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Ghrimmea Conduct is a Sim from Sims 3 who lives in Sunset valley.

Ghrimmea was born with the evil trait, and always knew she would become the empress of evil. She grew up with this ambition, and as soon as she was old enough moved out to follow her dreams. She joined the criminal career and instantly made friends with her boss. After only a few days of living in her new residence, she fell in love with a burglar, Robbie Bland. They married after only a few days since meeting each other, and soon Ghrimmea gave birth to a baby boy, which she named Evil.

One night Robbie was swimming in their private pool. Ghrimmea was fast asleep, but was woken by an unpleasant visit from the Grim Reaper. Ghrimmea was heart broken, but fiendishly delighted at the same time. Robbie was gone. Or was he...

Ghrimmea really hit it off with the Grim Reaper. They were chatting and laughing together. Ghrimmea realized the great thing about Robbie's death. She was now single and able to date the Grim Reaper.

One night the ghost of Robbie Bland haunted the Ghrimmea's house. She greeted him and suddenly, she fell in love with him all over again. The next day Ghrimmea realized that she was once again pregnant.

Days passed and Ghrimmea fell in love with a rich Sim, Geoffrey Landgraab. She persuaded him to break up with the Sim he was married to at the time, Nancy Landgraab. But as well as dating Geoffrey, she also was dating the Grim Reaper. Her love towards the Grim Reaper didn't last long, but she gave birth to his child soon after, a girl called Grim.

Geoffrey didn't realize her new baby wasn't his, even when he saw it had midnight black skin. Ghrimmea and Geoffrey moved in together with one of Geoffrey's two sons, called Zachery. Geoffrey changed his name to Ghrimmea's, rather than Ghrimmea changing her name to Geoffrey's. When Robbie married Ghrimmea, he also changed his name to hers. Ghrimmea got pregnant again, so they moved to a bigger house. Ghrimmea, as she always does, gave birth to her child at home.

Ghrimmea and Geoffrey stopped loving each other like they used to, so they broke up, because they decided it was for the best. They were both heart broken. Geoffrey moved into his own house on that very night.

Memories of their love haunted Ghrimmea whenever she was in the house. she soon became the empress of evil, and had all the money she could want, so she and her children moved away into a house that carry the forever lingering memories.

Ghrimmea had completed her lifetime wish to be the empress of evil. Her children were happily growing up and she lived in an amazing house doing her dream job. she gradually found that she still loved the Grim Reaper. Who knows what could happen between them, but for now it's just Ghrimmea and her children, Evil, Eville, Grim, Raven and Geoffrey and Nancy's child Zachery living evilly ever after...

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