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Jai Sho
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Name Jai Sho
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Previous: Writer
Current: Unknown
Parents Unknown
Sibling(s) Only Child
Romances Chyou ShoDivorced
Oxsanna Hester-Sho Married
Child(ren) Bao-Zhi Sho Son
Ruth Hester-Sho Daughter
Cheng-Gong Sho Son
Zodiac sign  N/A
Aspiration  Computer Whiz
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color Eye-custom Light Black
Skin color Skin-tan Tanned
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Downloadable
World Oasis Springs
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Jai Sho was Born in China and Adopted at a Young Age. He was Married to Chyou Sho, and they have Two Sons together. He is Currently Married to his Childhood Sweetheart, Oxsanna Hester and they together have Two Children.


Jai met Oxsanna, his Childhood Sweetheart sometime in his Childhood.

Early LifeEdit

Jai Sho is married to Chyou Sho, he met her in his early adulthood, and soon after they got Married. Some said it was too soon, but Jai didn't care. He hadn't been in love many times before, the last time was to his Childhood Sweet heart, Oxsanna Hester. So when he knew what was happening when he met Chyou, he just knew it was love. Soon after getting Married, Jai and his new Bride moved to the Neighborhood of Oasis Springs. They moved into a nice Three bedroom house, it was just perfect for the little family they planned to start. And it didn't take long for the newly wed couple to full pregnant. In time Chyou gave birth to she called 'a beautiful Chinese boy', they named him Bao-Zhi, and Chyou had doted on him ever since.

Once a Cheat, AlwaysEdit

Sometime after moving to Oasis Springs, before his Son was bored Jai found himself bored one day. That's when he went to see the Neighbors, he then came across, Zoe Patel. She was a beautiful human being, and Jai thought so too. It wasn't long before the pair started an affair before Jais Pregnant Wife;s back. But the thing was, Zoe was married too, to Johnny Zest. In time Zoe herself became pregnant, since she was sleeping with herself and Jai. She didn't know who the father was. But in time it was Johnny who was in fact the Father. So to this Day their affair has been kept secret. Though Johnny walked in on the pair flirting before. The affair soon ended after Zoe and her Husband had another two Children. A few years passed and Jai got a shock, his Childhood Sweetheart Oxsanna had moved to Oasis Springs. What was he going to do? Would his feelings come back? And yes, in time they did come back. Jai then started his second affair, this time with his Childhood Sweetheart. In time the pair had a Daughter together. They have kept this secret.

Things Never Go as PlannedEdit

Jai knew that his Wife Chyou was desperate to get Pregnant again, and this time to have a baby girl. The thing was, Jai already had a baby girl with his Childhood Sweetheart, now become secret lover, Oxsanna. And he was actually planning on leaving his wife. The thing was, even though he faked it so much. One day he couldn't help himself. Though he thought nothing would come of it, he regretted it dearly the day his Wife said the worlds, "I'm Pregnant". Getting caught, it's not something you want to happen, Jai didn't want it to happen. He'd already got away with one secret affair, but when he messed around with his old College Sweetheart, was it a sigh maybe something was about to go wrong? He was just told the news of his Second child being born, having a new baby is meant to be a wonderful fun. And it was, for a few months. They wasn't long left, his Wife was big as anything, not that he told her. His secret was safe, that was until one day when everything changed. It happened by him asking Oxsanna to bring their Daughter Ruth round, he didn't think Chyou was home and since she didn't know about the affair let alone the Ruth it produced he though it would be okay to see his little girl. But that changed when Jai ended up in bed with Oxsanna once more. Before he knew it, his Wife was standing over him. Saying the words "I knew it!".

Divorce and MarriageEdit

After the Birth of his Second Son, it wasn't long before the break down of his marriage came to an end. It ended in Divorce. His then Wife wasn't happy and couldn't forgive him. So they went their own ways, with her taking their two boys with him. Yes he had a Daughter, Ruth with Oxsanna but he loved Children, how would he cope without his boys? But before he knew it, Oxsanna was telling him that they were Expecting their Second Children together. He was over the moon. Sure, he hoped to see his boys one day, but for now he had to focus on his new Family. Which he do so, it wasn't long before Jai and Oxsanna got Married. Maybe the Second Marriage would last for Jai?

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