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Kalei Alto
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'Kalei Kalahani came from Hawaii to settle in the beautiful Sunset Valley. While he doesn't know much about SimNation's culture, he sure has brought some of his own, along with his repuation as a notorius cheater... but once he became Kalei Alto, his personality changed all of a sudden. Is this for real or will Holly end up like his other past loves?'
Name Kalei Alto
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Witch icon.png Witch
Education and Employment
Writing skill icon.png Paperback Pauper
Alto family
Parents Unknown
Sibling(s) None
Romances Bebe Hart Ex-Girlfriend, Erin Kennedy Ex-Girlfriend, Zelda Mae Ex-Girlfriend, Kate Pistachio Ex-Girlfriend, Holly Alto Wife, Zhan Su Crush
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Chrystal Hart Daughter, Drake Kennedy Son, Angel Mae Daughter, Jaclyn Mae Daughter, Mason Pistachio Son, Alex Alto Son, Rylan Alto Son
Trait Flirty small.png Flirty
Trait Bookworm small.png Bookworm
Trait Charismatic small.png Charismatic
Trait Family-Oriented small.png Family-Oriented
Trait Great Kisser small.png Great Kisser
Zodiac sign AriesLN.png Aries
Lifetime wish
LTW Super Popular.png Super Popular
Fav Roots.png Roots
Fav Goopy Carbonara.png Goopy Carbonara
Fav Lime.png Lime
Hair color Haircolor8-TS3.jpg Orange
Eye color Eye-brown.png Brown
Skin color Tan skin-TS3.png Tan
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Kalei Alto (né Kalahani) is a male, young adult (nearly Adult) Sim living in Sunset Valley. He came to SimNation from Hawaii, and his friend was Kanoa Parrott, from whom he may have developed his cheaty nature. He has had a total of five girlfriends and has seven children, each of them illegitimate except for the ones with his wife, Holly, from whom he took his surname.

Before he became who he is now, he had a horrible personality. His previous traits were Charismatic, Great Kisser, Flirty, Commitment Issues, and Dislikes Children. His lifetime wish, before it became Super Popular, was Heartbreaker.

Past Loves[]

Bebe is Kalei's first love, and the only one that he got the actual want to break up with. Bebe came to visit Kalei and welcome him on the first day he came from Hawaii. He and Bebe become fast friends because Kalei is Charismatic. Kalei sees a potential mate in Bebe except for one minor problem: she's a Vampire! He decides that it makes no difference what her life state is.

He goes to Bebe's house the day after and he befriends her mother, Dorie. He then chats with Bebe which progresses into their first kiss, and before they know it they are on the bed, making out, and soon enough there are rose petals strewn all over the floor. Kalei leaves Bebe's house and is certain he has found his one and only, when out of the blue he decides she is not the one for him. They meet up at the beach, where Kalei casts a Good Luck Charm on her.

Then, Bebe tells Kalei that she is pregnant. He breaks up with her as she faints on the floor from too much sun exposure. He leaves her there, anxious to return home and try again for a woman. After their vampire daughter, Chrystal, is born two days later, he hears (and is happy) that Bebe has found new love in Leighton Sekemoto.

Erin is Kalei's second love, and his best friend out of all his exes. He goes out to dinner the night he breaks up with Bebe and while there he is suddenly stunned by Erin's beauty. Erin is Unflirty, a trait that conflicts with Kalei's Flirty trait. However he progressively tries to win her over until finally she breaks down her defenses and reciprocates. Erin is convinced that Kalei is the one for her.

With more rose petals on the floor at the Pondcentric house where Kalei lives, the two go steady. This time, when Erin says she is pregnant, Kalei chooses not to abandon her and instead builds a shack outside of the house where she can live with the baby when it is born. Over the course of her pregnancy, they have WooHoo several times. Kalei and Erin would have likely stayed together if not for him meeting Holly.

Holly moves in with Kalei and they become best friends rapidly. Holly finally asks Kalei to break up with Erin and he agrees. Erin leaves the Kalahani house, and Kalei goes with Erin to the hospital out of guilt so that she can give birth. She has a baby boy, who is not a werewolf like his mother but instead he is a witch, like Kalei. They name him Drake, and Erin forgives him.

Holly is desperately in love with Kalei. He is only one day older than him, so she finds him totally in her league. By this time, Kalei is recognized as a cheater. They stay together for the longest amount of time of any of Kalei's girlfriends, though they never officially become boyfriend/girlfriend until after he breaks up with Kate.

Although Kalei thinks Holly is perfect, he still manages to cheat on her with Zelda. Kalei meets Zelda Mae at Maywood Glen, a park that is near to his house. He originally goes out for fun, but he is instantly attracted to Zelda and they find they have much in common. Kalei hosts a party at his house and invites Zelda, as well as Erin and Bebe. He hopes that the noise will distract everyone so that he can WooHoo with Zelda.

When Holly walks in on the two having WooHoo in the same bed that she did with Kalei, she leaves him but still stays in the household to make him feel guilty for leaving her broken-hearted. Zelda tells Kalei that she has become pregnant and he hates that he has another child to deal with. They do not break up until after Zelda has her children: she gives birth to twins, both witches, Angel and Jaclyn.

