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Isaac Garvouis
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'Isaac is a real celebrity. He has developed many technologies and he is very close to discovering the Time Machine he has always planned to create. However his unfaithfulness is an obstacle for him, which he has to throw away, otherwise he'll get into serious problems...'
Name Isaac Garvouis
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Elder.png Elder
Life state CAS Human icon.png Normal
Garvouis family
Romances Constance Garvouis Married, Marissa Perez Ex-lover
Child(ren) Wyatt Garvouis Son, Alfred Garvouis Son, Archibald Perez Son, Ursula Garvouis Daughter
Trait Adventurous small.png Adventurous
Trait Excitable small.png Excitable
Trait Daredevil small.png Daredevil
Trait Eccentric small.png Eccentric
Trait Frugal small.png Frugal
Zodiac sign LeoLN.png Leo
Lifetime wish
LTW Renaissance Sim.png Renaissance Sim
Fav Rockabilly.png Rockabilly
Fav Fish and Chips.png Fish & Chips
Fav Spice Brown.png Spice Brown
Hair color Haircolor3-TS3.jpg Brown
Eye color Eye-green.png Green
Skin color Tan skin-TS3.png Tan
Body shape Fit Muscular
Social Standing
Celebrity status
5 stars
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Riverview
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Isaac Garvouis is the founder and current patriarch of the Garvouis family. He was the greatest inventor in Riverview and he played a very important part in enlarging Garvouis family, and to make the family famous and well-off. He is the husband to Constance Garvouis, and the father of Wyatt Garvouis and Alfred Garvouis and Ursula Garvouis. He also has an illegitimate son Archibald.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Adulthood[edit | edit source]

Isaac moved in to Riverview as a very young adult. He was at the time unemployed, so he had to move to a very cheap lot. His debut in Riverview was a disaster since his new purchased house had 3 ghosts buried around it, who were very malefic ones and they instigated the chaos in house by breaking objects, wetting floor and constantly turning the lights on and off. He became tired of them and decided to call the ghost hunter, he came and brutally took all ghosts with him. Finally Isaac could now relax without being annoyed by mean ghosts.

Isaac was having much more difficulty to pay the overdue bills, he panicked and tried to gain a job, he met Sherman Bagley and befriended him. He begged for a job, since Sherman was a very good Sim employed in Military career, Sherman had pity for him and gave him the job. Isaac became a hard worker to maintain his job and pay the bills, but he was also being financially supported by Sherman Bagley and his family. He quickly became rich and drop out of his career, which offended Sherman so much, that the two lost their friendship, and consequently Isaac lost his financial support. However, Isaac didn't care much about that, and he moved in to previous Hannah and Aiden Jones' mansion, who mysteriously died by drowning. They were buried in Old Town Cemetery.

Isaac wanted to fulfill his lifetime wish of being a great inventor and maxing Logic and Handiness skill, and the best of all - he didn't need a job, he was rich and could now invest his money on his inventions.

Although, Isaac knew he had to invest time not only on inventions but on social life, also, the only way to survive in such rural town and since his reputation declined after the incident with Sherman, he tried to befriend Sims. He met Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes, who was an insane scientist obsessed with plants and gardening. Although he did not share Meadow's passion, he understood her and found her a really interesting person, so they became good friends quite quickly.

While trying to know other Sims in the neighborhood, Isaac met the lonely but adorable Constance Shelley, it was like "love at the first sight"; they did not share any passion together but there was some Chemistry that united the two. Isaac thought she was woman of his dreams and they went steady. In that night Isaac begged Constance to stay with him, so they slept together. Constance ended up living with Isaac, and after some time, he finally proposed her. Constance immediately accepted joyfully to marry him. The first thing they did was the guests-list. Isaac hired the butler, Irina Bulls, to help them with marriage preparatives.

Isaac and Constance decided they wanted a wedding room, so they remodeled the third floor, decorated all of the objects mostly with black, white colors, to make it a classical wedding room.

