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If Astrid Met Leona
Astrid as a teenager

Leona teen headshot

Name: If Astrid Met Leona
Genre: Drama
Created by: DarkSuicune2000

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If Astrid Met Leona is a story made by DarkSuicune2000. Leona Redfield belongs to Rizkirafu.

Chapter 1: New studentEdit

A few hours before the epilogue of A Sim's Tale: Book 2...

Astrid Priscilla Toadstool was beginning her first day of eleventh grade. She was kind nervous to begin school, because she just moved to Sunset Valley yesterday. She was worried that her classmates wouldn't be as good as they were in her last town, Riverview. She was also worried because she heard three months ago, there was a fire in this school

Especially after she left behind her best friend, and boyfriend Elliot Briody. They had been friends for six years and afterwards, they had fallen in love. But her dad announced that they would be moving to Sunset Valley because he got a job offer there. Of course he took it.

Astrid go to school

Astrid in the bus

Astrid stepped foot on the bus. She shifted into a seat in the middle. She got some weird looks for being a newcomer to the school. No one knew who she was.

She put her headphones in, listening to her favorite country song, "Sheeky Fab Een Gern" by Luke Bryan. Minutes later, the bus stopped, and she noticed two twin girls, and a young boy enter the bus. The twins sat across from her, and since there was only one seat left (Astrid's seat) the young boy sat next to her. Astrid rolled her eyes. She wanted to be alone right now.

When they arrived at Sunset Valley Community School, Astrid was surprised that everyone had different ages here. She saw kindergarteners, elementary school children, middle school kids, teens, and some who haven't had enough credits to graduate yet.

"What diversity..." Astrid said. "I hope they have a basketball team."

Astrid's first class was P.E., her favorite. "Ah, yeah! I love P.E. so much. Hopefully there will be less lazy girls here."

She went to the locker room, dressed into her athletic wear, then asked the teacher a question.

"Ms, will there be any room on the basketball team for me to join?" She asked the teacher.

"Of course, if you have the skill. I'll set up a tryout for you during lunch, be here."

"Okay, thank you."

Astrid's second class was Simlish, which she found kind of boring. They read a boring story. Her third class was Science, and her fourth class was World History.

After world history, lunch finally came. Astrid quickly ate her sandwich as she walked to the gymnasium.

When she went there for tryouts, she sat on the bleachers for a moment. Suddenly, a prankster pulled her shoelaces from underneath.

"You've been pranked!" The blonde haired prankster yelled, then went to sit with her friends in the tribune.

"Aw, come on!" Astrid yelled, then proceeded to tie her shoes.

"Hey, you newcomer, come here!" A voice was heard, from a blonde haired, tan skinned basketball player.

"Y-yes, what's wrong?" Astrid asked.

"Well, our captain of the women's basketball team here wants to see your athletic prowess," the girl said.

"Err, I don't know..." the girl.

"Come on, don't be nervous Toads... err..." The blonde girl wracked her brain to remember the girl's name.

"The name's Astrid Toadstool" she reminded.

"Okay, thanks," the captain said, "So Astrid, if you don't mind, I really wanna see your ability".

"Well, if that's so... Okay" Astrid said, a little nervous. She didn't know these girls very well, so she hoped they wouldn't laugh at her.

Astrid later showed off her magnificent skill, everyone saw it in awe.

"Impressive, Astrid" the captain said, clapping her hands.

"Y-yeah, thanks captain!" Astrid said, relieved that they were impressed.

"Well Astrid, what about a one-on-one?" The captain said, challenging Astrid.

"Wait a minute? Are you sure?" Astrid surprised.

"Pretty sure"

"Well, okay" Astrid answered.

Everyone became silent, both the caption and Astrid were ready in their position. At the tribune, four teenaged girl watched. The referee tossed the ball on the air, both the captain and Astrid jumped to get it.

"Aha! Got it!" Astrid thought. As she dribbled the basketball down the court. The captain was quick on her feet, and then she stole the ball.

The captain dribbled the basketball down to her basket, she shot a basket but suddenly...

"Hiya!" Astrid blocked the ball before it could land. She had ahold of it now. She dribbled back to her side, then made a basket!

