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Jake Furtado

Jake Furtado was born in the Twinbrook Foundation Hospital and visited the School there and went after teenhood moved to the boarding school Fort Starch Military School and graduated from there and found a job in Law Enforcement.

Childhood Edit

Jake was raised by his father, which worked hard to provide Jake a later then a chance to enter into the Dribbledine Sports Academy. Jake met at the school from another class named Jamie and befriended with her. A year before he turned into a Teen, Jamie moved away with her family to Sunset Valley and Jake never saw her again.

Teenhood Edit

Jake moved then to the Dribbledine Sports Academy and left his old school. During the time he was in the boarding school his father became sick and died one night.

Adulthood Edit

Jake graduated and started to work as an Police Officer and his partner was Goodwin Goode, also from Twinbrook. A few years later both moved to Sunset Valley and kept working as a Police Officers. Jake turned out to be the Lieutnant of them and Goodwin, was one of the best Policeman, Sunset has ever had. Jake met on a mission Jamie from his childhood life again and asked her out to dinner. After a several months both announced their engagement and married. Jamie then was pregnant with her first child, Johnny Furtado.

He moved after a few years to Sunset Valley and got married and had a son named Johnny Furtado.