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Heart family
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Heart family
The Heart of Sunset Valley, The Hearts have found ways to make other people smile. The Chef of the century, Yuri, wants to make the best dish ever for his family, Yolanda wants to open up even more to others to conquer her shyness, and Katherine wants to be close to Mortimer Goth. Will the family get to make their wishes come true?
Name Heart family
Members Yuri Heart,Yolanda Heart,Katherine Heart, and Loki Heart
Family connections Saint family, Goth family, Frio family, Henson family.
Funds §12,329
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Heart family
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Regina has to make a choice, Join the Elders or Join the Young ones? Will fighting a secret war help anything?
Name Heart family
Members Regina Heart
Family connections Slayer family
Funds §58,000
Difficulty level Difficulty1
Other Information
Game TS3LN Icon The Sims 3: Late Night
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Bridgeport
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The Hearts are known to actually be a Vampire family, but when Yuri married Yolanda, it ended up becoming a mixed Sim race. The Hearts were known in the past as vampire that hunted by nightfall in large packs. It is unknown if any of them are still alive or wandering but since the only connections at this point is Katherine and Regina (If she is still alive.)

The family are well known only in Sunset Valley. No one else seems to know them unless they may have encountered a vampire relative in the past. The generation of the Hearts are unknown, seeing which most of the family are vampires and can't really be located. They get along with most Sims except dogs (Hearts don't seem to like the barking and whining a dog makes).

A Heart is usually a talented Sim coming in with quite a nice personality. All Hearts are usually friendly or Evil (with the exception of Regina who isn't either).

Family TreeEdit

Coming Soon.


Regina: means "Queen" in Latin. Regina is notable in the Heart lineage for being strong and wise, and was supposed to take over the Heart's pack.

Yolanda: means "Violet Flower" in Spanish. Yolanda had her mother's violet eyes until she became older and they turned red.

Yuri: means "Farmer" in Russian. Yuri worked on a farm during his childhood years.

Katherine: means "Pure" in Greek. Katherine is considered the Angel of Sim City.

Loki: means "Trickster God" in Scandinavian. Loki tends to scratch furniture and often lift toilet seats up when he plays in the bowls.



  • The Heart (vampire) family is said to be underground because of certain reasons.
  • Yuri took Yolanda's last name because he felt it matches his personality.
  • Both Katherine and Loki's last name was changed to Saint after Kathy married Matthew.
  • In the past the Hearts family history was actually pretty bloody than nice.
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