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This world is being reworked under the name Heptanomis, and thus this article will no longer be updated. However, this article will still have value for now, given a lack of framework for Heptanomis.
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OLD LORE: Urban Legends has it that Kallisto, who was ever rumored to be a psychic in the first place ever since Holly Alto's insanity, became so wacky that Kallisto's whims alone had spawned this landmass. This rather strange setting is now the Capital world of Kallisto's nascent Church of Alexandros.

NEW LORE: Where as the urban legend portion regarding Hekatonschoinos fading into obscurity, Kallisto continues to be strong with the Ecclesiarchy and the Papal State. With a few renovations, the capital is about to experience something that wasn't considered possible before..."

Name Hekatonschoinos
Game(s) Sims 3
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Hekatonschoinos is the capital world of the Church of Alexandros, and the seat of power of Kallisto's Papal State. It is currently underdeveloped, and most residents are either the followers of the new religion or immigrants seeking work.

Given the failures of the old neighborhood (as well as the CTD that made Hekatonschoinos uneditable), the Papal State eventually decided to wholly restart the capital under the new name Heptanomis.

Requirements and Recommended materials[edit | edit source]


  • Sims 3 Base game
  • All the Sims 3 Expansion Packs (World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural, Seasons)
  • High-End Loft Stuff Pack


  • Lunar Lakes (For Trees of Prosperity, no other Lunar Lake materials are used)
  • Sunlit Tides (For Sauna and other bathing facilities, not by default, but is recommended for a better Balaneion)
  • Olympian Set (Highly recommended, especially as the neighborhood comes with a Grecian theme)
  • Various Custom Content, list to be compiled soon.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Hekatonschoinos is divided into 7 major islets, a minor islet and several bridge junctions. At the upperleft corner is the Pella-Syrakousai Islet, which is the site of the Basileion ton Pelles Syrakouson.

Bordering it is the Triskelion Islet, which constitutes the location of multiple Naos-Stratopedon style structures, including the headquarters of the Big 6 themselves in the form of Naos-Stratopedon III. It is also the most densely developed, having a small cafe-library, an art gallery, a port facility, and a Martial Arts Academy. In addition, it has the only connection to the Euboia Islet, which features the Proschema Euboias nectary.

To the east of the Triskelion Islet is the Asia Islet, the biggest landmass of Hekatonschoinos. It is also the most geographically diverse, having both elevated regions and sandy region. The Asia Islet is most developed right at the boundary regions, and the western edges are no less developed than even Triskelion Islet. At the upper three-way intersection are the Agora Nektaros, the Schole Paidiske and several Apopsyche pros Peneton style buildings which are cheap. Further east is the "Nomadic" lands, having both sand and grass, culminating in the Seleukeian Peninsula featuring the Basileion Seleukeias. To the south of the three way intersection is a four-way intersection, on which the Pyrgia Emporika is located under the Bibliotheke Agathon. To the East are more residential houses, and to the south passes the Telma Neustike, then the Stadion and the Hospital (Asklepieion), alongside two 3 way intersections: the former leading to the Arabio-Aigyptos Nome, and the latter splitting between the one of the highest region of Hekatonschoinos that houses the Pergamene Resort and the road to the new Didymai Klerouchiai region.

Returning to the Western portion of the Asia Islet, traveling straight south after the initial intersection after crossing from the Triskelion Islet leads to the Mesos Islet. Here lies the core of Hekatonschoinos' economic functions, having the Agora that consists of the Emporion (Consignment Store), Balaneion (Baths, classified as Gym), Pandokeion (Inn), the Hippodromon (Equestrian Center), the Stoa Hellenike (Art Gallery), the Emporion Alchemikon (Alchemy Consignment Store) and the Ergasterion Demosion (Public Workhouse) It also has a high point, occupied by the Akroikos.

Demographics[edit | edit source]

Ethnicity Old Inhabitants Immigrants Total Townie True Total
Greek 10 Males, 29 Females 9 Males, 11 Females 19/40 3 Males, 4 Females 22/44
Caucasian 6 Males, 8 Females 1 Male, 8 Females 7/16 N/A 7/16
Korean 4 Males, 5 Females 3 Males, 1 Females 7/6 N/A 7/6
Chinese N/A 5 Males, 3 Females 5/3 N/A 5/3
Japanese 2 Females 1 Male, 2 Females 1/4 N/A 1/4
European N/A 6 Males, 4 Females 6/4 N/A 6/4
African 5 Males 1 Male 6/0 N/A 6/0
Arab 1 Male 3 Males, 3 Females 4/3 1/0 5/3
Mexican N/A 1 Male 1/0 N/A 1/0
Others* 1 Male 2 Males, 4 Females 3/4 1/0 4/4
Total 27 Males, 44 Females 29 Males, 33 Females 56/77 5 Males, 4 Females 61/81
  • 1 Indian Male, 2 Turkish Males, 3 Turkish Females, 1 Unknown
Life Stage Old New Total
Baby N/A N/A N/A
Toddler N/A N/A N/A
Child 2/1 2/0 4/1
Teen 4/8 2/7 6/15
Young Adult 16/33 19/25 35/58
Adult 2/2 6/4 8/6
Elder 2/1 3/0 5/1

Interesting Facts[edit | edit source]

