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The Sims 4

Joanna Parker

Joanna Parker 2.jpg


Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult.png Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Education and employment
Career Stay-at-Home Mother
Family/Families Parker family, Rose family
Siblings Jackie Rose Sister
Marital status Married
Romances James Parker Husband
Children Jared Parker Son

Janet Parker Daughter Julia Parker Daughter Jenna Parker Daughter Jordan Parker Son

Traits Trait TS4 Family-Oriented.png Family-Oriented
Trait TS4 Goofball.png Goofball
Trait TS4 Perfectionist.png Perfectionist
Trait TS4 Domestic.png Domestic
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Big Happy Family.png Big Happy Family
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair.png Blonde
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes.png Blue
Skin color Skin-light.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Willow Creek
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Joanna Parker (née Rose) is a Sim who resides in Willow Creek with her husband, James. She has five children with her husband who are, Jared, Janet, Julia, Jenna, and Jordan. Joanna also has a younger sister named Jackie Rose, who lived with her for three years following Jenna's birth.

Joanna initially works as a Writer's Assistant in the Writer career. Although, after giving birth to Jordan, Joanna realizes that she would rather parent than work. As a result, Joanna quits her job to become a full-time stay-at-home mother. As her children age, Joanna sees and learns many secrets and problems within her family. However, Joanna always makes herself available for advice.

Life History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Just like her husband James, not much is known about Joanna's own immediate family. Although, it is known that she is the older sister to Jackie, thus implying that she and Jackie share the same set of parents. It is also implied that she and James have dated for many years as they are described as being longtime sweethearts. After dating for all those years, Joanna gets married to James.

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

After getting married, Joanna moves in with James into Potters Splay, Courtyard Lane, Willow Creek. That is where she begins her writing career as a Writer's Assistant. While pursuing her passion, Joanna has four children with James, Jared, Jacob, Julia, and Jenna. Jenna's birth then causes her younger sister Jackie to move in to help out, despite Joanna not needing it. Jackie also tells Joanna that she'll help out as long as there are no more children. Joanna also befriends her neighbor, Sage Cagle.

Not too long after Jackie's moving in does Joanna get pregnant again. She immediately tells James about it, but keeps it a secret from the rest of her family. But when she tells Sage about her nervousness, Sage suggests that she tell her family and let the events play out no matter what. Joanna tells Jackie about her pregnancy last and when she does, she learns that Jackie had been joking about moving out if there were any more children.

Joanna is relieved and her pregnancy plays out normally. She decides to take her maternity early as soon as she enters her third trimester. While on maternity, she teaches Jenna her skills, but also notices that there won't be any room for the baby when it comes. So, she suggests to James to build a nursery and one is built right next to her bedroom. The next day, Joanna goes into labor and gives birth to a baby boy named Jordan.

Then, the day after giving birth to Jordan, Joanna returns to work for the first time while James takes care of the newborn. At work, Joanna is offered a promotion to Blogger, but she ultimately turns it down. When she comes home, she announces to James and Jackie that she's quitting to become a stay at home mother. James and Jackie tell her they have her support, with Jackie adding she'll help provide if times are desperate. However, when her first day as a full time stay at home mother proves to be a little more stressful than ever, Joanna is given the night off with James by Jackie and the Twins. To celebrate, James and Joanna go on a date to the XP Mont restaurant, an experimental restaurant. While she's enjoying her evening with James, they run into Riley and Sage Cagle and they decide to turn Date Night into Couples Night.

A couple of days later, Joanna freaks out when she has to narrowly pay the bills. Thankfully, her freak out subsides when she learns that James has been promoted. Then about a week later, Joanna notices that a couple of new neighbors are moving into Courtyard Lane. She decides to introduce herself to them. The first new neighbor she introduces herself to is David Wren, a bachelor who moved in right across the street. After having a quick conversation, Joanna invites David over for dinner one night. The second new neighbor Joanna introduces herself to is Monique Browne, who moved in down the street. Joanna learns that Monique is a recently divorced single mother and so she is raising her son, Damian Browne, alone. Joanna decides to invite Monique and Damian over for a playdate one day.

