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Hypatia Pydnaia
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'Hypatia, the scholar of Pydna, has been a revolutionary sim, now having a command of multitudes of skills, including mastery of 12. However, Hypatia seems to have been modeled after her predecessor Kallisto, as Hypatia is also somewhat shortchanged in the social field, although Hypatia's showing her own streak lacking in Kallisto'
Name Hypatia Pydnaia
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Witch icon.png Witch
Education and Employment
Science career icon.png Mad Scientist
Union of the Insane
Parents None
Sibling(s) None
Romances None
Child(ren) Demetrios PydnaiosAdopted son, Epaphroditos Pydnaios (Simbot) Son
Trait Shy small.png Shy
Trait Genius small.png Genius
Trait Computer Whiz small.png Computer Whiz
Trait Artistic small.png Artistic
Trait Unflirty small.png Unflirty
Trait Bookworm small.png Bookworm
Zodiac sign CancerLN.png Cancer
Lifetime wish
LTW Renaissance Sim.png Renaissance Sim
Fav Custom.png Custom
Fav Dim Sum.png Dim Sum
Fav Turquoise.png Turquoise
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3.jpg Black
Eye color Eye-hazel.png Hazel
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
5 stars
Social group
Nerd social group.png Nerd
Rebel social group.png Rebel
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Hekatonschoinos
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Hypatia Samara Pydnaia (alias Hypatia of Pydna, gr: Ὕπατια Σαμάρα Πυδναια), born on 17th of July of 1960 at Pydna, is a major character and a former member of the Scholars' Alliance, now residing alongside the Union of the Insane as one of the sane Sim (and the only sane core member) in the group. Hypatia is the main character in the later part of the first Time Warp, having successfully subjugated the Beauty 4. Hypatia has mastered Mixology, Handiness, Gardening, Fishing, Painting, Riding, Logic, Cooking, Invention, Martial Arts, Nectar Making, Writing, and athletic skills, along with 4 points in Guitar. Hypatia is alongside Kallisto and Stratonike the core characters of the second Time Warp and the de facto head of the Union of the Insane, while keeping in touch with all the members of the household, being friends forever with the remaining members, while being just under a good friend with Kallistrata. Hypatia is in unfriendly terms with Lysistrata and Stratonike (although the unfriendliness with the latter has temporarily subsided), while in utterly hostile terms with Christopher Steel, who accused her of cheating on him. Hypatia is of blood type B.

Hypatia works as one of the 3 mad scientists, alongside Eurydike Alkmaionida and Polyxena Attalida, although at a much higher wage at the level of 1064 simoleons per hour (more than the combined wages of the other two, earning 564 and 404 simoleon per hour respectively), which is further supplemented by the Union's control of most of the lucrative real estates, rendering Hypatia one of the most powerful sims in the neighborhood (inspiring fear and awe alike). Hypatia serves as the head of the household, due to the codex rendering her as the head since Hypatia has the most potent set of skills, having a total of 129 points' worth of skills, counting 1 point for each level in a skill.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Coming[edit | edit source]

Hypatia was of a middle-class family in Pydna, and Hypatia was the typical academically gifted and shy one, something that was relatively common, and hence someone who might have been buried in the sands of time.

This would change with Hypatia unwittingly web surfing into Kallisto's home page, which was initially not too interesting, as Hypatia discovered Kallisto's page before the huge discoveries were made. However, Hypatia started to grow more interested in the Beauty 4 once the news of Simbots and skills came up. Unlike Stratonike or Kallisto, Hypatia had not the innate attraction to machines and inventing. But what Hypatia did have was a misconception of the Beauty 4 as a scholastic group with very experienced members, something that was lacking in Hypatia's university years. There were academic clubs, but none came with the level of experience and standards that Hypatia had wanted, and it was ironically a group led by a party animal that drew Hypatia's interest. Hypatia was very fond of the imagery created by Kallisto's POV, and thought Stratonike and Kallisto were the ones to create and lead the group (as one may know, this was false).

And as such, Hypatia came to a conclusion: the Beauty 4 can use another member, and left just before a huge recession hit which might have robbed Hypatia of a chance to meet the Beauty 4.

Anabasis[edit | edit source]

Hypatia (then Hypatia) was certainly a talented one, rising in skills and profession with almost unhuman speed. Having said that, it was only a matter of time before Hypatia set her eyes upon the Beauty 4, and before anyone knew what hit them, successfully subjugate the Beauty 4 into her fold in terms largely favorable to her. Having assumed the leadership of the Beauty 4, Hypatia was careful to assure autonomy, preventing an internal collapse at least in the first time warp.

