.png Turquoise
Hair color Eye-custom.png Cyan
Eye color Eye-custom.png Cyan
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
5 stars
Social group
Nerd social group.png Nerd
Other Information
Game Showtime
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Heptanomis
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Because You don't need to WooHoo to have legions of offsprings. Sick of long stuff? Get to the core right here at Spar... no, not Sparte.

Kallisto Syrakosia (alias Callisto of Syracuse), Born 3rd of March of 1928 on Syracuse, is the founding member of the Union of the Insane (and later on, the Ecclesiarchy and the Papal State) following the feud between Hypatia and Demetria involving the Scholars' Alliance's official position on Christopher Steel. Kallisto mastered Handiness, Logic, Mixology, Nectar Making, Painting, Cooking, Fishing, Gardening, Inventing, Sculpting, Athletic skill, Writing, Alchemy, and Riding with an additional 1 point in Guitar and 3 points in Charisma[1]. Not surprisingly, Kallisto belongs to the superelite segment of society, although her volatility and unpredictableness causes some stir in the neighborhood. Kallisto is the de facto main character ever since the Beauty 4 arc, even when Hypatia usurped that role temporarily in the late times of the first time warp. Kallisto is of blood type B, and all clones, including Kallistrata and Antigone shares this blood type. Kallisto will work as a Power Broker when starting a game on the said neighborhood (which needs updates), and earns a whopping 2524§ per hour.

Although rumors regarding Kallisto as a psyker actually existed before Kallisto's conscious awareness of her potential, Kallisto is now an effective psyker, specializing in conjuration, such as cloning of items and creating ambient effects. Kallisto has engaged in works involving enhancing both Sims and Pets, successfully imbuing Boukephalos with Unicorn abilities, and has given normal sims unusual looks, such as her disciple Esomena.

Kallisto can also refer to any of her "true" clones, truly identical in traits, looks, and has nearly similar skillsets. Clones in the fanon however will be named Kallisto-# (e.g. Kallisto-1) to differentiate from the true Kallisto. That has grown obsolete, probably before Antigone made her way into Bridgeport.

Kallisto has grown in ambition ever since Hypatia's institutionalization of academic monasticism that Stratonike first established, and Kallisto has an extremely impressive resume, having experience in multiple careers: Kallisto worked as an inventor, a director, and now is not only the Pope of the new Papal State, but also the commander of the wealthy enterprise at its capital Hekatonschoinos, although Kallistrata often assumes command in terms of actual production. Kallisto's ambition largely stems from the turbulent ends of households that she was a part of, starting from the Great Schism involving Hypatia and Demetria caused by Christopher Steel's Cassanova maneuvers, leading Kallisto to develop the notion that romance is the root of strifes.

Kallisto now bears the title Hegemon kai Soter Ekklesias Panhellenon, Enantios Erotos Dikephoros Akademias, Diakonos Alexandrou kai Nikesas Barbaron, meaning The Leader and Savior of the Ekklesia of all Greeks, Enemy of Love and Avenger of the Academia, Servant of Alexandros and Conqueror of Barbarians, using the male inflections since it's... cool.

Life before Politics[edit | edit source]

The Genesis of the Beauty 4[edit | edit source]

"Those poor in wealth or fame may still learn skills. No, the poor are blessed that way: they are not trapped by the draw of luxury."

Kallisto, having the loner trait, initially disapproved of the Beauty 4's general direction of becoming virtual superstars, responding to the general affinity for parties and socialization by staying put upstairs, complete with tools to carry out the needed activities. As her social interactions with housemates were limited, Kallisto barely maintained friendships with the housemates, while successfully mastering the invention skills (and handiness skills) necessary to build a Simbot. However, the new problem involved the acquisition of a Pink Diamond: Kallisto therefore had to give in to the general Beauty 4's direction, and even Kallisto who liked to stay put had to capitulate due to her need and thus Kallisto accompanied the others to China, taking what little comfort being forced into sharing a camp with foreigners in the fact that Stratonike did the same thing for the same reason. In fact, Kallisto before she had been given the assignment to obtain a pink diamond expected the materials to be readily available at home, to the point where Kallisto vehemently refused any of Demetria's nagging for a group trip.

Demetria: Come on, loner girl! This is not a bachelorette group for no reason, and you do know that it is the group's collective money that we are living off here.

Kallisto: No. For crying out loud, I'm supposed to be forever alone and be proud about it.

Demetria: Jeez. Why are you so devoid of fun?

Kallisto: Forever alone.

-Later after the pink diamond quest is given-

Demetria: Kallisto, no man's an island and you are not going to be an island either while your friends are here!

Kallisto: Fine, fine. You are as persistent as a... whatever. But then I insist that we first go to China.

Demetria: Whatever. But you better be ready for trips elsewhere.

Kallisto: Let us get on with it already.

At China, it was only apparent that Demetria would go tomb raiding while Kallisto and Thessalonike would go to the Academy (Kallisto chose the book path first, however). Kallisto found the entire ordeal quite overrated, but Kallisto pushed onward only because of the Simbot dream that she had. Kallisto had no intention of going to China again, and ensured that equipments were purchased to make the task easier much to Thessalonike's joy. Having gotten the materials, Kallisto eventually built her first batch of simbots, starting with Briseis, followed by Eurylochos, Selene and Hieron in that order. As a part of the deal with Demetria, Kallisto also accompanied Demetria et al. to France. Kallisto had no intention of idly wasting time, and immediately proceeded to learn Nectar Learning simply because Kallisto thought it was rad (well, over the more popular thing to do in France, such as romance or adventures or art). Kallisto also felt that because the Simbots were relatively new that they lacked a proper political force, sending her simbots out as an independent group in Sunset Valley to occupy the former Crumplebottom residence (by then, most of the first generation had died out, including the Alkmaionids, the reason why Eurydike's role was minor until the second time warp)

Under Hypatia[edit | edit source]

"Fear not the skilled, for one may lead the untrained to enlightenment."

Hypatia's even more meteoric rise and her establishment of the position as the most skilled Sim in the story has successfully led Hypatia to subjugate the Beauty 4. The "upstart" caused no immediate disorder among the Beauty 4: on the contrary, Kallisto, who would have been the least comfortable, finds herself quite fond of Hypatia, with whom she shares the Genius and Computer Whiz trait, which is furthered by Hypatia's mastery of Gardening that would supply Kallisto with the grapes that Kallisto loved to consume (and convert into nectar) for fun. By then Hypatia has renamed the group the Scholars' Alliance, which ended up being somewhat of a misnomer as Demetria and Thessalonike's field of mastery weren't viewed traditionally as scholarly, although even that is negated by their grasp of logic, level 7 and 5 respectively. Under this jolly alliance further enhanced by the transfer of Stratonike from the Attalids, it was here where Kallisto took the full advantage of tinkering, and traveled in time much more often to a point where Kallisto had won her first ancestor-turned daughter Lilian. (Thessalonike followed suit, and gained Salina) Things were very jolly here, at least for Kallisto due to Hypatia's approval of the intellectual pursuits and Hypatia's more homely nature that inhibited the household from hosting many parties as it had done under Demetria's leadership.

The Second Time Warp[edit | edit source]

"It is better to live by yourself and get skills than to live for yourself Woohooing others."

Kallisto and Lysistrata lightening up with a pillow fight.

