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Founded by Isaac and Constance, the Garvouis became a refined, classy and very influential family quite rapidly. Rooted in the Riverview, each member has contribued in a unique way to help the city grow: be it economically, politically and even scientifically. This has earned them a considerable amount of prestige and good fortune, even as far as being considered Riverview's Royalty. However, a sequence of events, from an insane uncle to a suspected murder, would affect the status quo, leading its younger members to question what their place in the family really is. The heiress Rosaura, wanting to lift the weight that suddenly fell on her shoulders, flees to Moonlight Falls, only to never come back. The remaining members can only start to wonder what the future has in store for the family.
Number of generations 4 generations


All started with Isaac, handsome young man of brilliant mind and innovative skills, who moved into Riverview with little more than a few pennies in the pocket.

After a period of monetary instability and job switches, he became an inventor and moved into Remington's manor all alone. He felt quite isolated, having no other company than some placid ghosts. Upon meeting the News Anchor aspirant, Constance Shelley, he found joy and piece in her company, falling in love with her. A sequence of events led to their early marriage, and Constance gave birth to Wyatt, Alfred and Ursula. The couple quickly ascended in their careers and climbed the social ladder, and made sure to provide the best possible for their kids.

All of them grew up to become well-adjusted adults. Wyatt pursued his dream to save lives from natural disaster and catastrophes by applying for a job as a firefighter. He married Melanie Cole and had the sparkling Rosaura. Alfred followed his dad's footsteps as an inventor and held a Science career at the same time. As for Ursula, after a tumultuous relationship with a Simovitch, focused all her energies on a culinary career, as a novice chef.

This family is very renowned in Riverview, mainly due to Isaac's inventions which led to numerous technological advancements in a neighborhood that has always been known for its rudimentary appliances and rustic origins.

Not Quite The Perfect Family

Like every family, the Garvouis put up a façade for the world to see and they look like a perfect family on the outside, however, the members know a different story...

Although very talented, initially Isaac lived dependent on Bagleys's financial support, and he did not buy the manor with his own money. Instead, his friend Sherman gave it to him. Isaac soon forgot about their help and carried on his own life without ever thanking them in any way.

His marriage to Constance looked too good to be true. And that's because it was. Isaac cheated on her with Marissa, personal stylist and make-up artist hired by Constance. When she got pregnant with his love child, he promptly dumped her. Rumors put Constance's heartiness and genuineness at question, and some even risk saying that Constance did not marry her husband for love, but for money and social standing.

Alfred appears to be a reasonable young man with a passion for science and invention. However, these passions serve to hide the hatred he has for his brother. They are mortal enemies. Alfred always felt that Wyatt was favored by his father, so he tried to make up for it by leading the same hobbies and interests his father had. Behind his invention expertise and fruity career, lies a frustrated child who desperately wanted to bond with his father. Alfred's emotional turmoil made him insane and dangerous. His insanity led him to believe he was in love with his childhood butler who magically doesn't age, marrying her.

Ursula violated Riverview's catholic moral code and conservative beliefs by giving birth to a child (conceived in the time machine) without marrying the father.

As seen, there's quite some dirty laundry to the family they would preferably keep hidden. However, scandal rises when the heiress Rosaura flees away to Moonlight Falls without notice, leaving a broken hearted family...

What willl be the destiny of the family?


The Garvouis family in Riverview is a patrilineal family, meaning the oldest living male is the head of the household. Due to the fact that it's a very rich family, and given that in most neighborhoods (with notable exceptions, such as Lunar Lakes and Hidden Springs), they are the most influential family, even as far as being considered Royals, the Garvouis family also have an order and mode of Succession.

The family is considered a male primogeniture, meaning the eldest son will take precedence over the other siblings and their offspring. The senior line always takes precedence over the junior line, within each gender. However, if there's a lineage of girls and a boy is born, he will take precedence over all his female siblings and younger male sibilings. In the older times, the family was also Agnatic, which meant if a female should inherit, she would do so on the grounds of being the nearest possible to the last male of the dynasty, or if she had already eligible male descendency. The primogeniture is not absolute, though, so in each generation all children are set to inherit property, land and titles (if appliable).

More recently, the family became an Agnatic-Cognatic Succession, meaning the oldest female of lineage will inherit on the grounds of no eligible males being available.

Family Tree

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