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Joshua Curious
Name Joshua Curious
Gender Male Male
Curious Family
Parents Lucifer Curious, Tessa Curious Deceased
Sibling(s) Lucas Curious Twin brother Deceased
Romances Tiffany Curious Married Deceased
Child(ren) Vin Curious Son, Harper Curious Step-daughter
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It is so much fun being a twin! It is not only useful at school where you can claim you already did that project but your brother didn't, you also have an (almost) exact copy of you with who you can share everything!
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state Ghost Ghost
Education and Employment
Alma Mater Private School Private School
Grade B+
Major Literature Literature
Entertainment career Retired as a Prestidigitator
Zodiac sign Leo Leo
Aspiration  Fortune
Lifetime want
Become Prestidigitator Become Prestidigitator
Turn ons
Blonde Hair Blonde Hair
Hard Worker Hard Worker
Turn off Brown Hair (chemistry) Brown Hair
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-medium Medium
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Neighborhood Fanon:Strangetown

Joshua Curious is the son of Lucifer Curious and Tessa Curious and the younger twin brother of Lucas Curious. Remarkable is that while his mother is an alien he didn't inheritate her green skin or black eyes, what is kind unusual because the alien genes are normally dominant.

Joshua married Tiffany Curious and got a son with her named Vin. He thinks he's the biological father of Harper.


Before BirthEdit

Joshua and his twin brother Lucas are one of the few births in the Curious household that were actually plannend. Their parents were already married before they were conceived.


The twins babyhood was easy, they were both sleeping much and there were a lot of familymembers in the household to take care of them.


Joshua learned his toddler skills from both of his parents, he learned the talk skill from his mother Tessa, she also learned him the Nursery Rhyme. And he learned the walk and potty training skill from his father Lucifer.


When being a child he, his brother and his second cousin Sarah Curious get into private school. He becomes best friends with Lucas.


Similar like his father and brother Lucas Joshua chooses the Fortune aspiration as they both grew up in a quite wealthy household. The boys are going to look more like each other when they grow older and are making abuse of it as they often switch names in school to tease the teachers.

Young AdulthoodEdit

Joshua and Lucas are the first ones of the Curious household to go to college. They both choose literature as their major. Joshua develops a crush on a girl named Tiffany Riley but Tiffany is more interested in all the other boys on campus. Joshua tries to seduce her in their freshman year but gives up after their exams. It's only at the end of their Sophomore years (so at the beginning of their Junior years) that Tiffany answers his love with romantical interactions, but this doesn't mean that she is sincere in love.


After graduating Cum Laude Joshua proposes to Tiffany and accepts. When they move back to Strangetown they move in with Joshua's brother Lucas and his wife Camryn. Joshua and Tiffany marry shortly after Lucas' marriage and Tiffany discovers her pregnancy around the same time Camryn announces hers.

Tiffany gives birth to a baby boy called Vin. Joshua taught Vin how to walk and to talk as Tiffany was pregnant of their second child Harper. Together with his brother he earns several promotions and get their kids in to private school. At one point his brother Lucas tries to convince him that Harper can't be his daughter and that he should confront Tiffany, however Joshua doesn't believe him and ignores his warnings.


When Joshua grew up he retired. He waited till Tiffany was an elder as well, and when Vin became an adult they decided to move out together with his brother and his wife. Joshua is happy that Vin settled down and got a son, as he wasn't such a social butterfly after all, but he is a little worried about his daughter. Harper seems happy and no one could be more social than her, but she doesn't seem to settle down with -or even think about- children. Tiffany assures him that this is because she is still a young woman. Joshua is really upset with the death of his brother and is mad that they couldn't go together, just like they came. When also Lucas' wife Camryn passed away Joshua collapses. He dies of old age when Sander is a toddler.


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