  • If including the townies, Greek Females compose over 30% of the population, and Greeks compose 46% of the total population, and thus are not a majority.
  • Likewise, Female young adults compose over 43% of the total population (Excluding townies), and Young Adults compose nearly 70% of the entire population.
  • There are 1.32 females per males (including townies).
  • There are 5 male townies and 4 female townies. This is in contrast to Saint Isles, where there are 4 male townies and 5 female townies.
  • Speaking of Saint Isles, the comparison of data: (now with Apocalypse Isle)
Data Hekatonschoinos Saint Isles Apocalypse Isle
Total # of Sims (w/ Townies) 142 42 96
# of Families 29 14 20
Total # of Sims (w/o Townies) 133 33 82
Average Family Size 4.586 2.357 3.95
Total Family Funds §52,807,050 §127,350 §200,246
Average Family Fund §1820932 §9096 §10012
Average removing top 3 and bottom 3 §80741 §4393 §6929
Male to Female Ratio (w/ townies) 1:1.32 1:1.05* 1:1.13**
Median Family Fund §40,000 §4500 §8500
Median Family Size 4 2 4
  • Variable, as it involves an unborn baby.*
  • Given ambiguous names, figures are calculated without considering unborn babies and those with unisex names**

List of Residental Lots[edit | edit source]

Beginner Homes (25,000§ or less)[edit | edit source]

  • Oikos Ptochon, purchasing price at 19,065§.
  • Apopsyche pros Peneton, purchasing price at 22,089§.
  • Oikos Nomadon, purchasing price at 19,400§.
  • The Trailer, purchasing price around 17,000§.

Lower-end Homes (Less than 100,000§)[edit | edit source]

  • Nesos Poleos, price 48,620§.
  • Attic House, price 75,228§.
  • Akroikos, price estimated around 55,000§.
  • Hellenistic Houselet, price just under 50,000§.
  • Modernism
  • Oikos Asiatikos

Middle-Class Homes (100,000§ to 250,000§)[edit | edit source]

  • Megaron Laikon, Price around 130,000§.
  • Haven of Nerds, Price 144,024§.
  • Megaron Ponou Hesychias, priced around 220,000§.

Elite Homes (over 250,000§)[edit | edit source]

  • Megaron Epitropou, Price around 310,000§.
  • Megaron Philon, Price around 331,000§.
  • Naos-Stratopedon I, base price around 300,000§.
  • Attalid Resort, price be around 340,000§.
  • Basileion Seleukeias, Price around 368,229§.
  • Ziggurat Palace, Price estimated to be around 320,000§.
  • Industrial Acrophobia, Price bit over 250,000§
  • Megaron Paralias
  • Hippobataion

Table of Lot Sizes[edit | edit source]

Lots Lot Size Price (minus land price) Numbers
Naos-Stratopedon I 30x45 375,702§ 5
Naos-Stratopedon III 40x50 § 1
Nesos Poleos 30x35 § 3
Hellenistic Houselet 24x25 48,788§ 3
Attic House 35x30 73,128§
Industrial Acrophobia 45x36 265,269§ 1
Paradise of Nerds 40x40 141,265§ 2
Megaron Philon 60x40 326,818§
Basileion Seleukeias 48x48 353,385§ 1
Katoikia Dexia 30x30 54,822§ 3
Katoikia Aristera 30x30 60,838§ 3
Oikos Ptochon Masson 20x24 20,741§ 3
Oikos Ptochon Mikroteros 20x24 13,139§ 3
Megaron Ponou Hesychias 60x40 § 1
The Trailer 35x20 § 3
Oikos Asiatikos 30x24 55,922§ 1
Oikos Pollon 35x40 § 2
Modernism 30x30 § 2
Megaron Paralias 60x40 § 1
Hippobataion 60x40 § 1
House of Arts 60x40 § 1

List of Non-rabbit hole Community Lots[edit | edit source]

  • Bibliotheke Agathon: Public Library.
  • Basilikos Paradeisos Pankarpion: Big Park/Public Garden.
  • Agora: Big Park/Market. Classified as Consignment Store, other functions still available
  • Ergasterion Demosion: Big Park/Public Workshop.
  • Gymnasion Hellenikon: Gym.
  • Metalleia Thraikike: Small Park/Mine, located above the Mysian Roads, address Metalleia Euroure Nuked to ground
  • Emporion Demosion: Consignment Store. Normal Consignment function transferred to the Agora
  • Chledeion: Junkyard. Reworked
  • Palaistra Stratiotike: Martial Arts Academy. Redesgined
  • Meditative Grounds: Zen Garden.
  • Basileion Pelles (kai) Syrakouson: Exclusive Lounge (minus access restrictions)
  • Agora Nektaros: Large Nectary.
  • Choma Hippeon Nomadon: Horse Ranch.
  • Telma Sakas: Fishing Spot.
  • Hylai Nomadon: Small Park, located at Saka Yabgu, connected to the Real Nomads Road by a pedestrian trail that also connects to the Sai Yavuga and Telma Sakas.
  • Pandokeion: Base Camp.
  • Telma Neustike: Swimming Pool.

