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Hayley Takahashi
The Sims 2 University Logo
Name Hayley Takahashi
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Major Art Art
Year Freshman
Takahashi Family
Sibling(s) None
Romances N/A
Marital status Single
Septem Sorores
Roommates Kristina Piper, Fiona Church, Laura McDonnell, Matt Davis, Dorian Machete
Zodiac sign Libra (sign) Libra
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Skin color Skin-medium Medium
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 University Icon The Sims 2: University
Playability Playable
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Hayley Takahashi is a Sim from the series Accademia delle Artí.


Hayley is a creative, intelligent woman who attends Accademia delle Artí. She belongs to the Septem Sorores Fraternity.
While she is kind and intelligent, she has a very short temper, she's full of angst, she's rather lazy, and can occasionally be a huge narcissist.


  • She has the hairstyle of the girl karate-kicking.
  • She is Japanese.
  • She has the first pre-made face on CAS, with a slightly more upturned nose and edited facial features to make her look Japanese (eyes, cheeks, etc.)
  • She has a stud on her nose and a piercing on the left side of her lip.
  • She wears the purple dress with black, polka-dot leggings and short green boots from H&M Fashion Stuff.
  • She has medium skin.
  • She has green eyes.
  • Her body shape is fit.
  • She wears two rings, a silver one with a green stud on her left hand index finger, and a silver one with the green stripe on the little finger of the right hand.
  • She has green and silver dangly earrings.


Hayley started drawing at the age of three. She obtained her first camera at age six, and never stopped taking photos.
Twelve years later, she's taking a test to be one of the few hundred people to get a scholarship to the prestigious Latin-Italian Accademia delle Artí, where she became part of the "Septem Sorores" fraternity ("Septem Sorores" is Latin for Seven Sisters. It was meant to be a sorority, and I forgot to change the name).
Her life in the Academy was very eventful, but no spoilers are to be given away just yet.


  • "… This means free pizza, right?"
  • "If you go to campus and scream at that idiot cow from freaking Sim State who keeps coming in and stealing our pizza, I'll give you ten hugs. No charge."
  • "What? No, I don't hate Sim State University! I hate the idiots that were stupid enough to attend it."
  • "No, we beat the Urele-Oresha-Cham guys by a landslide. I mean, come on! We have a llama!"


Kristina PiperEdit

Kristina is one of Hayley's good friends in college. They do have the petty disagreement from time to time, but they're still on good terms… at least, for now.

Fiona ChurchEdit

Fiona is quiet, kind and caring. Despite Hayley being loud, outgoing and very impulsive, they are very good friends, even though Hayley constantly complains about Fiona's shyness.

Laura McDonnellEdit

Laura and Hayley shared a room in their Greek House, and got along very well. Laura constantly drew, while Hayley would take pictures from her Luminous Pro Antique Camera.

Matt HarrisEdit

She always referred to Matt as "The Llama" (because quite frankly, he was the mascot and the face of their fraternity). She didn't know what he looked like under his costume, because she either didn't pay attention, or because she saw so much of his llama face it was hard to remember his actual face.

Dorian MacheteEdit

Hayley's favourite guy-friend. The other guy in the Fraternity. She loves hearing his speeches about not benefiting "the man" (a.k.a. the economy) with jobs. He believes in freedom, sleep, unemployment, and living off benefits. It could just be an elaborate way of him saying he's lazy, but whatever it is, Hayley agrees.


  • She is eighteen at the start of the series, and twenty-two at the end.
  • Her major is art.
  • She dislikes both the Monty family and the Capp family for being narcissistic, controlling, and constantly overreacting.
  • She doesn't like visiting Strangetown.
  • She is Student Number #3459.
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