"We have a winner!" The referee said. "Astrid... Er... What's your middle name?"

"I will never say my middle name..."

"Whatever... Astrid Toadstool!" The other teammates clapped for their new teammate.

"You, um... You play well." The captain said, panting.

Astrid meets Leona

Leona Redfield

"I know," Astrid said proudly.

"How about we have some lunch together then?"

"Sure! Let's go now."

"By the way, the name's Leona Redfield."

"Nice to meet you. Your last name... Redfield... It sounds familiar," Astrid thought.

"Okay, well let's go to the cafeteria before Darlene eats all the pizza!"

Chapter 2: More friendsEdit

In the cafeteria, Leona led Astrid to her lunch table, full of her friends.

"Hey guys, meet my new friend, Astrid Toadstool. Astrid, this is Jean, my twin sister, and my friends Bella Bachelor, Mortimer Goth, Kaylynn Langerak, Darlene Bunch, Dina Caliente, and Ale- well actually... Nevermind"

"Nice to meet you," Astrid said to everyone.

"Please, sit down Astrid!" Bella invited. Astrid took a seat next to Jean and Mortimer.

"So Astrid, what's your story? We wanna get to know you." Kaylynn said.

"Yeah, what was it like in your old town?" Darlene asked, eating a pizza slice.

"I used to live in Riverview. But I didn't like it all that much."

"Why not?" Bella asked.

"Well as you know Riverview is a very old fashioned town. So many girls who lived there in my childhood were really girly. They played with dolls, wore pink, and I stuck out like a sore thumb at school. I always liked to play in the mud with dump truck toys. The neighborhood girls, Tatiana Ivanov, Carlotta Lobos, Anita Lobos, Kirsten Remington and Susie Broke always never let me play with them. They called me a clumsy, sloppy, tomboy. And I was always sad..."

"Aw, that's too bad." Leona said.

"But I always had my father, my cousin Nia, and my boyfriend as my friends..." Astrid told them. "And I survived..."

"Well Astrid, we accept you." Leona replied. "We aren't mean like them."

"Yeah!" Kaylynn said. "Since one of our friends moved, we always felt a little empty at our table."

"Thank you guys," Astrid smiled. She now had more friends than she ever imagined. "So Leona, Jean, tell me about your family."

Leona told Astrid about the Redfield family. She told her about her politician father, her cook mother, her younger brother Chris, and her adopted brother Charlie.

"Nice family. So, Leona do you want to come to my home after school? I have a soccer net it my yard and we can play some."

"Okay, cool, sure."

"Hey which class do you have after lunch?" Astrid asked.

"I have Simology, with Mr. Wolff." Leona answered.

"Me too, let's go put our backpacks in there."

They went into the Simology class and set their backpacks down. Astrid sat at a three person table, next to Leona and a blonde haired boy with a hat. Astrid chatted with Leona but noticed he stared at her too much, making her uncomfortable...

"Is something wrong?" Astrid asked.

"Huh? Oh n-nothing..." He said. Then he looked away.

"Oh, that's Darlene's brother, Arlo. I sit next to him in here."

"He seems kind of... strange," Astrid said. " I hope the teacher doesn't call on me..."

"Is the quivering new girl scared?" A brown-haired girl with pink highlights asked from behind.

"Shut up! You... Er..."

"The name's Makayla, I'm the f#&@ing queen of this school. Don't get in my way."

"Well, Makayla. I don't like your attitude." Astrid said.

"Trying to act tough in front of the queen, eh?" Makayla asked.

"Astrid, you don't wanna be on her bad side, trust me." Leona whispered.

"That'll be hard..." Astrid mumbled, showing a clear distaste for Makayla.

Chapter 3: Burgundy householdEdit

"So, Astrid, since school's over can I go to your home, and meet your family?" Leona asked.

"Of course, you're my new friend after all," Astrid replied.

Astrid and Leona sat on the bus in the front seats. As the bus drove down the road, Astrid began to hum a tune.

"Mon-zay-noo, mon-zee-wa, ippy-nooboooooo, oh nooboo, shay-zaw..."

"What's that song?" Leona asked.