Community Lots to be added with the next update/Changes (not complete)[edit | edit source]

  • Balaneion: Unclassified Community Lot, located at the Agora area of the Central Islet (Address not assigned) It functions as a hot bath, swimming pool, and a gym, which is reflective of the tepidarium/caldarium, frigidarium (an liberty, given that the frigidarium isn't always a swimming pool, although there are frigidariums that contain swimming pools), and palaistra respectively in a thermae. There are no hypocausts given the lack of proper tools, and it is "recreated' via numerous fireplaces, as a way to provide the "warmed" moodlet. Classified as Gym
  • Gymnasion kai Palaistra is remade in a fashion that is in agreement to the Ancient Greek Gymnasiones. Also adds the soccer goalposts of Seasons.
  • Pyrgion Paralias: classified as a Beach lot, located to the right of the Paralia Haple.
  • Beaches are being reworked.
  • Ergasterion Limenos Emporikou: a hybrid lot including both rabbit holes and non-rabbit holes.
  • Pyrgos Pragmas (Doo Peas Business Tower lot) is now a hybrid lot, and will be a double tower.
  • Proschema Euboias, a cheaper nectary located at 41 Ptolemaios Road at the Euboia Islet next to the Cradle of the Faithful
  • Pedion Panegyreos: Festival Ground
  • Bomos Alexandrou: Unclassified Community Lot
  • Bibliotheke kai Didaskoleion replaced by a more well-designed and more thematic design, and renamed Bibliotheke Rhakoteos
  • Naos Propatros divided into two smaller lots: a new Naos, and a park.
  • Emporion Alchemikon: Alchemy Consignment Store
  • Asteion: Salon
  • Parapyrike Astynomia: Fire Station

Phrontisterion Lots (Presuming custom universities are allowed)[edit | edit source]

  • Diatribeion Technes: Hobby shop (with greater focus on hobby)
  • Cheirotechnion: Hobby shop (with greater focus on tech)
  • Eleutherion: Coffeehouse (or wherever the Rebels go)
  • Hesychion Sphairion: Bowlarama
  • Huioi Epistemes Kalliphengai (ΥΕΚ), Fraternity with alotted residence
  • Gynai Aristai Cheirotechnai (ΓΑΧ), Sorority with alotted residence
  • Eunaterion Indikos: Dorm at the Taxila-India Islet
  • Domation Asiatikon: Dorm at Asian Enclaves
  • Epistemion Techinikes: Research lab with the Group Project item

List of Families[edit | edit source]

Parenthesized number meaning new fund with the update.