However, the initial peace and prosperity that was in the Scholars' Alliance, now at its apex, began to crumble with the Second Time Warp: The Alkmaionids once again reestablish their position in the neighborhood at the exact same spot that they were once on (In the first Time Warp, they perished to age), taking Lysistrata of Amphipolis into their custody who developed as a fine logician and medical practitioner. Eventually, the time warp places the Scholars' Alliance, complete with Lilian and Salina (Thessalonike's Ancestor-turned-daughter) into the neighborhood, once again becoming the elites of the neighborhood. Nick Alto, who paid a visit to the Scholars' Alliance and realizing the potential for ruination should he get on the wrong side of these elites, decided that the best thing to do to prepare for a potential hostilities with demagogues (Nick, who was an vampire then, discovered Thessalonike's position as a Legend of Sports) is to end his hostilities (suggested by Vita) with the Landgraabs. Nick also encouraged his daughter Holly Alto to make an positive first impression on them just in case, and Holly ended up becoming Kallisto's friend, creating a potential issue with Bebe as some speculate that it was Kallisto's influence that led to Holly's insanity later on. However, while this was happening, a schism occurred when Christopher Steel became the potential epicenter of a disaster by becoming Achaia's girlfriend while capturing the attention of Hypatia alongside that of Jamie Jolina and Ayesha Ansari, leading to a feud between Hypatia and Demetria, latter supporting Achaia's claim to Christopher Steel even when Christopher was in a better position with Hypatia. Although the neighborhood was largely apathetic or oblivious to the clash between the stars, Kallisto caused a stir alongside Stratonike by seceding from the Scholars' Alliance, forming the Union of the Insane, inviting Eurydike and Lysistrata, both also insane. However, it only took days before Kallisto asked Hypatia to move in, which separated Hypatia from Demetria, while keeping Hypatia occupied to lead to any more development with Christopher Steel, although Hypatia also was in another relationship with Gobias Koffi due to their careers.

From there however Kallisto started to buy up real estate, and drawn by the additional revenue generated by the said estates, grew addicted to the territorial control, and eventually became imperialistic. It was from there Kallisto planned to expand their control beyond Sunset Valley.

Invasion of Bridgeport[edit | edit source]

"Do you not think it a matter worthy of lamentation that when there is such a vast multitude of worlds, we have not yet conquered one?" Megas Alexandros

"Know the heretic. Know his ways. Make him repent, one way or another."

"Faith without deed is no faith."

Having made a name for herself at Sunset Valley and now having taken control of most of the real estates, Kallisto soon set eyes on the rich lively city of Bridgeport. However, since Kallisto, alongside her fellow Union of the Insane members had to keep watch over Sunset Valley to control hostile factors such as Christopher Steel, Kallisto takes her insanity a step further, creating 3 identical clones (Kallisto-1, Kallisto-2, and Kallisto-3 respectively) and dispatched them to Bridgeport to establish a forward base of operations for future domination of Bridgeport. As clones, the clones received all the celebrity perks that Kallisto enjoyed, and soon started by infiltrating the working class, slipping in the Culinary branch, the Law Enforcement branch and the Science branch. The established celebrities of Bridgeport however did not take notice, since they were either too decadent in their partying life or had enemies of their own to deal with.

Romance Heresy[edit | edit source]

"Heresy grows from Romance."

However, the nearly monastic life of the Union of the Insane starts to take a toll on its constituents even when considering their general tendency to avoid social interaction and in many cases, less so towards romance. However, the flurry of romances that would come soon would shock Kallisto to no end: When Kallistrata moved in right next door, things started to unravel: Kallistrata observed Stratonike and Eurydike engaging in not-so-friendly conversation that ended their friendship, while Kallisto herself broke the monotony by arguing with Stephanophoros, leaving a negative relationship. Kallisto was horrified when Hypatia became Sam Sekemoto's date, especially since it was romance that smashed the unity of the Scholars' Alliance. Kallisto was shocked even more, when the others followed suit, Antigone getting Malcolm Landgraab, Stratonike getting Artie Page, and Lysistrata Leighton Sekemoto. Soon, this chain of romance was soon followed by what appears to be rivalry and perhaps some trash talking, leading to a scarred household that culminates with the secession of Lysistrata and Stratonike. Curiously, Kallisto was able to get Kallistrata to join the household, despite the fact that Kallistrata was a lot closer to Kleisthenes and Lysistrata (although Lysistrata was probably loyal to Kallisto)

Kallisto would later establish the codex, adding the article explicitly stating "Heresy grows from romances: a moment of laxity towards romance will generate chaos, and a lifetime of turmoil."

The meeting regarding the enactment of the codex.

The codex, although it was good and it specifically made it possible for more devoted members to restrain the lesser members by enacting a meritocratic system, where decisions could be made if you had a coalition of allies with a set of skills large enough to have the majority. Obviously, it gave Hypatia, Kallisto and Kallistrata a great deal of clout, seeing as they were the 120ers, or those who had 120+ points in skills. What Hypatia didn't see was that Kallisto's intent was to use that to smash down Hypatia should Hypatia want to see Sam Sekemoto for romantic reasons, which would be easy since Kallistrata worked pretty much the same way as Kallisto did. Kallisto's objective was to destroy romance: Kallisto genuinely believed romance caused only grief, strife, and division, and with Kallistrata, planned to launch an inquisition, dragging Hypatia's simbot Epaphroditos, who wanted to be a super spy, to it by bribing him with training, as Epaphroditos was only a disciple according to the accepted definition of a core member in the codex established by the council.

Second Academic Reformation[edit | edit source]

"A moment of laxity towards romance will spawn a lifetime of heresy."

After the enactment of the codex, Kallisto went on with the reformation of the household, starting with the structure itself. Kallisto tore down the old building, erecting a new one to better adhere to the ideals set by the codex. With the reformation of the structure came the reformation in organization: Kallisto took the role of the Chaplain, preaching the word to the members starting every Sunday. Kallisto on the inside lamented that the reformation is somewhat too late, since Kallisto already mastered so many skills that only things left are to master the Writing, and tackle Charisma and music instruments.

The barrack-life was pleasing to most: they have not lost luxury of having high-quality food, yet they were focused on mastering skills above all other, since learning skills and mastering them were the ways of worshipping the personalized deity as written in the codex. Kallisto was also pushing towards reuniting the former members, particularly Stratonike, since the former members were quite above the sim average, especially Stratonike who was the most skilled sim outside the Union influence, and pushed for Hypatia to aggressively move on beyond Détente and actually reestablishing friendship, and thus Kallistrata hosted toe party, inviting the individual who disgusts and is disgusted by Hypatia the most: Christopher Steel, and despite the negativity, Hypatia and Christopher Steel started to thaw some more, and Stratonike took a neutral view of Hypatia, while starting to take a slightly positive attitude towards Kallistrata. Demetria also linked up with the children, and Kallisto deemed this as a potential for reunion and of course, converts.

Kallisto giving her first sermon.

Even Kallisto had to accept the fact that the Meris Sophiston would need to use parties (of course, the concept of party in the Meris Sophiston were more in alignment with the games of Classical societies than to contemporary parties), not because of any glory in parties but because of the pragmatic reasons to clean up after scandals, even if all of these were caused by wrongly directed accusations, to the point where even Kallisto took the effort to stabilize the slipping popularity of the Union of the Insane by hosting parties on her own discretion, which was quite contrary to her nature as a Loner.

