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Victor Goth

Victor Goth, the most important character (The Sims 2)

Futopo's alternative universe is a fanon created by Futopo (surprisingly :D). It's my gameplay of all Sims games (especially The Sims 1-3).

Main CharactersEdit

Goth Family

Victor Goth, Gretle Goth, Frida Goth, Gunther Goth

Pleasant Family

Les Pleasant, Kynda Pleasant, Jeff Pleasant, Lucy Pleasant, Kaylynn Pleasant (née Andrews, previously Langerak), Lilith Pleasant, Angela Pleasant

Andrews Family

Beau Andrews, Victoria Andrews, Kaylynn Andrews (Pleasant), Ashley Andrews (1)

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  • (1) I was inspired by one of theories on this page ( I'm trying to recreate this; I believe that in TS3, Parker had a son with River McIrish named Jacob. Then, the Andrews family (Victoria and Beau) had twin girls, Kaylynn and Ashley. They were fraternal, Kaylynn was blond with green eyes and Ashley was brunette with green eyes. When they were all teens, Kaylynn was a bit on the heavier side and became depressed. She dyed her hair permanently black. Ashley, however, was slender like her mother, and started dating Jacob Langerak. After coming to their house a few times, Jacob noticed Kaylynn started getting thinner by working out and broke up with Ashley to date her. Ashley then became depressed and killed herself by becoming anorexic to out-do her sister. Kaylynn and Jacob got married on the first day of being young adults, thus making Kaylynn Langerak. But their first day in their new house, with a cheap stove, Jacob made food and died in the fire. Kaylynn became a widow and decided to have a job as a maid, and meet new men. Then the story verges with the Sims 2, and so yeah. That's what my theory is. She isn't even blood related to the Langerak family, she kept her late husband's last name. She really was Beau and Victoria Andrews' girl.)
  • (2)
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