Although the idea of a highly skilled sim was not new to Sunset Valley given the precedent established by other Greeks, Hypatia was revolutionary in that Hypatia established the notion of an household pursuing skills and knowledge for the sake of doing so, institutionalizing academic monasticism that first originated from Stratonike of the Attalid Dynasty, whom Hypatia would later add to the soon to-be-dominant force in Sunset Valley, the Scholar's Alliance. Despite Hypatia's role as an de facto leader even with the establishment of the Scholar's Alliance, Hypatia has always been cautious, ensuring that semblance of independence was always there. This pacified Demetria for quite some time, given Demetria's love of parties that Hypatia (and Kallisto as well as Stratonike) did not share. To this effect, Hypatia compromised, and parties were still held, although in a much less frequent fashion, far less often than it had been since the initial arrival of the Attalids.

The Schism[edit | edit source]

However, all of this would change with a new variable Christopher Steel, who wasn't there in the first time warp when Hypatia was introduced. His infernal kissing skill was able to captivate both Hypatia and Achaia, which leads to a conflict in interest in the household. Although there were others captivated by Christopher Steel, they were out of the Scholars' Alliance's radar, because they were too busy to pick which one to support. Demetria sided with Achaia, and this led to the initial Schism, which was in itself a two part process, starting with the foundation of the Union of the Insane by Kallisto and Stratonike, later completed with Hypatia's migration. From that point onward, Hypatia avoided Christopher Steel, lest Hypatia make an enemy of Achaia Oropia and thus solidify the enmity between her and now decaying Scholars' Alliance (which now is reduced to 3 of the Beauty 4 and two ancestors turned daughters of two of them)

A new Beginning[edit | edit source]

And indeed, the transition marked a new cornerstone, which would involve what would be dubbed the Skills Race between her and Kallisto. Despite its competitive nature, Kallisto and Hypatia by no means were enemies, and both showered their favor to who they saw as the third-in-command, Stratonike Attalida. Now occupied with an productive activity, Hypatia pretty much severed herself from the realm of romance, much to the disapproval of Gobias Koffi. Some times later, Hypatia alongside all the core members of the Union of the Insane achieved immortality by drinking the Age Freeze Potion.

The Great Feud[edit | edit source]

However, Hypatia's decision to cut herself from the realm of romance angered Christopher Steel, the first of Hypatia's romantic partner. Christopher Steel, who was essentially an Cassanova having juggled at one point Achaia, Hypatia, Ayesha and Jamie, decided to take Hypatia down and called her out for cheating on him. This single event would be noted as the Great Feud, even more so than the expired enmity between the Landgraabs and the Altos. This was so for many reasons: Hypatia essentially had the core members of the household as an retinue of sorts, including Lysistrata who was one of the most liked members of the neighborhood. Secondly, Christopher Steel also made an enemy of Jamie in his campaign of romance, which became an even more of a boon, as Jamie was herself a friend forever to Lysistrata like Hypatia, ensuring that Lysistrata would take Hypatia's (and Jamie's) side in the psychological war. Thirdly, Hypatia was no longer enemies with Demetria, and because Thessalonike wasn't exactly at good terms with Achaia, Christopher's girlfriend, he couldn't count on the support of one of the great Greek households for support, a factor not helped by the fact that Hypatia gave words of congratulation to Demetria when it was found out that Demetria had become an fiancee of Abraham Finkel and the decline of the Scholars' Alliance itself.

Romance Heresy and Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Of course, this monolithic academic monastic life sacrificed social element to such a degree that even the generally Unflirty and Shy Union of the Insane sought romances. Even before the actual heresy (well, codified by Kallisto) itself, Stratonike's mean streak started to break apart the delicate Union of the Insane, shattering the close bond that was crucial to the volatile group, although for strange reasons Stratonike did not engage in rude conversation with Kallisto and hence maintained the friends forever relationship. Unfortunately, Hypatia was picked on the most, as Hypatia was the sane sim around (alongside Stephanophoros, who had his own issues with Kallisto and Lysistrata) and relationships degraded to a point where Stratonike and Lysistrata were slightly disgusted by Hypatia and vice versa, leading to the attenuation that was further sped up by romances, and as fate would have it, Lysistrata was Leighton Sekemoto's romantic interest while Sam Sekemoto was that of Hypatia. After the attenuation, Hypatia decided to adopt a male sim to make up for the loss of Stephanophoros, and named the baby Demetrios, who would soon make friends with Hypatia, Kallisto, and Kallistrata.

