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Flynn Space
Name Flynn Space
Gender Female Female
Space Family
Parents Amin Space, Atta Space Deceased
Sibling(s) Kylie Space FemaleDeceased,Lupin Miller FemaleDeceased,Roger Space Male,Nancy Kruvier Female, Allen Space Male
Romances Adrian Langford Ex-romanceDeceased, Juan Space Married
Child(ren) Amin. Jr Space Son, Ariel Space DaughterDeceased
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Flynn Space (Elder)
Flynn thought that meeting juan would make her life great but now with Ariel joining a gang and Amin. Jr taking after his father, the womaniser, can Flynn get her family life back on track before something... big happens?
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state Alien Alien
Education and Employment
Unemployed Unemployed
Zodiac sign Taurus Taurus
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Black Eyes Black
Skin color Skin-green Green
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Old age
Neighborhood Fanon:Lavisha

Flynn Space is the adult daughter of Amin and Atta and the sister of Kylie, Lupin, Roger, Nancy and Allen. She couldn't wait to leave to college and be independent but now she wishes she could go back to when life was simple and fun.

Before Birth Edit

Before Flynn was born, Amin and Atta lived a poor life as they came from a foreign land. Although Atta's mother was a normal sim, she didn't show any normal genes. One day, someone became interested in Amin and Atta's gren skin and offered them a modeling job for a new green range of clothes. Suddenly everything changed for them. They were rich and in demand all the time. After a few years, they took early retirement and settled down.

Babyhood Edit

As a baby, Flynn was loved by her parents, mildly resented by her sister, Lupin and treated as a doll by her eldest sister, Kylie. She was resented by her sister, Lupin as she stole all the limelight.

Toddlerhood Edit

As a toddler, Flynn's life was constantly changing. As her sister moved out, her brother was born. Flynn didn't particularly like being a toddler as all the attention went to Roger but she just grew closer to her sister Lupin instead.

Childhood Edit

As a child, her oldest sister graduated and married, her oldest sister moved out to college which made her very sad and her little sister, Nancy was born. She was happy but wished life would stop changing.

Teenhood Edit

As a teen, Flynn had only one wish, to go to college. Sadly her mother wouldn't let her as she was too young so she just waited. She didn't tell anyone but Lupin (who was now engaged and a senior) that really she wanted to go to college to fall in love as she wanted to find 'Mr Right' like Kylie and Lupin. Lupin told her that she shouldn't look too hard, Mr Right would find her in the end, just like Lupin's fiancee did. Content with this, Flynn counted down the days to college.

Young adulthoodEdit

Being a young adult wasn't all Flynn though it would be. For a start? she couldn't find 'Mr Right' no matter how hard she tried and she didn't seem to have any friends as nobody bothered to find out the real reason she was moody and grumpy, her dad had died. This all changed when she gained a roommate, Maureen Langford sister of Adrian Langford who she would later get to know a bit more than she expected... Flynn befriended Maureen and told Maureen what was bothering her. Maureen told her that maybe she could help let Flynn get out more and set her up on a blind date with her older brother who was a senior, the year above them. Flynn and Adrian had great chemistry and by the end of the date agreed they were both attracted to each other and arranged another date. Although they'd only just met Flynn was sure she was in love with him. They arranged a few more dates and fell in love...