On Sunday at 10 o'clock, Kallisto hosted the first service of the day, chanting the catechisms in advancement of learning and of course, demonizing things like Woohoo, and also admonishments to stay vigilant even when one is required to host a party for pragmatic reasons (i.e. popular dissatisfaction). "What are the ways to glorify our deity?" "To learn skills and apply them for practical use for the greater good of Simkind!" "What is the greatest blasphemy of them all?" "Uncontrolled materialism and Woohoo! The key component of the cult of Mammon!" "What shall we do with heresy!" "ATTACK WITH FIRE! Show them the light of academia!" "Who shall you honor?" "THE GOD-EMPEROR! Glory to him and his imperfect incarnations! Praise Alexandros! Praise Hannibal! Praise Turrene! And of course, Praise the Emperor!"

Spreading the faith[edit | edit source]

"Faith is purest when it is tested in the fire and flames of a heretical world."

With effort controlling her loner tendencies, Kallisto eventually overcame most of the negative opinions, leaving only Salina Thalamaia and more so Agnes Crumplebottom to be the dissidents. Having succeeded in subduing negative opinions, Kallisto prepared for the next step, to spread the faith. Kallisto's first choice was Kallistrata's former retinue, the Mathetai consisting of Immanuel Ames, Tiffany Dennis, Liam Awlaki and Shirley Anley. However, Kallisto was not too close to most of them, and thus Kallisto switched to the next potential target, her close friend Philetairos. This made sense since Philetairos was the head of the Attalid family, which the former member of the Union of the Insane, Stratonike, belongs to originally and currently.

Additionally, the Union of the Insane was quite familiar with Tiberium, and it was only a matter of time before they were able to develop seed tiberium, allowing them indefinite supply of tiberium to be processed for massive profit, not that they needed that since they already pretty much established total control of the businesses in the region. With the extra income, Kallisto decides to go with the idea of transmutations, and successfully experiments with two sets of gems, getting a huge Soulpeace and a huge Shining gem, although the latter was a financial loss, Kallisto was still satisfied with the sheer brilliance of the gem.

Kallisto had no intention of letting a powerful sim out of the influence of the Meris Sophiston, and immediately sought to reenlist Stratonike, even though Kallisto was bitter about the whole romance nonsense, especially because they left the Scholars' Alliance because of it plaguing household order. Stratonike offered to reenlist if the hardline approach to romance was reconsidered: Kallisto gives an counteroffer: Kallisto will consider amendment should Stratonike join, and Stratonike would be offered the authority to hold a meeting regarding the issue at her choosing within 2 weeks of reenlistment. Kallisto in truth had no intention of allowing romance: Kallisto does not want to risk another collapse, and this thought was shared by Kallistrata, as Kallisto didn't care about Stratonike's romance: in fact, Kallisto believed Stratonike would be happier without it. In fact, Kallisto's goal was to destroy the very thing that tore the Scholars' Union apart: Christopher Steel's womanizing, and to destroy that, Kallisto would take down the remaining vestige of it: Kallisto would tear Christopher and Achaia apart, because Kallisto believed that would make Achaia happy, as well as her belief that it would avenge the fall of Scholars' Alliance, as well as Demetria, even though Demetria and Kallisto only met with all that party (or as Kallisto would say, public entertainment) as a part of the Détente.

Long story short, Kallisto essentially created a religion hellbent on destroying romance by glorifying learning (as a distraction) just to avenge the disunities in the households that she was a part of. Kallistrata, who was insane as well, didn't see anything wrong with it. Hypatia just didn't care about the cause or effect, since Hypatia was promised power. Stratonike, despite her insanity, saw the implication, but not the cause. Kallisto was one step closer to taking the path of no return, which potentially would lead to an entire new order of things. Kallisto sums up her resolve in the codex, the 8th book consisting entirely of Kallisto's observation.

Codicil VIII-III-ii to v: "The dark voice keeps calling for the victims: when it clutches one: the victim feels euphoric, only to find that it was meaningless, only to see the ruins of the household left by the madness of romance. iii ) I am no stranger to deaths of households: Scholars' Alliance was my home: but when the foul corruption of romance had a grip on that forsaken house, I did not hesistate to establish a new household in time of need: by my hand my beloved household declined. iv): Scholars' Alliance's secrets lie solely within me, and so shall it dissipate with me: whether I am victorious in my crusade to destroy romance or fall trying, there will be no end to the crusade of penance. v) Such is the testimony of Kallisto Syrakosia, Chaplain of the 1st Chapter of Meris Sophiston, Defender of households, Champion of chastity, bane of illusory pleasures, and the disciple to Megas Alexandros."

The new Amphitheatron[edit | edit source]

Kallisto deemed that house parties were not enough to generate publicity needed to make public entertainment (as Kallisto viewed parties to be) effective, and proceeded to build a public place of entertainment: Kallisto started by purchasing an real estate by one of the fishing spots, and built on there an Amphitheatron: It was to be a place of entertainment, and it drew mixologists even though Kallisto originally hadn't planned on inviting mixologists. Kallisto intended to use the Amphitheatron to host games, such as sparring matches between Martial Artists (Kallisto herself was an experienced martial artist, alongside many in the household) and if conditions will it, musical performances by some foreigner, or Epaphroditos who mastered the Guitar skill.

Amphitheatron, 2nd floor

Kallisto decided to run a test party on the very day it was built, and it was a success: not only was it a success in itself, but also a diplomatic success, allowing Kallistrata and Hypatia some more contact with Stratonike and Lysistrata. It was also a success in public opinion itself: Kallisto was hounded on by paparazzi and was accused falsely (most of them based on the rumors that Kallisto was a psyker, a rumor starting from Holly Alto's madness, as some speculating that her friendship with Kallisto had something to do with it) a few times in quick succession, as well as a self-inflicted scandal where Kallisto dug up trash for scraps, but due to the effectiveness of the public entertainment at the Amphitheatron, negative opinions were checked and largely absent, asides from the remaining dissidents Agnes Crumplebottom and Salina Thalamaia.

Soon, Kallisto established the Initiate division to house the initiates to shelter them from the potential heresy of partying, since Kallisto was compelled to do it by the forces of public opinion: a scandal, even if by false accusations, swerves public opinion against the household, and Kallisto fears that misunderstanding might lead the initiates to party all weekends because of examples set by the core members, even though the core members were doing it to provide public entertainment and check public discontent, or so Kallisto says. Hypatia was sure that Kallisto was using that as an excuse to make room for Lysistrata and Stratonike, and Hypatia could do little to stop Kallisto, since neither Eurydike nor Antigone gave any concern about this. Having regained Stratonike and Lysistrata, Kallisto decided that it was time for them to give up romance, before Kallisto could deal a final strike against the heresy of romance, striking at the core of all the problems (or so Kallisto thought), Christopher Steel's romance.

Eventually, Kallisto gives a public declaration:

"Residents of Sunset Valley, take heed: For the grievious tragedies of destruction of untold number of households and the shattering of so many friendships, causing feuds among even one-time closest friends, and stealing the sanity and productive output of many, romance is now declared an enemy of Sunset Valley and Simkind, and sentenced to utter annihilation. All those who are engaged romantically are to be deemed heretics, and lack of response to call for repentence shall be deemed 7blasphemy. All faithful are to rise up and fight the evil of romance: it has absconded away from the righteous fury of many with the souls of lovers and currently plague the neighborhood.

I, Kallisto Syrakosia, Chaplain of the 1st Ecclesiarchal Collective of Alexandros and the 1st Chapter of Meris Sophiston, issue this declaration with full authority of the Synhedrion of the Church of Alexandros.

Knowledge is power, innocence beacon to the lost. Guard both well."

Success Of Mercantilism: The March of 500k[edit | edit source]

"There is no glory in money or luxury, latter only has heresy."

