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Janet Parker

Janet Parker


Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and employment
Alma Mater School High School
Grade A
Career TS4 Career Scientist Technological Innovator
Family/Families Parker family
Parents James Parker

Joanna Parker

Siblings Jared Parker Twin brother,

Julia Parker Female, Jenna Parker Female, Jordan Parker Male

Marital status Single
Traits Trait TS4 Cheerful Cheerful
Trait TS4 Good Good
Trait TS4 Romantic Romantic
Trait TS4 Domestic Domestic
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Successful Lineage Successful Lineage
Hair color TS2 Red Hair Orange
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes Green
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Oasis Springs
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Janet Parker, previously known as Jacob Parker, is a male-to-female transgendered Sim. She is the second oldest child to James and Joanna Parker. Her twin brother Jared is the oldest child. Janet is also the older brother-later-sister to Julia, Jenna, and Jordan.

Throughout Janet's teenage years, she struggles to come to terms with her sexual identity. She stays in the closet for a long time, slowly revealing her identification as a woman to her friend, Karissa Gallagher, her twin brother, Jared, and later the rest of her family. For the sake of effeciency, Janet prefers to be referred as Jacob whenever talking about the times leading up to her coming out. Any moment after her coming out, she prefers Janet.

Life HistoryEdit

The Sims 4Edit

Despite being one of the oldest children in the Parker home at Potters Splay, Jacob is the second oldest, with his twin brother Jared being the oldest child. However, Jacob is still older than his sisters, Julia and Jenna and his eventual brother, Jordan. Jacob also seems to have the most in common with several members of his family. He looks like his father, James. He is also ready to graduate with Jared. He also aspires to raise a family, just like his mother, Joanna. However, Jacob is struggling with his sexual identity because he sometimes wears feminine clothing on occasion, making it a little difficult for him to achieve it if he ever pursues it. To add more difficulty, no one in Jacob's family knows that he's in the closet.

He keeps this secret at school as well. At school, he meets Karissa Gallagher. They immediately become best friends. In fact, Jacob trusts Karissa so much that he tells his secret that he identifies as a woman to her. Karissa promises to keep it a secret, but she returns in a couple of days to continue talking about it. Jacob explains his situation a little deeper over a game of basketball. Karissa suggests that he tells his family his secret sooner rather than later. After the game, Jacob takes a shower and misses Jared flirting with Karissa.

The next evening, Jacob catches Jared all dressed up in his formalwear. Jared then explains his budding romance with Karissa and that he didn't tell Jacob because he thinks Jacob also has a crush on Karissa. Jacob explains he doesn't have a crush on Karissa and decides to come out to Jared. Initially surprised, Jared promises to keep it a secret from their parents. Jacob then wishes Jared luck on his date.

A couple of weeks later, Jacob decides to do his homework with Jared and Karissa. As they do their homework, Jacob reminds them that they're the only people who know his secret and asks them both about how and when he should come out to the rest of the family. Jared recommends he should wait until he's ready, but Karissa recommends that he should come out now so that weight is lifted off his shoulders. This just leaves Jacob more confused as Jackie comes into the kitchen and interrupts the conversation.

The next morning, Jacob talks to himself in the bathroom mirror, encouraging himself that day is the day he would come out to the family, at least one person at a time. He also encourages himself that Joanna would be the first one he comes out to. However, he plans on doing it at the end of the day. Jacob soon forgets to do as planned when he learns from Joanna during dinner that their family is hosting a going away party for their next-door neighbors, the Cagles, and that only the neighborhood is invited.

Jacob eventually remembers his plan the next morning and encourages himself in the mirror again, saying that Joanna would be the first to know his secret. However, while watching Waltzing with Celebrities with Jared and Julia, he decides not to go through with his plan, not wanting to spoil the fun. The next morning he decides that he's not ready to come out to Joanna and instead is going to focus on coming out to Jackie.

Then, when Jacob tries to follow through with his plan, he walks in on Jackie all dressed up for a date. He says that their talk can wait. The next day, while sitting by the fireplace, Jackie sits next to him to have their talk. Jacob is still not ready to come out and decides to ask about some love advice for his life. The next day, on a warm fall day, Jacob tells himself that he is not ready to come out to anyone else just yet. However, he pulls Karissa aside and asks for advice on finding confidence needed for him to come out. Karissa says she isn't the right person to be asking, but she suggests that he should come out to his siblings first. Jacob decides to do just that.

