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Glen Gould
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Name Glen Gould
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Education and Employment
Grade Grade C student
Business career icon Business
Parents Nola Gould, Robert Gould
Sibling(s) Hera Gould
Roommates Stephen Hobbs
Trait TS4 Snob Snob
Trait TS4 Bookworm Bookworm
Trait TS4 Active Active
Aspiration  Popularity
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes brown
Skin color Eye-custom Brown
Social Standing
Social group
20px Greater Good
Other Information
Game TS4GT Icon The Sims 4: Get Together
Playability Deceased
Cause of death electrocution
World Fanon:Newcrest
 Glen Gould was an Elder male who paved the way for officers across the globe. He was a master investor, and was known for his criticism for almost everyone and everything. This may be because of his Snob trait. Glen never had any children, and died of serious electrocution. His roommate, Stephen Hobbs, has his urn.

​Growing Up as a boyEdit

Glen Gould was born during the time of The Sims 3, to Nola and Robert Gould. When he was a toddler, he grew to be a snob and critic. his parents told him this was not good. He loved his mother and father, and they would always go to the movies. They one day went home from a movie, and there was a carpet in front of the fireplace. Robert quickly ran outside with Glen to save him from the critical fire. He then proceeded to call the fire department. He then could hear screams coming from inside. The house was half burned. He noticed his wife, Nola, inside. He ran in quickly. The fire department arrived, as they all rushed in, he could see the Grim Reaper staring back at him. Robert knew what had happened. The firefighters failed to keep the house from burning down, and the house was entirely gone.

Teen yearsEdit

About 12 days after his Mother's death, He had become a teenager. Robert and his son moved to a much smaller house, and tried to live a much more average life. Despite the extreme winter, he refused to buy a fireplace. It was around Christmas, and Robert was going with Glen to chop a tree down. They managed to get one, and they had celebrated Christmas for the first time without Nola. Nola had become a Ghost, and flew over to her grown up son that Christmas Eve. He tried hugging her, but she was transparent and as a Ghost, couldn't be touched. Glen began to cry, and Robert tried to cheer him up. Around this time, Robert had a fiancee. She appeared before Ghost Nola could see her. Nola then disappeared. Robert then took her urn, then released her spirit to the Netherworld. He warned Rose, his fiancee, that she can't appear when his dead wife is around. But now she cannot come back. Rose and Robert were later married, and had a daughter named Hera.

Young Adult and Detective career (Sims 4)Edit

Glen was an adult now, and needed a job. He was pretty torn up, regarding around 5 days earlier, when Robert Gould had died of Old Age. Hera was a teenager now, and Rose was an elderly lady just 12 days away from dying. Hera lived with Glen when he decided he would like to get a job as a Crime Detective. Hera told him that was not a good idea, but Gould refused to listen. Gould made it and applied for a Corporal. He met the Chief of the police, and master detective Ben Beddington. They went on a few cases together, and solved quite a few. Sadly, it was Beddington who recieved all the credit. This is what gave him a perfect case record. After about 2 days of no credit, Gould recieved a phone call from Beddington that a criminal mastermind had robbed information on the police's database. He said he was classified as the renowned criminal Nico Costa and he was to be arrested. Gould quickly arrived to a mansion in Windenburgwhere he saw a mass amount of Cowplants blocking the door.  They busted in and caught Costa in his bedroom. Costa told them that he had saw it all coming and the hacking the database was a trap. Gould and the rest of the force quickly pulled guns on him and told him that whatever tricks he had up his sleeve, they would be prepared. Ben tases him and takes him to the station. 9 days later, about 2 days Glen had become an adult, Gould had noticed a massive protest outside the building. He warned everybody, and they quickly interrogated him. Beddington steps in and tries to hurt Costa and succeeds. Ben warns him to stay down. As Costa gets up, Ben tells him to turn around and pulls a gun on him. Costa notices his hesitation, and Ben puts down the gun. Gould quickly shoots him in the head. Gould was arrested for murder but quickly released after realizing the riots were a setup by Costa himself.

New Job and DeathEdit

Now an adult, and for being breifly imprisoned, Glen decided to find a new job. He had recieved a call that Rose had died. Hera was still around, but moved out to become a Entertainer. Gould was now all alone. Until he met a former entertainer named Stephen Hobbs. Hobbs, was always interested in detectives, and thats why he moved in and became best friends with him. Hobbs brought peace to his household, and never felt loney again. This was around the time when he struck it rich as a Businessman. Because he did this, he could now afford a bigger home. 

Now an Elder, He wanted to start a new club called The Greater Good. The Greater Good was made for sabotaging items. Little did he know, he broke all of the electronic items in his mansion. He stopped the gathering to repair them. He felt a massive jolt, and thought it was nothing. He then proceeded to repair a broken computer, and was seriously shocked and died.  Hobbs never saw it, so he wasn't sad.  


The Gould family was not over. Hera had twins, Kim and Charles Gould. Charles grew up to be adventerous and brave, and Kim was paranoid and nervous all the time. Hera had always told them about her half-brother. Hera, unbelievably, married Hobbs himself. Charles and Kim had always visited Glen's grave, and suprisingly, never saw his ghost. It is rumored Hobbs released his spirit to the Netherworld before he married her.  Kim died of embarrasment, but Charles grew up to have even more children, and a new legacy of Goulds was created. Glen was now famous all across Newcrest.

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