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Jen Zhao is a female sim residing in Bridgeport and a so-called "representative of the vampires." She originally lived with her brothers, Jin and Yin Zhao, before being persuaded to move in with womanizing vampire Beau Merrick and his 3 other roommates.

Jen seems highly unaware of Beau's feelings for her and sees him only as a best friend at the beginning of the story. She is, however, aware of Beau's mischevious ways and often keeps her other 3 roommates (Marina Prattle, Lilly-Bo Chique, and Bianca Rubble) from fighting with each other, as seen when Jen is babysitting Belisama Hemlock.

Jen has a good relationship with all of the vampires in Bridgeport as well as her brothers and fellow celebrities. She is in the Singer profession shipped with the Sims 3: Showtime at level 10 (Vocal Legend) in the first chapter. However, in the prologue, it shows she is a Talented Amateur. It is also shown that Jen performs side-jobs such as babysitting and being a substitute teacher. Her stage name is Jenii.

History/Family LifeEdit

Jen's family life is dysfunctional. Her father is a womanizer and has more than 27 children, most of which Jen and her full-blooded siblings have no idea about despite them all being celebrities. Jen's mother, Mira, raised her brothers alone for years until she had Jen to which her father finally decided to help. The reason for this is explained as "Jen was his first (and only) daughter at the time." It's also revealed that her father did pay money to all of his "lovers" to support all of his children, including Jen.

Jen's older brothers didn't tell Jen that their father wasn't around before she was born in fear that she might feel guilty. They also tried their best not to get jealous whenever their father would get her a gift as she was his "golden child."

When Jen was little, her brothers played in little league games, and on sports teams at their school. It's mentioned that Jen would often dress up in a purple cheer outfit and pull for her brothers. She was also loved by their teammates for their support if they lost a game or got injured.

It's mentioned that in Jen's earlier teenage years, she was involved in an incident that left her with weak blood (Anemia). This fact is revealed by Yin when he explains why Jen drinks a lot of cranberry juice and why she doesn't do many athletics like she used to. This is also heavily shown when she faints while the male vampires (Beau, Wogan, William, Vladimir) drink from her.

Jen has a good relationship with all of her siblings, despite her constant bickering with them. She unknowingly is a half-sister to one of her inspirations, Ryom Jungkook (Jungkook Ryom) and wishes desperately to meet him.


  • Jen has a heavy potty-mouth and often curses in front of family and friends. However, around children, she'll forcefully slap anyone who cusses in front of them.
  • Jen's culture is so obviously Asian from her name, speech and even her songs and cooking. She has a Chinese name (Zhao), speaks with Korean slang (Oppa, Unnie, Daebak, dongsaeng, etc.) and has a somewhat Japanese appearance. It is assumed she is all three races.
  • Some of Jen's songs are actually sung by Korean Pop band, BTS (방탄소년단, Bangtan Boys). (Ex. Danger, DNA, Blood Sweat & Tears). The same is true for her brother, Jin Zhao's songs. Jen also has 5 half-brothers and 2 blood brothers that share names with members of the boyband. (Zhao Seokjin 'Jin', Ryom Jungkook, Sagong Yoongi, Zhao Hoseok, Tokko Jimin, Kwon Taehyung, Wu Namjoon).
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