"Oh, it's a song that I learned while my family went to France last summer." Astrid said. "It's so catchy. I sing it whenever I'm doing chores."

"You're singing is so good, Astrid!" Leona complimented. "Do you have the Virtuoso trait?"

"No, I don't..." Astrid admitted. "But I'm a better singer than my cousin. She's not so good."

"Hehe, yeah. My sister isn't a very good singer either." Leona said, then they laughed.

When they arrived to Astrid's house, Leona walked in her.

"Nice house"

"Thanks," Astrid replied. Suddenly, Leona spotted a blonde haired girl in the corner. She appeared to be talking to herself...

Vicky talks to self

Vicky Toadstool

"I know, Jelly Bean. I can't believe I got sick on the first day of school!"

"That's my sister, Victoria." Astrid whispered "She always talks to herself, it's weird..."

"I think I may know why..." Leona said.

"Huh? Well anyway, let's go to my room."

They both walked to Astrid's bedroom. Then Leona held her nose.

"Ew! It's so dirty in here!" Leona yelled. "Does that plate have mold on it?"

"Who cares? It's just my room." Astrid said. "Plus, I have the slob trait."

"Well, I have the neat trait!" Leona yelled. "I can't believe we have conflicting traits."

"Well since my parents are so busy with their new job, they haven't had any time to clean." Astrid told her. "I think my mom will hire a maid."

"Do you want to play some soccer outside now?"

"Sure thing,"

In the Burgundy household

The burgundy house

Burgundy house

"Honey, h-how was school?" Mrs. Burgundy asked.

"It was horrible, it sucked, just like usual." Makayla replied.

"Wait, Makayla what are you wearing?" Her mother asked, seeing Makayla's outfit. She had super short shorts, and a tank top that showed her stomach.

The fight between lynda and makayla

Makayla's argument

"Oh, #$%@ I forgot to change into my fake clothing..."

"That's it! Go to the backyard without your cell phone and think about what you've done!"

"No!!!! I hate the outdoors!"

"OUTSIDE, NOW!" Mrs. B yelled. It was strange, such a nice lady getting so angry and upset.

"Oh, Makayla... Why did I ever introduce you to your grandmother..." Suddenly, she started to have a flashback...

Twelve years ago

Lynda was teaching her daughter how to walk, when suddenly, Lynda's mother Chelsea Burgundy walked in.

"Hey there, my loser daughter. I wanna spend the day with Makayla." She said.

"Mom? I thought I told you you weren't allowed in my house..." Lynda said.

"Shut up, idiot. I'm your mother and I can do whatever I want!" Chelsea then picked Makayla up.

"Okay now, Makayla, time to teach you what fun life is like!" Chelsea said, as she threw Makayla in the backseat...

"NO! MY BABY!!" Lynda yelled... She couldn't believe her evil mother just stole her daughter. "Only the player could know what she's doing with her..." Lynda started crying.

It was 3 days later, Chelsea and Makayla returned... Chelsea had spoiled Makayla and turned her into a horrible person. Makayla was saying curse words, pranking all the neighbors, and even flirted with boys, twice her age...

In the present Makayla sat in her backyard, very angry at her mom. Suddenly, she looked over her fence to see that the new girl and Leona Redfield were having a soccer game in their yard.

"Those athletic $@#$% live right next to me, hmmm. Maybe I could do a hilarious prank on them..."

Chapter 4: Picnic basket prankEdit

"Goal, Astrid!! You win!!!" Vicky yelled. "A-achoo!"

"Vicky, you should seriously go inside and get some rest." Astrid said. "You're sick."

"Okay..." Vicky went inside.

"So Astrid, now that we finished your soccer game, what do you want to do now?" Leona asked.

"Well... I was think we could-"

Suddenly a picnic basket flew through the air and landed into their yard.

"Where did that come from?" Leona said, then picked it up. "What's inside?" She opened it up, then screamed!

"AHHH! SUGAR HONEY ICE TEA!" She yelled, then ran to the other side of the yard.

"You must really hate iced tea..." Astrid said, confused on why she yelled that.

"NO! Look inside!"

Astrid looked inside then ran to Leona. "Who put a beehive in there? Now the bees are so angry! DAD!!!"

