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Gladys Dortheimer
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'Gladys and her sister Déborah moved to Riverblossom Hills after their seashore villa in Huntsville burned down. She is actually the owner of one one the most successfull restaurants in town: Le Dindon Gras.'
Name Gladys Dortheimer
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state Ghost Ghost
Education and Employment
Journalism career Magazine Editor
Dortheimer family
Parents Amanda Dortheimer, Elvis Le CarelBoth Deceased
Sibling(s) Déborah Dortheimer Twin sister
Romances Pedro Fishrobb MarriedDeceased
Marital status Widowed
Child(ren) Tiara Dortheimer Daughter
Pets LakshmiDeceased, Pemphrédo, Cobalt, Bongodrum
Zodiac sign Gemini Gemini
Aspiration  Fortune
Hair color TS2 Black Hair Black
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Rally Forth
Neighborhood Riverblossom Hills
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Gladys Dortheimer was born in the sleepy town of Huntsville one minute after her sister Déborah. She is the daughter of Amanda Dortheimer, which makes her a part of the 13th generation of the extremely wealthy and large Dortheimer family.

Gladys was raised with her sister in a huge red seashore villa in her birthtown. Her father Elvis wasn't a very good one, always flirting with other women (including the townies Meadow Pederson, Sandy Bruty and Linda Barthelet). He was also a bit dull and was killed by his scientist wife's Cowplant (and no one really cared about this). She had a quite quiet childhood in her large house, and she and Déborah were unseparable.

When she grew into a teen, she developped a huge passion for gold, which still follows her, contrary to her sister who is more knowledge-oriented. She was a brilliant student, always having the best grades. After her grandmother Marina the Good Witch died, she decided to take a job in the Journalism career track. She is a workaholic, and reached the top of her teen career in 3 days.

Thanks to her work, she met a nice guy, Pedro, who quickly fell in love with her. They went steady and remained together until Pedro's death.

She never went to university, unlike her twin sister. She kept her job when she grew into and adult. She married Pedro as soon as he grew up himself and he came to join the family. She quickly became pregnant and during this time, her elderly mother discovered a passion for cooking.

When Tiara was born, Pedro was the one who took care of her, since Gladys was everytime busy between work and gaining skills for being promoted.

However, she was ill for 5 days, and she couldn't go to work, which almost cost her an aspiration failure. This hopefully did not happen since Tiara grew up into a child without a problem.

In fact, the big problems began the same day. Amanda tried to cook a Baked Alaska as a birthday cake for Tiara. Amanda was killed in the fire, and the whole house was burned. The only remainings were ashes. Gladys and her family decided to leave the area to begin a new life somewhere else.

They decided themselves for another calm town: Riverblossom Hills in another, smaller villa. This wasn't perhaps the best thing to do: it was during autumn and it was raining, and Pedro was struck by lightning as soon as they moved in. The death was witnessed by the welcome wagon, composed of Catherine Viejo, Betty Goldstein and Morty Roth. Gladys, Déborah and Tiara befriended them even if they still were starstruck from Pedro's sudden death.

The next day, Tiara and her family adopted two pets as a consolation: an elderly large dog, called Lakshmi, and a Birman cat called Pemphrédo.

Gladys then hired a maid, Amy Andrews and a nanny, Lexie Andersen since Pedro wasn't here anymore to take care of the house and of Tiara while Gladys and Déborah were at Work. Moreover, Gladys' gold-hunger led her into buying the next-door restaurant, called Le Dindon Gras, which gave her even more work. She had one remunerated employee: Deborah cooked for free, and Gladys had to employ someone to serve. She found the right person into Christy Yang, and the two women became friends. Thanks to their friendship and hard work, Le Dindon Gras became one of the most successful restaurants in town. In parallel, Gladys and Déborah got promoted a few times and Tiara got excellent grades at school.

However, all this work stressed the three a lot, and they needed some time off. They decided to go to the Three Lakes in order to have some rest.

They arrived in a 3-§ hotel and immediately enjoyed the place. Their first day was mostly constituted by tours. During the bird observation, Déborah found an old map and she asked Gladys to come with her. They ended up meeting Bigfoot. While Déborah enjoyed the meeting and Bigfoot's knowledge, Gladys was a bit scared and forbade Déborah from inviting Bigfoot to move in. Déborah was first frustrated but she quickly made up with her sister.

The next day, the family visited the Spa, and Gladys learnt a new massage, threw axes, and had a lot of fun. She befriended another tourist, Lindsay Hamilton, and still phones her every day.

The end of the vacation came too quickly, and Gladys loved it so much that she decided to buy a vacation house in Three Lakes which cost her a mere 49000§. She then discovered that during her absence, a powerful family, the Marveilhacs moved into town, and the business mogul Hervé Marveilhac already bought three other businesses: The 1-2-3+ Gym, the Hunter's Park and worse, Le Magnifique! International Restaurant, which seriously concurrenced Le Dindon Gras. Gladys met Hervé, and they hated them at the first sight. After a very boisterous conversation, they officially became arch-rivals and enemies. She worked harder and harder in order to ruin Hervé, who did the same thing in order to ruin Gladys.

During this time, her sister almost died after being electrocuted thrice in a row and Tiara grew up badly and became a family Sim. After that, her sister married the NPC Sinjin Couderc. Gladys immediately employed him in the restaurant in order to be more productive. The next day, a sad event occurred: the dog Lakshmi died, and everyone was saddened. They buried her in the new home graveyard.

Tiara then decided to go to university. Gladys was glad she obtained the Hogan Award for Athletics and the SimCity Scholar's Grant scholarships. She learnt that Tiara got the best possible grade for her first exams, and that she got engaged to a nice Sim called Gaël Bourdon.

During this time, Gladys mostly spend her time at her restaurant. She employed another elderly woman as a waitress, Coralie Lepaire, and the two became best friends. Gladys finally asked Coralie to move in, and Coralie became as a true member of the family. She gained the golden badge for Sales, and even got the Best-of-the-best award, and thanks to this she finally beat Marveilhac. She although had some trouble with an evil witch who always created cockroaches.

She got a niece soon after that, called Océane Dortheimer and shared a great relationship hith her. She also climbed the social ladder and got to level 9 in Journalism. The same day, however, her brother-in-law Sinjin was scared to death by the ghost of Lakshmi.

She then helped her sister to raise Océane, along with Coralie, and adopted a puppy, Cobalt, and bought a small dog, Bongodrum.

Tiara graduated and moved in with her fiancé Gaël, and the two married. Tiara got pregnant and found a job in the Law.

But Gladys was still obsessed with her restaurant, and her obsession about it led her to her demise: while trying to get more clients and money, she overstrained of Rally Forth and died. Her mourning family buried her next to her beloved pet Lakshmi. She never saw the birth of her granddaughter Arlette.


  • Gladys main interests are Money and Entertainment, and hates talking about Culture.
  • She quickly became good friends with her two pets, being Lakshmi's master and is considered as belonging to Pemphrédo.
  • She loves eating pizzas, and is subsequently friends with the pizza delivery girl Edith Jitmakusol.
  • She has 7 points in Creativity, 3 in Body and in Logic, 1 in Cooking and in Cleaning, and 2 in Charisma.
  • Gladys' grandmother's cousin, Bella, was an alien.
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