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The Sims 4

Jackie Rose

Jackie Rose 2.jpg

Jackie Rose.jpg

Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Education and employment
Career TS4 Career Detective.png Senior Detective
Family/Families Rose family
Siblings Joanna Parker Sister
Marital status Single
Romances David Wren Ex-Boyfriend

Advik Meshram Ex-Boyfriend

Traits Trait TS4 Romantic.png Romantic
Trait TS4 Goofball.png Goofball
Trait TS4 Outgoing.png Outgoing
Trait TS4 Alluring.png Alluring
Aspiration Aspiration TS4 Soulmate.png Soulmate
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair.png Blonde
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes.png Blue
Skin color Skin-light.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game TS4 Icon.png The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Oasis Springs
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Jackie Rose is a Sim whose only family consists of her older sister, Joanna Parker, and Joanna's five children.

Jackie decides to move in with Joanna and her family in Willow Creek following Jenna's birth. While living there, Jackie works as a Cadet in the Law Enforcement career, simply looking for love. She finds it when David Wren moves across the street. Eventually, Jackie receives a promotion, but she has to move to Oasis Springs to accept it. She does just that, taking her niece, Janet, with her and maintaining a long distance relationship with David.

Life History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Jackie is similar to her older sister, Joanna in a couple ways. They share blonde hair and blue eyes, implying that they at least share the same set of parents. They also share the Goofball trait, also implying that it's a common trait in their family. Other than those things, nothing else is known.

The Sims 4[edit | edit source]

Jackie moves into her sister's home, Potters Splay, just after the birth of her latest niece, Jenna, in order to help out. She promises to stay on the condition that there won't be any more children in the house. There, Jackie continues to help raise Joanna' children while she works as a Police Cadet.

However, when Joanna gets pregnant again not too long afterwards, Jackie is the last one to find out about. Joanna explains her fears of Jackie moving out because she broke Jackie's condition. Jackie then reveals she only joked about actually moving out and promises to stay to help the new baby. Jackie's help increases by mostly taking care of Jenna and her needs. Jackie even takes a day off from work on Joanna's expected delivery date where she distracts Jenna so Joanna can give birth. After welcoming her new nephew, Jordan, Jackie then cheers up Jenna by reading to her when Jenna is saddened by his arrival.

Jackie also promises to provide for the family if times are desperate after learning that Joanna quit her job to become a full time stay-at-home mother. Jackie continues to help out by taking Jenna and Jordan out of Joanna's care so she can go on a date night with James. While her sister is out, Jackie witnesses Jenna's mastering of the potty.

About a week later, Jackie meets her new neighbor, David Wren, when he is invited over for dinner by Joanna. Jackie and David get along very well. They talk to each other for most of the night with some harmless flirting sprinkled throughout. The next morning, Jackie is able to help Jenna master her thinking skill by teaching her more shapes. A couple days later, Jackie sees David outside working in his yard after she comes home from work. She decides to go over and visit him. Jackie starts talking with David until she sees a wound on his hand from him working in his yard. Jackie decides to jokingly kiss the wound better, but that leads to her impulsively kissing David. He then reciprocates a kiss, which causes Jackie to become flustered. Jackie immediately decides to leave, but not before she gives her phone number to David.

The next morning on Saturday, just after breakfast, Jackie invites David over to discuss the events that happened between them the day before. When David comes over, Jackie gives him a kiss on the cheek before quickly getting him downstairs and into her bedroom so they can talk. Jackie tells David that they should take things slow and get to know one another before they dive into anything too serious. David agrees and Jackie spends the rest of the morning in her bedroom with David, just talking and getting better acquainted. By the early afternoon, David says he has to leave and Jackie kisses him goodbye. After he leaves, Jackie feels better that she's taking things slow.

A while later, Jackie eventually meets Jared's girlfriend, Karissa Gallagher, after she unknowingly interrupts a conversation that Jared, Karissa, and Jacob were having. Later at dinner, Joanna informs Jackie, along with the rest of the family, that the Cagles are moving as well as that Joanna plans on hosting a going away party for the neighborhood. Jackie instantly realizes that she will she David there.

The day before the going away party, Jackie becomes too anxious to see David. Instead, she ultimately decides that she wants to have a date with him. She gets ready when Jacob comes into her room, needing to talk. However, he tells her it can wait. After Jacob leaves her alone, Jackie calls David up for a date a the XP Mont. They flirt, eat, and take selfies before hugging each other goodbye. Afterwards, Jackie feels enamored with David.