  • Ecclesiarchy, Hekatonschoinos Chapter: 6 Basilike Keleuthos
Difficulty: 6
Kallisto Syrakosia, Kallistrata Pellaia, Stratonike Attalida, Hypatia Pydnaia, Lysistrata Amphipolita, Eurydike Alkmaionida, Galatea "Pi" Tarantina, Jessica Tesla
The effective ruler of the Papal State and by extension the capital, the Ecclesiarchy's top members are located here. An academic conglomerate of unprecendented scale and quality, the Ecclesiarchy commands riches and skills like no other. However, Kallisto certainly wants more and megalomania is always an visible variable in the house...
Player Notes: Ecclesiarchy is the easiest family to play financially, given the almost complete control of all enterprises, as well as their extreme wages, as all of the Big 6 save Kallistrata earns more than 1,000§ per hour. On top, they are located closest to the Tiberium vein, and the biggest factor is that they pay no bills: they own the place! Kallistrata may not earn wages, but still is a huge factor given her uncontested supremacy in nectar making both quantitatively and qualitatively, which is complemented by the Ecclesiarchal control of extremely high quality fruits. However, the Ecclesiarchal chapter is composed of 8 members at the moment, making gameplay slightly busy. They also have upgraded Nectar Makers in the family inventory, allowing Kallistrata to resume production even after their transfer to the Naos-Stratopedon III. In the actual relesase version, they will own the most expensive real estates, although smaller ones will be open for purchase.
Story Progression Notes: If possible, get the NRaas mods, and have their Kinsey Values at say -50000 (if the value does not persist) to reflect the setting that they are anti-romance and anti-WooHoo. As they are the family that I play with the most, I have not gotten a significant pattern, although it seems like they tend to hack and dump their stock of fruits. It is possible with NRaas that they will produce nectar.
  • Kang Family: 1 Seleukos Road
Difficulty: 5
Tae Jong Kang, Mi Ae Kang, Yu Ri Kang (Yuri), Ho Young Kang, Gyuri Kang, Sung Hoon Kang
The Korean patriarchal family of the 3rd Timeline, they are a proud family to say the least, standing against the Chinese and the Japanese in the three-way feud. However Yuri was a solid friend of an equally techy Eun Jin, who happened to be a Philhellene. This would play a critical role in the resolution of the conflict with the arrival of the Greeks, who would naturally find Eun Jin the most open of them all. With the Greek power play, the Koreans find the forged alliance quite beneficial, and Tae Jong, who was quite tired of all the ethnic conflict, decides to accompany Eun Jin to take a rest as well as to thank the foreign power. Was this a good choice?
Player Notes: As it is with most families, Kang Family will initially suffer a financial deficit, especially so as Tae Jong and Gwi Bin aren't high up in the career rung, and Sung Hoon has not found an employment yet. Yuri serves as an interesting variable: Yuri initially is working as an inventor, which earns no wages. However, Yuri has points on both Handiness and Invention, allowing Yuri a route in either the Science or the Military career.
Difficulty: 5
Philetairos Attalides, Eumenes Attalides, Parthenope Attalida, Theophania Attalida, Thetis Attalida, Olympias Attalida, Polyxena Attalida, Lede Attalida (Horse)
The Attalids are one of the oldest families, as well as the most reputable to be a party flock. So great was the party-hosting of their first timeline that the reputation pretty much crossed the timeline via the gossips. However, such was a good past, and the Attalids have lost much of the party-hosting steam. Despite that, the Attalids still look for a good party, and has gone to Hekatonschoinos for one reason: the extremely large party lounge Basileion Pelles kai Syrakouson noted to be the largest in the world. The Attalids also have interests in the Ecclesiarchy, namely their own family member in the ranks, Stratonike. Will this place hold the opportunities for the good life and parties as they wish it is?
Player Notes: The Attalids live in the 2nd most expensive abode. However, despite the high bills that would be associated with the extremely lavish house, the Attalids have high wage earners: Philetairos and Eumenes earn well over 200§ per hour, and Polyxena earns 444§ per hour as an Mad Scientist. On top, all of the Attalids are in an wage-earning career (save Olympias), and all are able to do so with ease. As such, the Attalids can expect a minimal surplus despite a crushing bill.
Story Progression Notes: The Attalids are very likely to split (without limitations), with Eumenes and Polyxena usually separating away taking the pony Lede. Otherwise, expect them to lead the Equestrian notification screen once Lede develops into an adult. Assumes the usage of NRaas Story Progression Mod.
  • Choi Family: 16 Seleukos Road
Difficulty: 3
Bong Jun Choi, Eun Jin Choi, Cur (Dog), Useless Dog (Dog)
Eun Jin is one of the high priority figures as Ecclesiarchy sees, given the fact that Eun Jin was the big Philhellen who drew the attention of the Greek time travelers. Eun Jin is on top quite a valuable figure, as the Ecclesiarchy constantly scout Eun Jin (alongside Yuri) hoping to recruit her into the machine cult. Internally, Eun Jin is quite troubled, since her father Bong Jun loves dogs, and Eun Jin does not share his love for the furry animals. Only thing that keeps Eun Jin from exploding? A hefty money grant from the Greek benefactors. Is this enough?
Player Notes: the Choi family will suffer initial deficits, as Bong Jun has just started in a career. Eun Jin however has 6 points in handiness, which puts her in a similar position to Yuri, although much less profitable since Eun Jin can't put the skills to use immediately. However, the Choi family is quite fortunate in that it is a small family, allowing them to easily degrade to the smallest houses if needed, which is much more easy given the increased availability of land and smaller/cheaper lots.
  • Hugo's Orphanage: 1 Basilike Keleuthos
Difficulty: 5
Hugo-Kais Aunel, Leonardo Mathis, Athena Aithalida, Eirene Chalkida, Herakleia Eurypontida, Emil McGee, Felix McGee
The stars of the New Homeland, they are guests to the Papal State, offered residency here as an compensation for the inadvertent destruction of their old facilities. Kallisto seems to have some sort of plan for them, which isn't entirely welcome given the density of the group: 3 Greek girls with different personalities, a twin with alike yet different personalities, all topped by a carefree patron and his much more levelheaded son. What will the life at the Papal capital have in store for them?
Player Notes: The Orphanage is by far the most difficult family to play for several reasons: 5 of the 7 family members are minors, and Leonardo prefers to work as a sculptor, meaning his income is irregular, leaving Hugo to be the only one to earn regular wages (not counting the part-time works). On top, given their numbers, degrading is extremely difficult tedious: the Hugo's Orphanage has plenty of cash. However, a suitable lot is lacking, and extensive building is needed to effectively downgrade.
