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Esomena Protogena
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Esomena, Kallisto's disciple, had more music talent than what the church has expected. However to Kallisto's relief, Esomena wasn't too underchanged in the wrench: Esomena was all for technology and electronic music, and Esomena wants to do something for the church, and hopes to get Kallisto's approval, especially since Kallisto's attention is with Pyrrha for the most part.
Name Esomena Protogena
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Normal
Education and Employment
Science career icon.png Carnivorous Plant Tender
Union of the Insane
Parents Kallisto SyrakosiaAdoptive
Sibling(s) None
Romances None
Child(ren) None
Trait Virtuoso small.png Virtuoso
Trait Friendly small.png Friendly
Trait Good small.png Good
Trait Handy small.png Handy
Trait Natural Born Performer small.png Natural Born Performer
Zodiac sign VirgoLN.png Virgo
Lifetime wish
LTW Renaissance Sim.png Renaissance Sim
Fav Electronica.png Electronica
Fav Stir-Fry.png Stir-Fry
Fav Turquoise.png Turquoise
Hair color Eye-custom.png Cyan
Eye color Eye-custom.png Cyan
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Social Standing
Celebrity status
5 stars
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Sunset Valley
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Esomena Protogena, born August 30, 2003, is Kallisto's resident disciple alongside Pyrrha and Chrysanthema, disciples of Stratonike and Kallistrata respectively. Esomena is somewhat overlooked by most of the core members, since Esomena's specialty lies in music. However, Kallisto still saw Esomena's usefulness to the church: Esomena was quite a mechanic to begin with, and also Esomena's affinity to such things was hoped to be a beacon for Demetria, since Kallisto wanted Demetria in.

And unlike Pyrrha and Chrysanthema, who had ambitions independent of the Church, Esomena's goals were all for the political entity of the Church, even if it is in a fashion not-so-churchy. However, Esomena has grown more practical, gaining the technical skills so promoted by the Church, although Esomena has not the encouragement or the environment supportive of Esomena's musical talent, and only recently had Esomena had any chance at playing an instrument. Esomena is of blood type A.

Discipleship[edit | edit source]

Like Chrysanthema and Pyrrha, Esomena happened to be an orphaned kid chosen by chance to be a disciple to the Church. While Chrysanthema was noted for her discipline, and Pyrrha austerity, Esomena did not have those personalities that are upheld by the Church as virtues, and thus was overshadowed by both Pyrrha and Chrysanthema in general. However, Church laws ensured that Esomena was not left out, and Kallisto as her tutor taught Esomena, and Esomena always had the Church's collection of tomes. However, the Church was not all for music and other sorts of demagoguery, since there was an implicit tenet that content should be prioritized over appeal somewhat reminiscent of Apostle Paul, although that would change when heresy was deemed to be growing ever so rampantly that led to the desanctification of the role of the missionary.

However, Esomena was found to be of great use to the church despite her lack of natural talent for most of the Church things, although when Esomena grew as a teen in their visit to Twinbrook Esomena obtained a knack for repairing. As such, Kallisto wanted to train Esomena as an engineer to succeed the engineering and tinkering tradition of the Church. However, Esomena's great use was when Kallisto drew a greater picture for the church: Kallisto wanted Demetria in: Demetria might have been more of a musical and social sim, but Demetria's diverse set of skills was all too welcome to the Church, and especially so since Achaia was on the opposition to the Church. Kallisto would get Esomena set up with Demetria: Esomena's affinity for music would make it easy for Esomena to pair up with Demetria.

Do not panic!

Sunset Valley[edit | edit source]

However, the agreement with Demetria gained no ground, and as such Demetria did not join Kallisto's faction, nor did Esomena gain any instrument skills. This was not helped by the fact that Kallisto decided that the main chapter pay a visit to Sunset Valley to check up on the chapter there, as well as to reassess goals, projects, and to experience the unexpected popularity of the Church created by Eurydike and Hypatia's cooperative operation.