The very next day, the day of the going away party for the Cagles, Jackie joins Jacob by the fireplace. She wishes to continue the conversation that Jacob wanted to begin yesterday. Jacob asks her about love advice for his life. Not knowing that he actually wants to come out to her, Jackie provides some love advice. Later, when the party actually begins and after making out with him, Jackie sneaks off with David to her room. That is where they have sex while the party is going on. Feeling that they are official, Jackie asks David to be her boyfriend. David immediately says yes.

On an unusually warm fall day, after embarrassing Jared with Joanna in front of Karissa, Jackie tells her sister about her new relationship with David. Joanna responds back by saying she couldn't be any happier for Jackie. Later on, Jackie is surprised when David comes over. The two of them have a chat with James and Joanna that evening. Jackie even asks David if he wants to sleep over, which he says yes. The next morning, Jackie wakes David up so she can introduce him to the Twins as her boyfriend before they leave for school. After the introduction, Jackie feels great that her family is being so accepting.

Quite some time later, Jackie thinks she's going to receive a promotion. However, she continues to work normally so that she doesn't jeopardize anything. She goes on an arson case. At the scene, Jackie interviews witnesses and investigates the scene before heading back to the station to analyze evidence, process criminals, and update the police database. Unfortunately, Jackie doesn't receive the promotion that day, making her anxious to get it the next day. She coninues to work normally as she goes on patrol, stops a fight, and issues a citation. She then goes on an APB for the arson case where she interviews, arrests, and processes the suspected arsonist. Jackie is finally offered the promotion, but she has to move to Oasis Springs in order to accept it. Jackie does because she thinks it will open up more opportunities. She tells her family at dinner time, in which they're all proud for her. She even explains more about the promotion to Jared and James.

After working some overtime, Jackie realizes she needs to tell David about her promotion. So, she goes out on a date with him to the XP Mont. Jackie tells David about the promotion and says that she hopes they can maintain a long distance relationship together. David says the same thing and agrees that they should try to do it. The next evening, Jackie, along with James and Joanna, learn that Jared's girlfriend, Karissa, is pregnant. She also learns that Karissa's parents kicked her out. As a result, Jackie shows and gives her bedroom over to Karissa while she pulls out a cot to sleep on. As Jackie sets up the cot, Jacob asks if he can move with her to Oasis Springs. Curious, Jackie asks why would he want to do that. Jacob then comes out to Jackie, explaining that the move will help him start the life he wants as a woman. While she is surprised, Jackie accepts everything, but explains that Jacob has to come out to his parents first and actually think about moving before deciding to move. This leaves Jacob defeated as Jackie walks away.

On Harvestfest, Jackie gives the Gnomes a toy, but it angers them. Jackie kicks one out of frustration, but all the Gnomes become angry. She is then approached by Jacob who claims that he came out to both of his parents and that they're both accepting of his plan. Although, Jackie is skeptical. During Harvestfest dinner, Jackie says she's thankful for her sister. After dinner, though, she reveals Jacob's identity crisis to Joanna. Half a week following Harvestfest, Jackie meets Jared's new children, Brody and Nicole. Several weeks after their birth, Jackie says goodbye to Joanna, David, and the rest of her family as she prepares to move to Oasis Springs with her nephew-turned-niece Janet in order to accept her new promotion.

The Sims 4: Get to Work[edit | edit source]

Four years since moving to Oasis Springs, Jackie has been living with Janet in a boarding house owned by Meredith Moore. During this time, Jackie maintains her position as an officer in Law Enforcement. However, she also breaks up with David because their long distance relationship is too difficult to maintain.

One morning, Jackie wakes up still saddened by her break-up with David. Although, Meredith tries to cheer Jackie up by saying that she's stronger than she thinks and that she'll get over the break-up. Meredith also tells Jackie about needing to meet their new roommate, Brandon Girard. Jackie then meets Brandon when he joins her and Meredith for breakfast. Almost immediately, Jackie feels a crush on Brandon beginning to form. She begins to wonder if it's time to move on from David after breakfast time. Near evening time, Jackie decides she wants to know some stuff about Brandon and asks what he works as. He tells her that he's a doctor. Jackie's crush grows before excusing herself to her bedroom. She decides it's time to move on from David because she's in love with Brandon, even if it's too early to tell. Jackie even spends more time getting to know Brandon after breakfast the next morning before he leaves for his work as a doctor.

