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Imogen Space
Name Imogen Space
Gender Female Female
Space family
Parents Roger Space, Elsa LoveAdoptive Audrey Space Step-daughter All Deceased
Sibling(s) Alistair Space Fraternal twin, Jill Love Half-sister
Romances Jay Griffin Ex-romance, Klaus Du TheinEx-fiancée Vanessa Owens Ex-romance, Malcolm Landgraab IV Did WooHoo with -Sim-, Antonio De Mort MarriedDeceased, Ola Byall Married, Stuart JudeDivorced
Child(ren) Charlie OwensAdopted Lily De Mort Daughter, Magdelena SpaceAdopted
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Imogen Space (Adult)
Imogen was married and now she is not. That's how simple it seems to her but it's not. People are questioning her motives for marrying especially now she is engaged again so soon...
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Normal
Zodiac sign Libra (sign) Libra
Aspiration  Grow Up
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes Green
Skin color Skin-dark Dark
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Lavisha
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Imogen Space Sims 4
Imogen had a ... strange start to life but finally she is where she belongs, great kids, great wife, great family... if only her brother would just leave her alone for a bit and let her care for her new family.
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Trait TS4 Romantic Romantic
Trait TS4 Bookworm Bookworm
Trait TS4 Outgoing Outgoing
Trait TS4 Alluring Alluring
Aspiration  Soulmate
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Green Eyes Green
Skin color Skin-dark Dark
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Lavisha

Imogen is the adopted daughter of Roger and Elsa and the Twin Sister of Alistair Space. Her original parents died in a skiing accident when she was only a Baby so she doesn't remember who they are but she loves living with her new family. She is the louder and tougher of the Twins and is always causing a racket.

Before Birth Edit

Before she was born, Imogen was born to a happy family who couldn't be happier with their twins! Life could not have been better. They happily lived in a log cabin in Three Lakes.

Babyhood Edit

As a baby, Imogen and her twin brother had a great life. Their parents took great care if them however they had to go into care as their parents were killed in a skiing accident. She was treated well but the care workers tried to find Imogen and her twin brother a new home as soon as possible!

Toddlerhood Edit

As a toddler, Imogen and her twin were adopted by Elsa and Roger. She was delighted to have been adopted as she liked all the care and attention she was being given. She didn't quite realise that she had been adopted by one of the richest families in Lavisha! Imogen didn't show any talents from a young age but her parents loved her all the same. However they did wish she'd stop eating the crayons and escaping from her cot in the middle of the night.


As a child, Imogen and her twin brother were very interested in the paranormal which was lucky as their father was an alien. Thy heard about a woman who painted what she dreamed and they asked to see it for their birthday. At the exhibition, their mother didn't seem to be interested. To be fair, Roger wasn't either but he lead them round as they tried to spot themselves in her art. Suddenly, Elsa ran out the exhibition. They were confused, what was wrong? Imogen began to notice things. At school all the girls came in with complex plaits and nice clothes that their mums had come with them to get and Imogen was cross. Why didn't Elsa bother? Slowly she began to resent her mum and hated for her for not caring.


As a teen, Imogen was furious at her mum leaving them. She was happy that her dad had a blooming romance with Audrey Hero, who is the kind of person Imogen would've wanted to be her mum. She started dating Jay Griffin who was head of the Basketball team. She hoped her Mum would just die and Audrey would move in.

Imogen was convinced that she was meant to be with Jay but sadly it was short lived, Jay turned out to be secretly worshiping an evil god, the Prime Heifer. He tried to convince Imogen to join him and absorb the Prime Heifer into herself to give him a new life at the price of hers. She said No. However, Jay's devotion to the Prime Heifer did convince Imogen to find her true passion. She found a society in Strangetown called the Kine Society. She couldn't go to Strangetown to follow her 'true calling' so she just used web chat to join in on their rituals. She stopped soon after though due to 'lack of time for nonsense'. She was good at manipulating people, including Alistair. She and Alistair soon went to college to seek fun and higher education.

Young AdulthoodEdit

As a young adult, Imogen moved into a dorm with three boys and one girl. The only person who caught her eye was a man called Klaus. She became a little obsessed and thought that she must have him. She and Klaus became good friends and she continuously hinted for more but he either ignored the hints or just didn't notice. So Imogen decided to do a huge hint. She invited him into her hot tub but he left when he saw they were alone. Finally she asked him out, the simple thing to do. She guessed that he would say no but he said yes and he'd liked her for ages but she didn't notice his hints. Imogen was a little confused about what he'd said but they were together and that's all that mattered. Imogen soon noticed something,around the time that she and Klaus got engaged that their relationship was going a little fast... Especially as they had only been dating a couple of months and already, they were engaged. This scared her a little and she rsn away from the dorm she was in at night over to permanently visit Alistair. Alistair took her out to dinner one night but she didn't tell him a thing but when they got home, the house had burnt down and Kala was dead. Seeing how sad Aistair was about Kayla made her realise that she and Klaus were not meant for each other and she broke up with him.

She noticed that her brother had changed drastically since Kayla's death but instead moved out silently and into a house with an 'arty' student called Vanessa. Imogen soon realised why she and Klaus never worked. She liked girls instead! It was all so simple noww and she and Vanessa began dating. One day, Imogen came home to the residence she shared with Vanessa but she was gone. Imogen looked around and then out of nowhere Vanessa fell out of the sky. Imogen ran to check she was Ok and she was just a little shaken. However, over the next few days, vanessa was nauseous and was gaining weight. They went to the doctors and Vanessa was pregnant with an alien.