No one answered.

"Oh no, I forgot. My dad is still at work!"

"Astrid, I'm so afraid of bees!"

"Me too!"

"What do we do? They will come here eventually!" Leona said, then hugged Astrid in fear.

"I-I don't know!"

Suddenly, no sounds happened from the picnic basket. Then they heard laughing sound.


"Who is laughing? Astrid asked. Suddenly, the mean girl from school, Makayla entered their yard.

"M-Makayla?" Astrid asked.

"I got you so goodly!" Makayla laughed. "It's not a real beehive! It's fake, and I put my phone in there to make a bee buzzing sound!"

"Why would you do that to us?" Leona asked. "I'm telling your mother! Come on, Astrid!"

"NOOOOO! I'm already in trouble for my outfits!!" Makayla ran after them.

In Makayla's living room, her mother was wondering what was going on.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Mrs. Burgundy, it's us, your students Leona and Astrid!"

"Oh right, you're in my math class..."

"Your daughter just pretended to attack us with bees!"


"I didn't! They're lying!"

"Yeah right! I don't believe you after you lied so much!" Lynda yelled. "I'm taking you to the library after school as punishment!"


"Now go to your room now!" Makayla went to her room.

Chapter 5: Back At SchoolEdit

The next day in the school, a child with blonde hair in pigtails walked inside. It was Vicky.

"Finally, my flu is gone. I can't wait to meet my classmates." Vicky said to her imaginary friend, JellyBean.

"Wait a second, please don't replace me!" JellyBean said.

"Don't worry JellyBean, I'd never do that." Vicky said. "ooh, how about him!"

She pointed to Chris Redfield, a child as well.

"Hi, I'm Vicky" she said.

"I'm Chris" he responded.

"Hey, do you like music?" Vicky asked.

"Yes! My dad even says he will buy me a guitar when I become a teenager." Chris said.

"Well, I hear if you like music, maybe you could go to a concert that will happen in the stadium next week."

"Great idea! I'll even invite my best friend Tamera!" Chris then ran over to a girl with black hair and purple eyes.

"Wait, he didn't realize I was flirting with him?" Vicky asked.

"What was that?" Astrid asked.

"Uh NOTHING!" Vicky said. "My sister will never know my crushes!" She thought.

"Hehe, okay..." Astrid said. Suddenly, she passed by a mirror in the hall. And looked at herself. She sighed.

"Maybe one day I will be my true self..." Astrid said to herself, looking in the mirror. "If only people would understand..."

"Hey girl!" Jean said to her. "Have you seen Leona? She actually wore something not black today! Astrid?"

Astrid stopped looking in the mirror. "Huh?"

"Were you even listening?"

"Sorry, I'm just depressed." Astrid said.

"Why?" Jean asked. "What's going on?"

"Well... uh..." She couldn't reveal her actual feelings. She had to think of something. "Just teenager stuff. Nothing important."

"Oh, okay. Well maybe I can take you to the theater after school to get your mind off it."

"You don't need to, it's fine." Astrid said. "Anyway, I, uh, better get to my class." she ran to the gym.

"Hey Jean." Leona, wearing a white T shirt, said, approaching Jean. "Is that Astrid?"

"Yes. I think she's hiding something from us." Jean said. "She seems depressed."

"Well, maybe I'll ask her. We have Simology class together 5th period."

Astrid sat on the floor in the gymnasium. She was all alone because most students were having their breakfast. She sat on the floor and began to cry. Astrid normally doesn't cry, because she's a tough girl, but something was wrong.

Chapter 6: Astrid's feelingsEdit

Later on, it was Simology class with Mr. Wolff. Astrid and Leona sat down in their chairs.

"So Astrid, I heard you are depressed for some reason," Leona said.

"What? Where... Where did you hear that?"

"Jean told me you were acting depressed this morning."

"Oh, um, well yeah, I am a little sad." Astrid said. "It's because of my boyfriend, Elliot broke up with me. He couldn't handle a long distance relationship."

"Oh, I see..." Leona said. "I know Jean was sad when her boyfriend left."

"Well, I'm just going to need some time to get used to it." Astrid said.

