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I Will
07-01-18 1-29-36 PM
Studio album by Annabella Whislow
Publisher(s) Island Records
Platform(s) CD, digital download
Release date(s) November 5th, 2016
Genre(s) Pop
'I Wil Survive' is the debut Album of Annabella Whislow, what came out on November 5th, 2016.

Album Tracks

  • 1) I Will Suruvive 4:05
  • 2) Together 3:20
  • 3) Eroticism Of A Different Kind 2:58
  • 4) Love Is Ringing In My Ears 3:46
  • 5) Infinite Showcase 4:10
  • 6) Everybody Needs At Least One Scandal 3:03
  • 7) Everybody Needs At Least One Kiss 3:00
  • 8) 100 Simoleon Waste 3:30
  • 9) Come Inside 4:08
  • 10) Mainstream Guitar 2:43
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