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Grace Dean




Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
As a child and teen, her dream was to get married, and have a big, happy family. However, little did she know that there would be lots of problems...
Education and employment
Career Architectural Designer career icon Placement Planner
Family/Families Glenn family
Parents Gordon Glenn Deceased
Gloria Glenn Deceased
Siblings George Glenn Male
Marital status Married
Romances Bryce Williams Ex-romance Deceased
Greg Chelsea Ex-romance
Arthur Dean Married
Children Michelle Williams Daughter
Susie Chelsea Daughter
Sawyer Dean Son
Colby Dean Son
Ashli Dean Daughter
Traits Trait Frugal small Frugal
Trait Family-Oriented small Family-Oriented
Trait Bookworm small Bookworm
Trait Hopeless Romantic small Hopeless Romantic
Trait Unlucky small Unlucky
Lifetime wish LTW Surrounded by Family Surrounded by Family
Hair color Haircolor1-TS3 Blonde
Eye color Eye-blue Blue
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Riverview
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Grace Dean (née Glenn) is a Sim who resides in Riverview.


Infancy and ToddlerhoodEdit

Not much is known about her earliest years. She was born with the traits Frugal and Family-Oriented. She learned all three toddler skills successfully. But the only memory she has during her toddler years was her younger brother George being born. She was excited to have little brother and loved him very much.


As a child, she gained the Bookworm trait. Grace grew up in her parents' big house along the outskirts of Riverview. They were both technophobes, so they house had no technology, besides a rotary phone, and some cheap kitchen appliances. Due to this, Grace would always read books, play outside with neighborood kids, play chess with her parents, and occassionally help with her mom's garden.

When her maternal grandmother Jenny Joy got very old, she moved into Grace's house for a bit. Grace loved her grandmother and had fond memories of going to get ice cream with her, play chess, and listen to her stories of the old days. Near the end of her childhood, Jenny died, so she ended her childhood going to her funeral. She ended her childhood with a B grade in school.


She got over her grandmother's death when she became a teen. She gained the Hopeless Romantic. She was going to start high school and start a new chapter of her life. When she began, she was very pretty and the guys loved to hang out with her. Most girls didn't like her because the guys liked her so much. She made good friends with three guys, Bryce Williams, who was in many of her classes, Greg Chelsea, who she tutored, and Arthur Dean, who was the son of a family friend.

Bryce and Grace became very close, and they went on their first date when they ate lunch outside the bistro, had their first kiss, then went to the movies. For the next couple of years, her and Bryce went steady and would send each other love letters, talk on the telephone for as long as they could, and go on dates around town. The whole school knew them as the cutest couple. The other girls were glad she was dating him so they had a chance with other guys and the guys became jealous of Bryce. Her father taught her how to drive.

Grace soon began fantasizing about her future life. Her goals were: graduating from high school, going to university, getting a career, marrying Bryce, and having many children with him. She couldn't wait for her Young Adult birthday and to fulfill these wishes. Other than these wishes, she also took up the writing skill. A secondary goal she has is to write one or two books in her lifetime. During the last few years of high school, the school to work program set Grace up to get a part time job at the Bookstore.

Young AdulthoodEdit

On their last day of being teenagers, Bryce spent the night. The next morning, they aged up into Young Adults. They celebrated Grace's birthday as early as possible. They desperately wanted to age to Young Adult so they could WooHoo. After the party, they snuck up to their room, and WooHooed. After, they went on a date to the pool to celebrate their adulthood. But when Grace went to use the bathroom, she got into a conversation with someone about books. In the pool, Bryce became very tired. He couldn't reach the pool ladder, and ended up drowning and dying as there was no lifeguard on duty as it was winter and there was few people at the pool. Grace was shocked and heartbroken after the love of her life just died. It was the worst night of her life.

After her high school graduation, winter began. A bad blizzard hit Riverview. Grace learned that she was pregnant with Bryce's baby. She was delighted to be having a baby, but also sad that the baby was going to grow up without a father. This also put her life in a different direction. She had planned on going to university and having kids afterwards, but now she was pregnant and would not have the chance.

