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Jeanie Ternyck
Name Jeanie Ternyck
Space Family/Miller Family
Parents Ember Miller, Lupin Miller Deceased
Romances Andy Terrano Ex-romance, Zion Ternyck Engaged
Child(ren) Thomas Ternyck Son
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Jeanie Miller (Adult)
Andy was the one, he had to be. That's what Jeanie though until she was swept off her feet by the Charming Zion...
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state Ghost Ghost
Zodiac sign Aquarius (sign) Aquarius
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Dark Blue Eyes Dark Blue
Skin color Eye-custom Dark Black
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Neighborhood Fanon:Lavisha

Jeanie is the daughter of Lupin and Ember. She is first blood relative in the Space Family not to have the Alien skin, instead she has skin as black as coal due to the fact her father is related to the Grim Reaper.

Babyhood Edit

As a baby, Jeanie was considered a bit odd by most people as her skin meant all you could see were her eyes but her family were a bit odd so they accepted her. Jeanie was very happy and didn't notice Lupin and Ember fighting. One day her mother just left them and Jeanie didn't see her again.

Toddlerhood Edit

As a toddler, Jeanie was confused and wondered why her mother had abandoned her and her dad. This however made her grow closer to her dad. She was taught all her toddler skills by her father on the beach in the garden of the house they lived in. She enjoyed playing there and eating sand (which her Dad did not like at all). She didn't really understand why her mother leaving as she was too young.


As a child, Jeanie finally understood why her mother had left her and was grateful for Dad being there for her. She was very happy that she didn't have to see her mum at all as her dad won full custody because she was very angry. She enjoyed watching the waves with her Dad at night as she imagined them washing her cares away. One day, Jeanie heard some terrible news, her mother was dead. Jeanie suddenly didn't feel angry but instead felt so upset about the loss of the mother she had hated. At the funeral she didn't say a word, just held her father's hand the whole way through it. She could tell he was upset but was putting on a brave face for her. Jeanie was devastated but something terrible happened at the end of the funeral, a policeman arrived. Jeanie was confused and didn't know what was going on, especially when a policeman stepped out and handcuffed Ember, Jeanie tried to reach for her father through the crowd of her family but was quickly herded away by Kylie who told her that she'd be staying with her until all the mess with Ember and the police cleared up.

Jeanie didn't know what to say, her dad couldn't possibly have done it. After this, Jeanie decided to find out who really killed her mum as she knew it definitely couldn't be her dad. She decided to offer her services to the police but they turned her down so Jeanie decided to go under cover. One time she told Kylie that she was going round to her friends house but really she was going to the prison. She told the Police officers she was seeing her dad but they said they would have to accompany her. However, Jeanie was small and slipped past them and ran off and hid until they passed and then she snuck out to see her dad. She told him she would break him out and prove him innocent but he just sighed and said that he didn't want her dragged into all of this. She would have said more but she heard somebody coming. Jeanie was fascinated when Allen was attacked as she believed that the killer had ignored Summer.


As a teen, Jeanie got some terrible news. Somebody had searched her and her Dad's house in Palm Tree Tides and had discovered something that could've been used to suffocate Lupin and after tests they found her DNA on it. Ember was given a life sentence. Jeanie was furious, her Dad couldn't have done it, he would never even hurt a fly. Lupin was also the more violent. Also, Jeanie knew her Dad better than anybody and she had a feeling that he was still in love with Lupin, despite everything. Jeanie was determined to find out who really had killed Lupin. She was also furious that Bernadette was released as she did not trust that woman at all... Jeanie was determined to get her father out of prison but it turns out she didn't need to. Ember was attacked and went into a coma.

