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Gwendolyn Allen
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult.png Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Education and employment
Career Law Enforcement career icon.png Captain
Family/Families Allen family
Parents Roxanne Fye Deceased,Donald Applegate Deceased
Siblings Celeste Cardinal Twin Sister, Helene Applegate Sister,Allen Applegate Deceased,Nichole Jennings Sister
Marital status Married
Romances Drew Rollins ex-boyfriend,Helena Allen Wife
Children Allen Rollins Son
Roommates Jennifer Grandal
Traits Trait Good Sense of Humor small.png Good Sense of Humor
Trait Good small.png Good
Trait.png Family-Orinted
Trait Charismatic small.png Charismatic
Trait Brave small.png Brave

Fav Autumn Salad.png Autumn Salad
Fav Blue.png Blue
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3.jpg Black
Eye color Eye-blue.png blue
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png light
Body shape Thin thin
Other information
Game The Sims 3 (console)
Playability Playable
World Moonlight Bay

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Gwendolyn Allen is first child of Late Roxy Fye and Donald Applegate. her best friend, Jennifer Grandal is grown with her all the time. Her twin sister, Cèlèste Cardinal, is the sweetest sister ever she had.

Applegate Background[edit | edit source]

Applegate is the police woman, captain of Narcotics Division, for 15 years. She also worked SVU for 20 years.

Applegate has been successful with NYPD's system for many years.

Applegate's promotion[edit | edit source]

Detective Applegate was working for SVU, Lieutenant Kathleen Relyea, commanding officer of Special Victims Unit. She was detective 3rd grade until Chief Greg Friday promoted her as a sergeant.

Appleagte's gramling club[edit | edit source]

Sergeant Applegate and the detectives got the case of the Stephanie Whitehead. Whitehead is a victim of Domestic Violence. its which related to SVU case. So, Lieutenant Relyea told Sergeant Applegate went to undercover as Doreen Grandal in Grambling but, Relyea doesn't know that Applegate addicted to play poker at Gambling Club.

The detectives informs Lieutenant Relyea that Sergeant Applegate is wrongdoing at undercover and the detectives and whole squad immediately came to the Grambling Club and Applegate isn't there. Relyea get call from Lieutenant O'Daniel who undercover at Grambling club, Relyea told O'Daniel Thank you for informs me, IAB will take care of it.. Relyea hang up on him and told the detectives to go Squad room and acting normal. Sergeant's partner told Relyea that She need to know that.

Sergeant Applegate went to the cafe and saw the detective is Sergeant's partner and Relyea was wait on Applegate and told Applegate that she solved the case, and stop doing at grambling club. Relyea will call IAB and take Applegate in at 8:30. Applegate told Relyea, Please i need do with Fran. Relyea told, Fine. turn yourself in at 8;30.

Lieutenant O'Daniel was also call Kathleen to let her know that he saved Sergeant Applegate's Shield. IAB let her back work to SVU and the detectives did told Applegate to why she not trust of them and Lieutenant Relyea call her out into her office and the deputy chief told her to stop do gambling club.

in few years later, the deputy chief call Sergeant Applegate to confirm Lieutenant is missing and check her office if she there. Sergeant walks in SVU office. Sergeant Applegate call Chief in Lieutenant's office to let them know that Relyea is not here.

Chief call emergency unit check Relyea's home and Applegate & whole squad detectives check it in. They found Relyea's body in her bedroom. She was murdered. Chief told them to assign the case of Lt. Kathleen Shawna Relyea. its came out of cop was Officer Burins killed her and the Detectives arrested him and DA took care of it.

IAB and Captain Cragen walks in to meet Sergeant Applegate to go to Relyea's office was vacant. They were discussed and Applegate was promoted to Lieutenant by Capt. Cragen and IAB

Applegate is a official C.O in SVU and came out as Captain now.

Captain Applegate was married to Helena Allen as Captain Gwendolyn Allen.

Captain Allen was transferred out and IAB put Captain Cragen and Came out retired and IAB put Cragen's second command was Sergeant Benson later Lieutenant now.

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