With the inclusion of Stratonike and Lysistrata, the Union of the Insane suddenly saw a huge explosion in revenue: Tiberium experiments were actually a loss: the experiment involving Tiberium Transfiguration was a fiasco, cutting return on investment by 1/8th. However, they had a sudden surge in income due to several factors: Lysistrata was back as the World Renowned Surgeon, although that wasn't nearly enough: it was mercantilism: Kallistrata started by investing in more nectar making devices: essentially seeking to quadruple output, while the addition of Stratonike sent the sculpting section at full run most of the time. combining all sales, salaries, tiberium, and others, the Union of the Insane suddenly saw a total profit of 500k in just 6 days, allowing them to surpass the wealth level of the Scholars' Alliance in such haste. This mercantilistic success was attributed to the Union policy, and Kallisto ensured that Stratonike and Lysistrata would be taught to fill in the gap that they had. With outstanding products, they suddenly saw themselves as uberrich. The sudden increase in nectar output also attracted the attention of the Attalids, particularly Parthenope, who was eager to establish trade agreements with Kallistrata to get her hands on the rich nectar produced by the Union of the Insane, now deemed far superior to most French products.

Kallisto, of course, had plans with that sudden influx of money: Kallisto planned to build an empire, for the Amphitheatron was just the beginning of Kallisto's grand scheme. Kallisto planned to turn the entire town upside down with new public projects, and thus mark the Golden Age of Sunset Valley by the Greeks, of the Greeks, and of course, for the Greeks (and allies).

Rise of the Papal State[edit | edit source]

It is speculated that Kallisto, yes, that Kallisto who got Holly Alto mad, has created a huge landmass for herself to live in. - Urban Legend

"'Love is a madness', as it is written in Phaidros, and it speaks of it being simply a madness where one loses his or her head. Given consequences of such things, is it not better to eliminate such things?"

Kallisto and the rest of the Union grew restless at the ever so static Sunset Valley despite their development of the town, and after deeming that it would not be fit to be the center of the Church, Kallisto eventually moves into the uninhabited Hekatonschoinos and immediately starts the development process. In fact, Kallisto has founded a city out of nowhere, and effectively made a state out of an uninhabited piece of land, and due to the landmass' size, urban legends were formed around the origins of the land: such legends claim that it was Kallisto who was the creator, causing geological movements via psychic powers to create such large piece of land for them to settle: How else would they find a huge piece of land in middle of nowhere uninhabited, they say.

With the arrival, Kallisto allowed for the establishment of dog and cat parks, despite her disdain for such animals. Kallisto more than welcomed the horse ranch, since Kallisto's plan was to adopt a unicorn for further study and more discreetly to use as a sign to get people to join the new religion poised to strike at what Kallisto believed to be the great evil: romance.

Kallisto rides Boukephalos for the first time, although Kallisto prepared early on and had a riding skill of 5.

However, when Kallisto found out that Unicorns require a sim to have several pets, Kallisto was shocked to the no end. However, Kallisto deemed the benefit of having a Unicorn greater than the extra care required to maintain the pets, and adopted a wild horse by unnatural means, and named the horse Boukephalos in honor of the horse ridden and tamed by Megas Alexandros. Kallisto already had access to another pet, thanks to Stratonike's nearly effortless taming of a blue-gold parrot Agesilaos. Kallisto now sought another pet, although Kallisto also planned on training Boukephalos: after all, what's the point of naming the horse that way if the horse isn't going to be trained to be like it?

Acquisition of the Unicorn and Aggression[edit | edit source]

"For the Emperor!"

Soon, Kallisto and Kallistrata even overrode the requirements for the Unicorn, simply telepathically adopting him without any considerations for requirements. Unicorn, despite its potential bonuses, had problems exertings its beneficial powers due to the cramped environment of the Chapter garden. Soon, Kallisto sent the first Church Agent Tessa Swanson to Appaloosa Plains to pave the road for an Inquisition. Kallisto had some reservations about the efficacy of the plan, as Kallisto knew that Tessa was an romantic on the inside, but Kallisto hoped that brain waves would suppress such amorous (and heretical) desires. Kallisto received Tessa's reports, and Kallisto decided that Antigone was not a dangerous element, although Kallisto sent orders to Tessa to keep observing Antigone.

Kallisto: ΟΥΧΙ!! Antigone's gone heretical! Stratonike: That was a week ago. New topic please? How about subjugating Bridgeport?

However, Kallisto then set her eyes on the long neglected world of Bridgeport: The Chapter deemed it unredeemable, and sooner or later gave orders to the dormant clones to forcibly occupy the city: subjugate it by quasi-military means so that the Church can then establish Katoikiai to subjugate the potentially rebellious and definitely heretical population.

This was all while Kallisto undertook more augmentations for the household sims: While Kallistrata gained the pyrokinetic abilities, Kallisto was able to fuse Boukephalos with the Unicorn power, allowing Boukephalos all the Unicorn abilities... without the horn.

War on Heresy[edit | edit source]

"Heretics and the philoi fear us alike!" Eventually, Antigone's defection and the growth of Appaloosa's pro-romance growing with Achaia's alliance with Antigone which was furthered by the addition of Honey Darnell to the pro-romance group, has led Kallisto to further encourage push on with the evangelical and militaristic machine of the Church: Kallisto was pressured to condone marriage for many reasons, one of them to bolster relationship with Thessalonike, the active master martial artist who is a regular (alongside the Attalids and the Klerouchoi) to the Palaistra Stratiotike. Kallisto refrained sending the Swansons again to Appaloosa Plains, since Kallisto deemed them too vulnerable to the allure of romance/heresy. Kallisto would need a less romantic kataskopos to pave the way for actual occupation and the removal of pro-romance forces, thus Kallisto wanted to further consolidate training before sending agents to subvert the population against romance.

In hopes of gathering more agents for the cause, Kallisto further encouraged immigration to the region, further expanding the Klerouchoi program, while making contracts with other powerful families, such as the subjugated Altos and Landgraabs back at Sunset Valley. Kallisto's program also attracted unaffiliated families as well, such as the Combat Butlers and the Rich Girls family, and they ended up looking up to the Greeks in awe (despite the fact that the older butler Herakleitos Massaliotes was one himself)

Third Timeline and opportunities[edit | edit source]

The time traveling had been a fad with the Hekatonschoinos chapter, and while Kallisto time traveled, Kallisto landed upon an alternate timeline: one where there is no Church, but rather an East Asian dominated dystopia where ethnic hostilies developed into outright territorial disputes. Kallisto found that scenario quite interesting: Kallisto deemed it an excellent environment, and made plans to contain it as well as to benefit from it by turning it into a laboratory setting, somewhat similar to the Europeans in the African Slave Trade, where the Church would provide funds and other amenities to the conflicting groups, which was in line with the Church philosophy of polemic progressivism.

Of course, a separate timeline also meant a new world to conquer, a prospect that thrilled Kallisto, since the lack of organized opposition not only granted Kallisto local superiority of force, but also a new training ground to overwhelm the opposition in Kallisto's timeline. As such, Kallistrata happily cloned herself and deployed in the alternate Sunset Valley, Eager to subjugate it, and more so turning it into a breeding ground for Church forces. As the Church did not exist then, Kallistrata's modified clone, Arete, did not possess any of the celebrity status that would normally be attached to any Church members, and for practical reasons, Arete's anonymity was a good thing initially, since a public scrutiny would do no good when Arete suddenly expands her claim on the alternate Sunset Valley: the preexisting "noble" families, the Kim and the Okazaki, were supposed to be claiming it for the glory of their faction, but in reality, the Kim family and the Okazaki family did not give any concerns to the larger ethnic conflict: for one, the Kim family was too much of a partying (and quite incompetent in paralegal politics) family not unlike the Attalids, and the Okazakis were too unconcerned about the outside opinions. Arete would nevertheless remain on the third timeline, and would not be contacted by the Big 6 for quite some time.

