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The following was posted to ModTheSims on October 7, 2018. The original post can be found here.

A Saturday with the Jocks[]

First off, I'd like to apologize for letting this thread sit dormant for quite some time. I have since resumed school but still work at the amusement park on weekends, which means my life has been much busier than over the summer (winter for those in the southern hemisphere). As I write this I haven't touched The Sims 2 in a couple of weeks, so I'm happy to get back into it again. Since it's been a while, though, I kinda just wanted to play for fun again.

I decided to play the Jocks today. (I don't do "rotations" or have quotas or anything of the like; I just play whichever household I feel like playing at the time)

Toby's on the phone with a Rosemarie Jitmakusol. He has a want to fall in love with her! He'll definitely be inviting her over. Maybe tonight.

Toby Jocks on the phone with Rosemarie Jitmakusol.png

He then invites Carly Firebaum over. His parents don't even know her, but even if they did, they wouldn't approve of it. So long as Toby can keep discreet... I mean, the apartment building is surely large enough to hide the two from them. Right?

Toby Jocks inviting Carly Firebaum over - acceptance message.png

Harold had work today until 3. He got a sweet promotion to Rookie, and brought home sports superstar Dan Newbie as well!

Harold Jocks getting promoted and bringing Dan home from work.png

Sharla Ottomas' offer of a hug didn't sit well with Jason.

The aftermath of Sharla's rejected hug with Jason.png

Quite the greeting! I think Toby missed the mark by an inch, though.

Toby Jocks greeting Carly with a smooch.png

The two seat themselves in the nice restaurant on the top floor of the building. It's an unscored outing, but Toby doesn't mind. With his father in the building, it's probably easier if they didn't have scores to keep track of and hordes of kissing wants to fulfill.

Toby and Carly eating at their apartment restaurant 1.png

Really, Toby? The weather? How boring could you be? Even Carly looks disinterested.

Toby and Carly eating at their apartment restaurant 2.png

Ribs for Toby; lime seared prawns for Carly. The server seems rather excluded and unwanted from this conversation. Wonder if a tray-dropping "accident" is about to happen.

Toby and Carly eating at their apartment restaurant 3.png

Hmm, guess not.

Toby and Carly eating at their apartment restaurant 4.png

Sloppy Sims have no sense of table manners.

Toby and Carly eating at their apartment restaurant 5.png

Today's a "cheat day" for Jason, I guess. It was a Saturday, and during the landlord's half-baked building party where the landlord mostly annoyed his tenants, he didn't really work out that much. Now he's getting himself a bag of white cheddar crackers...

Jason Jocks getting a bag of chips from the vending machine.png

Isn't it just sad that Dan and Samantha Ottomas are playing on two separate pool tables? Such loners!

Dan and Samantha playing pool on their lonesome.png

Now if mom or dad steps out of those elevators those two will be caught in an instant!

Toby and Carly caressing hands on the restaurant table.png

Thankfully both are in their apartment teaching a townie how to do the slap dance.

Harold and Lisa teaching Alec Kim the slap dance.png

Well, if there's anything that didn't get done this weekend, it's cleaning the bathroom! What a MESS this place is!

The Jocks disgustingly disgusting bathroom.png

I've never actually used the "Buy Coffee For Sim" interaction before today...

Toby buying Carly a coffee 1.png

Mmm... coffee and convos. (And Dan's buying his own meal at the restaurant, it seems)

Toby buying Carly a coffee 2.png

Jason thinks he can score some points from his dad if he reads the Fitness hobby magazine. He would approve, surely; he reads it himself from cover to cover every week.

Jason Jocks quietly reading a fitness magazine in front of his father.png

Dan Newbie, of all things, orders an omelette. I see even the rich in SimVille don't mind cheap eats.

Dan Newbie getting himself an omelette.png

I'd say their "love" is too superficial to even be considered love... but that's just my opinion. I'll let Toby ride the waves if he insists on continuing with Carly.

Carly admiring Toby's fitness.png

Oh of course... Toby just had to make out for the first time with Carly in a stairwell, of all places!

Toby and Carly making out in the stairwell.png

I think I might've spoken too soon.

Toby and Carly making out in a hot tub.png

"So, where have you been today?" Harold asks Toby when he pulls up at the dining table.

"Oh, nothing much. The usual."

Toby pulling up a chair for family dinner.png