"Maybe you can get another boyfriend in this school. There's many cute guys here." Leona suggested.

"Yeah, boys are "so cute" here..." Astrid sarcastically said.

Then a boy sat next to Astrid, it was Arlo Bunch.

"Hey there, ready for the test?" He asked.

"Oh no!" Astrid said. "I forgot to study!"

"Don't worry about me, Jean helped me last night." Leona said, "I'm ready."

"Oh no, I always fail in this class!" Astrid panicked.

"Well, I can help you study before class starts." Arlo said.

"Thank you so much Arlo" Astrid said, then she opened her Simology textbook.

"So, this lesson is on 'needs' that we have. We have to describe the eight need bars every Sim has." Arlo said, "Hunger, Bladder, Energy, Social, Hygiene, and Fun."

"Oh, I remember!" Astrid said. "We learned this in Riverview last year. Thanks."

"So, do you want to go to the Bistro after school with me?" Arlo asked.

"Huh? Oh it's okay. I was planning on going to the new movie that just came out with Leona." Astrid said, then walked over back to Leona.

"Astrid, I think Arlo was asking you on date! I think he has a crush on you."

"No, he just asked me if I wanted to go to a Bistro anyway." Astrid said. "What is a Bistro?"

"The Bistro is where people go on dates to eat." Leona said.

"Wait... there's food there?" Astrid asked.

"YES." Leona said.

"I'll be right back, I'm telling Arlo that maybe I might go." Astrid said.

"That's my girl!" Leona said.

Chapter 7: The DateEdit

After school, Leona accompanied Astrid waiting for Arlo at the Bistro. Astrid took the menu on the table and found that the price of the food were a little expensive. She also looked at her surroundings, everyone who came to the restaurant wore their formal suits. “Leona, I think we should go home first for change our clothing” Astrid said. “Nah, it’s okay” Leona said, “since we’re eating outside, it’s okay if we don’t wear formalwear” “Oh, okay” Astrid said, “By the way, do you have boyfriend?” “Yeah, he’s working in that grocery store” Leona answered pointing at the grocery store which located across the street, “We’re just dating for three months." “How do you know him?” Astrid asked. “Well, actually we already knew each other for ten years, and... well, it’s a long story until we meet again here” Leona said. Several minutes later, Arlo finally arrived in the Bistro. “Sorry girls, I’m late” Arlo said, panting. Arlo then took a seat next to Astrid. Astrid felt awkward since she still didn’t know much about Arlo except he was Darlene’s brother. “So, uh... what do you want for eat?” Arlo asked, in awkward tone. “Oh, okay, I want this, this, and this for the drink” Astrid said pointing at the menu. “And how about you Leona?” Arlo asked. “Well, I think I want this juice” Leona said. “And the food?” Arlo asked. “Nah, I just wanna drink” Leona said. “Okay then” Arlo said, he then called the waitress and start to order. “Oh, add some herbs on my Mac and Cheese okay?” he said.

Meanwhile in another place. Makayla was seen scolded by her teacher for her attitude. Later, her mother, Lynda appeared. She apologized to the teacher and brought Makayla out of the teacher's room. Lynda was very upset, but she didn’t said anything since it was the fourth time in this month Makayla got into trouble. “I hate that old f%$*!” Makayla grumbled, swearing about her teacher. “Don’t say that about your teacher, young lady!” Lynda yelled, “He’s your teacher! Give him some respect!” “Whatever! Take me home now, I’m tired!” Makayla said. At the corner, Dina, Nina, and Darlene watched. “Jeez, that girl is sooooo annoying...” Dina commented. “Well, she's kind of similar with someone in our group” Darlene said smirking at Dina.

Nina laughed out loud at the comment. “Err, a-at least I would never yell at my mom!" Dina said, her face turned red. "I think I know who I could yell at right now however..."