Kallisto would later on tread on the third timeline herself, throwing herself right in the middle of the 3 clashing Asian factions. Kallisto then befriended a likeminded Eun Jin Choi, who conveniently was a Philhellene always interested in the Greeks, a precedent established by her friendship with Herakleitos Massaliotes, who was a butler in the Japanese main household. Such was the bond, to the point where Kallisto was able to persuade Eun Jin's father Bong Jun, and more so make a vassal of sorts inside the Korean ranks, something that will be critical, once Hekatonschoinos gets renovated (since Hekatonschoinos is a time-anchor, independent of time and thus landscapes will be changed according to Kallisto's latest designs)

Rise of the Puppet Master and Antigone's Defeat[edit | edit source]

"You cannot contend with the will of Alexandros!"

Kallisto alongside Kallistrata had been secretly pulling strings with the Swanson girls, having influenced them (and in the introduction of Nicole's case, downright mind controlling her) ever since Tessa was introduced to the Church. Kallisto actually handpicked Tessa, knowing about the Swanson family and the girls' romantic nature in the successful bid to throw the pro-romance faction in Appaloosa Plains off guard. In fact, Kallisto specifically took control of Rachel and staged the rushed marriage between her and Aneirin and "risked" them into a potential recruits to the heretic cause, and also compelled Tessa into falsely defecting to the romantic cause by telling them of her plan to plant a clone, which was also a falsehood in the first place. Having taken Antigone and Achaia off guard, Kallisto and Kallistrata personally took control of Tessa and Nicole respectively, deploying them back into Appaloosa Plains, and after firmly securing Church hold over Rachel's mind beyond a point of contesting, apprehend both Achaia and Antigone and crushing Antigone's populist branch.

Kallisto and Aneirin negotiating.

In exerting control on Rachel's mind, Kallisto would inevitably draw the ire of Aneirin, no matter how feeble he may be at the state. Aneirin however as a vampire sensed Kallisto's massive psychic emanations, and decided that a direct confrontation would lead to his doom. Despite his disapproval of Kallisto using his wife in a maneuver to capture the heretics, Aneirin was more than willing to cooperate once Kallisto offered to provide means to take down Cocolitanos. Aneirin demanded that he be allowed to challenge Kallisto whenever he wished, and Kallisto accepted his demands, and Aneirin did nothing to reveal the problem within the Swanson girls, and definitely withheld any information from Louis, Rachel's brother and Tessa and Nicole's cousin.

Having captured both Achaia and Antigone, Kallisto detained them in Hekatonschoinos although not specifically ordering a house arrest, believing them to be a great threat to the loyalties of the disciples.

Sunset Valley Operations[edit | edit source]

Kallisto decided to pay a visit to Sunset Valley: after all, if Cycl0n3's report regarding the visit ended up false, the mass trust in the media would drop. And as such, Kallisto et al. gave a visit to the said neighborhood, and Kallisto then moved into the former residence of Kallistrata before her acceptance to the Church. Having set up there, Kallisto was contacted by the restaurant about the prospect of raising cheese plants. Kallisto personally did not care, until Kallistrata informed Kallisto of the Omni Plant: Kallisto chose to do it hands off: Kallistrata would handle the situation on her own, and Kallistrata was already at it cultivating the nasty but necessary cheese that would bring them a step closer to Omni Plant.

As for Kallisto herself, Kallisto was surprisingly minimalist in Sunset Valley, much in contrast to her iron fist in Hekatonschoinos. Kallisto believed that Hypatia and the Sunset Valley Chapter should have the executive domain simply because of the pragmatic reason that Kallisto attempting to make orders would make the Church be viewed as a force of a tyrant and reverse the sudden and much needed popular support for the Church. However, Esomena almost ruined Kallisto's entire scheme when Esomena's prom episode ended up in a romantic relationship between her and Bradley Conners, of the Conners family that had always been a loyal ally of the Church. Kallisto however was not aware of this for the most part, until Bradley asked Stratonike for permission to date Esomena, and when Stratonike relayed that information to Kallisto.

Kallisto is not amused by the news of romance between Bradley and Esomena.

Kallisto was not willing to cede to romance: it tore apart the Union a few times and it tore the Scholars' Alliance apart: no more repetition of history, Kallisto demanded. Accordingly, Kallisto disciplines Esomena alongside likeminded core members (save Chrysanthema, who was working). However, Kallisto did not push it too far to prevent alienation of Esomena, and quickly taught her driving to coax Esomena. That tactic in hindsight was effective: Esomena ended up breaking up with Bradley much to Kallisto's delight, but it posed a new problem: What if Bradley reports this happening to the Conners family at large? Will it turn Conners family against the Church, and more so, will the Conners family portray this protectionism in negative light? Fortunately, that question need not be answered thanks to the works of Stratonike, who succeeded in coaxing Bradley and fostering a platonic bond between him and Esomena for benefit of all.

Having experimented on the Omni Plant, Kallisto deemed it a good time to get out of Sunset Valley, taking with her the entirety of the Big 6 after seeing all the 3 disciples growing up to be successful Young Adults. The 3 Disciples of Kallisto, Kallistrata and Stratonike; Esomena, Chrysanthema, and Pyrrha respectively were left in charge of Sunset Valley while the Big 6 would go nomad out of the radar of the celebrity culture. Kallisto decided to get some land for Al-Dar's mosque project, which led to the ultranationalist Patriot Party that openly declared hostility to the Church, portraying it as the collaborator to the invaders the Muslims who are supposedly threatening the freedom of the Sim Nation.

The Gauntlet of Hekatonschoinos[edit | edit source]

"Blast this quandary... I want that capital world established in Megas Alexandros' name!"

Having made the visit, Kallisto decided rather than to go nomadic, Kallisto decided to make use of Hekatonschoinos once more; despite the fact that her presence led to massive time slowdowns, Kallisto decided to deploy geokinetic powers to fix up Hekatonschoinos to stop the time slowdowns, believing it to be an imperfect shape that causes errors with her efforts at using Hekatonschoinos as an anchor to all timelines. Although Kallisto had solved many problems, Kallisto failed to completely snuff out the problem, and as such Kallisto decides to surf the web harder to see where the things need finetuning.

Kallisto and Kallistrata celebrates: "ΛΑΑΓΟΟΟΟΟΟΟΟΟΟΙ! ΖΗΤΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ"

However, Kallisto is quite proud of the accomplishment, and decides to take it easy otherwise, celebrating with Kallistrata Freezer Bunny Ice Cream, their favorite treat. To ease the process of reshaping, Kallisto temporarily suspended the Klerouchiai system, offering funds for the participants to seek residence somewhere else temporarily until the redevelopment is finished. And so, the Klerouchoi (the Kagawa family never returned, but new ones were added, such as the Mathetai Mouson in which Esomena was and is a part of and the Aphrikanoi consisting of 3 Aithiopians (one fully Hellenized due to his Kyrenian birth) and 1 Karchedonian) were mostly resettled in Sunset Valley, although the Mathetai Mouson decided to go to Bridgeport rather than to visit the already Church-occupied Sunset Valley.

Strategic Weaponries[edit | edit source]

"Weapon of cleansing. This shall be the first step to a shift in power."

