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Joseph Laird
Villain II
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and employment
Grade A
Career TS4 Career Criminal Getaway Driver
Family/Families  ???
Parents  ???
Siblings  ???
Romances Jocelyn Carcette
Traits Trait TS4 Ambitious Ambitious
Trait TS4 Genius Genius
Trait TS4 Evil Evil
Trait TS4 Self-Assured Self-Assured
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Public Enemy Public Enemy
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Grey Eyes Grey
Skin color Skin-light Pale
Body shape Fit Muscular
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Newcrest
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Joseph Laird is a Sim residing in Newcrest where he works under the criminal branch as a getaway driver. He is the oldest and the only member of the Laird family, having been a street urchin for the remainder of his early childhood.



Joseph was born in the town of Newcrest , where he lived a rough childhood. His family were killed in a house fire when he was only 6, and because he had no other relatives to live with he decided to live on the streets (rumors of crimes and abuse were the cause of this predicament), rejecting an offer to live in an orphanage in honor of his family.

Despite his young age, Joseph was a pretty resourceful kid, albeit out of his parents' genetics. But living on cooked goldfish and surviving out on the streets without proper gear wasn't an easy task for a kid his age. It was from this moment forward that he had to resort to stealing from the locals. He only stole blankets, hygiene products and food, nothing more. He only earned money from doing lawn mowing for a few neighbors under a fake alias (to conceal his true identity) as he wasn't really comfortable with stealing hard-earned cash, or at least for now. He even used the same fake alias to enroll into a school to get a good education. Despite being intelligent and getting A marks, Joseph was often bullied a lot by the other kids for being poor and a nerd. But Joseph could stand up for himself. One time, he snapped a student's arm in self-defense.

Teen years/university lifeEdit





Image Skill Level
Skill TS4 ActingActing09
Skill TS4 CookingCooking07
Skill TS4 HandinessHandiness10
Skill TS4 LogicLogic09
Skill TS4 MischiefMischief10
Skill TS4 WritingWriting09
Despite a rough childhood, Joseph could at least manage in life, with what little he had.
  • Acting: He's no actor, but Joseph could perfectly impersonate other people to get what he needed in order to survive. He used a fake alias to get a proper education as a child and used multiple identities in his adult life during his tenure as a criminal, such as businessmen, janitors and even the university mascot.
  • Cooking: As a teen, Joseph had earned enough money from working on cars at the bodyshop to buy himself groceries to cook himself some food from the abandoned house he now lived in...with the cookbooks that he stole from his high school's home economics room. If he had no money, he would just steal from the market.
  • Handiness: Joseph was self-taught in survival skills, having learnt from various books that he stole. Instead of choosing the life of a beggar, he instead decided to make a living on his own. At age 11 he repaired a broken-down motorcycle, which became his vehicle up until he had stolen enough money to buy himself a car in his mid-teens. Now as an adult, Joseph could hotwire cars and repair broken-down vehicles like they were nothing. He could have chosen to become a mechanic if he didn't choose the life of a criminal.
  • Logic: TO BE ADDED
  • Mischief: Years of being constantly bullied a lot during school plus his tremendously tough childhood were the factors that sparked Joseph to becoming the villainous, manipulative person that he is today. In his teenage years he would blackmail others to do his bidding and pull dangerous pranks on other students without being suspected. Of course this would transcend into his adulthood, where his criminal ways took his mischievious acts to eleven, crafting up elaborate high-speed pursuits for big heists and high-risk assassinations. 
  • Writing: TO BE ADDED


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