Disciple and Detente[edit | edit source]

The baby Demetrios was originally meant to be a disciple, thoroughly educated in Hellenic setting and culture, and of course, embrace it. However, Demetrios was a fish out of water for the most part: He was a disciplinarian and friendly initially, which wasn't in line with nor flat out against the household values. Demetrios was simply in a different dimension. However, he had an imaginary friend and he named it Eunike. Little did he know that it would inherit 2 of Hypatia's traits, namely Shy and Computer Whiz, and despite their strong bond and a shared star sign (Both were Gemini), their personalities were divergent for the most part. Christopher Steel however gave a visit to the long bitter ex-girlfriend (of course, he still had his black history of having juggled 4 girls, including Achaia), and although the initial discussions were inconclusive, it was a time of detante, a time of reduced tension. Although not much of a feat, Hypatia also temporarily solved problems with Stratonike, although it was a circumstantial one helped out by Hypatia's call to help out a recently established dance club, something that attracted a party-loving household such as the Attalids.

Second Academic Revolution[edit | edit source]

With the second revolution, Hypatia's contact with Sam Sekemoto has been minimal, contacting simply to maintain friendship: In fact, Kallisto and Kallistrata, who happened to take over Eurydike's role as party hosters didn't bother to invite him (or Leighton at that). Hypatia, despite the sudden nadir in romance, wasn't shaken: in a way, Hypatia's attitude towards romance was like a wave with troughs and crests, and Hypatia continued to help raise the kids and taught them skills alongside Eurydike, Kallisto, Kallistrata, and increasingly Antigone especially after her admittance to the ranks of the core members.

Hypatia spars with Stratonike in the arena segment of the Amphitheatron.

Hypatia, however, did not attend the foundation party for the new Amphitheatron, built at Kallisto's idea and expense to be more effective at hosting public entertainment (helped by the extra moodlet). Hypatia was more interested in making more carving: in fact, one of Union's primary source of income was carving, which was behind Tiberium and real estates, and probably ahead of salaries, despite Hypatia's and Eurydike's record high wages.

Later on, Kallisto defeated Hypatia's purpose of having a successor to train by coming up with the idea of Initiate households: the argument was based on the fear that the disciples may turn to heresy of partying (and of course, romance) due to the reality of the situation where the core members were pretty much required by practical needs to host public entertainment, leaving them in less dense areas with less reason to party. Hypatia was against this, but due to lack of support, was defeated by Kallisto since Kallistrata voted in Kallisto's favor.

As Archbishop[edit | edit source]

As the head of the Sunset Valley Chapter and as the Archbishop of the diocese, Hypatia saw Sunset Valley much more suppressed and quiet: not surprising, since the engine of change was largely with Kallisto and her development plans. And with the suppression of the local nobles, the Altos and the Landgraabs, Hypatia had it easy, and in many cases, boring due to the exodus of people, including the party-loving Attalids and the Scholars' Alliance. Without fresh immigrants, even a minor change such as Lysistrata's decision to adopt a cat (later named Demaratos) was seen as a major change that rocked the house and the neighborhood. In fact, Hypatia grew so bored of the static life that Hypatia ended up adopting the Klerouchiai system and attempted to find some hopeful immigrants, seeing as the idea around the Church was started off by the Conners family, who still lives in Sunset Valley.

By the time Hekatonschoinos Chapter made a visit to Sunset Valley, The Church relationship with the Romaioi were quite friendly, despite the Romaioi being seen as Barbaroi: Ironically, the mishellenic Cato ended up being great friends with Hypatia, very humorous since Cato was the one initially proposing to take down the Greek "overlords," the time where Hypatia was at the top. However, Hypatia went through a skill recession: Hypatia did manage to master writing, but due to the late infusion of horses, Hypatia had not yet started to learn the riding skill yet, and thus Stratonike was able to outdo Hypatia. In addition, Demetrios and Eunike had poor school performances: Demetrios was at the negative side although still at the C level, while Eunike drooped down to a D: this lack of advances seriously troubled Hypatia: Hypatia (and the other Big 6) agreed that a close supervision is a good thing, using Demetrios and Chrysanthema as contrasting examples: Chrysanthema joining the Core class (replacing Antigone) as soon as she reached adulthood. Hypatia, alongside Eurydike, was part of the Sunset Valley initiative to provide succor to the loss by means of reviving the dead, reviving Boyd Wainwright, Artie Page, and Yumi Sekemoto in the process. Out of the 3, the revival of Boyd had the greatest ramification on the reputation and the overall political picture, as this eliminated Boyd's daughter Blair from the list of the adversaries of the Church affiliated with Achaia and Antigone.