Story Progression: Leonardo is one of the sims noted to break away with the NRaas Story Progression. In addition, they will be the artistic family, churning out artwork and sculptures.
  • Rich Girls and Butlers: 21 Near East Road
Difficulty: 4
Herakleitos Massaliotes, Maria Linder, Miyu Koizumi, Chiranjivi Maurya, Neru Shiromiya, Shironeko (Cat)
As a part of the forged alliance by none other than Kallisto herself, Miyu is an hostage sent by the patriarch and grandfather Daisuke. However, the presense of Chiranjivi seems to make things bearable, and Miyu could learn a thing or two from the Ecclesiarchy, if she wills it. Chiranjivi is particularly interested in seeing his employer doing just that, although he has his own issues, given the Ecclesiarchal interest in recruiting him.
Player Notes: A relatively easy family financially, as Herakleitos and Neru have stable employment with a large initial cash reserve to boot.
  • Alkmaionidai: 6 Alexandros Road
Difficulty: 3
Kleisthenes Alkmaionides, Helene Alkmaionida, Andromeda Alkmaionida, Chryseis Alkmaionida, Nikias Alkmaionides (Horse)
The oldest of the sims in terms of chronology, they may not seem entirely successful on their own. However, this doesn't take into account the fact that their interest is well represented in the Ecclesiarchy, given Eurydike and their former houseguest Lysistrata. Will this representation do them any good?
Player Notes: Their status is lot like the Attalids: Decent wages and high bills, although the Alkmaionids have lower wages and smaller bills. Andromeda is right behind Philetairos as a leading figure in the Culinary career, and Kleisthenes is quite high on the Journalism career. Chryseis is underperforming, but is very likely to get promoted given her high skill parameters.
  • Mathetai: 11 Alexandros Road
Difficulty: 3
Immanuel Ames, Liam Awlaki, Tiffany Dennis, Shirley Anley
Former disciples of none other than Kallistrata herself, the Mathetai moved to Hekatonschoinos simply because they had no other place to go. Having been the test subject of the Ecclesiarchal tertiary education, they are more than equipped to forge a path...
Player Notes: They are quite "average": not too high, not too low in almost all matters.
  • Swanson Family: 2 Alexandros Road
Difficulty: 2
Tessa Swanson, Nicole Swanson, Rachel Swanson
Effective servitors to the Ecclesiarchy, they are extremely unfortunate yet fortunate. In the fortunate side, they were finally united by the Ecclesiarchal string pulls, although they are also unfortunate as they would never be able to find true love that they always wished for given the Ecclesiarchy's attitude about Romance... or can they?
Player Notes: Perhaps one of the easiest family to play, as Tessa and Nicole earn very high wages as a International Super Spy and Dynamic DNA Profiler respectively. As such, they can actually afford to maintain the current lot, which requires extensive maintenance. On top, there are 3 Swansons, and there are 8 in the Ecclesiarchal chapter, making for a far more leisurely experience on the player's side.
  • The Working Immigrants: 81 Seleukos Road
Difficulty: 3
Teddy Kaplan, Strauss Gauss, Cherry LaPlace, Hye Ri Wang
Currently the only independent immigrants who immigrated out of free will, they wish to improve their lot just as immigrants had wished to do so via immigration to America. Of course, we don't have a stock bubble to screw them up... but then one always has to watch out for the ordinances.
Player Notes: Challenging initially given their low initial wages. However, their bills aren't as large, so it isn't too difficult to handle given time.
  • Libuoi: 1 Taxila Road
Difficulty: 3
Thrasymachos Kyrenaios, Hippias Karchedonios, Heron Aithiopikos, Attalos Aithiopikos
The African Cleruchs, they are considered due to Kallisto's staunch anti-racist policy that led Kallisto to shower some benefits to the Africans. Hellenized they may be, but African nonetheless are they, and Kallisto wishes to use them as a bulwark against the primarily Western Celebrity Culture.
Player Notes: Similar to the Working Immigrants, except with less money and skills.
Difficulty: 5
Okeanos Iolkios, Zoe Drabesike, Melissa Epeirota, Persephone Phalara, Seleukis Enopronos, Krinias Enopronos
They are one of the Klerouchoi families, although they are the most unusual of the Klerouchoi. As their name would suggest (it means the disciple of the Muses), they are talented in the arts, particularly music, something that isn't esteemed too much by the Ecclesiarchy. However, they also are represented in the Ecclesiarchy by none other than Esomena Protogena, a member who was long believed to be lost. It was Esomena who wanted to help them out, but the Mathetai aren't used to a settled life nor high taxes. Was Esomena's recommendation a mistake?
Player Notes: One of the difficult family to play given the difficulty downgrading. The bill is one of the smallest given their cheap housing, but their wages are also low, and they have 3 minors, so they have a goon number of mouths to feed on a limited wage and reserve funds. Also, the Hekatonschoinos will contain one that looks significantly different to the one in the picture in the Fanon page.
  • Ptolemaioi: 16 Fayuum Depression Road
Difficulty: 5
Ptolemaios Soter, Berenike Ptolemaie, Ptolemaios Philadelphos, Arsinoe Ptolemaie (Arsione II), Arsinoe Lysimache (Arsinoe I), Kleito Ptolemaie, Ptolemaios Euergetes
Ptolemaioi are what it says on the tin: the Ptolemaic dynasty. However, this by itself is a bit of a problem, given their adoption of Egyptian practices, including one that involves something heretical by the Ecclesiarchy. On top, Philadelphos got both of his consorts, Arsinoe I and Arsione II alive, which causes some problems naturally. Will they be able to settle all of the crises?
Player Notes: Difficult initially given brutally high bills. However, they are earning fair wages, and all are able to work on full-time jobs except one. Arsinoe Ptolemaie and Kleito earning the top wages in the Ptolemaioi for the moment, they must supplement that income, although their initial fundings give them some leeway.
  • Strategoi: 11 Alexandros Road
Difficulty: 3
Phylagoras Megistos Massaliotes, Epicharis Alexandreiana, Xenotima Chersonesia, Kalliphana Pergamena
Kallistrata's buddies tracing back to Kallistrata's creation at Pella, they were eventually lured into the capital by their former mate from across the Mediterranean (and Pontos Euxeinos), from Massalia/Marseille all the way to the Crimea. They themselves aren't the most normal of the bunch, and share with Kallistrata the disdain for natural procreation. What will be their move afterward?
Player Notes: An easy family, with stable wages and a diverse range of skills. Phylagoras serves as the main bread winner as the Squadron Leader, while Epicharis, Xenotima, and Kalliphana more than fit for a rapid progression.

