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The Hudson family hail from Bridgeport but later moved to Sunset Valley. The Family are connected to the Hudson Hipsters household. The Head of the family is Jason Hudson.

Jason Hudson Jason Hudson is the head of the family, at first he was a player and had relationships with many women. But he was involved in a horrible car accident and was given a second chance, so he changed his was, got engaged and had Eliza, Penelope and James. He completed his wish of being an Astronout after he was transferred to the Military from the rank of International Super Spy in he Law Enforcement Career. He now seeks to find his long-lost family.

Kenji Hudson Edit

Kenji Hudson is a Rogue fighter, he grew up in the mean streets of Brigdeport protecting his Sister Kaysey. When he told his Jason that he was his father, he was in hospital after having a headrush that led to Kenji fainting. He fell in love with Jamie Jolina's sister Olivia and the two had a son called Benjamin. He is a Good Friend of his future step-mother Suzana and Best Friends with all his siblings upon meeting them. He helps is father to meet his family.

Frank Hudson Edit

Frank Hudson is Jason's second oldest son. He is a Human-Werewolf who was bitten by a Vampire and fell in love with a Fairy-Witch-Zombie and had a Human-Werewolf-Fairy-Witch-Zombie daughter called Sue. He met his brother as a youngster and the two tried to find their father but unfortunately failed in their search. He moved to Moonlight Falls with his mother.

Sue Hudson Edit

Sue Hudson is the daughter of Frank and Beverly Hudson. Frank is a Human-Werewolf who was bitten by a Vampire and Beverly is a Fairy-Witch-Zombie, meaning Sue is a Human-Werewolf-Fairy-Witch-Zombie. She is Best Friends with her parents and family but hates the Alto Family as the Hudsons are related to the Landgraab Family. She is enemies with her cousin Benjamin and she has been tought to talk, walk, use the toilet and she has learned nursery rhyme.

Benjamin Hudson Edit

Benjamin Hudson is the son of Kenji and Olivia Hudson. He is Best Friends with his family except his cousin Sue Hudson who, respectively, hates him back. He is a nemesis of the Alto Family as the Hudsons are related to the Landgraab Family. He, like his Cousin, have learnt to talk, walk, use the toilet, and to sing nursery rhymes.

Kaysey Hudson Edit

Kaysey Hudson is Kenji's twin sister, she is a rock singer and taught Benjamin and Sue their nursery songs. She wrote a book about herself called 'Kaysey Hudson: Rags to Riches'. She is the CEO and Founder of Zero to Hero Records.

Suzana Banks Edit

Suzana Banks is the Fiancee of Jason Hudson. She was the first person Kenji knew when he arrived at Sunset Valley. People think she is self-conscieus, but Suzana doesn't care about her weight. She is a Lieutenant in the Law Enforcement but her lifetime wish is to raise 4 children to teenagers. She is Family-Orientated, Brave, Athletic, Good and workaholic.

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