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Julius Jones
Name Julius Jones
Gender Male Male
Jones Family
Romances Alonda Jones MarriedDeceased
Marital status Married
Child(ren) Carolina Pola Daughter
The Sims 2 Logo
‘’Julius would never describe himself as “old”. He doesn’t plan to retire until he’s at the head of a funeral procession.’’
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Medicine career Medicine
Zodiac sign Sagittarius Sagittarius
Aspiration  Knowledge
Lifetime want
Become Chief of Staff Become Chief of Staff
Turn ons
Formal Wear Formal Wear
Red Hair (chemistry) Red Hair
Turn off Hats Hats
Hair color TS2 Grey Hair Grey
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-dark Dark
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Pleasantview

Julius Jones is a Sim created by JennaLorena (talk). He appears only in The Sims 2. He is the wife of Alonda Jones and father of Carolina Pola.

Biography Edit

Life Leading Up to The Sims 3 Edit

Although Julius was alive during The Sims 3, he does not live in Bridgeport like his wife.

Life Leading Up to The Sims Edit

Julius does not appear in The Sims.

Life Leading Up to the Sims 2 Edit

Julius first appears in The Sims 2, the widower of Alonda Jones. He lives alone in Pleasantview, but has a daughter Carolina and a son-in-law Damien Pola. Little is known about Julius' past, since neither siblings or parents of his appear in The Sims 2.

Although elderly, Julius feels exactly like he did when he was 30. He adores his job and never plans on retiring from it. Julius, unlike everyone else in the Ionello family, has dark skin, which he passed on to his daughter.

Personality Edit

The Sims 2 Edit

Sagittarius - Big
Sloppy 08 Neat
Shy 08 Outgoing
Lazy 03 Active
Serious 03 Playful
Grouchy 03 Nice

Relationships Edit

The Sims 2 Edit

Best Friends


Trivia Edit

  • Julius' personality likely doesn't correctly reflect his astrological sign
  • Julius is of Zambian descent. He introduces African roots into the otherwise Venezuelan Rosa family. A generation earlier, Reese Cane does something similar by introducing Swedish and Polish roots to the Rosa family. 

Gallery Edit

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