However, due to the Omni Plant initiative, the Hekatonschoinos Chapter was to stay in Sunset Valley for a much longer time than it was expected initially. As such, the Chapter made preparations, such as the nectar machines to be used by Kallistrata in her massive nectar making industry, and the other sims made progress in other areas as well. Chrysanthema's transition to adulthood was well-received, and Chrysanthema with some Church connection quickly blitzed through the Culinary career, quickly befriending the locals there. The Conners family, which came because of the Church in the first place, soon made contact with the outside chapter. However, Esomena got into a crisis when Esomena went to a prom: there Esomena engaged in a romantic relationship with Bradley, which immediately caught the Church attention when Bradley asked Stratonike for permission. (Of course, Stratonike pointed to Kallisto and informed Kallisto about this). Kallisto was not amused, and immediately Kallisto called to ban prom attendance by all Church members, not that it mattered much since Pyrrha was not the type.

"Romance is the ultimate heresy! This is not tolerated, especially not a disciple of Kallisto!"

And so it was, Esomena was censured by the unwavering inqusition. However, Esomena was not denied skill training and other perks, since such training was the vehicle to deter romance in the first place. However, Kallisto soon got the Church to add an anti-prom clause, making it heretical for any member of the Church to attend a prom because of this sudden romance. However, Esomena was attached to the church: Esomena for one benefited from the Church membership that sheltered Esomena for an easy honor roll. As such, Esomena decided to please the Church: Esomena requested that romance be ended, much to the chagrin of Bradley, causing the second part of the crisis: the threat of another PR swing that might be cause by Bradley's testimony against the Church's hardline approach to romance. Stratonike came into play, serving as a middleman and coaxing Bradley. In addition, it was not too difficult for Bradley and Esomena to make amends, and Kallisto praised Esomena not only for following Church traditions, but also for managing to defuse the situation quickly. As a reward, Kallisto provided Esomena with an guitar that Esomena wanted so badly, and as such the crisis led to a better ending for all parties involved: Bradley found himself welcome in the Church presence, just like the precedents established by Philetairos and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd.

Kallisto: Well done, disciple. I am glad that you were able to get out the heretical cycle.

Social Bunny painted by Esomena.

I take over![edit | edit source]

Once Esomena got into adulthood, Esomena like the other two members were skilled enough to join the ranks of the Core members next to the Big 6. As such, Esomena was trusted enough alongside Chrysanthema and Pyrrha to be able to take stewardship of Sunset Valley.

While Pyrrha and Chrysanthema took work quite seriously, Pyrrha sticking to her main career and Chrysanthema taking the task of managing things for the most part, Esomena was much more laid back: In fact, it was Esomena out of the 3 who paid a visit to the unfinished luxury (yet public) lounge the Palace of Pella-Syrakousai, and also was the only one to have skipped days, much to the disappointment of Pyrrha and Chrysanthema, workaholic and ambitious respectively.

Although much more laid back, Esomena was by no means not contributing to the overall welfare of the Church: Esomena for one was an active contributor to Kallisto's Klerouchiai system, providing Kallisto with a potential participant, the Mathetai Mouson in which Esomena is a part of. Esomena is also an active urban planner, working on designing an workshop similar to one in Hekatonschoinos.

Esomena was quite oblivious to the lifting of the Ecclesiarchal iron fist on Sunset Valley: Esomena was spared the false rumors and scandals that hit both Chrysanthema and Pyrrha, and Esomena also believed the recent surge of books, art, and nectar rather overrated, especially in light of Kallistrata's production. However, Esomena found it quite interesting that their ally would take up Nectar production. In fact, Esomena believed that the Ecclesiarchy was encouraging these things, and Esomena saw the renaissance as a new beginning of Sunset Valley for the better with rising aspiring authors. Esomena grew far less slacking, and has since not missed work, although Esomena's career progression is far slower than Pyrrha's.