Soon, Kallisto obtained several tools, and found several error-causing elements of Hekatonschoinos, leaving it in a significantly better shape. Having finally polished Hekatonschoinos into a proper state, Kallisto soon focused on ways to combat the heretics, and Kallisto did that by developing a strategic weaponry, namely the orbital bombardment. Having the knowledge of Simbots, Kallisto managed to make a semi-smart bomb of sorts, first propelled outside the atmosphere by psychic means (Kallisto was after all, a psyker, hence nullifying a need to make huge launch pads) then guided to the target area via robotic methods. Having developed the weaponry, Kallisto ran a test on several empty regions of Hekatonschoinos, and found it quite satisfying. Having made the weaponry, Kallisto then decided to bear guns against Bridgeport, making plans to terrorize the population into turning Bridgeport into a subject city.

Kallisto's test trial of her new strategic weapon.

Having run the trial, Kallisto started from there to continually harass Bridgeport, starting with a continual bombardment just few days after Demetria's subjugation of uncooperative sims such as Tom Wordy. The bombardment was very widespread yet concentrated, focused on the key celebrity zones such as the filming grounds and the homes of non-Greek celebrities, as well as the assault on the Business and Restaurant tower. After a day's worth of bombardment, Kallisto continued the assault the next day, bombarding the Angelista and the Old and New Glam households that were not touched the previous day (when the Big Bling, Hamming, Belle, and the Striker households were bombarded). Although Bridgeport citizens initially believed the first day's attacks to be mere incredibly unlikely coincidence, the second wave of attacks made the citizens more inquiring, and Antigone, who already believed Kallisto was behind these attacks, got Demetria to hold a party as an excuse to hold an council: and since it was Demetria doing it, Kallisto held off the guns, and decided that astropathical intelligence gathering was the better path.

However, Kallisto's weapons went awry just before the party: Kallisto had not anticipated Parthenope to arrive at the Park where Kallisto launched a second attack direct at Ray Dann, the leader of the Elect, and one of the shells fell directly upon Parthenope.

"Friendly fire, friendly fire! Philetairos will not be happy about this..."

Papal State at last[edit | edit source]

"Glory is to Megas Alexandros and his Epigonoi."

Kallisto always had desired a state of her own ever since the times of the Union of the Insane's nascent stages, and Kallisto had pretty much prepped up for that day. Kallisto's creation of Hekatonschoinos was an indispensable element, since sticking with Sunset Valley would have made Kallisto a secessionist, which would create too much media attention, and more so ostracism from the rest of the Simlish world. The deal was sealed when Eurydike grew tired of her Science Career, forfeiting the massive salary (Eurydike earned about 800 simoleons per hour) for a new Career in politics. To Kallisto, this was a huge boon: Eurydike would officially represent Church interest in the Simlish field, and thus Kallisto was formally able to declare the formation of the Papal State to the world. To Sunset Valley, most citizens cheered at the new power that was born off the benefactors of the said neighborhood (save a few, such as the Patriot Party), while in Bridgeport, this was met with apprehension, particularly by the elites over there centered around Demetria and Antigone.

Of course, Antigone always had in mind a probable aggression by Kallisto ever since the bombardment attacks on Bridgeport, and with the agreement derived from the Council of Bridgeport, Antigone personally assumed responsibility for the Bridgeport celebrities' trip to China. Kallisto by then dispatched Stratonike to China to help with the guidance: here, Kallisto had plausible deniability, since China has been rumored to be a place of meteors ever since Stratonike's incident back in the first timeline, which was pretty much common knowledge to all the Greeks involved, which conveniently diffused out via celebrity-oriented media. In fact, due to this becoming common knowledge, Antigone herself expected to go heads up with a meteor or two, and the other celebrities who accompanied Antigone also grew nervous, since Stratonike out of all people had been felled by (and of course, revived from) a meteor strike. In fact, Antigone et al. prayed that should one fall upon one of them, they had the parameters to rise again.

Stratonike by then was one of the most well-received foreigner in China, to a point where it was Stratonike who was actively developing a Greek apoikia near Shang Simla. Of course, Stratonike was always on the watch, since Kallisto had notified Stratonike of a potential arrival. Conveniently enough, Stratonike spotted Antigone's party, which was immediately heading towards the Academy for immediate training (and for Antigone, some more honing.) Of course, Stratonike could not let go of the prey unscathed, and immediately spotted for another one of Kallisto's rods of doom, and down went Tom Wordy. With Tom Wordy dead, Stratonike immediately evacuated without any of the Bridgeport expedition spotting her, and Antigone could do little but weep for Tom.

Patriot Party members gets bombed.

Nicole: Sis, I think we are going to be guinea pigs again. Tessa: Le sigh.

Kallisto by the time was quite fond of the weapon, and decided to exact retribution against the Patriot Party that thought the Greek influence on Sunset Valley very detrimental (and wasn't too secretive about it), dropping a few more Rods of God. Having dropped some rods and scaring the Patriot Party members, Kallisto decided to dispatch Attalos and Helle to Starligth Shores to establish Ecclesiarchal contact with the city, and if the situation is ripe, to establish influence or even better, hegemony in the said town.

Military-Industrial Complex and a new addition[edit | edit source]

With Hekatonschoinos running well, Kallisto decides to focus on building a self-sustained military industrial complex: by then, the Big 6 has been quite diligent in building the first part of the MIC, the miners. The combined effort of 6 easily secured themselves quality miners, allowing them the capability to obtain minerals with ease. Having that, Kallisto decides to get the miners deployed into several mining locations alongside the already profitable tiberium vein that Kallisto implanted as planned at the creation of the said capital. On top, Kallisto increased the plant diversity of the Paradeisos Pankarpion Basilikos thanks to some rare specimen preserved inside Hypatia's oversized inventory, hoping to trigger the next independent nectar producer.

From that point onward, Kallisto wished to add two new features, namely a refinery to process the ores and a treasury to hold the Ecclesiarchal funds. All while that was happening, Kallisto had acquired a new ally in Twinbrook as a result of the military coup, a split between the loyalists and the pro-Ecclesiarchal forces. As for Twinbrook, Kallisto allowed David Pollair, the local warlord siding with the pro-Ecclesiarchal rogue military, much leeway for the time being, as Kallisto was consolidating the Papal State's military position, as well as dealing with their newest acquisition: a cloudcookoolander volunteer/exile Pi Tarantina.

However, Kallisto was alerted by the reports of an ingot of WooHooium escaping annihilation, and Kallisto soon gave order to search for any traces of WooHooium in the capital. Kallisto then found an WooHooium ore in her possession (taken from Hypatia's stone sculpting attempt), swiftly ordering its destruction. It was at this time David Pollair had asked the Papal State to annex his independent state, given its trade deficit. Kallisto took the offer, and David Pollair further cemented his ties with the Papal State by leading his own chapter at Twinbrook, although David was not nearly skilled enough to make it to the core membership, hence relegated as a provisional leader as a lochagos. On top, Kallisto ran a first renovation of Hekatonschoinos ever since the route fix, providing for more lower class housing given the complaints by its citizens due to lack of cheap housing and high taxes. Given the growing administration burdens, Kallisto had to take attention away from conquest, and thus Bridgeport was spared the bombardment runs for some time being, which had its own guests from the center of SimNation given Stratonike's status as a military legend struck a huge morale blow at SimNation's military.

Zeal of the Disciple[edit | edit source]

"Ah, fine examples our disciples are becoming. Their zeal must be emulated: We shall not fall behind."