Adulthood Edit

As an adult, Flynn moved into Adrian's flat with him. Life was perfect for Flynn, great boyfriend, great house, great life. Sadly, their romance was short and sweet as one day Flynn woke up and found a note from Adrian saying that he couldn't stay with her due to commitment issues. Flynn was furious and sulked but soon found out she had other worries, a baby... After Flynn found out, she isolated herself from everyone and sulked. She was angry at Adrian for leaving, her family for not bothering to contact her and the baby for being there. Flynn's family did try and contact her frequently but she hung up on all the phone calls as she believed she had given them a chance already. After 9 months, Flynn went into labour. She was rushed to hospital after a neighbour heard her screaming and drove her to hospital. Finally, Flynn gave birth and decided she would hate the baby forever. However when the nurse handed her Amin. Jr she knew she couldn't hate him even if she tried. In the next few days were hard as all Flynn wanted was Amin. Jr and the nurses were reluctant as she was still very tired. Finally they let Flynn go home with her new son. For the next few days Flynn just watched Amin. Jr sleep and she thought he was the cutest baby in the world. Flynn decided that her apartment was too small for her and Amin. Jr to live in so she decided that she should move to a bigger home. She decided to ask Kylie about it and Kylie had a great suggestion. Move into the original family home where they grew up. Flynn was unsure as it was VERY big but Kylie told her it was a great place to live and raise a child and the huge size could come in handy if she had more child. Flynn asked if Kylie would want it instead as her family was bigger but Kylie said she was happy in her home in Black Waters. So Flynn decided to move into the original Space Family Home. One day, Flynn got a call from Kylie saying that Nancy had had an accident and couldn't remember anything. She called Maureen to see if she could babysit and Maureen agreed and came over. Flynn immediately left to go see Nancy but was surprised by how different Nancy was, nothing like the rebellious yet kind sister she knew. Flynn left after half an hour as it was too painful to be with Nancy. Flynn had sworn that she would never love again and would be a full-time Mum forever. However, Flynn forgot that her son was starting Pre School in a couple of days and when he finally went, Flynn felt lonely and wished she still had Adrian around for company. So, Flynn decided to get back into the world of dating but it wasn't exactly easy. Everyone just wanted a one night stand on not the real thing. Flynn was about to give up when Juan swooped in to save the day. He was charming, suave and he was already fine with the fact she had a kid. Could Juan be the one for her? One day, the doorbell rang. Flynn answered expecting Juan but instead it was Adrian. He was swearing undying love to her and it was a mistake to break up. Flynn didn't know what to do on the spur of the moment hit with the frying pan she was holding. Flynn was about to step inside when Juan appeared from out of nowhere with a diamond ring and proposed. Flynn immediately said yes and went into the house leaving Adrian on the doorstep. Flynn had a busy time planning her wedding. She didn't have many friends of her own except for Maureen and the people from her last apartment so she relied on Juan. Luckily, Juan was a man who had many connections and lots of friends,so there would be lots of people there. Flynn decided to have it at Villa de Sol. She arranged for Kylie to look after Amin. Jr during the honeymoon and Juan to move in after the Wedding, life seemed to finally be good. The only problem was Adrian. Flynn didn't love him anymore, she loved Juan but what if he crashed the wedding? Flynn soon found out that she was pregnant with Juan's child, they decided that Juan should move in before the wedding as she was going to have his child. They went to the hospital for a scan and found out that they were going to have a girl. Flynn and Juan decided to call her Ariel after a mermaid in a story that Flynn had read. Flynn had a surprise in store when one day, Adrian rung her up requesting to see his son. His sister had accidentally mentioned it after 14 years and he had a right to see him. Flynn said he had no right and if he had really cared he wouldn't have left her baby or no baby. He said that he loved and she said that she had met somebody new. She decided to marry Juan immediately for many reasons. Juan too her surname. But she was still wondering, did Adrian have a right? Flynn noticed changes in her daughter and wondered what could be done so she asked Amin. Jr to keep an eye on her and was surprised when he refused. She grew angry and they began arguing and in a moment of rage, she said he was a disgrace to his namesake, Amin. He retaliated by saying maybe he should just die and then she'd love him. He stormed out and Flynn was worried he was going to commit suicide. She shouldn't have worried about Amin. Jr though, Ariel was the pne who was beaten up and critically injured. At the hospital, Flynn just thought to herself that she wouldn't lose a child, not like this but her positive thoughts were in vain. Ariel died that day. Flynn had an emotional breakdown after that, she refused to come out of Ariel's room. The worst thing was Juan just didn't care. Ariel's death had affected him badly too and he just sat around, silently staring into Space. Flynn had officially cracked. She aged up soon after Amin. Jr left to college.


As an elder, Flynn and Juan had a relaxing life at home. They were still sad about Ariel, the pain would ever go but it seemed so long ago, just a painful memory. Flynn hea from Maureen that Adrian had died of pneumonia recently. Fynn felt a little sad he had never met his son properly but there was nothing she could do now. Flynn felt depressed from then on. Juan seemed distant which helped nothing and most of all she missed being a full-time mum. With Ariel dead and Amin. Jr at college she felt like she had no meaning of life. She would cry herself to sleep at night and wanted Ariel back with all her heart but she knew it could never happen. Flynn and Juan began drifting apart and by the end, they could barely look each other eye to eye. The weirdest thing happened, Flynn began missing Adrian and wished she had married him. Flynn died feeling unfulfilled.

Gallery Edit

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