Vanessa was afraid but Imogen wasn't, this was kind of normal in her family. The baby would grow very fast and be born in a month or so. Vanessa asked Imogen if she would be the ther mum for the baby and Imogen agreed dreaming of the unborn baby of theirs. Soon Charlie was born but just as things were going perfect Imogen ruined it again. She got drunk at a campus party and the local womaniser, Malcolm was there. He though Imogen was beautiful and seduced her. They had a one night which ended with Vanessa walking in. Imogen tried to explain but Vanessa was angry and kicked Imogen out of the house. Imogen in desperate times moved in with Malcolm but was depressed all the time despite his desperate attempts to woo her. Imogen graduated without honours and immediately left Malcolm IV as she didn't truly love him.


As an Adult, Imogen moved into her parent's house but soon saw a lodging at a big historic manor in the country offering a room in exchange for her to clean/cook/household chores. She moved into the room almost as soon as she could. The house was beautiful and Imogen used her breaks to call her family and take long hikes. She loved the house and she befriended the owner, a widow called Antonio. She liked him and she wasn't sure why but she quite liked him romantically too... She soon decided to ask him out and he agreed. Imogen was a little more modern than Antonio and convinced him to woohoo on the first date. However this came with unforeseen consequences as Imogen became pregnant. Antonio took it very well, as he had lots of money and could give the child everything (he thought).

They found out the baby would be a girl and they decided to call her Lily. However, people began making rumours about Imogen being a gold digger which inadvertently lead to them getting engaged. Imogen was at the library when a woman walked in and sat near her. The woman was pretty and Imogen noticed this. The woman walked over to Imogen and asked her what book she was reading as it looked good. Imogen told her and she asked if she could take it out after. Imogen agreed and the woman said that she was called Ola. Ola gave her the number (to tell her when the book was free, probably) and left. Imogen went back and told Antonio about the woman she met in the library. She failed to mention the part where she was a lesbian in college and those feelings might not be gone... A week before the baby was born and Imogen was very panicky. She had only had one experience with pregnancy and that was Vanessa but Vanessa had seemed so calm during childbirth unlike Imogen who was scared stiff. To make it worse she overhead the doctors muttering words that sounded bad and complex and she didn't like the sound of them. Antonio was no help as he had to leave due to feeling nervous and they had to make sure he didn't collapse. Despite everything, the baby was fine. They called Lily and it was clear she would be striking. She had her mother's eyes, her mother's skin and Red hair. At first she was confused about where she had got her hair but Antonio said he had had red hair before it turned grey.

Imogen and Antonio later married but at the wedding Imogen saw a familiar face, Ola. She walked over and they began talking. Imogen told her about her family and when she mentioned her marriage, Ola became disinterested saying she was busy anyway, and walked off, her long black hair flowing behind her. Although Imogen was married she couldn't help liking Ola... Imogen was having trouble coping, Antonio was getting old and needed her help more and more and Lily was young so she needed it too. Suddenly a great tradegy struck. Antonio died and Imogen was left broken hearted. Just as she was feeling vunerable, she gained another mouth to feed, Charlie. Vanessa had been abusive and he had come to his other legal guardian, her. She stayed in Antonio's manor but without him, it just felt depressing.

One day, Imogen made a big decision to sell the house. The house sold for §5,000,000 and Imogen used it to build her own house. It was easily as big and it was more to her taste. She also met up with Ola and asked her out but Ola told her that she was no longer available. She did like Imogen but she like a woman called Clara too. Imogen was disheartened and went home to her two children. They lightened her mood and so did a certain builder called Stuart. Imogen didn't like him much but he was a surrogate for Ola. Very soon the couple were engaged which started more rumours. Imogen married Stuart at a Casino and invited NOBODY. Imogen was determined to be happy however 5 days later, Ola became single and they began dating. Imogen and Ola went out in secret for a few months, before Imogen came clean with Stuart who she found out had been doing the exact same thing. They divorced on ground of adultery and Stuart began openly dating his girlfriend, Cassia. Imogen was happy especially when Ola moved in. Sadly, at the same sort of time so did Alistair. Imogen found her brother annoying but he was family and despite Ola's protests, Alistair stayed. Ola agreed a little reluctantly but soon decided to mark her territory by adopting a child with Immogen. They adopted the pretty toddler, Magdelena with sweet blonde curls which Lily and Charlie didn't like much. Alistair was thrilled much to Ola's annoyance as she hoped he might get the hint that they were starting a family.

Around this time, Imogen's step-mother and later father died suddenly. Imogen was very upset but with the support of Ola and Alistair, it helped her to get through it. Imogen felt very close to Ola and they decided to elope. They had a small ceremony in Magnolia Blossom Park, only inviting their children and Alistair (As well as Alistair's fiancée Trudy).



  • Imogen is the first openly LGBTQ+ sim in the family.
  • As an individual Sim, she is probably one of the wealthiest sims in the family due to inheriting Antonio's fortune and house as well as large sums of money from her family although I doubt she is as wealthy as Toby is or Amin and Atta were.
  • She is probably about 5'5".
  • Originally, I had plans to make her family even bigger as she was going to adopt two more boys but I decided that enough was enough!
  • Ola was originally going to take Vanessa Owen's place - she would have taken care of their son and eventually gotten back together but Vanessa and Imogen just ... sort of happened.
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