The morning after having David over for dinner, Joanna helps Jenna master her thinking skill by teaching her more shapes. Because Jenna is able to master it, James becomes Best Friends Forever with Joanna. Then, Monique and Damian come over for the playdate after everyone has left for work or school. As their children play, Joanna becomes friends with Monique. Then the next day, Joanna helps Jenna master her imagination skill by reading her a bedtime story for naptime.

The next day, on Saturday evening, Joanna learns from Jared that he's been dating someone and that he's ready for her and James to meet her. Joanna tells Jared that she's excited to meet his girlfriend, but also proud that Jared is ready for such a step. Over the course of the next few days, Joanna manages to master her cooking skill.

One day, Joanna receives a call from Sage that she has to visit her home soon. After she finishes the call, Joanna goes to take care of Jordan only to find Jared's girlfriend, Karissa, already there. They meet and instantly hit it off. Joanna then informs Jared that he'll be in charge tomorrow after school while she visits Sage. At the end of the day, Joanna, along with James, tell Jared that they like his girlfriend, resulting in Jared's happiness.

The next afternoon, Joanna goes over to the Cagles' house as Sage suggested, leaving Jared in charge. Once there, Joanna learns from Sage that her and her family plan on moving due to Sage getting a huge job offer. Joanna feels happiness for them and spends the rest of the afternoon with the entire Cagle family, trying to get to know them a bit better. Later on, Joanna tells James about the Cagles' move while ignoring the fact that her husband has just been promoted. Even later, before bed, Joanna suggests to James that they should host a going away party for the Cagles and invite the whole neighborhood. James says he completely agrees as he pecks her cheek.

After everyone has left the house for the day, Joanna calls up David and Monique to tell them about her plan. They both tell her that they already know about the Cagles' move, which leaves Monique particularly upset. Joanna quickly cheers her up and tells them that she is going to throw a surprise going away party for the Cagles. She also tells David and Monique that they are both invited. David and Monique both agree and say it's a wonderful idea. Joanna then tells them that the party will be that Saturday. That evening, Joanna cooks a grand ham for dinner before informing her family about the Cagles' move. She adds some emphasis that it's a neighborhood-only gathering and anyone else is left uninvited.

Despite thinking planning the party would be easy, Joanna gets a little stressed out making sure everything is set in a couple of days. She decides to destress by watching the premiere of the popular reality show, Waltzing with Celebrities. However, the television decides to break, adding on more stress. Although, the television repair man is able to fix the television and Joanna is able to watch the premiere.

The next day at the Cagles' going away party, Joanna learns from Sage that Eugi is upset about the move. Joanna decides that she will talk to him in order to cheer him up. However, when she goes to talk to him, Joanna also learns from Eugi that he calmed down because Julia helped him. She tells Julia that she is proud of Julia for helping him the next day, adding that she's maturing fast. That same day, after embarrassing Jared in front of Karissa with Jackie, Joanna learns from Jackie that she is dating David. Joanna responds back by saying she couldn't be any happier for her. Later on, Joanna finds Jenna in her bedroom with Jacob. She merely assumes Jacob was playing with Jenna in there, without realizing about Jacob's sexuality.

That evening, Joanna has a nice chat with Jackie, James, and David when he comes over to visit. On a freezing cold fall day, Joanna meets Jessica Lawson's mother, Crystal Lawson, when she rudely introduces herself while visiting the Parker home. Crystal proceeds to yell at Joanna because Julia didn't invite Jessica to the going away party the other day. Joanna explains that the going away party was for the neighborhood only, but Crystal refuses to listen and leaves. Joanna is peeved by this encounter, but she begins to worry about what she is going to do about it with Julia. She decides to tell Julia that she knows about the incident and that Julia doesn't have to hang out with Jessica if she doesn't want to, much to Julia's relief.