Hekatonschoinos once more[edit | edit source]

Kallisto had in mind unifying the key members and grouping them into a single command unit to ease decision-making once more, and thus Hypatia made way with the rest of the Sunset Valley chapter to follow Kallisto in redeveloping Hekatonschoinos. Hypatia, who was still struck by Demetrios' fall from nearly certain success, continued to suffer in agony of failing to provide the upbringing that would have certainly sealed Demetrios' success. As such, Hypatia became very passive, engaging only in gardening development alongside Kallistrata to ease the pain. Hypatia could only lick the wounds with passage of time, and taking time to clear off the mind with meditation certainly helped recovery. Kallisto expects Hypatia to once again take the lead in initiating an academic trend in which Kallisto et al. would follow. Although Hypatia has since been minimal in independent action, Hypatia was soon raised as the Kyrios Mechanon, the head of the Machine Cult of the Ecclesiarchy, Kallisto hoping that this would respark Hypatia's initiatives that had taken Kallisto et al. by surprise.

Hypatia and Kallisto medidate on the new Meditation Ground.

Magos Ascension[edit | edit source]

With the Supernatural Revolution, it was only fitting that the Ecclesiarchy delved into the potential power to be gained from it. Kallisto and Kallistrata already grafted Genie powers to themselves, and Hypatia found it convenient to graft Witch power to herself. So alongside the rest of the Big 6, they labored to infuse themselves with magical powers, and Hypatia alongside Stratonike was able to infuse the said powers to themselves. Eurydike and Lysistrata deided that fairy power was the way to go, and so it was: approved by the other members of the Big 6 given the fairy powers being positive to the agricultural economy.

Familial Reconstruction[edit | edit source]

Handiness skill icon.png
Nothing in this section is final or settled, as it has not been put into action in-game.

With the completion of Heptanomis into operational levels, Hypatia looked back into the miracle of life that was the result of combined efforts with Eurydike. Knowing this, Hypatia decides to pursue a personal goal, which is to resurrect her (paternal) grandmother and grandfather, who had been doting ones who constantly spoiled Hypatia in her younger days. It could be conducive to Ecclesiarchal matters, Hypatia reasoned, as her grandfather, Kostas Samaras Pydnaios, was a scholar. After recovering the tombstones from her old hometown, Hypatia did what Hypatia thought was the best display of good intention, following the solution to the common adage in the effect of "when one wishes to do good to family, it is too late," grant Kostas and Nomike (Mod. Gk. Nomiki) flesh and bones once again. Although Kostas and Nomike were happy to see the grown Hypatia, they inquired about the methods used to do so. With an honest answer given, Kostas and Nomike beckoned Hypatia to bring back the entire Pydnaian Samaras clan, which was a bit problematic to Hypatia. Kostas believed Hypatia had paved a new haven for the Samaras clan in Heptanomis, and continually nagged Hypatia to bring back more of their kind back to life.

In response, Hypatia started off by bringing back her immediate family, which included her parents and two younger siblings who unfortunately did not survive childbirth. Doing so actually gave Hypatia a bit of happiness, since bringing back a lost sibling would be nothing less than intriguing. With the family resurrected, Hypatia's parents, named Thanasis and Chara, embraced not only their lifegiving daughter, but also their lost son and daughter Matthias and Glykeria alongside Thanasis's parents. A happy reunion forged by science, the incomplete but growing Samaras clan would settle into Heptanomis, providing the new capital much needed new population.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hypatia's star sign is that of the author's (as is that of Kallistrata).
  • Hypatia is the only sim in the fanon to have the Moodlet Manager lifetime reward.
  • The name Hyperia was a mistake: the name was supposed to be Hypatia (Beware, there is a potentially NSFW image), alluding to the first notable woman mathematician. The name was changed since November 11th.
  • Hypatia was the first Sim in the Fanon to be set on fire by sculpting metal.
  • Despite her status as a mad scientist, Hypatia lacks the Insane trait, and is the only member of the Big 6 to lack the insane trait.
  • Hypatia and Lysistrata are the only characters who have the potential to generate 10k per week via work, figures taken from July 6th figure. For more leaderboard, visit the main Fanon page.

    Hypatia with the Simbot. Not canon as this event was lost in the July 11 Crash.

  • Pydna, from which the surname Pydnaia comes from, was the location of the Battle of Pydna (where Titus Quinctius Flaminius, who is portrayed as a sim character in the story, fought against Philip V), and this also was a point with Hypatia who would be that one "Hellenic Overlord" that Cato was to oppose vigorously before the Romaioi were removed by Esomena.
  • Hypatia once had a wish to get married. It was annulled, while Hypatia now successfully made a Simbot and joined the other Higher Core Members as an uber-inventor. Surprisingly, Hypatia can make time machines, harvesters and miners but cannot make most of the lower end inventions, only having the knowhows to make few types of basic toys and widgets.
  • Hypatia was the first sim I created with Late Night expansion installed, and hence the first with minimal bust. It was further reduced with mods.
  • Hypatia is planned to oversee Alexandreia once it is completed as an homage to the mathematician of the same name, who was located at Alexandreia of the old.

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