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Jared Parker

Jared Parker Young Adult


Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and employment
Alma Mater School High School
Grade A
Career TS4 Career Athlete Team Mascot
Family/Families Parker family
Parents James Parker

Joanna Parker

Siblings Janet Parker Twin sister,

Julia Parker Female, Jenna Parker Female, Jordan Parker Male

Marital status Dating
Romances Karissa GallagherPartners
Children Brody Parker Son

Nicole Parker Daughter

Traits Trait TS4 Active Active
Trait TS4 Loves Outdoors Loves Outdoors
Trait TS4 Glutton Glutton
Trait TS4 High Metabolism High Metabolism
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Bodybuilder Bodybuilder
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blonde
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes Blue
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Fit Fit
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Willow Creek
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Jared Parker is the oldest child to James and Joanna Parker of Willow Creek. His younger siblings are his twin brother-turned-sister, Janet, his other sisters, Julia and Jenna, and his youngest brother, Jordan. He also has children, Brody and Nicole, with his girlfriend, Karissa Gallagher.

As a senior in high school, Jared seemed to have it figured it out. He would graduate and enter the Athlete career. Then, he met Karissa. While their relationship is stable as it blossoms, it forces Jared to become a little more responsible. One time with Karissa leads to her getting pregnant. Jared decides he's going to be there for Karissa and help raise his children. Now a young adult, Jared managed to do what he intended, but he is still living with parents while raising his kids.

Life HistoryEdit

The Sims 4Edit

Jared is the oldest child born to James and Joanna Parker. Not only is he the older brother to his siblings, but he is the older brother to his twin Jacob, making him the firstborn. He lives with his entire family, as well as he maternal Aunt Jackie, at Potters Splay on Courtyard Lane in Willow Creek. Jared spends most of his time working out on his treadmill or somewhere else in the house whenever he's home from school. He is most likely training to become a professional athlete because he's ready to graduate.

Although, Jared is rarely seen taking care of his younger siblings, especially during Joanna's pregnancy and maternity, he still takes care of them. When his mother, Joanna, goes on a date night with his father, James, Jared helps his Aunt Jackie take care of his newborn younger brother, Jordan. He even helps his younger sister, Jenna, master her potty skill.

The day after date night, Jared meets his brother's best friend, Karissa Gallagher. He flirtatiously introduces himself to her and they immediately hit it off. While Jacob is in the shower, Jared has a conversation with Karissa where he sprinkles in a couple of flirts, gives his number to her, and ultimately compliments her appearance. Karissa receives everything well, but she leaves before Jared can reveal his crush on her. He also has yet to tell Jacob about his budding crush, suspecting that Jacob won't be happy.

Jared decides to go to Movers and Shakers where he thinks about what he should tell Jacob. Although, his thought process is interrupted when he receives a text from Karissa, asking him on a date. Jared accepts, but when he goes home and changes up, he is confronted by Jacob. Jared decides to tell Jacob about his budding romance with Karissa and explains that he thought Jacob has a crush on her as well. That is when Jared learns Jacob doesn't have a crush on Karissa as well as the fact that Jacob comes out to Jared by telling Jared that he identifies as a woman. Jared is initially surprised by this revelation, but promises to keep it a secret from their parents.

Jared then goes on his date with Karissa at the XP Mont. He reveals his crush to her and Karissa immediately says she knew because he accepted her request. When their date ends, Jared kisses her awkwardly. Karissa then asks if that kiss makes it official. Jared agrees and they take a selfie to tell everyone before kissing each other goodbye.

On a Saturday morning, Jared sees that Jenna has climbed down the stairs all by herself. He thinks she's ready to learn some more, so Jared decides to teach Jenna some more despite her already learning all her skills. Later that evening, Jared realizes to himself that he loves Karissa a lot and he wishes to take their relationship to the next level, but he doesn't know how. Jared seeks out some advice from James. Jared tells his father that he's been seeing someone and tells about his predicament. James advises that he should follow his heart by declaring his love to his girlfriend, but also warns that love can be fickle sometimes. Jared takes the advice before calling Karissa.

Jared takes Karissa to the XP Mont again. After they have their dinner, Jared professes his love to Karissa by giving her a promise ring, promising that she'll be his only love as long as they date. Karissa accepts the ring and kisses him in response. She promises him that he'll be his only love as long as they date. Jared then says to Karissa that he wants her to meet his parents. Karissa also accepts to meet his parents soon. Their date then ends and Jared heads back home. Jared informs James and Joanna about Karissa and that they'll be meeting her soon. James and Joanna both give their own sense of excitement to Jared because they're going to meet his girlfriend and their own sense of pride because Jared is taking such a big step in his relationship.

