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Ionello Family
Family Faces
Name Ionello Family
Number of generations 5 generations
Family connections Cane Family, Charpentier Family, Jones Family, Kinsey Family, LaGuardia Family, Martinez Family, Origaza Family, Pola Family, Quinette Family, Rosa Family, Vilena Family, Whelan Family

The Ionello family has only expanded since they first appeared as a three-Sim family in The Sims. Introduced as a mysterious rich family from "The City", stories of their intricate past and future and revealed and developed in The Sims 3 and The Sims 2, respectively.

The core of the Ionello family lies between Caridad and Jonathan, and their daughter Elise.

The Ionello FamilyEdit


The Cane FamilyEdit

The Charpentier FamilyEdit

The Jones FamilyEdit

The Kinsey FamilyEdit

The LaGuardia FamilyEdit

The Martinez FamilyEdit

The Origaza FamilyEdit

The Pola FamilyEdit

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Family TreeEdit

Ionello Family Tree


  • Caridad Ionello is the only member of the large Ionello family to be alive and playable in all three games.
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