Kallisto et al. were taking it easy for the most part, not doing anything new: producing little and making minimal progress. However, Kallisto received words from the Sunset Valley Chapter, which has been making speedy progresses, rapidly gaining skills and livening up the Sunset Valley with the help of the Al-Dar. Alarmed, Kallisto had the chapter working around the clock, producing sculptures, paintings, books, and other creative work at an alarming rate. On top, Kallisto had ordered more musters, using that to pick up more local news and inputs from the locals. Kallisto suspended the Bridgeport campaign for a time, taking the time to renovate a few more buildings, establishing the Bibliotheke Agathon, as well as more affordable housing.

It was not in vain: the affordable housing, alongside the relatively large reserve cash handed to the preexisting families as an remedy for initial deficits, had triggered a large immigration wave: many of the families, such as the Working Immigrant family, has moved up, leaving cheaper houses for newer families, filling up open job slots. Kallisto still had issues to fix: the capital still had a rather imbalanced gender ratio, tilting considerably towards female side, as well as a stubbornly low demand for educational jobs. Kallisto however was glad that some issues were fixed, and decides that more housing would solve the problem, deciding to extend the pause on the Bridgeport campaign for more housing projects.

Expansion of the Military[edit | edit source]

Soon, Kallisto started to expand the military of the Papal State by doing what the Big 6 was famed for: SimBots. Kallisto already had plenty of veterans, such as Stratonike and Kallistrata's buddy, Phylagoras, as well as a few others, such as Ptolemaios at Hekatonschoinos. Kallisto prepared for a time when simbots would be needed, and purposefully stacked on Palladium and Pink Diamonds (as for Life Fruits, Kallistrata had bundles). However, by the time Kallisto had thought up of the Simbots for military purposes, room was growing short, with most houses occupied by waves of immigrants far greater than Kallisto had expected. As such, Kallisto decided to build more Barrack style buildings, as well as settling newly created Simbots into Papal territories such as Sunset Valley and Twinbrook. Hypatia and Stratonike was rather reserved about the idea, since Kallisto's expansion of the military would cause an abnormal proportion of soldiers to civilians that would be only seen by the likes of the Imperial Japan (which they despised as misguided), Kallisto mitigating such concerns with an compromise in which the newly created Simbots would earn their own keep. As Hekatonschoinos started to fill up, this grew to be slightly problematic even though job openings were still there given the sizes of Hekatonschoinos' facilities, while the likes of Sunset Valley did not possess facilities to handle numerous simbots.

Kallisto hence sent word to the Sunset Valley Chapter, ordering them to expand as well as construct new facilities to help handle the new military personnels. As for the Twinbrook chapter, Kallisto had done the same, but sent cash as well to help them build up, given the relative lack of reserve funds at the said chapter. This was taken with alarm by many of SimNation's top personnels, and as for the region of Bridgeport, people were devastated: emigration rates soon grew to an all-time high, most non-celebrities deciding to get out of the potential battleground leaving the celebrities behind, as real estates refused to handle potential warbringers.

Supernatural Revolution[edit | edit source]

"Ends are more important than the means. Although this isn't to mean the means to the end is not important, ultimately a better end is superior to a better means."

Despite the academic nature of the Ecclesiarchy, the experts on the side of SimNation was shocked when they've discovered that it was the Ecclesiarchy who embraced the Supernatural far before any of the major SimNation's groups. Given the said revolution, Kallisto was finally able to develop the gemcrafting industry that Kallisto wanted to for so long. Not only that, Kallisto took the human augmentation (a key academic strength of the Ecclesiarchy) a step further, infusing Witch and Fairy powers to rest of the inner circle.

Although Kallisto had fulfilled the aim of an independent gemcrafting industry, Kallisto's biggest gains came from the Philosopher's Stone: Now Kallisto had an easy access of gold, allowing Kallisto to give the Papal currency representative power, allowing the Papal State to turn into a hedge attracting investors. Of course, Kallisto was well aware of the power of the financeers, and never had any interest in bowing to their interests. But then Kallisto's real gain came from the potential deadly side effect, which led Kallisto to develop a countermeasure, allowing the Ecclesiarchy to cheat death. This was especially valuable to the chapter serf, who was tasked with the transformation of outdated or nonessential materials into the gold ingots. Despite the obvious breach of his power, the Grim Reaper could not lodge a protest against the Ecclesiarchy, given that even if they had failed to develop the countermeasure, they were still protected by a sizeable supply of Death Flowers, and the Grim Reaper was fond of such plants.

However, the massive growth of the gem industry and the alchemy industry in Hekatonschoinos has attracted many of the supernaturals, particularly the Witches, into adopting a pro-Ecclesiarchy standing. Given that there was a council of Vampires in Bridgeport, the Vampires as a whole never swung to the Papal State, asides from a few who benefited from the growing alchemical power of the Papal State.

Deals and Events of Sunlit Tides[edit | edit source]

Despite the growing infrastructure of Hekatonschoinos, Kallisto was restless as the hot room (Caldarium) of the Balaneion seemed inadequate. Fortunately, Kallisto heard of the Sunlit Tides, and visited the said place, taking Hugo's Orphanage with them (Kang family also visited on their own volition). Kallisto's aim was solely the acquisition after trial the amenities that made Sunlit Tides famed, notably the massage table and the steam baths. Although Kallisto found it easy to incorporate the technologies to the Papal Baths, Kallisto ran into trouble with the local law after accidently killing Alastair Adams with a Rod of God. Although Kallisto took no delays in reviving him, the local authority started to look at the Ecclesiarchy with a negative light. However, being Kallisto, Kallisto attempted to quickly resolve this with a bribe (given that Alastair was revived), but came up with an opportunity: Silas informed Kallisto that Sunlit Tides was rather independent of the main SimNation, given that the hegemon of Sunlit Tides were not the political body, but rather the Kahales, led by Alana.

Kallisto had no intention of dealing with Alana, until Silas offered to turn Sunlit Tides to the Papal State. Then Kallisto immediately took efforts in assassinating Alana, hoping to add another piece of territory to the fledging Papal State. Kallisto started rather openly, dropping two Rods of God at the Kahales' abode, destroying some property and burning all 3 household members. However, Kallisto's open aggression was to be a part of a greater plot. Kallisto would do what the Europeans done with the African Kingdoms: exchange information and technology to both sides, weakening both in a long conflict (as if the current opposition wasn't long enough). In no time, Kallisto had diverted attentions of both sides to each other, both firmly believing the Ecclesiarchy to be their ally. So would Kallisto first initially think, but decided that just straight out acquiring Sunlit Tides was a better idea, and thus settled by simply removing Alana out of the equation with a few Rods of God.

Having done so, Kallisto coerces Silas to play true to his word, and given her reputation (as well as the presence of Eurydike who ended up becoming the superior to most for the time being), Kallisto succeeds in acquiring Sunlit Tides. Having done so, Kallisto pulls back to the capital, taking with her the knowledge of the Sunlit Tides facilities, including the sauna and the massage facilities.

