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''If you can't access the chapter links while at school / work, try again later at home.''
''If you can't access the chapter links while at school / work, try again later at home.''
Readers who have completed reading both matches may also attempt the '''[https://www.onlinequizcreator.com/pvcs-vs-stm-football-2015-2035-quiz/quiz-162264 <font color="blue">PVCS vs STM 2015 & 2035 QUIZ</font>]'''.
Readers who have completed reading both matches may also attempt the '''[https://www.sporcle.com/games/HydeDynamic/sims2-pvcs-vs-stm-football-2015-2035 <font color="blue">PVCS vs STM 2015 & 2035 QUIZ</font>]'''.

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Passing the Baton: 2015 to 2035
174 Sims Football 2015 2035 Nervous Subject Nick Chauncey Specter.jpg
From Nervous Subject / Nick Specter (2015) to Chauncey Specter (2035) of Team STM

PVCS vs STM is a Sims football/soccer-themed screenshot story series written by AldoHyde and Sims2Player.

It is an ambitious and unusual Sims 2 neighborhood crossover tale, featuring the pre-made Sims (and their descendants) of Veronaville, Strangetown and Pleasantview playing 90-minute football matches.

Team PVCS: “Pleasantview-Capp-Summerdream”
Team STM: “StrangeTown-Monty”

The story tends to focus on the Veronaville Feud, while parodying the other base game story scenarios from the other two neighborhoods too. How will the base game storylines and conflicts manifest themselves on the soccer pitch?

“Round 1” is the 2015 Match (PVCS vs STM), featuring the 3 neighborhoods at the start of the game.

“Round 2” is the 2035 Match (STM vs PVCS) — 20 years later, when the pre-made Elders are dead, and new descendants take their parents’ places in the teams.

This series depicts the Capps and Montys going to “war” in an Alternate Universe to the “Main StrangeTown Monty” (STM) Machinima Series, where the Veronaville Disaster did not happen.

The actual matches are written in “Live Update Parody”, with dialogue from sports commentators and between the players on the pitch, with occasional insight into the characters’ thoughts.

Both teams also contain some female players: Pre-made female Sims who are perceived as more likely to play football. As AldoHyde is involved, certain characters may also take on some of their STM characteristics.

PVCS vs STM (2015 Match)[edit | edit source]

PVCS vs STM (2015 Match)
174 Sims Football PVCS vs STM Promo.jpg
Name: PVCS vs STM (2015 Match)
Genre: Sports, Parody
Created by: AldoHyde & Sims2Player
Number of chapters: 6

Original run: 09/19/2015
Status: Round 1 Completed

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How will Don Lothario fare as a Defender?
General Buzz Grunt as a Goalkeeper?
Patrizio Monty & Consort Capp as Rival Managers?

The 2015 Match relies on the reader's background knowledge of the premade storylines of Veronaville, Strangetown and Pleasantview.

Being familiar with the Main STM Machinima Series also helps, as the 2015 Match is a simple parody of the Main STM Series.

2015 Match: Chapters

  1. Before the Kickoff
  2. First Half
  3. Half-Time – In the Dressing Room
  4. Second Half
  5. Final Whistle & Match Stats
  6. FAQ

Is the aggression on the pitch limited to the Veronaville Feuding Families?
Where does Kent Capp’s allegiance lie?

See you at the Llama Memorial Stadium. Don’t be late!

STM vs PVCS (2035 Match)[edit | edit source]

STM vs PVCS (2035 Match)
174 Sims Football Match 2035 Promo.jpg
Name: STM vs PVCS (2035 Match)
Genre: Sports, Parody, Psychological Drama
Created by: AldoHyde & Sims2Player
Number of chapters: 14

Original run: 11/15/2015 - 03/17/2016
Status: Round 2 Completed

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Veronaville, Strangetown and Pleasantview 20 Years Later...

How will Dina Caliente's son fare in goal?
Will the grown-up Curious alien babies excel in football as they do in science?
Will the new Managers behave differently from their 2015 counterparts, and lead their teams to glory... against all odds?

The 2035 Match is a full-fledged Alternate Universe to the Main STM Machinima Series. It is also more Capp-centric than the latter. To what extent do these two similar universes overlap with each other?

The 2035 Match contains some chapters that are less football intensive than the others, as those are background stories for the new / updated characters.

Chapters which are more football intensive may also contain a significant amount of Sim-focused player/manager dialogues and thoughts.

2035 Match: Chapters

1. 20 Years Later: PleasantView, Capp & Summerdream Families (LESS football intensive)
2. 20 Years Later: StrangeTown & Monty Families (LESS football intensive)
3. Silo Incident & Secret Communications (NOT football intensive)
4. Before the Kickoff (LESS football intensive)
5. 1st Half (MORE football intensive)
6. Half-Time – In the Dressing Room (LESS football intensive)
7A. 2nd Half: Part 1 (MORE football intensive)
7B. 2nd Half: Part 2 (MORE football intensive)
8A. Final Whistle & the Proposal: Part 1 (NOT football intensive)
8B. Final Whistle & the Proposal: Part 2 (NOT football intensive)
8C. Final Whistle & the Proposal: Part 3 (NOT football intensive)
9. Extra: Tybalt's Exploits
10. Extra: Bloopers & Lots
11. Extra: Offside

If you can't access the chapter links while at school / work, try again later at home.

Readers who have completed reading both matches may also attempt the PVCS vs STM 2015 & 2035 QUIZ.

PVCS vs STM Football Portal
Team STM

Kent Monty - Horatio Monty - Claudia Monty - Chauncey Specter - Albert Beaker


Regan Capp - Octavius Capp - Tybalt Capp - Lucy Burb - Juan Caliente

2015 Chapters

Series Overview - 2015 Match: Before Kickoff

1st Half - Half-Time - 2nd Half - Final Whistle - FAQ

2035 Chapters

2035 Match - #1 PVCS Families - #2 STM Families

#3 Silo Incident & Secret Communications - #4 Before Kickoff

#5 First Half - #6 Half-Time - #7A Second Half: P1 - #7B Second Half: P2

#8A Final Whistle & Proposal: P1 - #8B Final Whistle & Proposal: P2

#8C Final Whistle & Proposal: P3 - #9 Extra: Tybalt's Exploits

#10 Extra: Bloopers & Lots - #11 Extra: Offside

PVCS vs STM 2015 & 2035 QUIZ

Goals of Daniel Pleasant (GODP)

#1 The Wannabe #2 Juvenile Match #3 His Biggest Fan

#4 An Oldie But a Goodie #5 Pleasant-Burb Family Dinner 2015 #6 Team Dynamics

#7 The Trap #8 The Purge #9 A New Leaf

#10 Babysitting #11 Pecking Order #12 Amends


StrangeTown Monty (STM) Portal

Series Overview - Hyde Dynamic - Dr. Prometheus Hyde

Bianca Monty - Kent Capp - Antonio Monty

Olive Specter - Nick Grimm (Nervous Subject) - Ophelia Nigmos

Vidcund Curious - Ajay Loner - Erin Beaker - Bella Goth

Windmark Family (Loki & Circe Beaker) - General Buzz Grunt

Veronaville Disaster - Veronaville Device - Sepp Rossi

External Links

AldoHyde.com: Production Updates - YouTube Channel

StrangeTown Monty Official Site - STM Quiz

StrangeTown: Specter Yard Conspiracy (STSYC)

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