Her high school friend Greg Chelsea started flirting with her and she ended up dating him, because she wanted her child to have a father, and she wanted to also be able to fulfill her wish of having many kids and she figured Greg would be a good fit. However, her family wasn't so sure about him.

Grace's first pregnancy went horribly. She was going through the heartbreak of losing her soul mate and being sick and tired all the time. Gloria helped her with her pregnancy but it didn't make things much better. When Grace gave birth to Michelle, Greg was kind to her and seemed like a loving father.

Greg and Grace tried for a baby and planned on getting married and moving out when spring came by. Her pregnancy with Susie went much better and smoother. Greg could take care of Michelle while Grace rested. After giving birth to Susie, she had her hands full with a toddle and a baby in the house. She taught Michelle all her toddler skills. She attended George's awards ceremony for his participation in the sports club, and later, his high school graduation.

She felt some depression that her brother was able to go to university and she wasn't able to because of her pregnancy. But her spirits were lifted when Greg proposed to her! When her parents both aged to Elders, She moved out with Greg and her children to a new house so Gloria and Gordon could enjoy their retirement. She also asked George to move in with her so he could help pay the bills.

After moving in, Michelle aged to Child. Greg also was no longer under the scrutiny of Grace's family, and he began to show his Mean-Spirited tendencies. He would never ever take care of his daughter and step-daughter and would instead paint in his room for most of the day. He would also be unusually strict against Michelle when she would mess up, while not caring when Susie messed up. Grace was getting exhausted of taking care of two girls on her own and witnessing the treatment of Michelle and got into a fight with Greg. She confronted him about his harsh behavior towards Michelle and his apathy towards the kids in general. Greg mocked her for being too family oriented and insulted her family, and it ended up getting physical. Greg slapped Grace and beat her up before George came home from work and screamed at him to leave the house. Greg was kicked out of the house and Grace got custody of Susie.

A few days later, Grace went to ask her neighbor to borrow something. It turned out to be one of her old high school friends Arthur Dean. She remembered that he was a nice guy, and was one of her crushes, before she had even met Bryce. They began dating and ended up having a lot in common. Grace eventually introduced Arthur to her children and he moved in. Grace also noticed that out of all the WooHoo she had with Bryce and Greg, Arthur was better than them both.

Grace became pregnant with Arthur's baby. This pregnancy was one of her healthiest pregnancies and one of her easiest and least painful. She went into labor during Michelle's teen birthday party and gave birth to Sawyer, her first son. A while later, Arthur and Grace got married.

Soon after Sawyer's birth, Arthur and Grace felt bad that he wouldn't have a sibling who was closer in age to grow up with. Michelle was 14 years older than him and Susie was 10 years older, So, Arthur and Grace decided to try for another baby, and Grace soon discovered she was pregnant. She then gave birth to twins, Colby and Ashli.


Upon her adult birthday, Grace suffered a mid-life crisis. But she got over it. While Sawyer was a child, she and him discovered a portal to the future and went through. They had some fun, but had to return home. They kept it a secret from the rest of the family and hid the portal behind the house.

Michelle graduated and moved out of the house with her boyfriend. Her daughter Susie graduated later and got married to her husband Thomas. Susie got pregnant and gave birth to Grace's first grandchild Riley Chelsea-Dennis, then they moved to their own starter home.

With a less full home, Grace got a job as an interior designer. Sawyer also became a teenager a little bit before Riley's birth and began dating Micah Jett. It was a little weird to her that her son started dating another guy, but Grace still supports him no matter what. A while later, she got news that her father, Gordon, was going to die soon, so she took Susie and Riley over so Gordon could see his first great-grandchild before he died. Gordon died, Grace, Gloria, Susie, and Riley witnessed his death. Later, she planned the funeral at their place and invited her aunt, Elaine, her brother, her husband and kids, and all the relatives to the funeral. Later, Gloria died of old age and Grace went back home.

A while later, Grace was getting very proud of Sawyer, who was excelling academically, a part of the newspaper club, and already was writing books. Sawyer then graduated and started university, majoring in Communications and going with Micah, who was majoring in Technology. When Colby and Ashli became teens, Ashli asked her mom to send her to a sports boarding school, so she said yes and sent her there.


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