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Hillary Gloria is a female vampire residing in Bridgeport. She lives with her roommate, Matthew Hamming. She is the ex-girlfriend of Yin Zhao, the ex-wife of Jeremy Willis and the mother of her deceased baby, Christian. She is good friends with Tiara Angelista, Emmy Starr, and Alan Stanley. She dislikes Renee Littler and is best friends forever with Nicki Grande, Shanika Sadler, Ashlynn Strauss and Jen Zhao. She is enemies with her ex-husband and his new wife, fellow actress, Irene Muller.

Hillary grew up with all of her BFFs, and moved to Bridgeport after the Zhao siblings did. She was married at one point, however, her husband cheated on her while she was pregnant. He later put a drug in her food that resulted in their child's death. He was never caught for his actions and after being divorced by Hillary, married his mistress.

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