During the middle of the week, Jared decides it's time for his parents and his girlfriend to meet each other. He invites Karissa over only to find that she's sad. Karissa explains it is because she's worried that his parents might not like her. Jared then reassures her that they will date each other even if their parents hate it. He then introduces Karissa to Joanna when the former is taking care of Jordan. He then is told by Joanna that he'll be in charge after school tomorrow while she is visiting Sage. Afterwards, Jared introduces Karissa to James after he gets home from work and while she is continuing to care for Jordan. At the end of the day, after Karissa has gone home, James and Joanna tell Jared that they like Karissa, much to his own happiness.

Immediately after waking up the next morning, Jared texts Karissa to tell her that his parents liked her. After school, while he is in charge, Jared has Karissa come over and do homework together with Jacob. As they do that, Jared is asked by his brother how and when he should come out to the rest of the family. While Karissa suggests that Jacob do it immediately to lift the weight off his shoulders, Jared suggests that Jacob should wait until he's ready. Then, the conversation abruptly ends when Jackie walks into the kitchen. That is when Jared decides to introduce his aunt to his girlfriend, resulting in another like. The next night, over dinner, Jared learns that the Cagles are moving and that Joanna is hosting a going away party for them, but only the neighborhood is invited to attend.

A couple of days after the going away party, Jared invites Karissa over on a warm fall day. After a brief moment of him getting embarrassed by Jackie and Joanna in front of Karissa, he reminds her that she already met his family and wonders when he'll meet her family. The only response Karissa gives is soon. The next morning, Jared meets Jackie's boyfriend in David Wren before heading for school.

On a freezing cold fall day, Jared gets an update from Jacob that he came out to Julia, Jenna, and Jordan. This confuses Jared for a brief moment, but soon understands. Soon enough, Jared gets a call from Karissa where she says that she will tell her parents about their relationship. The next day, he gets another call from Karissa, inviting him over. While waiting for Karissa's parents, he meets her dog, Barney Gallagher. Although, when he meets Lawrence and Maggie Gallagher, they are both rude to him. This upsets Karissa greatly and she asks Jared to leave before things get worse. He agrees and leaves.

On Spooky Day the next day, Jared is invited over to a party at Karissa's house because her parents aren't going to be home. However, Jared thinks they won't be home all day and he shows up several hours early. Karissa sends him home and he shows up at the party later with Jacob. Upon his arrival, Karissa compliments Jared. During the party, Jared makes out with his girlfriend, then she seduces him in a cheerleaders' outfit, and they decide to have sex for the first time. Jared then goes home with Jacob before Karissa's parents return.

A couple days after Spooky Day, Karissa visits Jared to tell him that's she pregnant. Jared is shocked and he asks her what she's going to do. Karissa simply tells him to keep it a secret until she's told her parents. However, Jared is unable to keep a secret and he tells Jacob about it. The next evening, Jared learns about Jackie's plan to move to Oasis Springs to accept a promotion. Jared even gets some more information about the promotion after dinner time. By Saturday, Jared starts thinking he's going to be a father so he secretly helps out with Jordan. However, he is caught by Joanna, who thinks nothing of it. Instead, she asks him if Karissa is coming over for Harvestfest. Jared says he doesn't know and goes to call her. Although, he asks Karissa if she told her parents about the pregnancy. She responds that she was waiting until Harvestfest to tell them, but decides to tell them sooner because her family already knows. She then tells Jared that she'll get back to him.

On Sunday, however, Karissa visits Jared again and tells him that she's been kicked out of her house for getting pregnant. In turn, Jared comforts his girlfriend and decides it's time that his parents knew about the pregnancy as well. Karissa agrees and they tell James, Joanna, and Jackie, which results in Karissa being allowed to stay. After Karissa is shown to Jackie's room, James and Joanna lecture Jared about focusing on school, despite everything going on. Jared then goes to the basement where he overhears Jacob coming out to Jackie. After Jackie leaves, Jared accuses Jacob of using Karissa's pregnancy as a cover for his coming out. Jacob apologizes and Jared asks his brother not to come out on that night.

The next evening, Jared and Karissa are told about James and Joanna's meeting with Maggie and Lawrence. They reveal that Karissa is forever banished from her home, causing James and Joanna to let Karissa to stay with them. Afterwards, Joanna reminds Jared to focus on school until Karissa decides what to do with the baby. After Karissa says she's keeping it, Jared thanks his parents for all they're doing for her. By the time of Harvestfest, Jared appeases the Gnomes with some fruitcake. He also is thankful for meeting Karissa over Harvestfest dinner.

Half a week after Harvestfest, Jared begins freaking out when Karissa calmly enters labor. He watches her as she gives birth to twin children. Jared and Karissa name their children Brody and Nicole Parker. By evening time, Jared bumps into Maggie when she is meeting her new grandchildren. Maggie apologizes to Jared for everything and he accepts it by stating that he blames Lawrence more than he blames her.

Several weeks after the birth of his children, Jared graduates on time with his girlfriend, Karissa, and his sister, Janet. He then says goodbye to Janet as she prepares to move to Oasis Springs with Jackie. He also says goodbye to Jackie as a result and says goodbye to Julia because she is preparing to attend a new school in Windenburg.


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