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Jaida holding hands with Parker Langerak.


Jaida Irena Page is a Sim who lives in Sunset Valley in the Sims 3 with her mother Jana Page (née Klement). She has a younger brother named Jaiden and her father's name is Luke. In the Sims 4, she lives in Newcrest  with her mother. 

Apperance Edit

Jaida has light skin, black hair, and blue eyes. In the Sims 3, her hair is black with a platinum blonde ombre. In the Sims 4, her hair is black with no ombre. Her body build is athletic. 


In the Sims 3, she is in a romantic relationship with Parker Langerak. In the Sims 4, she is in a romantic relationship with Malcolm Landgraab


Jaida has always been a romantic for as long as she can remember.  She is an athlete and loves athletics. Jaida even paints pictures of colorful trees and forests, etc. 


Jaida is currently unemployed. 

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