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Flower City
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The first thing you would say about Flower City is that they have beautiful mountains, friendly neighbors, and it's a safe place for your children. But what if it wasn't true what they were telling you at the travel agency? What if it isn't a safe place to life? Which secrets are these neighbors hiding from you?
Name Flower City
Game(s) The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
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Flower City is a serene town nestled somewhere between Pleasantview and Desiderata Valley. Flower City was founded by an ambitious sailor when the Sim War just ended in 1967. Flower City got her name because when it was founded, the only thing you could see were nice flowers. But most of them are sold. Many Sims are very rich, they live in the highclass area in the mountains. Most of the people live in the city and in the poor area from the town.

There are currently helicopters searching for a knight from the Medieval. The knight got spawned in the modern world when a mad scientist from Strangetown came with a great idea to make a time machine. He was searching for the perfect area to test when he came across the beautiful mountains of Flower City. Former rockstar Dimitrios Konstantopoulos sponsored the project because of the idea to travel back to the past and go to the future. When the knight got there by accident he killed them both and some random journalists. The children are recommended NOT to play outside.


Residential lotsEdit



Community lotsEdit


Playable families Edit

Michael J. Bourne, Bradley Bourne, Sarah Bourne
Michael J. was left to raise two troublesome teenagers alone following his wife's suspicious pool ladder accident. With Bradley acting out and Sarah being a snobbish party girl, can Michael J. still teach them to make the right choices in life?
Samantha Jones, Logan Jones, Dominic Jones
Being one of the highclass families in town, young Samantha still wonders why her husband is so obsessed with playing video games and seeing other people. And why did her ex-boyfriend move into the same town as her? Can little Dominic grow up with all the love he needs, or will he be neglected by his parents.
Jacques Deckard, Amélie Deckard
Jacques and Amélie are a strange couple. Jacques is a nature loving bookworm with artistic ambtions. And his wife is the complete opposite, a computer whizz who hates art. How can these two be together?
Jerry Hopkins
Who is this guy? And why did he move to Flower City? These are the question you could try and answer. Jerry moved to Flower City because his ex-girlfriend Samantha lives there. But why did he move to the same town as his ex, does he want her back? Yes, he wants her back, but first he has to somehow eliminate her husband Logan. How is he going to eliminate him? We don't know...
Harm van den Berg, Sietse van den Berg, Tymen van den Berg
These three brothers from The Netherlands all have the same ambition, to become well-paid scientists. But are they smart enough to become what they aspire?
James Arlo
On the surface, James Arlo looks like a normal guy. But secretly he is a profiler working for the SCIA. His assignment to find the medieval knight in Flower City looked so easy, but he still hasn't got any clues. Is he going to continue the investigation, or is he just going to quit?

Family bin families Edit

Jason Bourne
Jason is a great army man and smooth talker. Well... He never gets the girl, but who cares?
Drake Bourne, Isabel Bourne
After his succesful buisness idea he became the CEO of a Mega Corporation. He adopted a cat named Isabel. He sometimes forget to feed her, but he still loves her. He understands that his nephew Bradley has a rough time, it reminds him from his own childhood..
Lisa Beds
When she heard about the strange events in Flower City, Lisa immediatly bought a ticket to Flower City. When she explored everything, she wanted to go home. But she lost her passport and couldn't leave the city. Was this by accident?
Drew Cook, Alice Cook, Felicia Cook, Celeste Cook, Dylan Cook, Lawrence Cook
Drew and Alice always loved to have kids, but they didn't expect four children. Can Drew stay loyal to his boss, or should he stay loyal to his family. And is Dylan going to be neglected because of the newborn baby?

Townies and NPCsEdit



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