Isaac and Constance married after all the party, marvelous food, joy, dance, drinks, music, everything was there to make it a perfect wedding and all the guest congratulated them, this popular and fabulous wedding made them celebrities. This also made him earn many influential friends, among them some really known celebrities. The paparazzi followed him everywhere he went.

After his marriage the house was a mess. Irina Bulls started to work harder, but she couldn't handle it alone, which made Isaac repair the broken instruments, while Irina and Constance cleaned all the house from upstairs to downstairs, left to right. The house was now brighter than ever.

Isaac and Constance were very excited by their union, they immediately went together to the Hot tub after the wedding party, where they had their "wedding night", they woohooed there 2 times to make sure an heir would be produced. After somedays of surprise, pain, joy, Wyatt Garvouis, the heir, was born. Constance felt the need to nurture this baby, but in order to do it, she drop out the career, with the Maternity leave. However Isaac didn't do it, he thought he should still work hard on his inventions and repairing instruments.

Since the Garvouis were becoming more and more famous, Constance agreed with Isaac to hire a stylist, to keep up the appearances. The stylist hired was Marissa Perez, a very artistic and caring young woman.

After days of hard work, Wyatt, finally grew up into a toddler, he had birthday party where only members of the family could be present. Constance was very happy for him, and she started to teach him to talk and walk, while this was happening, Isaac was getting deeply involved with Marissa.

Marissa was a seductive and attractive woman rather than a professional stylist, Isaac was progressively finding her very interesting, and one day, while Constance was away working off in City Hall, Isaac betrayed her for the first time with Marissa, flirting with her in the Art gallery, where a paparazzi photographed them delightfully. Isaac then woohooed her in the private hot tub.

Since Marissa was good, she moved out of Garvouis' home not to cause problems to the family; even so Isaac still visited her. After multiple visits, Marissa found out she was pregnant with Isaac's illegitimate child.

Isaac had also tried for a baby with Constance, and this resulted in a hopefully healthy boy, named Alfred. Isaac and Constance gave him slightly less importance, considering he was not the heir, so they made a room quite distant from theirs, where Alfred could sleep, although Wyatt slept in the same room as Isaac and Constance.

Finally Constance taught all toddler skills to Wyatt, while Isaac didn't have any contribute to this he still fed Wyatt many times, but he was too busy many times with his inventions. Isaac was still a very primary inventor, most of his inventions were toys, but this would be about to change.

Isaac saw Wyatt growing up very well, like what they all wished, he had a birthday party organized by his family, it was a quite simple party but very joyful. As a child he quickly discovered his passion for Sports, he was an athletic Sim.

Isaac and Constance sent Wyatt to another room, the "children's room". That room was completely remodeled since Wyatt wanted something "less adult".

Since Constance was a very good mother, she encouraged Wyatt to gain skills and practice Sports, because it was his passion, so he was really excited and sometimes at night he used to escape while his parents were sleeping, to the TV to practice exercise. While this happened Isaac was worried about the awful idea of having an illegitimate child with Marissa, Archibald had born just 1 day after Wyatt became an child. Isaac was afraid of paparazzi, he didn't want the whole neighborhood to know what he did, that could definitely ruin him.

Thankfully for Isaac, the paparazzi didn't discover anything about his affair with Marissa and the little baby.

Isaac tried again for a baby with Constance, he had family-hunger because he wanted to enlarge the family and dominate the Riverview Technologies and Business.

Isaac's look and charm was excellent, so he used it very well to enchant some of the old celebrity ladies in the town, such as Nellie Spenster, his fame increased and over time he was becoming more popular. But since Nellie Spenster was already very old, she just died after he visited her.

Isaac's son, Wyatt was also beginning to gain popularity, he went to Sports plays, he watched many of them, mainly with the school, and this made him gain friends.

Although, Isaac was is publicly disgraced, it was said that Isaac had been detonating things, this almost cost him 1 celebrity star, but fortunately he gave money to the paparazzi to make them shut up, and they did it. His popularity was regained.