New Families to be included in the Upcoming revised release[edit | edit source]

  • Gao Family
Difficulty: 3
Gao Rui Long, Gao Ai, Gao Shu, Gao Mu Kwan
A Chinese family with an harsh past, they ran the Beijing Palace, which was for a time being one of the most popular restaurants in an unknown town in SimNation. However, the restaurant was put out of business by a larger competitor, and having been driven by thugs hired by the said competitor, Gao business was shamed for good after a PR propaganda. However, such status was not a concern to the Ecclesiarchy. With nothing to lose, they moved to this town, hoping to make a new beginning. They have skills, now will they be able to forge a new path, or see that their efforts are all but naught?
Player Notes: To reflect their role as a restaurant owner, they will start out with complete ownership over a restaurant.
  • Xue Family
Difficulty: 2
Xue Meng, Xue Qiang, Xue Lin
A Taiwanese, Meng had been one to swim against the current, or so to say. Meng was thus a troublemaker of sorts, which was problematic to his more political brother Qiang, who people say no one could find his true intentions. Soon, stuff grew to the point where Meng's presence was troublesome to Qiang's superiors, resulting in Qiang being removed. With this incident, Qiang had a harsh word with Meng, although the water was already spilled. Henceforth they had to find a new place to live, preferably a place where Meng's reputation hasn't reached yet. And so they set out for Hekatonschoinos, hoping to lick the wounds both internally and externally.
Player Notes: TBA
  • Tycoons Family
Difficulty: 4
Alexei Zharkov, Ulrich Hermann, Erland Bjorkman, Esteban Rojas, Oksana Zharkova
Alexei, Ulrich, Erland, and Esteban originally were simple stock traders. However, one lucky touch and a collaboration between the 4 suddenly left them with a pile of cash as well as a budding feeling of companionship. Having struck gold, they decided to take what they claim to be a very long business trip to Hekatonschoinos in search for more profitable businesses to invest in. Their goal? Significant share in the juggernaught that is Kallistrata's nectar industry.
  • Mate Family
Difficulty: 2
Stale Mate, Check Mate
The Mate are Czech handymen. They are most noted for unintended consequences, both good and bad given their lack of attention/long term thinking. Nevertheless, the Ecclesiarchy saw value in having male technicians, and had them come over to demonstrate the power of creativity and salvaging.
Trivia: The Mates family is a direct homage to "Pat and Mat," a Czech animation that was also a childhood favorite of mine. This is noted by the names, Pat meaning stalemate and Mat meaning checkmate.
  • Kirishima Family
Difficulty: 2
Rikimaru Kirishima, Hitomi Kirishima, Erio Kirishima
Rikimaru had it harder than most: Rikimaru was one of the few moderates in a Japanese enclave notorious for its net right population. In fact, so hard was the pressure that Rikimaru lost his spouse, leaving him to raise his two daughters Hitomi and Erio. Coincidentally enough, Erio happened to be a nerd as well as a online friend of Miyu after her settling in the Papal capital. Given Miyu's affinities, it was surprising that Miyu had agreed to help out the Kirishima family on her own accord, but so was the fate of the Kirishimas: extracted from hell to the unknown. Was Miyu's decision a beneficial one for the Kirishimas?
  • Yoo Family
Difficulty: 3
Se Joon Yoo, Nam Hee Yoo, Min Gi Yoo, Hyun Moo Yoo
Koreans are known for ethnic solidarity, and the seed planted in Hekatonschoinos proved no exception to the Korean immigration. To Se Jun, the Korean minority presense in Hekatonschoinos was not the only motivation that he had: Se Jun is a successful celebrity back at his home province, and has successfully took advantage of his fame to start a small business. However, the small business never gained much ground despite or perhaps because of his status as celebrity. Se Jun however noted the lack of ethnic businesses in Hekatonschoinos, and decides to gamble by selling his business and moving there not only to start over, but also to effectively create an ethnic community with his celebrity status. Will his appearance make a huge bang on the Papal capital?
  • Kostopouloi
Difficulty: 3
Angelos Kostopoulos, Athanasia Kostopoulou, Kyriake Kostopoulou, Theophylaktos Kostopoulos
The Kostopouloi are not like the most other families: their immigration was not triggered by financial opportunity nor the oppressive conditions of their old place. Rather, Athanasia and Angelos wanted to spread the Kostopouloi family name, which was gaining some fame ever since Angelos' grandfather made a fortune in the shipbuilding industry. More over, they wanted to outdo their Turkish rivals, the Demirci family, by moving over to now the bastion of Greek power. Little did they know that the Demircis were also welcomed... Will they be able to shine the family name?
  • Demirci Family
Difficulty: 4
Bayram Demirci, Ayla Demirci, Engin Demirci, Kelebek Demirci, Sevil Demirci
The surname Demirci means blacksmith, and Bayram was a descendant of a blacksmith family. As noted, the blacksmith job was in decay ever since the industrial revolution, and the Demircis lived a harsh life ever since. However, Bayram was not let down, and he forged his own way, eventually leading to his own shipbuilding firm. Given the Greek-Turkish relationships, Bayram found the rival in the Kostopouloi, more specifically Angelos' father. With Angelos' father passing away, Angelos took up the rivalry and made a bold move. Not to be outdone, Bayram took advantage of Kallisto's indifference to the Greek-Turkish relationships (given her Italian birth) and followed suit without much resistance from the Greek population. Will this situation start a new page in the Greek-Turkish relationship?
  • Diplomat Household
Difficulty: 5
Nicu Vladimirescu, Marisa Rainymist, Belle Bonaparte, Vulcan Queens, Rauka Saka
Although they are not actually diplomats, this household represents the various neighborhoods that neighbor the Papal State. Marisa is of Moonlight Falls, sent by the witch cult friendly to the Papal State. Nicu is of Bridgeport, although he originally is of Moonlight Falls, from which he gained his polite streak, although his residence in Bridgeport gave him some other traits. Rauka Saka is a legendary equestrian of unknown origins, a mystery Rauka wants to propagate as she claims heritage to a royal Saka family that was a leader in taking down Baktria as stated in Strabon's Geographica.