He first comes out to Jordan by saying he will only remember Jacob as being a woman when he is older. He then comes out to Jenna in Joanna's bedroom. Jenna tells him okay without understanding all of it. They are then caught by Joanna who finds them in her bedroom. Jacob is relieved to know that Joanna thinks they were just playing in her bedroom. The next day, not only does he meet Jackie's new boyfriend in David Wren, but Jacob also comes out to Julia, much to Julia's confusion. Jacob explains she'll understand when she is older and asks for her to keep it a secret from their parents.

Some time later, on a freezing cold day, Jacob updates Karissa and Jared about his coming out status. He tells them that he came out as a woman to Julia, Jenna, and Jordan. Jared responds with understanding surprise. About a week later on Spooky Day, Jacob is invited to Karissa's house for a Spooky Day party because her parents aren't going to be home. Feeling comfortable around his friends, Jacob sneaks out of the house in a girl's dress and heads to the party with Jared. He parties with his friends and even has a dance party with Karissa at one point until he leaves with Jared before Karissa's parents return home.

Jacob is the second person to learn about Karissa's pregnancy, after Jared tells him. This information causes Jacob to use Jared's dilemma and Karissa's pregnancy as a cover for him coming out to James, Joanna, and Jackie. A couple of days later, Jacob learns about Jackie's promotion and the fact that she has to move to Oasis Springs to accept it. Jacob is excited because he thinks he can move to Oasis Springs after graduation with Jackie in order to start a new life as a woman and decides that he's going to ask her. The night that Karissa reveals her pregnancy to the rest of the Parkers, Jacob asks Jackie if he can move with her while she is setting up a cot to sleep on. Jackie asks why he would want to do that. Unable to think of an excuse, Jacob comes out as a woman to Jackie and explains the benefits of the move. While Jackie is accepting of everything he just said, she advises that he come out to his parent first and think about moving before deciding to actually move, leaving Jacob defeated.

After Jackie leaves, Jared shows up and accuses Jacob of using Karissa's pregnancy as a cover for his coming out. Jacob apologizes and Jared asks for Jacob not to come out on that night. By the time Harvestfest rolls around, Jacob decides it's finally time to come out to his parents in order to fulfill Jackie's advice. He comes out to James and tells him about the plan to move with Jackie. James is very thankful that he knows about Jacob's identity now and approves of him and his plan, but also advises that Joanna knows about it too. Fearing that Joanna will be the only one not to accept him, Jacob lies to Jackie about coming out to both of his parents and approving his plan, which makes Jackie skeptical.

Jacob enjoys his Harvestfest dinner, but afterwards Joanna confronts him about his sexual identity because Jackie had told her. Joanna explains that she accepts both him and his plan because she trusts Jacob and Jackie. She also says that she will never stop loving Jacob or keep him from being his true self. Jacob thanks his mother before being asked his true name. She responds with Janet.

Half a week after Harvestfest, Janet meets his new niece and nephew, Nicole and Brody Parker. Several weeks after their birth, Janet graduates with her brother, Jared, and her same old friend, Karissa. She then says goodbye to her family and leaves with Jackie to live in Oasis Springs.

The Sims 4: Get to WorkEdit

Four years later, Janet continues to live in Oasis Springs with Jackie. During this time, she has reassignment surgery, works as a junior tinkerer at FutureSim Labs, and lives with Jackie at a boarding house owned by local business owner, Meredith Moore. One morning, Janet meets her new roommate, Brandon Girard, after missing him move in the previous day. They don't have much of a conversation at breakfast and Janet soon leaves for FutureSim Labs.

After arriving, Ashly Suarez, Janet's coworker and good friend, asks what her plan is for the day. Janet then tells Ashly a theory about how Earth's metals and crystals could be the gateway to unlocking intergalactic travel to Sixam. Wasting no time at all, Janet begins analyzing some metals and crystals. She even calls FutureSim Labs' benefactor, the Geo Council, for some help before going outside and digging up more metals and crystals for analysis. However, Janet is stopped by her boss, Jessie Michaud, when she goes back inside. Jessie asks Janet what she is doing and she discusses her theories with him. Jessie then explains that their purpose is to invent for civilization's needs and mentions that intergalactic travel isn't one of them. Janet gets annoyed and returns to normal work.

Although, Jessie reprimands Janet when he finds out that she called the Geo Council. Jessie explains that the Geo Council expects every scientist to have above intelligence and if someone calls them, then it could jeopardize future funding. Janet apologizes and listens to her boss. However, she is still determined to discover intergalactic travel, even if it means she has to trick and lie to Jessie in order to do so. As a result, Janet has a breakthrough when she gets home and thinks about inventing a Momentum Conserver.