Kallisto's Q&A[edit | edit source]

  • Q: Kallisto, your Chapel-Barracks get entered at will by unsolicited guests. How do you feel about the intrusion of privacy?
  • A: There is absolutely nothing wrong with that: We have nothing to hide: We ain't going WooHooing around like bunch of heretics. The guests almost always stick to the first and second floor, and the only time any reach the third (B2) and the fourth floor (B3) is in times of musters: If they ever do get to the fourth floor unsolicited... those are spies. And so far, there were none, so we can always be forever alone as we please. On the other hand, people love our food. It simply further serves our purpose: people going hungry are less likely to contribute to overall progress. Need is mother of creation, yes, but starving people ain't going to be able to contribute as nearly as much as an adequately fed one. Besides, transparency is one of the greatest virtues to a ruling body. It keeps corruption away as they must always fear an eye or an ear.
  • Q: Kallisto, what is up with the hatred of WooHoo?
  • A: Simple. Great men are not common. WooHoo is common. For one, we can look to the example of Alan Turing: well, he was a homosexual, that much is true, but let us face it, the most celebrated people are ususally celibate. "cough cough" Tesla, Newton, Jesus "cough" Besides, we can always reproduce with test tubes and SimBots. That seems unnatural? Well then you can stop farming and stop using things wrought by industry. Be a hunter-gatherer and see how that works.
  • Q: Kallisto, Have you any plans after you get your goal of yours?
  • A: Of course. One must constantly scheme and evolve, for there is no such thing as attainable perfection. It is asymptotic. There is only progress.

Skillset[edit | edit source]

Image Skill Level
Alchemy skill icon.png Alchemy 10
Professional Sports career icon.png Athletic 10
Bass skill icon.png Bass 0
Charisma skill icon.png Charisma 3
Culinary career icon.png Cooking 10
Drums skill icon.png Drums 0
Fishing skill icon.png Fishing 10
Gardening skill icon.png Gardening 10
Guitar skill icon.png Guitar 1
Handiness skill icon.png Handiness 10
Icon invent cog bulb.png Inventing 10
Logic skill icon.png Logic 10
Martial Arts skill icon.png Martial Arts 10
Mixology skill icon.png Mixology 10
Nectar Making skill icon.png Nectar Making 10
Painting skill icon.png Painting 10
Skill photo photography camera.png Photography 0
Piano skill icon.png Piano 0
Riding skill icon.png Riding 10
Sculpting skill icon.png Sculpting 10
Writing skill icon.png Writing 10

References[edit | edit source]

  1. The setting at the beginning of a game in the Hekatonschoinos

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Since Syracuse is in Italian territory ever since 1865 formally, Kallisto is technically of Italian origin.
  • 1928 is also the year in which Mickey Mouse has debuted in Steamboat Willie (November 18th), which also coincidently is one of the author's favorite childhood cartoon character. In addition, Kallisto's birthday is also the date of Hugo Koch's passing away, an inventor who patented an encryption machine
  • Kallisto is the transliteration of the original Greek name Καλλιστώ. Callisto is the anglicized form of the name. With the surname, Syrakosia is chosen as it is the converted to feminine form of the masculine Σῠρᾱκόσιος (Source: http://artflx.uchicago.edu/cgi-bin/efts/dicos/woodhouse_test.pl?keyword=syracuse&pagenumber=&sortorder=Keyword), However, Syrakousia (Συρακουσία) is actually an valid substitute, as there is a ship by its name made by an Syracusan Archimedes. Google Translator will translate Syrakousia, but not Syrakosia.
  • Kallisto owns two things by the name Boukephalos: one the horse, and other the personal Motive Mobile.
  • Kallisto uses glasses in her regular wear, the labcoat, but does not wear glasses in any other settings.
  • Despite her lack of affinity for socialization, her ties with the other Beauty 4 who gained stardom led to her stardom. Ironically, Kallisto is the only one of the Beauty 4 to be a Superstar (5-star celebrity), due to her ties with other stars that form the Union of the Insane, including another superstar Stratonike.
  • Kallisto likes the Orks and Warhammer 40k.
  • Kallisto is in the lighter scale in terms of skin color, but when compared to Stratonike or Hypatia, Kallisto has darker skin.
  • Kallisto has minimal chest size ever since Generations came in, and sims who lost chest size due to Generations are Stratonike and Eurydike, both created before Late Night. Hypatia and Lysistrata started out with flat chest, since both Hypatia and Lysistrata was introduced after Late Night was installed.
  • Kallisto's personality design was partly inspired by Archimedes and Dionysios I (who had intellectual tastes and was a conqueror, as well as being a suspicious tyrant who relied on mercenaries), eventually leading to the current "Mad Scientist-Ruler" archetype, augmented by the establishment of the Philoi (the friends, such as the Attalidai) and the Klerouchoi.
  • Kallisto is the first to have acquired the Age Freeze Potion.

    How the Beauty 4 originally looked like. From left to right: Achaia Oropia, Demetria Mykenaia, Thessalonike Thalamaia, and Kallisto.

  • Kallisto has the most number of children (8, including simbots) and simbots (6), all acquired by asexual means. Kallisto has Lilian (acquired by time traveling), Briseis (Simbot, lost in first time warp), Hieron (Simbot, lost in first time warp), Eurylochos (Simbot, lost in first time warp), Selene (Simbot, lost in first time warp), Antigone (Third-party clone via clone voucher), Stephanophoros (Simbot) and Chester (Simbot, released to the wilds due to full family size and made after the construction of the Amphitheatron: Like Lilian, Chester is an autogenerated name, hence the English name rather than the Hellenic one: Stephanophoros however is not a real Hellenic name, but simply an name compounding two words to mean Crown-bearer.)
  • Kallisto is the only member of the Beauty 4 to not have gone through significant appearance changes.
  • Kallisto was the only human sim in the Union of the Insane before the collapse not to have a romantic interest. FOREVER ALONE.
  • Kallisto's birthday March 3rd is an homage to Tzeentch, whose sacred number is 9 (3 x 3). Likewise, Kallisto was the one embracing the idea of change and evolution, constantly planning to make mutations to the society. Likewise, Kallisto's birthday also can make reference to Slaanesh, whose sacred number is 6 (3+3), also fitting due to Slaanesh's general aloofness, true in Kallisto's initial time with the Beauty 4, as well as Slaanesh's extremity, which Kallisto embraces in part, although Kallisto's gone more Tzeentch-like over the recent plot and less Slaaneshi.
  • Kallisto has two motive mobiles in her inventory.
  • Although Kallisto remains forever alone without any romantic attachments for the canonical time, Kallisto's post-canonical first timeline actually led to her having as boyfriend Nikos. Refer to Time Paradox main article for slightly more information regarding Nikos.
  • Nova Watson has been stated to be based off this character. W00T!
  • Currently Kallisto holds the title for having the longest Fanon Sim Page, having before this edit 58,942 bytes. It is also the 4th longest Fanon Page, following SimFormula, Spectral (Part 1), Time Paradox, and followed by Union of the Insane. The second longest Fanon Sim Page is that of April DeGrant with 34,348 bytes.
  • Kallisto leans to the left on the left-right scale (-6.00), while taking an centrist position in size of government. (.67 on the Authoritarian/Anti-authoritarian scale). As a comparison, Kallisto is very close to Yuri on the economic stance (Yuri's left-right scale score is -5.88), although Kallisto is much more pro-government than Yuri (Yuri scores -4.46 on the Authoritarian/Anti-Authoritarian scale)
  • Kallisto, alongside the other Big 6 in general, is quite unique among the Greeks in that they are indifferent to the evil eye superstition (as are Demetria, Achaia and Thessalonike). Kallisto for one is not an exception made by heritage given that Italy also host a treatment for the evil eye, and given her Greek origins Kallisto would have been most definitely exposed to the evil eye superstition. Although the Ancient Greek characters have not expressed such superstitions, given the historical evidences that the said superstition existed then (as well as proxy example of the Ioudaioi), it may be implemented later.
  • Kallisto's setting is disturbingly similar to the character Yagokoro Eirin of the Touhou series, which is surprising and disturbing because such similarities are purely coincidental. For the record, the user has been acquainted with the Touhou series at 2012 at the earliest, while Kallisto's article was written in 2011, although the user played with Kallisto since 2010.

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