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Gisèle Dortheimer
Name Gisèle Dortheimer
Gender Female Female
Dortheimer Family
Parents Théodore Marigo-Vaghan, Renée Dortheimer Both Deceased
Sibling(s) None
Romances Andrew Martin Ex-romance, Adrien Yellowshort Engaged Deceased, Yanis Lemarin Married Deceased, Jebidiah Wilson Married Deceased
Child(ren) Lucas Dortheimer, Pélagie Horsepurple
The Sims 2 Logo
Gisèle has been a lucky Sim as soon as she was born. She had nice parents, generous (and rich) aunts, and the perfect boyfriend. Until the latter's gruesome murder...
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Zodiac sign Virgo Virgo
Aspiration  Fortune
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Unplayable
Neighborhood Riverblossom Hills
The Sims 3 Logo
Gisèle is a beautiful, yet shady woman. Her gloomy nature was caused by a tragic past, and her possessiveness knows no border. No one knows what she will do to her husband if she discovers that he is cheating on her.
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Ghost icon Ghost
Trait Star Quality small Star Quality
Trait Bookworm small Bookworm
Trait Frugal small Frugal
Trait Eco-Friendly small Eco-Friendly
Trait Evil small Evil
Zodiac sign VirgoLN Virgo
Lifetime wish
LTW Gold Digger Gold Digger
Fav Classical Classical
Fav Cobbler Cobbler
Fav White White
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Fire
World Riverview

Gisèle Dortheimer is a member of the large and wealthy Dortheimer Family. Being Renée's daughter, she is a member of the 11th generation of the legacy. It is worth noting that even if she is among the many evil Sims of the family, she is actually the only one those evilness is not natural: it has been caused by a very harsh early adulthood, the hardest in the family's history.

Childhood and Teenage YearsEdit

Gisèle was born in Riverblossom Hills in a large family consisting in her mother Renée, her three paternal aunts Bérénice, Caroline and Yolande Marigo-Vaghan, and her two paternal great-aunts, Clothilde, and Anthéa Marigo-Vaghan. She never met her father Théodore and his mother Lavinia since the two were eaten by flies when their vacuum cleaner went on rampage and scattered rubbish all around the place.

She was a happy child and everyone loved her. She enjoyed a lot listening stories. There was no major event during her youth: the tough things began when she became an adult.


The Murder EnigmaEdit

(This is no actual gameplay, but rather a story I imagined for fun.)

As soon as Gisèle became an adult, her great-aunt Anthéa died, revealing a secret. She married in her youth a rich old man who bequeathed her his whole fortune, and hid this fact her whole life. She settled the entire fortune to her three nieces, and also some money to her remaining sister.

Gisèle began dating Andrew Martin, and befriended his mother Betty (in this storyline, Betty Goldstein is Andrew's mother). Then Caroline and Yolande went away but their car fell of a cliff and the two probably died, since no one saw them again, nor did someone find the car's wreckage, lost to the sea. Gisèle discovered there that her three aunts willed her all their money.

Gisèle then broke up with Andrew remaining friends with him, and got engaged to a nice guy called Adrien Yellowshort. However, the romance was short-lived, as he was murdered in mysterious circunstances.

One day, Gisèle and Clothilde visited Bluewater Village, and Bérénice went in a car stroll near the distant Twinbrook. Andrew invited Renée for a unanticipated jogging, leaving Adrien alone in the house. When the two came back, he was nowhere to be found. They searched the whole house, and found the cellar door locked, without the key. They forced the door and found Adrien dead on the floor, stabbed with a kitchen knife. No one could have entered the house, and the key is totally missing. This was a mystery. Moreover, everyone seemed to have an alibi. They called a detective named Arlette Clucky, and invited her to a dinner party, along with Betty and Andrew. There, another event occurred. Bérénice was found dead in the family graveyard, poisoned with digitalis, the medicine taken by Clothilde for her heart problems. In her purse, a suicide note, admitting that Bérénice killed Adrien, and the cellar key! No one could believe it, since Bérénice seemed to like Adrien. Arlette however found a quirk in the note: no mobile...

This detail drove her to the truth, and she reunited everyone. She explained that everyon had an alibi, and the police searched the one that was fake since the beginning. However, everyone's alibi was valid, since one person had no alibi at all: Betty.

Betty and Andrew were greedy, heartless beings. They had after Gisèle's fortune. But when she broke up with Andrew, they realized that they couldn't get the gold mine anymore. The were angered, and this was worsened when Gisèle got engaged. They then planned to kill Adrien, in order to regain Gisèle's love after that, and Bérénice, in order to conceal theit culpability and to enlarge Gisèle's fortune.

They spyed on the family, wainting the right moment to commit their withdrawal. When everyone was gone except Renée and Andrew, while Bérénice was gone without any witness, Andrew got to their house and invited Renée for a jogging. When she was changing her clothes, he unlocked the French window in order to let Betty enter the house when they would be gone. Betty then stabbed Adrien, brought him to the cellar, locked the door and took away the key. And when Andrew got back, he locked the French window, so no one could think that someone could have come into the house.

The second part of the crime occurred during the dinner party. Andrew walked out with Bérénice and killed her with Clothide's medicine. He hid a false suicide note and the key in her purse. Their only mistake was the absence of mobile in the note. And one can imagine that Andrew also sabotaged Caroline's and Yolande's car, perhaps having heard about the sister's will.

Gisèle was devastated. And when Renée and Clothilde died of Illness, this was too much for her, and she went far, far away.

                                           End of the Story

New Life in RiverviewEdit

Gisèle moved out to Riverview, but unfortunately, the tragic event she just lived had a huge and devastating influence on her, and she became as Evil, as Greedy as Andrew and Betty were. She also became very possessive, and her deepest desire was to marry a rich sim and then making him, well, vanish forever.

She married a young and beautiful man named Yanis Lemarin, and had a son with him, Lucas. She also got pregnant a second time. However, another bad thing happened: Gisèle discovered that her husband cheated on her many times, with both men and women, like Linda Sala, Rhoda Bagley and Jebidiah Wilson. Her rage combined with her possessiveness and her evilness, drove her into drowning her husband into a pool, and seeking revenge on his other lovers. She found a businesslike way to take a cold vengeance on one of them, Jebidiah. She married him, in order to kill him later AND to get his money (consequence of her unquenchable thirst for money), and his large house.

Gisèle waited for the right time for croaking her husband and spent her time reading and writing books. She also gave birth to a daughter, named Pélagie (who was Yanis' daughter). Some time later, she murdered Jebidiah by starving him but hadn't time to bury him anywhere, since the whole house burnt when the teenage Lucas tried to cook waffles for the family. Gisèle therefore didn't have time to enjoy her vengeance, dying in the flames that finally destroyed the entire building, leaving only ashes. Lucas, who still was a teen, had to move away and to take care of his young sister. Fortunately, his mother and his father-in-law had a massive amount of cash and he could buy a large house in town, and buried his mother and his father in his new house's cemetery. No one ever learnt about Jebidiah's murder, since everyone thought he also was burnt to death...

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