As Jeanie sat next to her father she swore that she would not only avenge her mother's death but also her father's assault and she was beginning to get an idea of who it could be... After the latest attack on Nancy, Jeanie was beginning to get a clearer picture of who it might be. Around this time she started dating, Andy Terrano, son of Stella Terrano. He obviously wasn't her type so why they were dating was unclear... One day, everyone was out, except for Kylie when the phone rang. It was the hospital. They didn't have to say anything, Jeanie knew Ember was dead. She cried in Kylie's arms for hours into the night. However, in the morning, Jeanie was quiet. Deadly quiet. Her family didn't know that this was the last time she'd show any emotion for a long time. Because in the night, Jeanie's heart had hardened and her one intent was revenge... Jeanie heard something terrible, Joe and Bernadette were leaving town, by train to Pleasantview. Jeanie couldn't let this happen, but how could she stop them?

Jeanie was charismatic and pulled a few strings with the easily persuaded Train guard to stop him running any trains to Pleasantview. It wouldn't stop them permanently, they'd find another way but it would give her time... Jeanie was almost sure who the killer was now. She had found out that Bernadette and Joe were going out for dinner together at a restaurant called 'Cafe L'amore'. The thought of them going there made her furious especially at Joe but it was a place on a darker road and would be good for her plan. She rung Andy to come and help her and also the police to act as normal because if her plan worked they'd have the killer by the end of it... The day before the plan, Jeanie went back to her old home to see her parent's graves. She told them that she was avenging both of their deaths and hoped they could hear her. She especially hoped her Dad heard as he was the one she was really doing it for.

On the night of Jeanie's plan, she was nervous. What is she was wrong and they all died. What if the killer was not here at all? Andy held her hand as he could tell she was scared but she turned away from him. She didn't want him to be nice to her. He was the bait. Joe and Bernadette had entered the cafe about an hour ago and Jeanie could see that they were just leaving. As they left Jeanie told Andy to stand near the exit of the alleyway, she told him it was all part of the plan. She blended herself into the dark wall and waited. Joe and Bernadette walked out the door and she saw a look in one of their eyes that confirmed her suspicion. Bernadette smiled at Andy and began to walk to the end of the road but Joe said he'd be there in a second. He waited until Bernadette was out of site when he unexpectedly pushed Andy to the wall, his hands on Andy's throat. Jeanie pulled a hand gun out of her pocket and emerged from the shadows and put the gun to the back of Joe's neck. 'I knew you couldn't resist. He was an Alien'. Joe turned around slowly. Although he looked angry, Jeanie could tell he wouldn't put up a fight. 'Before the police come out and get you, I just want to know, why were you targeting aliens?'. What Joe said next was unexpected, 'Because Aliens stole my Bella.'

Jeanie stood there in stunned silence. A policeman stepped out of the restaurant (disguised as a Normal citizen). He hand cuffed Jo when they noticed Bernadette heading over. 'Joe, what happened?', she asked him. Joe told her that he was the killer and he'd targeted Aliens and he'd always loved a woman named Bella but Aliens had taken her. Bernadette remained remarkably calm, maybe she was good after all? However, what Bernadette did next was surprising. She walked over to the Police officer but instead of talking she stamped hard on his foot and ran with Joe behind her. 'STOP THEM!' Jeanie called, she couldn't let them escape after all this. However, they didn't need to be stopped. As they ran across the road at the end, they didn't pay attention to what was coming. It was a Van. Jeanie's heart was racing. Bernadette and Joe Carr were dead... Jeanie turned to Andy and smiled. He didn't smile back. 'You used me.' He said. Jeanie said she knew but she really liked him and if he could forgive her, could they please still go out? Andy said he couldn't be with a girl who didn't care for him even though it was obvious that she did. He left, wishing he'd stayed with her but instead she had to watch him go. Jeanie was really upset and decided to move to College.

Young AdulthoodEdit

As a young adult, Jeanie was a party girl. She was always the first to come and the last to leave, she brought the party to life. People didn't know that this was because she was just drowning all her sorrows... Secretly every night, Jeanie would write a letter to her Father and kept them all hidden as if she was communicating with him. She missed everyday and found life very hard. She graduated with honours. She didn't see Andy at all but missed him.


