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The following was posted to ModTheSims on October 30, 2018. The original post can be found here.

Funday with the Firebaums[]

In case you hadn't known, The Sims Wiki recently had its URL forcefully changed from '' to '', as I mentioned here. Yes, I'm still recovering from the anger instilled from this rebranding nonsense. I still want to vomit every time I look at my browser's address bar.

Anyways, while digging through some old files on my hard drive that for some reason I haven't gotten around to processing yet, I came across these two old images I took a good while ago, and couldn't help but chuckle a little.

Darren decided to play a nice round of video games with his father, Cory. Only problem is, Cory's a lot more into games than his son, and soon his son decided to call it a day.

"Hey dad, it was nice playing with you, but I think I should get some rest now. Can you please move? You're blocking my way..."

"Yeah, that's right, sonny! You better start playing more aggressively if you don't wanna spend your days doing HOMEWORK!"

Cory rubbing it into Darren's face 1.jpg

"Dad, dad... seriously. I can't get out, the coffee table is in the way." "Son, admit defeat and wave your white flag! You can't beat me! You can't beat your old pops! I'll always be better than you! You want another piece of me, punk??!!"

Cory rubbing it into Darren's face 2.jpg

Oh, how long ago was it? I first posted those in 2015 in this post. The memories! So when I booted up my game after suffering from a serious midterm crisis, I decided to play this family again. Back to apathetic Cory and his two not-so-apathetic children.

Yes yes, look who's here. It's Beth Love, that landlady who has a steamy affair with none other than that Cody Day! And today's a Saturday so she's here with her half-baked hot dogs fresh from the communal grill.

Beth Love carrying a plate of hot dogs.png

Her love for flowers and insects and trees doesn't particularly interest Darren.

Darren being disinterested with Beth's love for nature.png

Although Carly's a Romance Sim, that doesn't mean she can't pursue non-romantic relationships now and then too. Actually, who wouldn't?

Carly chatting with Cyd.png

Cory, oddly enough, remains inside the apartment and receives a phone call from... wait, do we know each other?

Cory on the phone with some downtownie.png

No doubt Beth's telling Darren about her recent WooHoo with Cody. She figures that Darren won't mind—he's a teen so he can handle it, and he's too young to get his feet wet with them. Yet.

Beth Love talking to Darren about WooHoo.png

I moved Chester Gieke into this apartment lot not too long ago, so Cory hasn't met him yet. Gamers, unite!

Cory talking to Chester Gieke.png

While we're at it, let's teach our guests here the vacation greetings!

Carly showing Faith Goodie the bow.png

Weather? What a boring subject of choice.

Darren talking about weather of all things.png

Have you ever seen an old man windmilling an air guitar? ...What, are you saying you're not impressed, La Shawn Cameron?

Herbert windmilling air guitar.png

Ah, work. The most inconvenient thing in life, and Darren has to work on Saturdays. As he leaves the chess table, Carly decides to talk non-romantic relationships with the landlady. Well, I mean, surely the two understand each other, right? (And by God, it looks like nobody was hungry enough for those crappy hot dogs)

Carly taking over while Darren goes to work.png

Er, guess Beth wanted to go down that direction again with a minor...

Beth Love talking to Carly about dates.png

On another note, looks like her face got stuck. Sure seems quite happy over not being interested in world peace.

Looks like Beth's face is stuck.png