Late into the night one night, Janet is woken up by a mysterious light. She decides to investigate it, but she is suddenly abducted when she does. It's unknown what she experiences during the abduction, but she returns home feeling even more determined to discover intergalactic travel. Later that morning, Janet has breakfast with Meredith where Janet tells about her abduction story to Meredith. Although, Meredith suggests to Janet that she was simply dreaming it.

Janet decides to tell her abduction story to Jessie, hoping that he will believe her. However, Jessie also doesn't believe Janet and he asks her to just do simple invention work. He also asks Janet not to mention aliens or intergalactic travel. More annoyed than ever, Janet starts thinking of defying Jessie's orders, but she decides she isn't ready yet and does business as usual. After analyzing some stuff, Janet invents the Momentum Conserver, which leaves her unimpressed. She then confides in the Invention Constructor and tells it about her plan to prove to Jessie that intergalactic travel is worth the risk. Although, her conversation with the Invention Constructor leaves Janet wondering why Jessie is so worried about impressing the Geo Council.

Curious, Janet asks Ashly that question. Ashly tells Janet that some time ago, Jessie wanted to use funding from the Geo Council to build a rocket ship in order to use it for intergalactic travel. Ashly adds that while the lab managed to get the parts needed for a rocket ship, the Geo Council threatened to revoke funding if Jessie went through with his plan, so he listened and never did. Mentally right then and there, Janet decides it's time to show the Geo Council otherwise and she begins building the rocket ship near the end of her shift. She doesn't get much further than the thrusters when she goes home.

Upon returning home, Janet tells her abduction story to Jackie, but even she doesn't believe in her niece. This causes Janet to discuss her theories about aliens with Jackie, which leaves Jackie slightly worried that Janet is working herself into isolationism. Janet is still upset the next morning that no one believes her abduction story until Brandon mentions to her that he's been abducted overnight too. Surprised and ecstatic, Janet tells Brandon about her alien theories. Their discussion starts to form a bond between the two of them.

The next morning during breakfast, Janet continues to bond with Brandon over their shared abduction stories. Jackie is also with them for breakfast and listens on the conversation. Unknown to Janet her conversation with Brandon leaves Jackie worrying more for Janet's mental health. At breakfast time the next morning, Jackie tells Janet that she'll be going with Meredith to her store, Moore Stuff & Things. Janet expresses her hatred of the idea by saying she's not a little kid anymore. While Jackie explains her worry for Janet's health, Meredith explains the benefits of meeting new people. Seeing no way out, Janet reluctantly joins Meredith to her store after breakfast.

Once they arrive at the store, Meredith shows Janet her first dollar before teaching some of the basics to Janet. So, Janet decides to help restock items and ring up customers. As she is restocking, Janet mentally tells herself to play along with her aunt's wishes and not to lose sight of her scientific goals. As the day progresses, Meredith trusts Janet enough to run the store alone. At the end of the day, Meredith asks Janet how her day at the store went. Janet says it helped clear her head a little bit. Meredith jokingly says that maybe Janet should work for her. Janet then rebuts by saying it's something she can't do all the time. When they return to the boarding house, Janet realizes that the work day has given her an idea to invent the SimRay. Jackie also asks Janet about her day. Janet says the same thing to Jackie, except she doesn't mention the SimRay out of fear that Jackie will continue to worry.

A few days later, Meredith reminds Janet that her bathroom is strictly off-limits as she has been cleaning up after someone else using it. Later in the week, Janet has several more breakthroughs as ways to distract Jessie from her true intentions. After she arrives at work one morning, Jessie confronts Janet if she was the one to begin building the rocket. Janet confesses and Jessie calmly explains to focus on inventions. After their conversation, Janet tells the Invention Constructor that the SimRay will be used to get Jessie out of the way. Subsequently, Janet invents the SimRay, which she nicknames the Janetinator, and asks Jessie if he can be a test subject. Jessie agrees and Janet freezes him. However, Janet is not quite ready to follow through on her plans yet, so she frees him to divert suspicion. She then upgrades the SimRay so it can transform objects and tests it out on a chair. Most likely being impressed by the SimRay, Janet gets a call from Jessie where he promotes her to Serum Sequencer and he sends her a chemistry table as part of the promotion. Ecstatic for some time, Janet tells Jackie about her promotion and she has another breakthrough after stepping out of the shower.