Constance just discovered that she was pregnant by the day Alfred grew up into a toddler. Consequently, Wyatt was happier than ever with his school results, so Isaac started to invent toys for him so that he could play. It was his reward for his gorgeous work.

Once again, Isaac was publicly disgraced after detonating Marissa's fridge. She didn't really mind because she understood he was just experimenting his new skill, still she had to pay 100§ for a new one. Isaac was a more feared celebrity by this time, because people knew he had a murderous power.

While Constance was teaching Alfred to talk, Isaac was scheduling a birthday party to that day, but by that day Constance was heavily pregnant. When the guests came to their house to celebrate Isaac's birthday party, Constance started to give birth, the guests panicked and screamed, and Isaac and Constance were stuck by their panic in the kitchen so they couldn't go to the hospital, inclusively some of guests, such as Shirley Lin, passed out. Finally, after all the crowd's screamings and despair, Constance, with the help of Isaac, gave birth to a healthy girl, who was named Ursula Garvouis. Although, the party was initially a disaster, Isaac could reverse this, he danced with the guests, talked to them, went with many to the hot tub and they had a great time together, all left saying that the party was excellent! The only guest left to see Isaac blowing out the candles was Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes. Isaac grew up into an adult joyfully due to his success.

Even more joy was shared by members of the Garvouis family, after Wyatt got in honor roll and Alfred learned how to talk and walk from Constance.

Isaac learned how to train people. He started to train George Dean to work out his strength, it resulted and the two became friends.

On Constance's birthday, Isaac got electrocuted but thankfully didn't die. Constance, relieved, run to him, to kiss and hug him. She marked a birthday party. While Isaac was giving conference, Constance was visiting the Brokes, he then came home to celebrate her birthday. It was a very funny party, with food, dance, all the guests loved it. One more time Isaac got electrocuted without anyone noticing it, he took a bath and then started inventing once again. Constance finally returned to work (Journalism) and Isaac decided to run around Riverview, when he arrived to Marcela's house (a well-known celebrity) he didn't care and invaded her house, he went inside and exploded her TV and sofa. Marcela, furious, shooed him out of there.

Wyatt Garvouis grew up well into a teen, and he became more ambitious and critic about himself. However Isaac was furious with him due to his radical change in appearance, Wyatt wore a blue T-shirt, cowboy jeans and a completely messy hair. The two fought. Isaac marked for Tuesday a going to the beauty salon to modify his rebellious appearance.

After this discussion, a fire arise upstairs in the "wedding room" and "ate" the butler, Irina who was trying to fix the TV, but got electrocuted. The firefighters didn't arrive soon enough to save Irina, but the fire was then controlled and extinct.

Garvouis were tragically affected by Irina's death and her grave deposited in the "Heavens" room, where people considered good by Garvouis family were buried.

Isaac tried to remain strong. He then hired another butler, this time a male one, Adrian Duncan.

After all this, Ursula grew up well into a toddler after tragical Irina's death.

Constance immediately taught her to talk and walk and easily potty trained her. Then Constance taught the last skill to Alfred. Wyatt changed his appearance into something more "soft" to please the irate Isaac, and home's life was now less tense. Constance got some new friends at the beauty saloon. After this Wyatt got his first points in athletic skill by practicing in the gym, he remained there too much time after the curfew and was taken home by the police. Isaac, again, was furious at him, and their relationship declined once again.

To relieve himself, Isaac went to Marissa's home and there he made out with her in the couch.

Isaac was really successful at athletic skill, so he went multiple times to the gym to train people, this time he trained Billy Caspian, a very close friend of his wife. He also repaired the broken TV in the gym. And after this, he trained Maximus McDermott.

His wife, Constance, was also becoming more famous, she got invited to many parties, and got many friends such as Sherman Bagley, whom with Isaac had fixed their relationship. This time, Constance was invited by Sherman Bagley to a party and she slept there. Wyatt got even more close to his friend, Leopold, Isaac exercised a lot and trained Dallas Shallow.

