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James Moriarty
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'Ah... hello. Ni-Nice to meet you too, I suppose... my name is Ther - no, no, no - James. My name is James. And who are you?'
Name James Moriarty
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Journalism career icon Paper Boy
Parents Chrissy Eaton, Emerson Eaton
Romances Tallulah van der Zee Fell in Love with -Sim-
Trait Good small Good
Trait Loner small Loner
Trait Shy small Shy
Trait Supernatural Skeptic small Supernatural Skeptic
Trait Family-Oriented small Family-Oriented
Zodiac sign VirgoLN Virgo
Lifetime wish
LTW Surrounded by Family Surrounded By Family
Fav Classical Classical
Fav Fish and Chips Fish and Chips
Fav Black Black
Hair color Haircolor3-TS3 Brown
Eye color Eye-grey Gray
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Moonlight Falls
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James Moriarty is a member/character in the Moriarty Legacy and is the legacy founder. His lifetime wish is to raise five children of his own, which he wishes to do away from the seemingly perfect and wholly fake life he had back in the city of Bridgeport, even if Moonlight Falls appears to be a harboring fest of insanity. James is very reclusive and socially awkward due to having little to no parental guidance in his youth, yet is still a sweet if not slightly clueless person regardless.

He was born as Therese Eaton to his famous celebrity parents Chrissy Eaton (most known for her role in Nights of Our Lives) and Emerson Eaton. Even from when he was a young age, James has never been a part of - or even been able to tolerate - the rich and famous lifestyle flaunted around him since birth. He hated the feeling that came with stepping out of the streets and wondering what creeper was going to follow him that day. He hated all of the gawking people, staring and pushing to get his autograph (and he didn't even do anything remotely interesting! He was just born! That's it!) or the people "whispering" hateful things about his family then turning and plastering their fakest smiles and talked to the people they were so feverishly hating. Finally, one has to hit their snapping point, and James finally reached his on his eighteenth birthday. He carefully crafted and left a suicide note on his bedroom dresser, dragged the skeleton mannequin he stole from his science class into his car and drove. The second he found a smooth, tree-lined highway, he pulled the skeleton into his lap, dropped a brick onto the gas petal, threw himself out the open window and watched as his car smash into a tree. After ensuring that there was a fire large enough to completely engulf his car, he walked back, stole one of his father's many cars and 30,000 Simoleans and ran. He ran as far away from the supposed glitz and glamor as he could and after a week of nothing but driving, he found Moonlight Falls. A haven among a world filled with lies. The only question that remained now, as James throws his backpack over his shoulder and stares up at the cloud-covered sky, could he and his dream of starting a family thrive here? Or would it, like so many back in Bridgeport, wither and die?

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