  • Equestrian Entrepreneurs
Difficulty: 3
Henrietta Manstein, Chen Peng, Brasidas Thessalonios, Evan Wallace, Glint 4.0 Singleton (Horse), Heron Attalides (Horse)
Henrietta Manstein is a young heiress to the Manstein fortune, and with the mysterious disappearance of her parents (and the immediate guardians), Henrietta was enabled to fully embrace her rustic preferences, namely horses. However, Mansteins were city people, and thus Henrietta had no country residences to take up, which would have disabled her from enjoying herself. Surfing the web, Henrietta landed upon the page of Chen Peng, a self-proclaimed horse expert (although with strong academic backgrounds), who agreed to buy Henrietta land in Hekatonschoinos in exchange for shelter. Of course, Henrietta was of the city, and had no experience with horses. Hence Henrietta had Peng scout more with knowledge of horses, resulting in Brasidas, who happened to be a scholar specializing in Greek horsemanship as well as an horse entrepreneur, and Evan Wallace, a experienced Texan rider. To complete the move, Henrietta picked up two horses, one from the Singletons, as well as a local one recommended by Brasidas. How will this hodgepodge household mix up?
Difficulty: 3
Alkmene Kresia, Diomede Paphia, Kalypso Naupaktia, Agatha Broomsworth
Moonlight Falls is the home of many witch cults, and the alchemy trade between Hekatonschoinos and Moonlight Falls had been a delight to many witch cults, especially the Silver Lilies, which was a local alchemy powerhouse. When high quality wares of Hekatonschoinos came in, the Silver Lilies weren't discouraged, but in the contrary was eager to embrace the art of those who had proven superior.
Especially relevant is the rise of Ezekiel Gretchyn, who had taken up an anti-Papal attitude, one that doesn't please the Silver Lilies (who wished continued ties with the Papal State, if not annexation). Nor did the Silver Lilies' structural embracing of celibacy helped Ezekiel's cause, which he promoted via the fear of WooHoo being taken away. To further secure ties with their new allies, the Silver Lilies sent their members to establish a local chapter in Hekatonschoinos, and so it came to pass.
  • Heraldry of Machine
Nikanor Trapezountios (Simbot), Euphrosyne Trapezountia, Ione Trapezountia, Lyra Trapezountia
Nikanor was one attracted to automation and machines, as was Kallisto at her tenure as a member of the Beauty 4. He was thus enrolled into the New Phrontisterion of Trapezous, re-established by the time of the Papal State through the sponsorship of the Papal State, which was not surprisingly specialized in mechanical arts and science. Unfortunately, the Greek-Turkish tensions were not resolved in the mainlands unlike the case with Angelos and Bayram, and a Turkish mob roused by right-wing rhetorics involving Kypros resulted in a temporary time of chaos, violence, and anarchy in Trapezous (Trabzon), which resulted in destruction of most of Nikanor's research, as well as violence against the Greek population in Trapezous. Nikanor would take in 3 who suffered loss of limbs through the violence, and give them prosthetics, while he himself took to the task of mechanizing himself. Having succeeded in the task, Nikanor traveled to Hekatonschoinos to spread the word to those who are most receptive to the new progress: Ecclesiarchy, which conveniently provided them with a grant of cash and a place to live.
  • Argead Dynasty
Perdikkas Argeades, Amyntas Argeades, Philippos Argeades, Kynane Argeada, Kleopatra Argeada, Alexandros Argeades, Roxana Baktriana, Philippos Arrhidaios
Megas Alexandros was always a figure revered by the Hellenes-dominated Ecclesiarchy, especially as he was the can-do guy who conquered with speed. Of course, Kallisto did harbor some reserves, namely because Alexandros was rash with a touch of polypotic nature. Nonetheless, Alexandros was supposedly restrained in the pleasure of the body (despite having multiple spouses like other royalties), and had the drive for knowledge that was estemmed by the Ecclesiarchy. This begets the question: Why are 3 generations of the Argead dynasty summoned to Hekatonschoinos in the first place? To that no one has the answers, although many believe that it was the Ecclesiarchy that brought them up.
  • Millenium Friends
Angela Gabriel, Dorian Thule, Jane Orion, Thaddaia Whitewing, Anita Cannon, Taria Steel, Arama Young
It is said that they have endured 1000 years of war... Oh wait, that's not it! So would they have said, but then in reality the band of 7 is by far the closest of friends one would see, having grouped up ever since birth, although many believe that their bond was developing since kindergarten. The Millenium Friends are companionship at its finest, and the 7 have come to demonstrate the strength of their resolve by bringing in as minimal cash reserves as possible.
  • Hadi
Abdul Abbasi, Fawzi Boulos, Hosni Ghazali, Ilham Manzur, Karima Sidqi, Maryam Rafiq
Hadi means calm, and the Hadi are a progressive Muslim group impressed by the Ecclesiarchy's positive views of medieval Islam. In fact, the Hadi wishes to start the turn towards the medieval Islam, wishing to embrace the Islam in which philosophy, mathematics, and other academic developments are embraced as it was in the Golden Age of Islam under the Abbasids. In fact, Abdul the leader is of the Abbasid line, and has sought the Ecclesiarchy as a model with which they would build their new movement
  • HKTSN12
Tariq Ali, Riyu Kinoshita, Ae Ri Yeo, Da Som Lee, Min Song, Minami Shunji, Xiu Ya Liu
Tariq Ali is the artistic giant of SimNation: He is a master of gemcraft, and he is also a skilled music director, artist, and mixologist all at the same time. This resulted in him rolling in dough, and Tariq noticed a lack of female performers in Hekatonschoinos. Taking initiative, he decides to take up the Asian idol model, scouting multiple potential candidates from the 3 East Asian nations, and bringing them over to Hekatonschoinos. Will Tariq's investment go well?

