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Ethan Eruran Qomiphash (pronounced CO-me-phash) is the half-alien son of noted scientist Kelly DeWitt and an alien father, Xabeqa Qomiphash.  As such, he is part of one of Sixam's largest and most powerful families, the Qomiphash clan. 

Early life

Eruran was born in Lunar Lakes, and raised primarily by his mother.  His father had little contact with him, being that he was on the planet Sixam.  He was an active child who, at first, seemed very much like a human one, albeit with bluish green skin.  He was outgoing and had lots of friends.  But he was also very bright and picked up skills much easier than a human child would.  Kelly DeWitt noted this in her research paper. 

Teen years

Eruran became a teenager, and his alien proclivities came fully to bear.  He needed little to no sleep and continued to pick up skills at a rapid pace.  Kelly DeWitt noted this as a possible evolution of the human race.  However, Eruran showed his more typical desires as he sought to connect with his biological father and he began dating a girl in his class. 

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