Another day later, Jackie spends her first breakfast alone with Brandon, which has some harmless flirting involved. By the evening, she is told a true abduction story by Janet. However, Jackie doesn't believe that Janet was abducted. Despite the disbelief, Janet tries to discuss alien theories with her aunt. Jackie starts worrying that Janet might be working herself into isolationism, which is affecting her mental health.

The next morning, Jackie receives her first solo case in four years. She has to investigate the theft of a missing instrument from a local lounge. Jackie takes pictures of the crime scene, collects fingerprints, and interviews some witnesses before returning to the station. After analyzing the evidence, Jackie cross references it with the police database. She deduces that the culprit is a female teenager and issues an APB. She finds and arrests the suspected thief for the interrogation. During the interrogation, the theif reveals that she had a partner to Jackie. Jackie is pleased and plans on following up on it soon. Although she doesn't close the case, Jackie is promoted to corporal for solving so much in such little time. Jackie's happiness is temporarily squashed when Meredith reminds her and Brandon that her bathroom is strictly off-limits after she suspects someone else is using it.

The next morning yet again, Jackie is having breakfast with Janet and Brandon while they bond over their abduction stories. Their conversation causes Jackie to worry more about Janet's mental health. After work, Jackie asks Brandon if she can speak with him in private. He obliges and they go into her bedroom to talk. Jackie asks Brandon not to encourage Janet's alien fantasies because Jackie is worried that Janet is working herself into isolationism due to her only seeing them and her coworkers everyday. Brandon suavely agrees to not encourage Janet, despite it being true. Jackie thanks Brandon, being too distracted by his suaveness to acknowledge the last part.

Jackie also talks about her worry about Janet with Meredith. Jackie asks Meredith if she can take Janet with her to her thrift store, Moore Stuff & Things, so Janet can meet new people. Meredith promises Jackie that she will take Janet because they've known each other for a long time. At breakfast the next morning, Jackie tells Janet that she'll be going with Meredith to her thrift store. Janet expresses her hatred of the idea to Jackie by stating she's not a little kid anymore. Jackie then expresses her worry for Janet's mental health while Meredith explains the benefits of joining her. While Janet goes with Meredith, Jackie heads to work. Once they both return home, Jackie asks Janet how her day at the thrift store went. Janet tells Jackie it went fine and that she feels better, but Jackie isn't told about the SimRay idea that Janet got while at the thrift store.

A couple of days later before work, Meredith reminds Jackie again that her bathroom is strictly off-limits when she continues to find someone else is using it. Jackie then heads to work where her boss, Chief Advik Meshram, commends her for quickly solving part of the theft case. Jackie accepts her commendation before heading out on another APB to find the second suspect. She finds the second thief as quickly as the first and takes her back to the station. Jackie then informs Meshram about the suspect before interrogation. Meshram thanks Jackie and asks for another update after the confession because he'll be leaving work early. Jackie promises.

Then, she interrogates the suspect. The suspect confesses to the crime, but also reveals that she is a part of a much larger group. Jackie thinks nothing of the information and proceeds to process the suspect before heading home. Keeping her word, Jackie informs Meshram about obtaining the confession. Meshram commends Jackie again for her hard work before they hang up. Some time later, an ecstatic Janet tells Jackie about her promotion at FutureSim Labs.

Some time later, Jackie gets an urgent call from Meshram to meet him at the Cactus Juice Bar to talk about a possible case. Immediately, Jackie rushes over to the Cactus Juice Bar where she finds Meshram alone at a table. She asks him about the case, but he requests her to sit first. Meshram then reveals to Jackie that there is no case, but rather that he called her to promote her to detective. However, before Jackie can respond, Meshram also reveals his crush that he's had on her for the past four years. Surprised, Jackie thanks Meshram for the promotion, but then she kisses him as well. Feeling flustered, Jackie excuses herself to the bathroom where she wonders if she's also had feelings for Meshram for the past four years as well. She decides that she has had a crush and stays with Meshram for the rest of evening. Late into the night, Jackie returns to the boarding house, excited to be dating someone again.

