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Gardener Family
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Name Gardener Family
Members Eric, Patrick, Corbin, Joel, Tracy and Rob
Number of generations 4 generations
Family connections Baker, Carpenter, Fisher, Harper, Plummer, Potter, Taylor, Warlock and Wizard
Lot 507 Middle Row
Funds §18,989
Net worth §215,507
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon.png The Sims 2
Neighborhood Fanon:The Genesis Project
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The Gardener Family was started by Mike Gardener, one of the Original 8. It consists of his oldest son, Eric Gardener, one of Eric's oldest son Patrick Gardener with his spouse Corbin Gardener from the Harper family, and their sons Joel, Tracy and Rob Gardener. Eric was sired by Sean Carpenter. Patrick was sired by Jared Plummer.

Tyler Harper gave birth to Mike's middle son David Harper, and Luke Taylor gave birth to the youngest of Mike's sons, Lance Taylor in the Harper and Taylor homes respectively. As such, information about David and Lance can be found on the Harper and Taylor family pages respectively. Connor Baker gave birth to Eric's other oldest sons Anthony and Lawrence Baker in the Baker home. As such, information about Anthony and Lawrence can be found on the Baker family page. Eric's youngest son Noah Plummer was sired by Jim Harper and moved into the Plummer home.

History[edit | edit source]

After Mike found himself in The Genesis Project, he quickly developed his gardening skills and quickly became a PlantSim. While he was pregnant with Eric, he tried to tend to his home business of selling produce to his neighbors and continue tending to his garden. Then when Eric was born, caring for him was added to his task. David was born to Tyler the day after Eric and then Lance was born to Luke the day after that, which was fine with Mike since he wouldn't have to care for those boys as well. While Eric was a toddler, Mike had become well acquainted with his garden. By this time, his home business seemed to be doing well. Once Eric became a child, Mike could focus on growing his home business some more. By the time Eric was a teen, Mike started teaching him how to garden and run the business. When Eric became a young adult, Mike decided to buy one of Tyler's lots to expand his fresh food business. When Mike became an elder, that business started to pick up a little.

Not long after Eric became an adult, Patrick was born into the Gardener family. 5 days later, Noah was born into the family. After Mike passed away, Eric decided to let the community know the secret that his dam had been hiding, which was that he and Patrick were PlantSims just like Mike. It was unknown whether Noah was as well until he because a teen as well. Since it seems that the community had no problems with this revelation, Eric continued running the household, including growing and expanding the businesses.

Noah grew up to being a teen without exhibiting any PlantSimism characteristics. He then grew up to being a young adult shortly after Eric became an elder, and he still didn't seem to possess the green leaves. Shortly after becoming a young adult, Noah left the household to be with Dustin Plummer and join with the Plummer family.

Patrick got engaged to Corbin and quickly had twin sons, Joel and Tracy. Joel was born with the PlantSim skin, but Tracy did not. Then Corbin gave birth to another son Rob who also did not exhibit any PlantSim traits. Shortly after, Patrick and Corbin were married.

Members[edit | edit source]

Family Tree[edit | edit source]


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