Alfred grew up successfully. But Issac and Constance quickly learned he had developed an inappropriate flaw. Isaac was still proud of him because Alfred was in love with inventions just like his father and got his first skill point in inventing. Isaac was at night, invited for a party at Rainer Kowling's house. There he enjoyed himself a lot, dancing like a crazy. He got even more powerful when he went home successfully by teleporting himself, something he had learned recently.

Ursula's birthday party was managed normally and she grew up very well and started to wore some beautiful clothes.

While trying to invent Isaac learned something really powerful and that made him do a Time Machine, he was the first inventor that ever made it and his family was proud of him and he started to get hundreds of awards given by the community and city hall, his talent was finally recognized. This also made him go to more parties, he was more popular than ever, his wife was also writing a new book. He was known now for being the best technologies inventor of Riverview

Due to Wyatt's excellent grades, both Constance and Isaac agreed to replace his computer by a totally new laptop and gave him. Wyatt also taught Ursula to study and the developed a deep relationship.

When Isaac ate Ursula's muffin, he thought that she could do a business, and she started selling the meals she prepared. While Alfred was mostly interested in collecting and inventing, just like his father, he even slept there when Isaac invented.

Isaac fulfilled his lifetime wish by mastering the athletic skill while running around Riverview, he got very happy and bought many lifetime rewards, Ursula also took the best grades of her class and all these made Isaac become very happy, his son Wyatt also grew up well and got employed as a firefighter, all the family appreciated his courage.

His son, Alfred grew up badly and due to it he started to get really mean, but Isaac was proud that he wished to be a great inventor and scientist, Wyatt also got some promotions and worked out in order to be fit and started dating MaryKay Shallow, who moved in but then ran away after becoming enemies with Alfred and Ursula, thankfully the family provided much emotional support, with the exception of Alfred who turned into Wyatt's enemy, whom Wyatt blamed for MaryKay's leave.

After that Ursula grew up into a teen and got more outgoing, but she still had magnificent grades, the same happened with Alfred, though he was very rebellious, always installing pranks for Wyatt, due to that he was punished many times by either Isaac and Constance or Wyatt.

They all agreed to buy a video camera and more stuff in order to have fun, they passed the weekends having fun with waterslide as it was very warm, but a burglar came at night and tried to take away their furniture, thanks to alarm a policeman came and arrested the burglar.

Ursula and Alfred got the Prom night date and prepared themselves, while the adults of the house: Constance, Wyatt and Isaac were offered free vacation and went out of the town for 2 days, they suspected the teens would misbehave, but when they came back they didn't appear to have made anything wrong.

Isaac didn't invent as much as he used, he was now enjoying his last adult days with his wife and children, he also found the way of how to garden but he was far away from discovering Life Fruit so he persuaded Meadow to make some for him, both he and Constance ate and got younger.

By this stage they hired a new butler, Feliciana Dantas, as the previous left them for the too much distant relationship he had with the family, he didn't commit the same error he had made previously and befriended the butler.

His experiments got too much strong and he ended up exploding the attic which and all the few furniture was burnt. It almost killed himself, but eventually took control and the fire was extinguished.

He was also glad when Wyatt decided to marry Melanie Cole, a young woman and newly politician. The ceremony he had much fun and loved it, but it was upsetting that two vampires had to die that night, as many people became devastated. The end of wedding ceremony was very emotional for Isaac and the rest of the family due to the exchanging rings and the two deaths.

The days after were lived with a heavy gloom, till Melanie announced she was pregnant, which all welcomed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Isaac is a 4-star celebrity.
  • Isaac has mastered his handiness, inventing, athletic and charisma skills.
  • He is friends with many Sims of the neighborhood and has a great persuasive power among villagers - he persuaded Roxie Lin to kiss Marcela Gonçalves, and thus making her begin a lesbian relationship, despite being committed to someone else.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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