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Julia Parker

Julia Parker Teen

Julia Parker

Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Teen Teen
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and employment
School School High School
Grade A
Family/Families Parker family
Parents James Parker

Joanna Parker

Siblings Jared Parker Male

Janet Parker Female Jenna Parker Female Jordan Parker Male

Traits Trait TS4 Outgoing Outgoing
Trait TS4 Self-Absorbed Self-Absorbed
Trait TS4 Dastardly Dastardly
Trait TS4 Socially Gifted Socially Gifted
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Public Enemy Public Enemy
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blonde
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes Green
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Windenburg
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Julia Parker is the middle child to James and Joanna Parker. Her two older siblings are Jared and Janet while her two younger siblings are Jenna and Jordan. She currently lives in Windenburg to attend DeMonet's School for Exceptionally Gifted Children.

As a child, Julia doesn't have many friends. That is until she meets Jessica Lawson. They promise to be best friends forever no matter what, but they have a falling out and become bitter enemies when Julia doesn't invited Jessica to a neighborhood-only party. Their falling out leaves Julia friendless and bullied until she decides to attend DeMonet's school because of her intelligence. However, Julia's rivalry with Jessica reignites when they attend the same school once more.

Life HistoryEdit

The Sims 4Edit

Just like the rest of her family, Julia lives in Potters Splay, Courtyard Lane, Willow Creek. She is considered both a little naive and a little ecstatic. She is the oldest daughter and third child to her parents James and Joanna Parker. Julia is also the younger sister to her older twin brothers, Jared and Jacob as well as the older sister to Jenna. Then when she becomes the older sister to Jordan, she automatically becomes the middle child to the entire Parker family.

Julia is in grade school, but doesn't have a lot of friends. Either she does have friends at school and just never invites them over, or she prefers the company of her family. She does eventually bring home a classmate of hers to work on homework together. The classmate she brings home is a girl named Jessica Lawson.

Julia invites Jessica Lawson over again one Friday evening. They continue to hang out with each other as a way to try and become friends. They even go for a quick swim together. The next day on Saturday, Julia invites Jessica over yet again. They start off their day by playing video games together. After that, Julia and Jessica talk and play with each other all over the house, from the basement to Julia's bedroom to the front entryway. Jessica says to Julia that she's had a good time with her that day, so good that Jessica declares that she and Julia are friends now. Jessica then goes back home and Julia begins to wonder if she can increase her friendship with Jessica even more.

Several days later, Julia gets in trouble with the teacher at school and she is scared that her parents will find out, despite the fact that the teacher didn't threaten to do such a thing. However, Jessica, who decides to come over after school, cheers Julia up by explaining that everyone gets into a little trouble sometimes. This gives Julia enough confidence that she is able to maximize her social skill. Later on, before Jessica leaves to go home, Julia promises Jessica that they will be best friends forever, no matter what.

The next evening during dinner, Julia learns from Joanna that the Cagles are moving soon and that she is hosting a going away party in which only the neighborhood is invited. Being the good girl that she is, Julia doesn't tell Jessica about it. At the going away party, she sees Eugi arrive angrily. She decides to cheer him up, which allows Eugi to tell her mother about her helpfulness. Julia is told by Joanna that she is proud of her helping Eugi on the very next day.

That same day, Julia invites Jessica over where she tells her best friend about the going away party that was thrown. Julia asks Jessica if she's alright when she notices Jessica is stunned. Jessica merely responds that she is fine. Later that day, Julia finds Jessica alone and asks her if she wants to play. Jessica refuses by saying she has to get home. After school on the next day, Julia starts thinking about an important test coming up for her entire grade. She texts Jessica, asking if she wants to come over to study at some point, but Julia never gets a response. Jacob then comes into her bedroom to come out as a woman to her. This leaves Julia confused, but Jacob explains she'll understand when she is older. Jacob also asks Julia to keep it a secret from their parents. Julia promises to do so.

The next day, Julia gets a text back from Jessica saying they should study for the test at Jessica's house. Julia heads over there, but instead of studying, Jessica yells at Julia for not inviting her to the going away party the other day. Jessica refuses to listen when Julia explains that only her neighborhood was invited to the party. They continue to fight and argue until they both declare they are no longer friends. Julia is even declared Jessica's enemy by her. Julia heads home and doesn't tell her parents about the incident.

However, the next day, on a freezing cold fall day, Julia learns that Joanna knows about the incident. Joanna tells her that she doesn't have to hang out with Jessica any more if she doesn't want to. This makes Julia feel relief. Later that evening, after their visit to the Lawsons, James and Joanna teach Julia that she shouldn't hang out with people like the Lawsons because they are nasty and jealous.

The fallout with Jessica leaves Julia friendless, but she doesn't tell anyone in her family. Instead, Julia focuses her time and energy into studying for the test that everyone in her grade has to take. She feels confident in herself that she aced the test after coming home from school the next day. Unknown to Julia, her scores give her the chance to attend Sharon DeMonet's School for Exceptionally Gifted Children in Windenburg. She is told about this opportunity by her parents a couple of days after they learn about it. During this time, she learns about Jackie's promotion and her plan to move to Oasis Springs.

Julia is pulled into her parents' bedroom where they her about the opportunity. Julia immediately accepts it, causing James to ask if she's certain. Julia then reveals her friendlessness and how she's been bullied since her fallout with Jessica. Feeling pity, Joanna accepts Julia's decision and says she'll call DeMonet in the morning to inform her. Julia becomes overwhelmed with joy and thanks her parents. Julia goes onto celebrate Harvestfest and meet her new niece and nephew, Brody and Nicole. Weeks following Harvestfest, Julia prepares to move to Windenburg in order to attend DeMonet's school. She says goodbye to her family before finally leaving.


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