Kalei hires a maid to clean up from the party last night: her name is Kate Pistachio. Kate is not very attractive, but she is flirty and wins over Kalei. She convinces him to have WooHoo with her and while they are cleaning up the rose petals she tells him that she wants Zelda out. Kalei is conflicted but he leaves Zelda for Kate. They have WooHoo three more times over two days.

A new maid comes to replace Kate, named Lester McCarter. He initially flirts with Kalei, but Kalei is not interested in men. So Lester begins to flirt with Kate, which she returns. Kalei witnesses Kate make out with Lester, and the two men get into a fight, Lester beating Kalei.

Life With Holly[]

Kalei is sure that the two can work something out, so he fires Lester. Kate is no longer interested in Kalei but doesn't want him to be upset. She tells Kalei that she is pregnant; he can no longer take it and she leaves to live with Lester and their unborn child. Kalei is distraught but Holly comforts him; despite all that has happened to her she still genuinely loves Kalei. Kalei decides that he too is in love with Holly and Holly has her first WooHoo with Kalei, not for fun but out of genuine affection for one another. Here Kalei and Holly finally become boyfriend and girlfriend.

The couple decide to move into the old home of Beau and Victoria Andrews because there are too many bad memories at the old house. Holly decides to leave when she finds that she is pregnant because she feels it will put too much stress on Kalei. Kalei realizes that he is a jerk and that all he does is hurt people, so he changes his life around and changing his traits. He replaces the Commitment Issues and Dislikes Children traits with Bookworm and Family Oriented. Kalei also becomes an author and writes his first book, Heartbreaker: The Story of Kalei Kalahani.

He hears that Kate has given birth to a baby boy, Mason. Mason is the only of his children to look anything like him. Two days later, he finds that Holly has also had a boy, and she names him Alex. He invites Holly to live with him but only with a special question. He kneels down and gives her a ring. Holly happily agrees to marry him, even though she wants to become a Kalahani, Kalei insists that he take her surname. They hold a huge celebration on the beach, where all of Kalei's exes are present and Kalei is introduced to the in-laws, Nick and Vita.

At this time, when all Alex does is cry, cry, cry, the newlyweds hire a live-in maid, Estelle Bloom. Estelle is a fairy, so she is guaranteed to stay for a long time, even though she is an adult. She had come around the same time as Kalei did, with her two sisters and their husbands, Lissy and her husband Dennis Charvat, and Mindy and her husband George Stahlwort.

Holly and Kalei try again for a baby at the end of Alex's toddlerhood, and they are surprised: not because Holly becomes pregnant again but because her mother, Vita, becomes pregnant as well! Holly is shocked that Nick and Vita decided to have another baby together, but she accepts it. Her son, Rylan is born a day before her brother Ian is. Alex also become a child.

When Rylan ages into a toddler, the parents of both Rylan and Ian are surprised to find that both babies look very much like Nick, having his hair color. Holly and Kalei decide to get Rylan's hair dyed so that he will not look like he is graying as a toddler. At school, Alex meets a beautiful young woman named Falcon Kerry. She is around Alex's age and is in his class. The mother and father approve of Alex's crush and say that he can date her if he chooses to when he becomes a teen.

Kalei and Holly also decide that it would be nice to get to know their potential future in-laws. They become fast friends with Hollis and Merilyn Kerry, Falcon's parents, and they are acquainted with her brother and sister.

While Alex is at school, Holly, Kalei and Rylan go out to the park to celebrate their son's getting onto the honor roll. While they are fishing, Kalei is approached by a tourist, Zhan Su. Holly is harvesting the plants at the pond and Zhan, who is a witch, casts a love charm on Kalei. Kalei is unsure about what to do; he feels infatuated with Zhan but at the same time loves Holly. Kalei tries to tell Zhan what is on his mind but he is surprised with a kiss. Kalei is unsure about this so he tells Zhan he only loves Holly.

Zhan is upset by this, so Kalei apologizes. Zhan takes this the wrong way, once again planting a kiss on Kalei's lips. Kalei breaks it off again and makes an excuse to take Rylan home, but not before kissing Holly and reaffirming that he loves her. He refuses to talk to Zhan when he calls or visits but Kalei can't deny his feelings for him.

When Kalei learns that Bebe's old house has been condemned after she moved into the house next to Gobias Koffi with Leighton and her parents, he is upset. He knows the house means everything to Bebe, especially after her mother Dorie died in a fire a while back. He also knows that her new fiancé, Leighton, is left alone in Sunset Valley, choosing to stay in Sunset Valley with her while his mother and son have moved away. Kalei and Holly discuss the situation with Bebe and she tells the couple that she wants nothing to do with the house. She sells the lot to them and the house is demolished, but Kalei works to build a new house there, a beautiful one, that he and his family can live in for future generations.

The finished product is a house that he decides to call "Cherry Pink". The family of four move in along with Estelle. When Rylan ages up into a child, he and Ian both get the same trait when aging up, Over-Emotional.

Ian is tired of being even younger than Rylan, and on top of that he knows that his parents are going to age up into elders in a few days. So he has his parents buy three birthday cakes, and he blows his out before they can do anything about it. He gains the Artistic trait when aging up.

Alex ages up a day after Ian does, Becoming a teen with yet another good trait, Genius. His crush, Falcon, ages up on the same day, getting the Frugal trait. Kalei is delighted to see Alex and Falcon become closer, and is overjoyed when Alex comes home late one night and tells his parents that he has asked Falcon to become BFFs... and she accepted!