Back to the Bistro. “Oops, I think I should go home now” Leona said looking at her smartphone. She just got a message from her mother to go home and helped cleaning the house. “What about me?” Astrid said protesting. “Don’t worry girl, you have Arlo here to accompany you” Leona said, “If you need something just call or send me a text, okay?” “Oh, okay” Astrid said. “Very well, see you later guys” Leona said leaving Astrid and Arlo in the Bistro. After finishing their lunch, Astrid and Arlo only quiet in an awkward silence. “So, uh, you’re from Riverview right?” Arlo said starting a conversation. “Y-yeah” Astrid said, “Have you gone to Riverview before?” “Well, I have a friend there” Arlo claimed. “Oh, I see...” Astrid said. “So Astrid, do you have a boyfriend?” Arlo asked suddenly. “Well, I used to have a boyfriend” Astrid said, “But we broke up since he said he couldn’t handle a long-distance relationship."

“Oh, sorry to hear that” Arlo said. “And how about you Arlo? Do you have a girlfriend?” Astrid asked. “Me? Well, I was dating Cora Fransisco, but we broke up after I caught her cheating on me, with a guy from the Sports Club” Arlo claimed. “Oh my gosh, it’s worse than my situation” Astrid said, “Sorry to hear that”. “It’s okay” Arlo said, “By the way, do you want some desserts?” he asked. “Nah it’s okay” Astrid said, smiling, “Thank you." Arlo and Astrid then had a very nice chat. Astrid learned that Arlo’s father was working in Military Career while his mother was a scientist. Arlo also close to his older brother and sister, Ethan and Lisa, but, he had a little problem with Darlene who often teases him. “Oh, I don’t know Darlene had that such of attitude” Astrid said. “Well, Darlene is a nice girl actually, but she can be annoying sometimes...” Arlo said, “Especially when she starts pulling a prank on me, she filled my shower with pink hair dye last month." “Maybe you should give her more pizza!” Astrid said jokingly “Great idea, ha ha ha!” Arlo said, laughing.

"Hey, wait, your eldest brother is named Ethan Bunch?" Astrid asked.


"That's my cousin's ex-boyfriend!" Astrid noticed.

"Wait, your related to her?" Ethan said, surprised.

"Yeah, I am." Astrid said. "It's a small world after all." In the middle of their conversation, Astrid’s cellphone suddenly rung. Astrid then answered the call, it was from her mother, Felicia. “Triddy, where are you? Your cousin Nia and her family are here visiting us!” Felicia said on the phone. “Oh, okay, I will be home soon, see you later mom!” Astrid said. “Is that your mother?” Arlo asked. “Yeah, she said my cousin, aunt, and uncle are visiting us and I need to go home now” Astrid claimed. “Well, let me accompany you then” Arlo said. “Oh gosh, thanks Arlo, you are so nice...” Astrid said, “I think I’m starting to like you." Arlo’s face blushed, “He he he, not a problem” Arlo said putting his hat on.

They walked across the street, heading to Astrid's home. However, a woman with bright red hair and a green shirt gazed at them. Then, she approached them.

"What the f*ck? Why are you accompanying her?" She said.

"Because I want her to be safe walking home..." Arlo said, suspiciously.

"Yeah, right. F***ing misogyny! You think a woman needs a man in order to be safe?" The woman asked.

"Hey, leave him alone!" Astrid said. "He is a good guy!"

"Shut up! You just have internalized misogyny! This man is trying to rape you!" the woman said.

"No I'm not! I'm not a rapist!" Arlo defended himself.

"Yes you are." She yelled. "You took her on a date without bowing to her in the name of womanhood! If that's not the patriarchy, I don't know what is!"

"Get away from us!" Astrid slapped the crazy woman.

"Ow! How dare you slap me! You are betraying your gender!" She yelled, then ran away.

"Who the heck was that?" Astrid asked.

"That's Floqueesha. She is a crazy feminist. I think she just got back from city hall for some women's rights protest." Arlo said.

"Wow. She is so annoying. I hope I don't see her again." Astrid said.

Astrid arrived to her should, finally.

"Thanks for the lovely date, Arlo." Astrid said, then kissed his cheek. "I can't wait to see you at school!"

"Same here!" Arlo said, blushing.

Astrid walked inside, took off her backpack, and plopped on the sofa. "Today has been a looong day... Time to rest."

Suddenly, her mom walked in. "Astrid! Come on the kitchen! Your cousin and uncle and aunt are here!"

"Why?!?!?" Astrid said weakly. "I just wanna rest."

To be continued

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