Joanna also tells James about her incident with Crystal and says she handled it. However, James suggests they apologize and make amends in order to teach Julia something. Joanna realizes this and agrees to go. Although, it doesn't bode well when Jessica's father, Steven Lawson, refuses James's kind gesture. This causes both her and James to yell at Steven for being rude. Crystal overhears them and demands them inside where the situation doesn't get any better. James and Joanna go home and teach Julia that the Lawsons are nasty, jealous people and that she shouldn't be friends with such people.

Some time later, Joanna decides to call Sage to see how her move went. Upon calling her, Sage tells Joanna that she has since given birth to a baby girl named Karli. Joanna congratulates Sage before hanging up and going to tell James about the news. At dinner time the next evening, Joanna learns from Jackie that she received a promotion and plans on moving to Oasis Springs in order to accept it, making Joanna excited for her sister. That Saturday, Joanna catches Jared tending to Jordan when she was about to do it. Thinking nothing of it, she simply asks Jared if he plans on inviting Karissa over for Harvestfest. Jared responds with he doesn't know and goes to call Karissa.

That next evening on Sunday, Joanna, along with James and Jackie, find out about Karissa's pregnancy from her and Jared. Karissa also mentions her being kicked out by her parents. Feeling pity for her, Joanna and James agree to let Karissa stay for as long as it's needed. Joanna then has Jackie show her bedroom to Karissa for her to sleep in while James lectures Jared about focus on school despite the circumstances. Later that night, Joanna and her husband tell Karissa that they will be speaking to her parents, much to ire.

After Joanna is home alone with her youngest children the next morning, she meets a woman called Sharon DeMonet. DeMonet explains to Joanna that Julia's test scores give her the chance to attend DeMonet's School for Exceptionally Gifted Children in Windenburg. While Joanna is unsure about the idea, DeMonet advises to think about it and let her know later. Joanna later tells James about DeMonet when they are about to leave for the Gallaghers. James tells her that they will tell Julia after meeting with the Gallaghers.

Joanna finally meets Karissa's parents, Maggie and Lawrence Gallagher, with her husband. James goes on to explain how Karissa is staying with them before getting cut off by Lawrence. He explains that he and Maggie agreed to keep Karissa banned for getting pregnant. Although Maggie remains silent, Joanna decides there's nothing else to discuss and leaves with James. She and James then tell about their meeting to Karissa and Jared, resulting in James and Joanna letting Karissa to stay for as long as she wants. Joanna reminds Jared to focus on school until Karissa decides what to do with the baby, but Karissa declares at that moment that she's keeping it. This causes Joanna to ask if she's certain, which Karissa says yes before thanking her new parents.

The next evening, James and Joanna take Julia into their room where they explain her chance to attend DeMonet's school. Julia immediately accepts, explaining that she's been friendless and bullied since her fallout with Jessica. Once again feeling pity, Joanna says she'll call DeMonet in the morning to let her know, causing Julia to thank her parents with joy. Joanna calls DeMonet the next morning before decorating the house with Harvestfest bunting.

By Harvestfest Day, Joanna appeases the Gnomes with some pie, which pleases them. She then makes a Grand Turkey meal for her family and during the meal, she learns that Jackie is thankful for her. However, after the dinner, Joanna is told by Jackie about Jacob's sexual identity crisis and his plan to move to Oasis Springs after graduation. Joanna confronts Jacob with this information. She explains she will never stop loving her child nor keep them from being their true self. She also approves of his plan because she trusts him and Jackie. Jacob then thanks her before she asks what his true name is. She tells Joanna that it's Janet.

Half a week after Harvestfest, Joanna finds and cleans a couple of bassinets for Karissa so that she can have a home birth. She then meets her new grandchildren, Brody and Nicole Parker, with Jackie. Several weeks after their birth, Joanna says goodbye to her daughter, Janet and her sister, Jackie, who are both going to Oasis Springs to follow their goals, as well as her other daughter, Julia, who is going to Windenburg to attend a new school.

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