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Kady Wahl
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Name Kady Wahl
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age Elder
Species Pferd Horse
Breed Mixbreed
Owner(s) Unknown Owner (Previously)

Heather Wahl

Progenitors Unknown
Littermate(s) None
Mate(s) Wild Cherry Wahl
Offspring Alia-Scarlet Wahl

Crimson Wahl

Charm Wahl

Pet Trait Playful small Playful
Pet Trait Untrained small Untrained
Pet Trait Friendly small Friendly
Other Information
Game TS3P IconThe Sims 3: Pets
Neighborhood Twinbrook
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Kady Wahl is Heather Wahl’s horse, and lives with her and her friend Lucas in TwinBrook. Kady is best friends with their owner, friends with his mate Wild Cherry Wahl,his daughters  Alia-Scarlet Wahl,Crimson Wahl, Willy Wahl, and dislike Lucas. Shortly after his death his mate was pregnant with his son.Charm Wahl.


Kady was abandoned by their previous owner in a old barn not far Marsh Road St. from Heather’s home. When Heather was a teen she walk down that street to get to school where she sees Kady lying down near the barn everyday. She often try to feed Kady onions and hay. Two years later, she was able to fully take care of him and bring him home. Their bond grew strong overtime until Heather meet and Lucas. She invited Lucas to live with her and unforntuely this caused problems because Kady sees him as a threat.

Death Edit

While Heather and Lucas were away for three days, she hired Jilla to babysit her pets and to maintain the house.While Jilla slept through the storm a lighting bolt strike which cause a fire to broke out at the end of the stalls. Kady tried to escape by attempting to jump over the gate but he injured one of his legs in the process. In the morning, she woke up and notice a certain area of the yard appeared incinerated. She walk into the stalls to check on the animals and discovers Kady’s remains and part of the stall appeared damaged by the fire. Jilla called the police and Heather. Heather and Lucas return home, and the police conducted an investigation. The police stated that the evidence suggested the horse died in a fired that may have been caused by the thunderstorm. Kady’s body was laid to rest after the investigation. Heather was devastated and depressed for weeks after his death.


  • Kady would eventually or was planning to run away and become a feral horse.
  • As a ghost, Kady can be seen galloping or trotting not far from Heather’s home.

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