Townies[edit | edit source]

  • Loukas Alexandros
  • Ariadne Rhodia
  • Stasikrateia Euergeta
  • Atlas Sikyonios
  • Abdul Hamid
  • Archidamos Agiades
  • Nikaia Troizenia
  • Leonidas Agiades
  • Kymothoe Skyria

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Schoinos means rope, and the plural form is Schoinoi. There is region in Ptolemaic Egypt named Triakontaschoinos, meaning 30 ropes, which is the basis for the name. This is the reason for the usage of the singular form schoinos at the ending rather than schoinoi. This is because numbers above 3 does not have inflections. The name might be unfitting, since the name Hekatonschoinos implies that is much larger than the Ptolemaic Egyptian region, as Hekaton means 100 (and Triakonta 30). However, since Schoinos does not have an exact measure (the unit historically varied between region), the name might make sense if the unit was drastically smaller, sinice Hekatonschoinos is a large city at best, Triakontaschoinos an entire region between Thebais, the lower end of Lower Egypt and Kush marking Upper Egypt.
  • The literal translation of Basilikos Paradeisos Pankarpion, one of the new additions to the neighborhood, is Royal Garden of all Fruits.
  • Nesos Poleos means the Island of the City. However, the Latin word for island is insula, which also refers to many of the apartment style building back in Rome Barbaropolis, which is the reference the name is aimed at.
  • Doron Pragmas is a reference to Doron Aroures, the gift of land, which is mentioned in Europa Barbarorum as a method of population appeasement. Of course, in this case, Doron Pragmas is more or less used interchangeably with Kallisto's Klerouchiai (which itself is better named Katoikia, since no grant of land is involved) system in which participants receive work opportunities and dwelling in exchange for religious affiliation and participation in certain Ecclesiarchal programs.
  • Arsinoe Ptolemaie (Arsinoe II) is marked as the mother of Ptolemaios Euergetes as Arsinoe is marked as Ptolemaios Philadelphos's wife, although it is Arsinoe I (Fanon: Arsinoe Lysimache) who is the mother of Ptolemaios. (Fixed)
  • The Libuoi and the Hugo's Orphanage are the only pre-rework families in which the male Sim population outnumber the female constituents. The Kang Family, the Choi Family, the Mathetai, and the Working Immigrants Family have the 50:50 ratio, while the rest, the Ecclesiarchal Chapter, the Attalids, the Alkmaionids, the Ptolemaioi, the Strategoi, the Mathetai Mouson, the Swansons, and the Rich Girls and Butlers have more female Sim members than males. Two households are comprised entirely of females: the Swansons and the Ecclesiarchal Chapter. One household is comprised entirely of males, the Libuoi (Mates if including the upcoming update). With the upcoming update, all additional families except the Gao family will have more males than females.
  • There are three Sims whose designs are based on or influenced by League of Legends. Galateia "Pi" Tarantina's design was influenced by Lulu, Nikanor Trapezountios based off Viktor, and Tariq Ali Taric.
  • There are also obvious reference to Warhammer 40K Dawn of War, and the number of sims dwarve all other references.
  • The addresses Sai Yavuga and Saka Yabgu are names of two adjacent regions, the former the region owned by the Saka Rauka in Europa Barbarorum.
  • The Phrontisterion's two Greek houses are named in a fashion not like the contemporary Greek clubs, the latter adorned with Greek letters for the sake of it, while the Hekatonschoinos's Greek houses have meaningful names. Huioi Epistemes Kalliphengai means "Brilliant Sons of Science," and Gynai Aristai Cheirotechnai literally means "Best Hand-Artist Women (if ordered to correspond to the words, Women Best Hand-Artists)," which can be translated more smoothly into "Elite Women Artisans."

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