A couple days later, Janet, along with Meredith, learns from Jackie that she is now dating again. Jackie reveals to the both of them that her new boyfriend is her boss, Advik Meshram. Janet says she's excited for her aunt, but after she leaves, Meredith warns Janet that Jackie dating her boss could lead to unforeseen consequences. Meredith also suggests that Janet speak with Jackie because they're family. Janet refuses for that very reason. Although, Janet eventually comes around to it and tells her and Meredith's concerns to Jackie about her dating Meshram. Jackie argues with Janet by stating that she's not a little kid anymore and so she can date whoever she likes. Janet points out the irony and compares it to the time she was forced to go to Moore Stuff & Things. Jackie argues back by saying that was different and that she was only looking out for Janet's health. Janet points out again that she's doing the same thing for Jackie. Although Jackie claims to appreciate the gesture, she refuses to thank Janet.

Despite not getting thanked, Janet is determined to help Jackie see the consequences of dating Meshram. She just thinks she needs advice from someone else. So, when Janet goes to work, she tells Ashly about Jackie's situation and asks for some advice. However, Ashly says she doesn't really know Jackie, so she can't come with any advice to help Janet. Janet decides to get advice from another coworker, but that coworker states that she and Janet don't ever talk to each other at work. Seeing as she is right, Janet tries to get advice from the Invention Constructor before realizing the ridiculousness of it. Giving up, Janet decides to work.

She invents the hover lamp. She then decides to start trying experimenting, but her first serum literally blows up in her face, burning her. Giving up with experiment for the time being, she continues to work on the rocket ship. However, Janet is soon caught by Jessie. While Janet tries to defend her position, Jessie reveals that he got a call from the Geo Council. Apparently, the Geo Council wants Jessie to promote Janet to Technological Innovator and so he does. Janet cannot believe it and she goes home to tell Jackie about her promotion, completely forgetting about Jackie's situation. Janet then begins to wonder if the Geo Council likes her, then she doesn't have to sneak behind Jessie's back in order to fulfill her scientific goals.

A few days later, Janet is pulled aside by Jackie to be told something. Janet is unaware that their conversation will be about ghosts. However, Meredith interrupts them before they begin and declares they're going on a ladies nights. Meredith reasons to Jackie that her relationship with Meshram won't last and that she will need a rebound man. Excited, Janet heads to the Cactus Juice Bar with Jackie and Meredith. Later into ladies night, Janet is introduced to Meredith's employee, Emil Martinez, by Meredith. Janet immediately hits off with Emil. Janet spends most of the night with Emil, conversing and discussing their transitions. Eventually, Emil leaves Janet, but they forget to give each other their numbers. At the end of the night, she heads home when Meredith declares it's time to do so.

A couple days later, Janet gets an unexpected call from Emil. He explains that Meredith gave Janet's number to him before they go on to talk to each other for an hour or so. Janet thanks Meredith for giving her number to Emil and then she leaves for work. At work, Janet decides to upgrade her SimRay so that other Sims will obey to either clean or change clothes. Janet tests the clean command on Ashly and the change command on Jessie. They both successfully work.

Feeling a roll, Janet decides to invent a cloning machine. She tries to clone a standard plumbing pipe, but the cloning fails. Janet is unable to figure out the kinks with the Invention Constructor before the work day is over. Once she gets home, Janet is pulled aside again by Jackie to talk. Jackie reveals to Janet that she interviewed a ghost witness for her latest case. Janet immediately asks if Jackie now believes in aliens. Not fully believing yet, Jackie simply tells Janet that they could exist.

On Winterfest Eve, Janet is told by Meredith that they will decorate the Winterfest tree after dinner. And so, Janet helps decorate the tree with Jackie, Meredith, and Brandon. The next day, Winterfest Day itself, Janet wishes Janet, Meredith, and Brandon a Merry Winterfest. Janet also calls her family for a Merry Winterfest.

Once the Winterfest party begins, Janet welcomes Emil, Ashly, her husband Jeffery, and Jessie. Not too long afterwards, Jessie tells Janet about a possible new position that the Geo Council is creating called Ufologist. Janet takes the information with curiosity. She also gives Emil a surprise gift. After the party ends, Father Winter arrives. Janet gets a gift from him after Meredith and Brandon. She then opens her gifts from Jackie, Meredith, and Brandon. Once all the gifts are open, Janet sings 'We Wish You a Merry Winterfest' with the others.

The day after Winterfest, Meredith tells Janet that she should call Emil because they like each other. Janet decides to take Meredith's suggestion and call Emil. Janet talks to him yet again and they have another long conversation.


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