Jackie tells Janet and Meredith about her dating Meshram at breakfast the next morning. Janet and Meredith both express their happiness to Jackie for dating again, despite the circumstances. Later that day, Jackie tells Brandon about her dating Meshram and explains that their flirting has to be dialed down a bit. Brandon tells Jackie that he's fine with it because there are plenty of other people to date. Later still, Jackie is told by Janet about her and Meredith's concerns over Jackie dating her boss, Meshram. Jackie tries to argue that she's not a kid and that she can date anyone she likes. However, Janet immediately sees the irony and relates it to her being forced to Moore Stuff & Things. Jackie tries to explain that their situations are different by saying she was looking out for Janet's mental health. Janet argues back with the same thing. This causes Jackie to appreciate the gesture, but not thank Janet.

Janet tries to help Jackie some more with her dating Meshram, something unknown to Jackie. Also unknown to Jackie is that Janet completely forgets about it. Instead, Jackie is told by Janet about her promotion to Technological Innovator. Jackie congratulates her niece on the promotion.

Even though she rejected Janet and Meredith's help, Jackie begins wondering if Meshram has an ulterior motive for their relationship. So, once Jackie arrives at work, she goes into Meshram's office to speak with him. She asks if Meshram is dating her for some reason other than pure love. Meshram explains that he would never take advantage of their relationship. However, he tells her that they have to keep their relationship a secret from their coworkers. Jackie agrees and thanks Meshram for the truth before going to get her next case.

Jackie heads to the crime scene where she does her standard routine. She takes pictures of the scene. She collects some evidence that is left behind. Finally, she interviews the witnesses. Although, her final interview is with a ghost. This causes her to rethink her stance on the existence of aliens. Also, when Jackie returns to the police station, Meshram gives Jackie a small promotion to Senior Detective for the case due to no one else is willing to take charge because of the ghost witness.

Jackie returns to the boarding house, wanting to tell Janet about the ghost. However, Meredith interrupts them and declares they're going on a ladies nights. Meredith reasons to Jackie that her relationship with Meshram won't last and that she will need a rebound man. Jackie is reluctant to go, but she joins Meredith and Janet to the Cactus Juice Bar anyway. Over drinks, Meredith assures Jackie that she will thank Meredith for ladies night. However, Jackie strongly disagrees.

Later into ladies night, Jackie is introduced to Meredith's employee, Emil Martinez, by Meredith. After introductions, Jackie spends the rest of the night alone, playing games. Meredith finds her later on and asks her what's wrong. Jackie then explains to Meredith that she is happy with Meshram and that ladies night was useless for her. Meredith sees Jackie's truth and decides it's time to go home.

At breakfast the next morning, Meredith apologizes to Jackie for dragging her to the bar last night. Jackie forgives Meredith before heading to work. After work the next day and some time into the evening, Jackie pulls Janet aside again. This time Jackie tells Janet about the ghost witness that she interviewed. Immediately, Janet asks Jackie if she also believes in aliens if ghosts are real. Not fully believing just yet, Jackie says that aliens might exist.

On Winterfest Eve, Jackie is told by Meredith that they will decorate the Winterfest tree after dinner. And so, Jackie helps decorate the tree with Janet, Meredith, and Brandon. The next day, Winterfest Day itself, Jackie wishes Janet, Meredith, and Brandon a Merry Winterfest. Jackie makes sure to call Joanna to tell her the same thing. However, Jackie also sends a text to David, wishing him a Merry Winterfest.

Once the Winterfest party begins, Jackie warmly welcomes Meshram when he finally arrives. Jackie gives him a rose before giving him a kiss under the mistletoe. She then sneaks away with him to have sex. Afterwards, Jackie jokes that she's pregnant. Her joke causes Meshram to worry and he leaves, much to her own curiosity. After the party ends, Father Winter arrives. Jackie tells him that she doesn't want a gift because she already has everything she wants. Father Winter takes his leave and Jackie joins the others to open the rest of the gifts. Once all the gifts are open, Jackie sings 'We Wish You a Merry Winterfest' with Janet, Meredith, and Brandon.

A couple days after Winterfest, Jackie admires her new uniform after having been given the small promotion to Senior Detective. However, she also worries for Meshram after his abrupt leave during the party. So, when she gets to work, she asks him if they can talk, which Meshram allows. Jackie explains she obviously only joked about being pregnant after they had sex. However, Jackie adds that she does want to have children at some point. Meshram disagrees and says he never wants children. Realizing Meshram's stance is firm, Jackie breaks up with him. She then returns to work, saddened, as she continues the case with the ghost witness.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Despite not having the Noncommital trait, Jackie sometimes feels tense with the moodlet being associated with the trait.
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