As an adult, Jeanie cut her hair short. Although her plaits were her signature hairstyle, the Old Jeanie had died when her Dad had and she'd been desperately clinging onto her for ages. One day, Jeanie saw a familiar figure at her door. Andy. It turned out he'd been going through a hard patch and had no home so Jeanie sad he could stay with her. She thought something would happen between them but she was wrong. She met somebody new... One day, Jeanie began to feel really ill and had a high temperature. Andy had take care of her and soon told her what he thought was wrong with her. She was pregnant. Jeanie scoffed at him but she soon found out that he was right. She told Zion expecting him to be horrified but instead he was fine with it and suggested that she move in with him. Jeanie said the moving in part was a great idea but he lived in a medium-sized apartment and she lived in a house with a beach. Zion agreed to move in with her instead. When the baby was born, Jeanie decided to give the baby boy Zion' surname as she figured that they'd marry soon and Jeanie would take his name too so it made sense. They called the baby Thomas and he looked very similar to Jeanie as he had the same skin. Zion proposed to Jeanie and she accepted and they began planning their wedding. People could tell from the exterior that this family was rich so they got many people coming to ask for money. Jeanie was kind and tried to help them all even though it wasn't practical. However one was different... He just stood by the postbox in his underwear holding a small cup. Zion went out to ask what he wanted but he didn't say anything. He had been there a few days when Jeanie became tired of him and went out to tell him to go away but when he turned around, it was somebody she recognised very well... Joe.

Zion made her release the man which was better than Jeanie's punishment for him ( lock him in the basement and starve him to death). To distract her, Zion helped her pick a wedding dress and plan the guest list which she loved but he found it boring. They invited many guests, friends and family and booked a flight in a month to Twikki Island. Jeanie was nervous, her big day was finally coming and everything had better go right for her. This was the one day where she was meant to be a princess and nothing or no one would ruin it...Jeanie and her household took a flight to Twikki Island. It was lovely there, Jeanie was glad this was where her wedding was. As her friends, helped her get ready, Jeanie was surprised by how nice she felt, she usually felt odd. As she was putting on her veil, Jeanie heard a voice behind. She turned round expecting Zion but instead it was Andy. She asked him what he wanted he just said how nice she looked but then he said something that changed her friendship with him. 'Don't get married, I love you...' Jeanie stared at the mirror and Andy's reflection.

She turned round and gave him her answer 'Yes'. Jeanie took his hand and they ran. She knew Twikki Island well so navigating was easy enough. Andy wanted to get a cab and leave immediately but Jeanie wanted to go to the beach first. She always loved the beach. Her and Andy sat there watching the sea, hand in hand. As she watched the ocean waves she remembered her house and sitting there with her Dad. In that moment she made her choice, her final one. She turned to Andy and said 'I'm going back'. Andy let go of her hand. He said nothing, just stood up and walked away. When he was gone, Jeanie stood up and walked back to her wedding. Her friends guessed she had run away but thought it was pre-wedding nerves. Her dress was slightly disheveled but it was fixable. She walked down the aisle, watching her little son smiling, not knowing that he was the reason she had come back.

Jeanie was convinced she had made the right choice and was even more sure when Zion carried her into the limo, which waiting to take them to their honeymoon in Simwaii. After a lovely day of swimming in the ocean and relaxing by the beach, Jeanie couldn't shake the feeling that she had maybe made the wrong choice. She still had some feelings for Andy, but she also loved Zion and she was now married to him. She decided to simply text Andy saying, 'Things are very complicated. Will talk when I get back. J'. She felt this was the right choice and was slightly apprehensive for the conversation. However, Jeanie would never go back home, ever again. One night, Jeanie and Zion had a little too much to drink and decided to go for a swim. Jeanie was never a particularly strong swimmer and the currents were too much. As Jeanie was drowning in the ocean, she wished Andy was there. But he wasn't.

Jeanie's choiceEdit

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