Esomena at the Palace of Pella-Syrakousai. Notice the empty interior (of the second floor)

Second Sunset Valley Revolution[edit | edit source]

Esomena was also the most opportunist of the three, and the blank check given to them was very useful to Esomena. Esomena decided to seize the chance and do something very radical: shaping the neighborhood entirely again, starting with the demolition of the existing Ecclesiarchal public buildings. During the revolution, all existing population was pretty much displaced and replaced with others, ironically establishing the first Klerouchiai in Sunset Valley. Esomena replaced the Agora, which had minimal economic value due to the lack of imports with a huge Performing ground and even took down the great Palace of Pella-Syrakousai, which was met with great disapproval by Pyrrha and Chrysanthema. Esomena also relieved Cycl0n3 Sw0rd and Ptolemais of their service, and Cycl0n3 Sw0rd would eventually end up in Hekatonschoinos to follow up with Hypatia. Esomena also was able to expel the Patriot Party in what was no less than a full makeover, making room for more Asian population from the 3rd Timeline to serve as Klerouchoi.

Although Kallisto disapproved of Esomena taking down the old public works, Kallisto did approve of Esomena's expulsion of enemies, such as Agnes Crumplebottom and Salina Thalamaia. In addition, the Al-Dar remained there, thankfully stealthed by the attention grabbing that Esomena was performing magnificently. It was also Esomena who finally undertook a public laboratory that Kallisto wanted to implement so much (before Kallisto implemented it partially in the Ergasterion Demoutikon), as well as revamping things, recreating the Amphitheatron and building a smaller palace similar in style to that of the old Basileion ton Pelles kai Syrakouson. In addition, it was Esomena who took on the modern architecture, working on a newer version of the Naos-Stratopedon.

Having done all that, Esomena realized that the population was drained, and very few people remained, even though a family of two, the Patton family, immigrated to Sunset Valley given the cheap land. As such, Esomena seriously considered utilizing the Klerouchoi system, now that it is just as viable, if not more so, than the program at the motherland Hekatonschoinos. In addition, Esomena took other measures as well, such as restoring the nectary that was lost, initiating the new design, the Pyrgos Nektaros.

Naos-Stratopedon II in the night, topped with the minarets associated with Muslim architecture.

Supernatural Revolution[edit | edit source]

Despite the fact that the Ecclesiarchy was the vanguard in taking in the supernatural, the Sunset Valley chapter was far behind compared to the main chapter at Hekatonschoinos. In fact, Sunset Valley became quite settled, and after the rustle caused by the sharp immigration caused by Esomena's expulsion policies, the town was rather static for quite some times after the boom caused by Al-Dar's nectar business.

Even more shocking was the inertness of the Order of the WooHooium Hunters, which were dispatched to Sunset Valley much before the Supernatural Revolution. In fact, the Order was so inert that despite the notifications received by the main Sunset Valley Chapter by the Big 6, they were largely unaware of each other's actions, each making friends with a few of the others: Esomena befriending Nyx, and Chrysanthema Pygma. However, the Al-Dar unintentionally made a chance for them to meet by hosting a party to celebrate the survival of their nectar business, allowing Esomena to meet up with Pygma Siderita. Although their talk was of trivial importance at best, the Ecclesiarchal parties agreed to a closer relations. Meanwhile, Esomena started to notice the second Hekatonschoinos boom caused by a boom in the alchemy industry, and Esomena also followed suit by establishing a cookie-cutter Alchemy shop for the time being.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Esomena is an homage to a virtual idol. In fact, Esomena is taken from the Ancient/Attic Greek ἐσόμενος, meaning future. It is not a name attributed to be in use by the Ancient Greeks, however.
  • Esomena likes bunnies.
  • Esomena is also a part of the Mathetai Mouson.
  • Esomena is also the Valedictorian, which is surprising since Pyrrha who graduated at the same time has the Genius trait while Esomena does not.
  • Esomena has a glitch involving her facial expression: Esomena's face sometimes glitches into a neutral state.

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