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Goth Family
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Name Goth Family
Members 6
Number of generations 3 generations
Lot 345 Riverblossom Hills Drive
Funds §3,039,605
Difficulty level Difficulty4
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Yes
Neighborhood Riverview
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The Goth Family is a family currently residing in Riverview that consists of 5 members: Mortimer Goth and Nancy Wake Goth (the grandparents); Simon Goth and William Goth (the sons of Nancy and Mortimer); and Anita Goth (Simon's wife); and Tania Goth (Simon and Anita's daughter).


The Goth Family currently resides in a mansion in 345 Riverblossom Hills Drive, which is in Riverview. The family is very wealthy (as seen to the right, they have more than 3 million Simoleons) and are also slightly influential (Nancy is a City Council Member).


​Before Simon Goth's BirthEdit

The real beginning of the Goth Family was with Victor Goth, but we won't be talking about him. Rather, we'll be talking about his grandson, Mortimer.

One day, he saw a very beautiful woman named Nancy Wake Jolina , and immediately started aiming for her. Soon, they became best friends. And on one special day, standing in front of his mansion in Sunset Valley , he proposed to her. Originally she refused, but after multiple tries she married him. They had a private marriage, and soon they had a baby boy, named Simon Goth. Afterwards, they moved to Riverview , where they asserted themselves as millionaires.

​After​ Simon Goth's BirthEdit

Now, let's look at this from Simon's eyes. Simon was a very bright boy, aiming to be a police officer. He soon met Anita Lobos, his classmate, and was stunned at her personality.

Years passed, and Simon is now a Young Adult . He has been building his relationship with Anita for so long, and now was the time to break the ice. Compliment after compliment, flirts after flirts, he finally had the courage to propose to her. They married, and he took his new wife to his mansion.

After a while, Simon's parents had another son, William Goth, and Simon himself had a child with Anita, a girl named Tania. But after a few years, just when Tania became a toddler , Mortimer died of old age.

Nancy Wake soon fell in love with Tom Shallow, and married him. (Go to Nancy Wake's page for more info).


  • The Goth Family is actually a sub-family of the Lao family.
    • The Lao family also includes the Lothario Family, the Jolina Family, and the immediate Lao Family.
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